17 Sep 2010

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Posted 17 Sep 2010 14:17
Last edited 17 Sep 2010 14:18
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Commission 267

Commissioned by ahmenra@FA In memory of her deceased mate (Dolphin). Character(s) copyrighted to their respectful owner(s). Art is copyrighted to me. So don't steal use or distribute. If you see it in sites that are not in the galleries of the links stated in my shoutbox, then it wasn't me that put it there. Report and move along. <3 -Cynthia

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Jessie Shadowhold 3 years ago 0
awwwww... she looks like she needs a hug.
Lenxais 3 years ago 0
I Swear To God...Every Fifth Submission I View......Your Comment!
Every Other Comment....Oblong Pomegranite!
God! Do You People Have Jobs?! And If So....Get The Hell Off This Site! What Happens If Your Boss Walks Up Behind You?
Syrae-Universe 3 years ago 0
o_o Holy shit.

Are you talkin about me or ... I'm so lost.
Lenxais 3 years ago 0
Nope, Just Jessie. :P
Jessie Shadowhold 3 years ago 0
are you kiddin'? this is my homwork time after class, and I find collage level calc easier to do when you can take a break on it every once and a while... I just type fast in that little once and a while.
carlos_penguin 3 years ago 0
This made the cynical old penguin go "awwwwww" ~v^
Lenxais 3 years ago 0
Wait...Dead In Actuality? Or Just "Psuedo-Dead"?
Syrae-Universe 3 years ago 0
The owner of the dolphin character passed away. As in real life.
Lenxais 3 years ago 0
Oh, I'm So Sorry To Hear That.