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07 Sep 2010

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Posted 07 Sep 2010 08:19
Last edited 28 Jan 2012 16:52
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Staring into Space

#39 of Scribbles & Sketches

more vent art T.T

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Lwolfeh 3 years ago 0
awww, something wrong LoneWolf? (great art btw ^^)
Spence101 3 years ago 0
wipe those tears away and give you big hugs
Felix Tile the cat 3 years ago 0
Nice drawing! I like this one :)
Quantumdragon 3 years ago 0
May Baldur grant you peace and may Thor protect you from harm

hug? *kneels, offers hug*
Rahzjik Zetarah 3 years ago 0
cool pic :) Luv it
thats realy nice ^.^ you ok