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- Celesteon, the Apprentice of Light - Prologue Part 2

#2 of Celesteon, the Apprentice of Light

Ok, so here is part two of the prologue.

I must warn you, it is a hell of a lot longer than the first part. The first part was just above 2,000 words and this one is just a little above 8,000.

So once again, sit back, relax, and dive into another tale from the world of Pokémon.

Pokémon © of Nintendo & Gamefreak. Storyline and characters © of me (Enigma Eevee).



- Celesteon, the Apprentice of Light -

Prologue Part 2


Pearl awoke to the sound of voices in the house. One of them she recognized as her father's voice but the other one she had never heard before. Slowly, she crawled out of bed and walked to the living area of her home. In the room she saw her dad sitting on the homemade couch, talking to two other Pokémon she had never seen before.

The first Pokémon she noticed stood on four legs and was covered in long, soft looking, snow white fur. This creature also had a black, sword like tail and a curved blade protruding from is black face. This Pokémon was female, Pearl thought as she listened to the Pokémon's voice.

The second Pokémon was a small pup with orange fur, black stripes on its side, and a cream colored tail and chest fur. This Pokémon she then recognized as a growlithe because one of her closest friends was a growlithe by the name of Sam. This growlithe, though, was younger and very shy. He was hiding behind the white colored Pokémon's legs the whole time, too afraid to come out as if he would be in trouble if he did so.

Pearl then heard her father speak in a saddened tone, which caught her attention. She decided not to interrupt their conversation, but her curiosity was getting the better of her. She hugged the wall outside the room and listened carefully to the conversation.

"Saria, I told you, I'm sorry for your loss of your mate but you can't blame it on me." Charles said to the white Pokémon.

Saria growled. "I do blame you for this. You should have immediately come to my mate's aid when I told you he was stricken with that accursed virus!"

"I am sorry I didn't get there sooner, but in order for me not to catch the virus, I need to use special protective equipment so it doesn't spread to me. Unfortunately at the time, I couldn't find the equipment and therefore was delayed in responding to your request." Charles explained in a serious tone.

Saria snapped. "Excuses, excuses! You are just trying to cover your ass with this pathetic reason! If I didn't know any better, I'd say you think your life is worth more than the others of this forest!"

Charles couldn't contain his anger and let out an enraged growl. "Now you listen to me, damnit! I risk my life everyday trying to cure these helpless Pokémon of this goddamned virus that has suddenly descended upon this forest! If I die, then there will be no one left to help the others with the virus! No, not for one moment do I think my life is more than the others of this forest, as a matter of fact I feel quite inferior to some of them. I only consider myself as an important figure in these Pokémon's lives because I have given them the hope of being able to live by developing a cure for this virus. If you would rather me die trying to save one life, then fine, but my absence will cause turmoil in this forest when the epidemic increases and spreads. At least I am trying to do something about it! What the hell have you been doing to help the situation huh? Nothing! So don't you lecture me about feeling superior when it is yourself that hasn't lifted one paw to save someone's life in this forest!"

Saria stood shocked at Charles' massive outburst of rage. The growlithe behind her whimpering, afraid the lucario might attack them.

Saria stood there trembling. "I'm sorry...ever since my mate died, I have been feeling nothing but raw anger and sadness. I just had to let it out somehow and I didn't want to let it out on my son, but I also didn't want to expose him to such anger. I guess I failed my mate for not being able to save him and I failed myself for not being to hold back my anger in front of my child. Can you please forgive me Charles?" A tear fell from Saria's face onto the ground.

"It's ok Saria. I shouldn't have snapped like that. I am no better letting out all my anger and raw emotion in front of your child and mine." Charles sighed.

Pearl ears twitched. How did he know she was there? She stood, shaking vigorously. She was afraid she would be in trouble for listening in on the talk between her father and the lady named Saria.

Saria looked questioningly at Charles. "Your child? Where is she, I don't even see her."

"She has been standing behind the wall over there for a couple of minutes now, listening to us and unfortunately seeing our outbursts." Charles stated.

"How did you-" She was cut off before she could finish.

"I was able to detect her presence with my aura. This unique ability of mine has helped me in many ways, such as allowing me to see where other Pokémon are within a certain range and being able to examine all living organisms such as other Pokémon and even plant life. I use it to keep an eye on Pearl when she goes outside to play or gather berries I need for medicine." Charles explained.

"Wow, I would love to be able to possess such an extraordinary ability. It would be more beneficial than being able to predict natural disasters like my species normally excels in. Only problem is this forest has never had a natural disaster unless you count this epidemic as one." Saria stated with a hint of jealousy in her voice.

