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14 Sep 2010

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Posted 14 Sep 2010 00:54
Last edited 14 Sep 2010 01:19
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Eeveelutions Tribal Tattoo

Permission was given by original author Canyx (DeviantArt), to upload this. I do not own this nor do I wish to. All credit goes to the original author. As anyone would've guessed by now, I have a huge obsession with eeveelutions, maybe even a bit of an unhealthy addiction. I showed this to a friend and asked him if I should get this tattoo, he said yes. My question to you all would be the same, should I actually go through with it? (Be weird and funny as hell)

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Rellim 3 years ago 0
This is tight.
Jessie Shadowhold 3 years ago 0
Well, it would only be recognized as the eeveeloutions by pokemon fans, anyone else would just think it's a sick action tatoo with foxes. I would say, if you into tatoos, go for it. It's a great pic.
Akuji 3 years ago 0
It would be interesting, fer shure! But, what happens if they add more? (and they probably will) If they're really that big of a part of your life go for it. <3
Ein Scorpio 3 years ago 0
Well my answer to that is if they add more eveelutions than I will just have to add more also, but thats if I actually get it.
zachariah 3 years ago 0
well i have to say if you dont mind, if you dont get this can i ?
Ein Scorpio 3 years ago 0
Well it's not my decision to allow you to get it or not. I mean I have no control over your actions. It isn't my design to begin with. I even asked the original author on his input on whether to get this as a tattoo and he was fine with it. So if you want to do it, then by all means go for it. I am probably only going to get three out of the bunch anyways. (One on each arm, then one on my lower right arm)
zachariah 3 years ago 0
ah see i thought it was your design i suppose i would have to find the original artist then. and i would hope you have no control over my actions that would be freaky
Ein Scorpio 3 years ago 0
I asked the original author if I could get it as a tattoo and he said he was perfectly fine with people doing so. So it's really your decision in the end now. If you still wish to have his permission, than go to deviantart and look up the artist; Canyx.
Khira 3 years ago 0
ive seen a lucario version like this. it was awesome just like these are
kryrotocas 3 years ago 0
hmmm i might have to get one of these
silver89 3 years ago 0
i dont know about getting the whole thing tattooed try the ones u like most or it could end up really big
Ein Scorpio 3 years ago 0
Yea, I only planned on doing three at the most, four if I am ambitious. I would have to do my whole back to fit all eight of them which is not something I am particularly hell bent on doing.
Zachi 3 years ago 0
If it was me, as i LOVE eevee's and the eeveelotions, I would.
Revresbo 3 years ago 0
A tattoo is a permanent sign of temporary insanity. That being said, it does look really cool, so go for it if you are so inclined.
Ein Scorpio 3 years ago 0
Well you can get tattoos removed, but it's not the greatest thing in the world to do. I had one removed a couple years ago because I had gotten poison ivy where it was and the poison oils destroyed the ink in the tattoo. So it's possible but not a comforting process.
vulpyfox 3 years ago 0
would def make a wonderful tattoo 5/5