22 Sep 2010

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Posted 22 Sep 2010 02:32
Last edited 22 Sep 2010 02:33
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Fall Time - Black and White

Okay so I love Shikijika!! The new deer pokemon that changes colors when the seasons change. This is its Fall coat. I wanted to do something for Fall because it is my favorite season. Theres also some new guys peeking out as well. Soul sucking lamps and Emo-Pachirisu lol. Done in Sai painter! Pokemon belongs to Nintendo Art to me

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Lazy Wolf 3 years ago 0
Would make a great card. I hope you do more.
scabwingedangel 3 years ago 0
Oh wow! The coloring here came out nicely! For one, I love the gradient style effect that you managed to do for the background. For me personally, that's pretty hard to do in Sai because there's no gradient function like Photoshop. I also enjoy the "layering" you did with the background. The lineart, besides the layering of different background objects, go from thickest in front and thinner in the rear, and that also helps with making the viewer give more attention to the Deer (Shikijika?) than the other things. The coloring of the deer is very smooth and crisp and the tree bark/ pumpkins/ leaves different shading layers also give them some texture instead of being smooth only. I love the piece. Just as Lazy Wolf said, it would make a great card as well. CREEPY LANTERN.
Alabaster Diamond 3 years ago 0
I can tell that Shikijika would be somewhat of a novelty catch and Emonga will suffer the same fate as Pachirisu.
Corgie 3 years ago 0
I plan to train mine =3 With grass/normal dual type its gotta learn some cool moves. Also at least Emonga is flying/electric with the flying ability that makes ground moves null. Not too terrible. But I probably wont use it x3

Alabaster Diamond 3 years ago 0
It's still weak against Ice and Rock-type moves.
AmberWolf 3 years ago 0
oh yay pokemon strategy talk, ^-^makes me want to re-embrace my inner nerd..................and yea pachirisu was an epic fail, cute but useless completely useless
Alabaster Diamond 3 years ago 0
And I stand by my original statement that Emonga will be just as bad if not even more so.