Charles looked at her with a serious expression. "Now don't count yourself out Saria. Your species is vitally important. I mean without absols, if a natural disaster were to occur, we would never be warned and this whole forest could be lost. In fact, your ability is more important than any other one I have ever known. It could save the lives of many Pokémon someday and that is something you should be proud of."

"Yea I guess you are right, but I would still love to be able to possess your ability to read aura. My little pup here always runs off to get into mischief when I am not looking. Oh, speaking of children, why don't you have your child come out here and introduce her? I would very much like to meet her if it's ok with you?" Saria questioned.

Charles was surprised by this. He had only noticed Pearl a few moments ago and had already forgotten she was there. "Ok, I'll go get her for you, she tends to be a bit shy, but I'm sure you know about that seeing as how your pup hasn't come out from behind you the whole time you've been here."

Saria chuckled. "Yea this little one is always eager to meet others of the same age, but he always adopts this timid personality whenever he meets another adult. Oh well, go get your daughter, I'm anxious to meet her after all the praise you said about her."

"Ok." Charles gets up off the makeshift couch and slowly walks towards the entrance to the room where Pearl is hiding.

Pearl was so wrapped up in her own thoughts that she didn't notice her father walking towards her. She let out a little squeak when he snuck up behind her and grabbed her and cradled her in his arms. He smiled at her and she returned the smile and started to purr from his gentle touch.

Charles turned around and walked back into the room where Saria sat, waiting patiently. When he sat back down on the couch, he noticed Saria was staring directly at the little eevee in his arms.

"Is there something wrong Saria?" Charles asked, puzzled by Saria's action.

Saria sat there staring for a few seconds before snapping back to reality. "Charles, what type of Pokémon is that?" She questioned.

Charles looked down at Pearl resting gently in his arms. "This is my daughter, Pearl. She is an eevee. I am surprised you didn't recognize her species since there a lot of eevees in this forest."

Saria looked at him confused. "That's what I thought at first but her fur color was the trait that made me doubt my assumption. I have never seen an all white eevee before. If I didn't know any better I would think one of her parents was an absol like me."

"No her mother is an eevee like her, but she's a shiny form. She has a silver colored body with a white tail and white scruff. I am sure Pearl must have adopted the white color from her mother and it acted like a dominant gene."

"Oh? Where is she? I haven't seen a silver colored eevee the whole time I've been here." Saria started looking around the room as if hoping to find her.

"She's not here, I'm afraid. She left just after Pearl was born to go on some kind of quest to find a treasure to bring back for her daughter." Charles stated.

"Charles, can I ask you something?" Saria looked at the lucario with confusion.

Charles returned the questioning look. "Sure, what is it you want to ask me about?"

"I want to know why you keep referring to Pearl as just her mother's daughter and not your own too. Isn't she your child as well? I mean you referred to her as your daughter earlier, but as soon as Pearl's mother came into the discussion, you have repeatedly referred to her as her mother's daughter and not yours." Saria questioned.

Charles looked down at Pearl in his arms and saw her chest slowly rising and falling. When he was convinced she was asleep he spoke in a serious tone. "The truth is I am not Pearl's real father, only an adoptive one."

Saria was shocked by this discovery and pressed Charles further to explain himself.

Charles looked away with a saddened expression on his face. "Pearl's mother came to me when she was stricken with the virus and pleaded for me to remove her from her womb and shelter her from the virus. Unfortunately a side effect from the virus caused her to lose a massive amount of blood during the procedure and she died shortly after. Her last request was to shelter her daughter until she was old enough to seek out her siblings."

Saria was awestruck at Charles' confession. "Oh my god. The poor child, she has lived this long without her mother, it's a wonder she hasn't questioned you about it endlessly."

"Actually she did question me about it when she was old enough to talk regularly. At first I just told her she was away, but eventually that wasn't enough to stop her from questioning. So in my defense, I made up a story about her mother leaving on a journey to find a treasure to give to her as a birthday gift. Unfortunately that kind of backfired and since that day Pearl has been eagerly awaiting her birthday, thinking she will finally see her mother. I am at a loss of what to do when the day finally comes around." Charles was practically in tears from the confession he had made.

"Charles, I know you didn't want to break your daughter's heart, but keeping the truth from her is only hurting her more. You need to tell her the truth. If she becomes overly grieved, just give her some time to adjust to the truth and only reach out to her if she reaches out to you first. You must understand that she will be hesitant around you for awhile after receiving the news which is why you need to give her space." Saria stated in a professional tone as if she had explained this situation before.

