04 Oct 2010

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Posted 04 Oct 2010 21:31
Last edited 04 Oct 2010 21:31
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Cross dressing Kovu

Kiara decided to dress Kovu up in some of here cloths. Kovu is a little embarrassed, but Kiara thinks he looks cute!

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yiffy tiger 3 years ago 0
He he I think he looks cute too :)
the_cooler 2 years ago 0
i agree!
Mark Wilds 3 years ago 0
hes very cute :)
Puppytoast 3 years ago 0
Adorable~ ;D
Vivi 3 years ago 0
it's so cute
Dances With Death 3 years ago 0
mmm...he does look cute like that
Rhio2k 3 years ago 0
Don't be such a stranger! Thought you'd died or something.
teen_titan 3 years ago 0
Nice to see some new work, really missed seeing your images
Lupine Fiasko 3 years ago 0
lol aw he embarassed!!! how cute!
Shadowfur 3 years ago 0
he don´t looks happy^^

Think I want to see Kiara in this cloths *g*
lionmangeoleo 3 years ago 0
kovu is like: i hope no one sees me like this im supposed to be dominent here
PurpleFury 3 years ago 0
Lost a bet? icon_razz.gif
PsychoKitty 3 years ago 0
Very cute.
Black Switch 3 years ago 0
*Zira arrives, furious. She catches Kovu, sits, puts him over her knees, lifts his dress, yanks his panty off, and gives him a hyperlong and hyperstrong spanking.*
TorbiWusky326 3 years ago 0
Very nice, hope you draw more soon, especially of Kovu :3
Bledar 3 years ago 0
He DOES look cute, and his panties are nice and tight. :þ Kiara did a good job!