Charles sighed. "You're right. She needs to know the truth. I fear her heart will break more if I wait rather than tell her now. I don't want her to feed off the false hopes of my lie only to have her happiness shatter. I thank you for your wisdom Saria."

"Anytime Charles. I was more than happy to help and now I feel like I have accomplished something rather than waste my life grieving over the loss of my mate." Saria smiled knowing she had done something good for once.

"Well it was nice talking to you Saria, I hope we can do it again sometime." Charles said as he stood up and gently laid Pearl on the coach.

Saria stood as well and extended a paw to wave at the lucario as she started to head for the door. "I look forward to talking with you again Charles. It was nice being able to talk to someone about my feelings and lift this weight off my chest."

Saria looked at Pearl who was snuggled up against the cushion on the couch. "Remember Charles, to tell her the truth soon." She started walking out the door when she looked over her shoulder at the lucario and stated, "Be sure to be slow in your approach. You don't want to drop all of the information on her all at once and overwhelm her."

Charles followed the absol to the door and stood there looking out into the forest. "I'll be sure to take it slow. I am still dreading having to do this, but it is unfair to Pearl to hide it from her any longer." He looked at Saria and smiled. "I thank you for what you have done Saria, have a good afternoon and you too Max." Charles said, looking down at the growlithe pup.

Max yelped at the mention of his name and hid further behind his mother. Saria laughed at her son's actions. "Max, you scaredy pup, you need to learn to be more social around adults like when you are with your friends." She suddenly had a wicked grin across her face as she looked down to her pup. "Because if you don't, I'm going to give you a bath when we get home. Now, I want you to say goodbye to Mr. Charles. Think you can do this one simple task?"

Max cringed at the mention of the word 'bath'. He hated water, being a fire type it was his mortal enemy. He shyly looked around his mother's hind legs and stammered in his speech.

"" He ran behind his mom's legs shaking.

"Wow, he sure is a timid one." Charles chuckled.

Saria sighed. "Yea. I have been trying to break him of this habit for quite awhile now, but I haven't made much progress as you can see. I was finally able to get him to say 'hi' to Lu only two weeks ago. The poor luxray thought Max hated him, but he never stopped his greetings."

Charles looked surprised. "Wow, that bad huh? Even Pearl was able to say 'hi' to Lu after a few days." Charles shook his head and then looked up in the sky and noticed the sun was just overhead. "Well, I better get back to work and start figuring out how I am going to tell Pearl the news." Charles sighed.

"I am sure you will do just fine Charles. Just don't be surprised by her reaction when she learns the truth. Good luck Charles, you will need it." Saria starts walking out of the lucario's house.

"Thank you for your help Saria. Have a nice day and keep in touch." Charles says before turning around to re enter his home.

When Charles returns to the living area of the house, he notices Pearl isn't on the couch anymore. Fear takes a hold of him and he starts panicking, franticly searching the whole room. He stops when he hears a noise come from the kitchen area and immediately dashes towards the other side of the house. When he arrives, he breathes a sigh of relief when he sees Pearl on the countertop trying to reach a bowl of berries on the table.

Pearls stops when she sees her father walking towards her. "Hi daddy, who was the lady you were talking to?"

Charles stands there staring at the snow white eevee, barely able to hold back tears in his eyes. His mind is fighting itself over the upcoming issue of her mother and he can feel himself shuffling around out of sheer discomfort. 'Will she hate me?' he thought to himself. 'What if she runs away and never comes back?' At this thought, Charles couldn't fight it anymore and started to cry to himself.

Pearl, noticing her father's discomfort and sudden breakdown, jumps off the counter and runs over to him. "Daddy, what's wrong? Why are you crying? Daddy you are starting to scare me."

Charles stopped sobbing long enough to look down at the little eevee sitting at his feet. The moment he looks into her eyes and sees the fear and sadness, he falls to his knees and holds Pearl tightly to his chest. He tries to speak, but his sobbing was choking off any words that attempted to escape. Finally he composes himself long enough to speak in a short sentence.

"I am sorry Pearl, so sorry. Please forgive me..." He stammers out.

Pearl looks at the lucario with a confused expression on her face. "What do you mean daddy? Why are you sorry? Did something bad happen? Come on daddy, please tell me. I don't want to see you sad."

Charles manages to stop sobbing once again. He looks at the young eevee and almost falls to tears again, but collects himself enough to hold them back. "Pearl there is something I need to tell you, but I am so afraid of what might happen. I am afraid you will hate me and decide to leave. I don't want you to go, please don't leave me..." He trails off only to start sobbing again.

At this time Pearl starts rubbing against the lucario's neck to try and calm him down enough that she can ask him what he meant. It seems to work as Charles' sobbing turns to light sniffling.

Pearl looks up into her father's eyes and stares at him with a pleading expression on her face. "Please daddy, no more crying, please no more. I don't like seeing you sad, it makes me sad." She snuggles into his chest to try and further reassure him. "What do you want to tell me that is making you so sad?"

Charles sniffles. "It's about your mother."

Pearl's ears suddenly flatten against her head and she looks away with a grieved expression. Charles notices and starts to question her only to be interrupted.

"Daddy, I know what happened to mom. I was awake when you were talking to Mr. Lu yesterday."

Charles gasps in shock. "Oh no...why didn't you say anything Pearl? I hate that you had to find out that way. I was hoping to explain everything to you face to face." He looks to see Pearl with her back to him looking at the ground. "I am so sorry I hid the truth form you all this time. I fully understand if you hate me for lying to you. I will not stop you if you want to leave." Charles stands up and starts walking away thinking he just ruined his only chance of happiness.

"Daddy..." Charles' ears twitch and he turns around in time to be knocked down by Pearl. She starts nuzzling his neck trying to calm him down.

"P-Pearl, I thought you would be furious with me and hate me for lying to you." Charles stammered.

Pearl looks up into the lucario's eyes and sees tears start to surface. She lets her own tears fall as she continues to nuzzle his neck trying to reassure him. "Daddy, I can never be mad at you. Yes, I am very sad that mom left before I could meet her, but I think it's better that she is at peace. I do however, have one question."

Charles looks down to the young eevee with a smile and hugs her tightly. When he finally pulls away he looks at her and smiles again. "What is it my little snow princess?"

Pearl blushed. She always loved it when her dad called her that but she always got embarrassed because he evens calls her that when her friends are around.

Pearl rolls onto her back and looks pleadingly up at her dad. He looks at her face and chuckles. "Ok, enough with the cuteness, I'll rub your tummy." Charles starts slowly brushing his paw along Pearls stomach, causing her to purr loudly. "My, my, I've spoiled you haven't I?"

Pearl opens her eyes and stares up at her dad for a few moments before speaking. "Dad, I wanted to ask you about something you said yesterday when you were talking with Mr. Lu."

Charles looks down at the eevee, still subconsciously rubbing her stomach. "Hm, what is it?"

Pearl thinks for moment, trying to figure out the best way to ask her dad about her siblings. She finally decides to be forward about it. "Dad, I want to know about my siblings."

This caught the lucario off guard enough that he stopped rubbing the young eevee's stomach. He sat there motionless for a few moments before picking up the young eevee and setting her down on the floor. He sat upright and looked at Pearl. He tried to speak, but was at a loss for words yet again. He couldn't tell her the truth about how he felt. He started to feel really uncomfortable and ashamed again thinking about all of the effort he put into trying to keep her away from her siblings intentionally.

Pearl noticed his discomfort and started walking closer to her father in hopes of comforting him. Charles notices this and puts a paw up to stop her. At this point Pearl sits down and looks up at the lucario with a confused and hurtful expression. Her father never denied her from sitting on his lap, but now he stopped her and didn't show any emotion in it.

"Pearl, there is more that needs to be said that I have kept hidden from you." Pearl's ears perk up and she looks at her father with questioning eyes. He looks at her and takes a long drawn out breath.

"I don't know how to explain this to you without sounding like a horrible person. I guess there is no point in hiding it any longer. Pearl, ever since your mother pleaded with me to look after you, my life changed. With someone to care for, I found a purpose in my life other than to help the sick and wounded. You gave me something I had never felt before: love. I felt like a whole new person watching you grow up. It seemed like a dream come true to finally have someone to care for who would love me in return."

Pearl started to tear up. "Oh, dad, I love you too. I am so happy mom left me with you. I couldn't have asked for a better dad." Pearl looked up at the lucario and her expression became a little more serious. "But you didn't answer my question."

Charles once again felt uncomfortable. "I knew I would have to explain this to you someday. Pearl please promise me, you won't hate me for this."

Pearl looked up at her father questioningly. "Dad, I could never hate you, not after all you have done for me. I am sure whatever it is, it won't make me want to hate you or leave."

Charles sighed. "You may think that now, but that can change." He looks away, sadness in his expression. "There are two reasons why I have never mentioned your siblings. One was because you would question where they were. I didn't want to keep lying to you all the time. The second reason why I never told you about them was more selfish."

Pearl was more confused than ever. "What do you mean?"

"I never spoke about them because I didn't want you to leave to live with them. After caring for you so long, I came to think of you as my real daughter and not the little cub I adopted. I didn't want to let you go. I was too attached and didn't want to risk you leaving, so I intentionally kept you away from where they lived."

Pearl looked at her father. She was experiencing a mix of emotions. She was happy her father came to view her as his own flesh and blood. At the same time though, she felt a small hint of anger towards her father for denying her, her right to meet her siblings. Finally, she felt curiosity. She was curious to know how her father had prevented her from meeting her siblings all this time. She decided to ask him.

"Dad, how were you able to keep me from meeting them all this time?" Pearl asked curiously.

"Remember the area I told you was off limits?"

Pearl thought for a moment and then realized where he was talking about. "Do you mean the big cave next to the waterfall?"

"Yes. The reason why I told you to absolutely never go in there was because that is where your siblings live."

Pearl stood in shock about the truth. She knew she was never supposed to go in there, but something always crossed her mind when she passed it. It always seemed familiar to her for some reason, but she could never figure out why. 'Now it all makes sense' she thought. The familiar feeling, the comforting atmosphere; it was her home, but she could never explore it because of her father's restrictions.

Charles noticed Pearl sitting still looking like she was deep in thought. "Pearl, what is it?"

She sat there for a few moments before turning to her father and speaking. "I always stayed out of the cave, but every time I passed it, I felt a comforting, familiar feeling and I could never understand why."

Charles pondered this for a moment before he spoke. "I believe it was your instincts trying to tell you something. Most Pokémon are born with an instinct that lets them know where their original home is. I guess it must be true for you, if you were feeling that way." He looked away saddened.

Pearl looked to her father and could feel his pain and inner struggle with himself. She walked over to him and sat in his lap and started nuzzling his chest. She tried to think of something to say but her mind kept coming up blank.

Charles looked down to the young eevee in his lap and started scratching behind her ears. Pearl leaned into the scratching, purring happily. When the lucario stopped, he heard a cute, little whine escape from Pearl's muzzle. Hearing this he smiled and hugged her tightly. The two sat there, hugging each other for a few minutes before separating and looking at each other in silence.

Pearl decided to break the silence. "I have another question dad. What happened to my actual dad?"

The lucario was once again caught off guard. He hesitated before answering. "I am sorry Pearl, but your actual father suffered the same fate as your mother."

Pearl's ears flattened against her head again. "I should have known." She managed to let out just above a whisper.

Charles looked at Pearl and noticed her aura was completely purple which he knew meant depression and sorrow. He tried to think of something say that would cheer her up. As much as he tried to think of something to say, only one thing came to mind, but he desperately tried to clear his head of it. The only thing he could think of was to say that all of her siblings were still alive, but he knew if he said that, then she would want to meet them more. After a few moments he decided to say it anyways since he hated seeing her depressed like this more than he hated the thought of her leaving to live with her siblings.

"Pearl there is some good news if you are interested."

Pearl immediately poked her head up looking at the lucario with curiosity in her eyes. "What is it?" She asked in a squeaky, happy voice. She loved hearing about good news especially when she was told bad news.

Charles hesitated for a moment before speaking. "Well, the good news is that none of your siblings caught the virus and are still alive." He knew saying this would only further encourage her to want to meet them.

Pearl jumped for joy at the news of her siblings being ok. "Oh can I please go see them?! Please, please, please! I promise to come back! Please?" She continued to beg for him to let her meet them for a good five minutes.

Charles could hardly contain his laughter at the sight before him: a cute, little eevee bouncing around the room continuously pleading him to let her see her brothers and sisters. How could he say 'no' to such a sweet, little girl?

Charles sighed. "Ok, you can go meet them, but I am coming with you to introduce you to them and vice-versa."

Pearl looked surprised. "You know them daddy?"

"Yes, I do. I was a close friend of your father. We practically grew up together. As we got older, we became even closer as friends, never being separated from each other. It was during this time we met your mother. She wanted to join us on our little journey to explore the world and we happily accepted. Over time he fell in love with her and when we finally returned here, he decided to ask her to become his mate. She agreed and they started to raise a family and had many children, your siblings. I, myself, continued my knowledge and became a doctor for the Pokémon of this forest. We stayed close friends to the very end."

Pearl sat in the lucario's lap the whole time wagging her tail excitedly. She was so happy to finally be able to hear about her mom and dad and how they loved each other. It was at this time that a thought popped into head and she couldn't resist asking her father about it.

"Dad, how many siblings do I have?" She asked.

Charles thought for a moment and started to count aloud. With each additional number, Pearl grew more excited. "Ok, if I remember correctly now after doing my math, I believe you have seven siblings." Pearl was so excited, she nearly fainted from it. 'Seven brothers and sisters to play with...' she thought. She couldn't contain her excitement and squealed. She leapt up into her father's face and started licking him lovingly and nuzzling his cheek.

"Ok, ok! Down girl!" Charles could barely manage to say in between laughing from Pearl's frantic actions. He finally managed to lift her off his face and set her down in front of him. "Now then, I think you should learn the names of your siblings before you meet them, so you aren't confused or lost."

Pearl nodded and jumped at the same time. Charles started chuckling again at the sight of her bouncing around like a child who got a new toy.

"Now then." He said, which caused her immediately to sit down and wait for him to continue talking. "As I said, you have seven siblings, but what you will notice when you meet them is that they don't look the same as you."

Pearl looked at him and tilted her head in confusion. 'How could they not look like me? They are my brothers and sisters, so they should be eevees too.' She thought. She looked up at the lucario with a puzzled expression.

Charles took note of her confusion and tried to explain. "What I mean by this is that they used to look like you, but they went through a transformation called 'Evolution'. Evolution occurs differently for each Pokémon. You are a special species of Pokémon known as eevee as I am sure you know by now. What is so special about eevees is that they have an almost endless amount of possibilities for evolutions. Your species has very unstable DNA that reacts with your environment which sometimes causes evolution."

Charles looked at Pearl after explaining only to find her expression is one that conveys her being lost. He sighs to himself thinking 'Oops, I guess she isn't old enough to fully understand this stuff'. He gives up after trying to explain evolution to her a few more times and decides just to describe her siblings.

"Ok, I guess I will start with your oldest sibling and go along until the youngest. The oldest of your siblings is your first sister. She is a Pokémon known as a vaporeon and her full name is Aquamarine, but her friends and family just called her Aqua. She looks like she is part fish and has fins and scales with a blue toned skin."

Pearl contemplated this for a moment. 'I am related to a fish?' she thought. She immediately thought she was a water type and her father confirmed her suspicions.

"Ok onto the rest of your siblings. Next in line is your first brother, Topaz or Taz for short. His species is called a jolteon and as you might've guessed by his name he is electric. He has yellow, spiky fur with a white, spiky mane."

'Pin cushion' was the first thought in Pearl's mind. She giggled to herself at the thought and let her dad continue.

"Your third sibling is your second sister. Her name is Ruby and she is a flareon. She controls the fire type element and her personality matches it too. She has red colored fur around her body, legs and head, but has a cream colored tail and scruff."

'Hmm' Pearl thought. 'I get a fluffy fireball for a sister...yay!"

"Your fourth sibling is your third sister. She is an espeon named Amethyst or Amy for short. Her whole body is coated in a silk like fur that is purple colored. She has a red gem embedded on her forehead that helps her to control and manipulate her psychic powers. Her greatest weapon is her mind. She also looks like she has two tufts of fur protruding from the side of her face. These are receptors designed to pick up the emotions and mental state of others."

'Ooh that sounds interesting.' Pearl thought. 'I wonder if she can teach me to move stuff with my brain?' Pearl started daydreaming about being able to help her dad with psychic abilities. She seemed happy at the thought of being such a big help.

Charles noticed Pearl staring blankly past him and decided to get her attention. "Ahem!" The lucario cleared his throat as loud as he could. It was enough to snap Pearl back to reality and she turned red in embarrassment.

"Pearl, if you don't pay attention, you will make a fool of yourself when you go to meet them and that's not a good thing to do. First impressions are very important and you have to make every action count. Now moving on, we come to your next sibling who is also your other brother. His name is Obsidian or Sid for short. His species is the dark type evolution called umbreon. Truthfully Pearl you might not meet him."

Pearl looked confused and wanted to ask her father why, but was cut off when he noticed her confusion.

"The reason why you might not meet him is because he was always distant from the family. His independent nature caused him to have an argument with your parents quite awhile back and it resulted in him running away. He returned after a few months to show them that he evolved into an umbreon, but when he returned they immediately lectured him about leaving and in turn he decided to leave again. So, in truth, I don't know if he ever came back or if he is still gone."

Pearl was saddened at the thought of not being able to meet all of her siblings, but she immediately brushed the thought aside thinking it was for the best. She looked up at the lucario as if to ask him to continue. Charles noticed her expression and understood the hint.

"Ok, now your final two siblings I'm going to explain at the same time because neither one of them was born before the other."

Pearl cocked her head to the side and raised an eye brow in question. 'Born at the same time? I have never heard of that before.' She thought.

"Yes, your final two siblings are both girls and they are what humans call 'twins'. What that means is that the two siblings in question were born at the same time and usually share a similar personality. Your twin siblings are no different. One of them is a Pokémon called a leafeon. Her name is jade and she is a grass type. She has tan fur that covers most of her body with the exception being her feet which are dark brown to look like shoes. The other exception to this is her ears and her tail. These are actual leaf-like appendages. These help her to use synthesis which in turns heals her. She has a relaxed personality and is very friendly towards others."

'Hmm, part plant, I guess that could come in handy.' Pearl thought.

"Your other twin sibling is Lapis. She is an ice type called glaceon. Her fur pattern is a little difficult to describe, but I'll try. Her base fur color is a light blue color. She has a bunch of dark blue spots on her body in contrast to this. One of these spots is a dark blue diamond on her back. She has a similar marking at the end of her tail. Her paws are also dark blue. Her most noticeable feature is what your mother called 'the tiara'. Her fur on top of her head is dark blue also but it takes the shape of a mini crown and has two tassels of fur falling on each side of her head. Your mom used to call her the 'snow princess' just like I call you now."

Pearl's ears twitched at the mention of her nickname. 'Wow, another snow princess and she is an ice type and has her own tiara. I guess I have to find a new nickname...' Pearl's expression saddened slightly. Her father noticed and picked her up to cradle her.

"What's the matter Pearl?"

Pearl looked away, a sad expression still on her face. "I'm used to you calling me snow princess, but now since I have an ice type sister who has her own tiara, it feels like I have been replaced." Pearl sniffled.

"Oh Pearl you don't need to worry about it. You will always be little snow princess and no one can replace you. I promise." He reassured her.

"Thanks daddy. I feel better now. I still think I need a new nickname though, she did have it first." Pearl stated.

"Speaking of Lapis, there is one thing you should know about her."

Pearl interrupted him. "What is it? Is it something bad?"

"No, no nothing bad. She has a competitive personality and likes to challenge her siblings, especially Jade, to friendly competitions. So don't be surprised if she asks you to race her or something similar. Overall she does have a relaxed and friendly personality like her twin Jade, just with a small wild side, that's all."

'So she likes to have little challenges huh? She's just like my friends now, so she should be easy to get along with.' Pearl thought to herself, smiling while she did.

"Well that's all I can say about your siblings. The rest is up to you to learn when you finally meet them. Which reminds me, when do you want to go see them? It can't be today because I have work to do, so I need you to tell me when you want to eventually go to allow me to setup some free time. I don't want you to go alone in case something goes wrong and they also know me which will make introductions a little smoother." Charles said while smiling at his daughter.

Pearl started jumping around the room out of pure joy. "Yay! I get to see my brothers and sisters! I am so happy I feel like I can fly!" She happily yelled running around the room, jumping off the occasional chair.

Charles sat there watching her run around in circles, bouncing off the furniture, happily cheering about her future meeting with her siblings. He couldn't contain his laughter when she started pacing back and forth asking herself a bunch of questions like: 'Oh my gosh, should I take two baths?', 'What if they aren't there anymore?', 'What happens if they don't like me?' and so many others. He reached out and pulled her into a hug causing her to squeak from the unexpected affection.

"You will do fine. I will explain to them the whole situation and convince them to be nice. None of them are mean. The only one you truly have to worry about is Topaz because he likes to pull pranks on his sisters. Other than that you should be fine." Charles stated, trying to reassure her.

"But daddy, I'm so nervous. I don't want them to not like me. What if they don't like me because I'm different?" Pearl asked referring to the fact she was albino.

"Pearl, you will be fine. Remember I will be there with you, so I promise I won't let anything happen to you. You have my word. Your siblings are a happy-go-lucky group, they won't do any--" Charles was cut off by a noise in the distance.

Pearl noticed her father suddenly cut off mid-sentence. She looked up to see the lucario's ears twitching as if trying to hear something. "What's wrong daddy?" She asked, puzzled by his actions.

He raised a paw to silence her. "Shssh. I can hear something coming from outside and it sounds like someone yelling."

Pearl raised her ears to an alert position, trying to listen for what her father heard. After a few minutes, she could hear it too. She couldn't understand what they were saying but it sounded bad. The sound grew louder and she was able to make out one word, 'Help'. The Pokémon kept getting louder and louder until there was a loud bang towards the front of the house. Charles jumped to his feet immediately, unfortunately causing Pearl to fly out of his lap and land with an audible 'thud' on the floor.

"Help! Please someone help!" The voice cried out sounding like the Pokémon was gasping for air.

Charles ran to the front of the house only to stop and see a beautiful blue Pokémon lying on the floor breathing heavily from exhaustion. As her he walked closer he noticed distinct characteristics of the Pokémon. Three fins extended from the top of the Pokémon's head and a fin collar around its neck. It's tail looked like a flipper. He immediately recognized this Pokémon as a vaporeon.

"Please sir, help me..." The vaporeon struggled to speak from her exhaustion.

Charles immediately rushed to her side, laying her on her back so she could relax and catch her breath. After a few minutes, her breathing slowed down and he decided to ask what was wrong.

"What happened? Are you hurt? Is someone chasing you? I will need you to explain why you were in such a rush that you couldn't knock on my door first." The lucario stated with a hint of irritation in his voice.

The vaporeon cringed. "I-I'm s-sorry. I d-didn't mean to." She could barely control herself, shaking violently.

Charles reached out and stroked her side with his paw causing her to immediately relax and purr in response. "It's ok, but I would like some answers to my questions if you don't mind."

The vaporeon sat up and straightened herself out. "Ok, I guess I should start at the beginning. I was at my home with my brother. We were playing around and he suddenly said he didn't feel too good. After a few moments he collapsed on the ground and his breathing started becoming shallow. I panicked and ran as fast I could into the forest calling for help from anyone. My running led me here to your house. Are you the doctor of the forest?" She asked nearly out of breath again.

'Yes I am. I am curious about your brother. Did he show any other symptoms other than him not being to breathe well?" Charles asked, thinking he might know the problem.

"Y-yes. Right when I was about to leave, he started coughing a lot and blood came out with some of them. He also said he felt a sharp pain in his body." The vaporeon cringed at the scene she replayed through her mind.

Charles stood wide-eyed at the vaporeon before running into his work area. The vaporeon tilted her head in confusion at his sudden actions. It wasn't long before she noticed why he ran off quickly. When Charles returned, he was holding a bag over his shoulder and had a serious expression on his face. "Not again.' He thought. 'This damn virus is trying to consume another innocent Pokémon, well I failed one Pokémon before and I sure as hell won't let it happen again!'

"Come on, we need to hurry. I will need you to direct me where to go. I will use Extreme Speed to get us there faster so you will need to hold on to me tightly." Charles stated in a hurried manner while picking up the vaporeon. He turned to look over his shoulder and called out to Pearl, wherever she was. "Pearl! I need to go out for an emergency! You stay here, I'll be back in a little while!" With that he opened his front door and stepped out and shut it behind him.

The vaporeon looked up at him and started to tell him where to go. "Ok, you need to go that wa-AAAAH!" She was suddenly cut off by Charles using his Extreme Speed ability. He had to stop for a second to regain his grip in the slippery vaporeon before speeding off again.

Meanwhile, Pearl had stood behind the wall near the front door and listened and watched the conversation between the blue Pokémon and her dad. "That girl seemed so familiar..." she said to no one in particular. She sat there and thought about it. The more she thought about it, the more she felt like she had met that Pokémon before.

"Wait a moment..." Pearl's eyes shot wide open and she thought back to what her father told her earlier.


"She is a Pokémon known as a vaporeon and her full name is Aquamarine, but her friends and family just called her Aqua. She looks like she is part fish and has fins and scales with a blue toned skin." Charles explained.


"That had to be Aqua, one of my sisters!" She thought out loud. It was at this moment Pearl looked up and noticed something that caused her to gasp. She noticed her father left his protective outfit, but he took the bag that had the cure for the virus. She immediately grabbed the outfit and ran out the front door towards the only place she could think of; her original home.


End Prologue Part 2


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so we have these characters in Pearl's family so far (right?):

1. A Female Vaporeon named Aquamarine "Aqua"
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3. A Female Flareon named Ruby
4. A Female Espeon named Amethyst "Amy"
5. A Male Umbreon named Obsidian "Sid" (Ran away)
6. First Twin: A Female Leafeon named Jade
7. Second Twin: A Female Glaceon named Lapis
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