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- Celesteon - Reunion Arc - Ch. 4

#6 of Celesteon, the Apprentice of Light

Here we go;  chapter 4 and all of its weirdness.

Hope you all enjoy. Now let's see what's happening this time in Pearl's life.

Pokémon © of Nintendo & Gamefreak. Storyline and characters © of me (Enigma Eevee).


- Celesteon, the Apprentice of Light -

Reunion Arc - Ch. 4


Charles arrives at his home close to an hour after leaving his new family. He slowly opens the door and carries the sleeping siblings into the living room.

'Hm, I guess I should just set them here.' He kneels down and gently sets Sid, the umbreon, onto the couch. After he lays Sid in a comfortable position, he rests Pearl against her brother and stands up.

"Well, I should let them rest for now. I just hope Sid doesn't press his injury while trying to get up, otherwise this could take longer than needed." He slowly walks away towards his office.

"Ugh, what happened?" Sid slowly begins to stir from his slumber. "Last thing I remember was that pretend battle with Pearl and then..." His memory falls into place and he immediately jerks his attention towards his back leg. "Huh, I guess uncle Charlie must have fixed it."

He attempts to move but notices an unusual pressure on his back. When he looks up he sees Pearl asleep on him. "I wonder how she got up there..." Sid looks at his surroundings and feels confused. "Where am I? This doesn't look anything like the cave." He starts to stand, but a sharp pain hits him in his leg. Sid screams in agony and rolls off the couch, taking Pearl down with him.

"What happened!" Charles yells as he runs into the room. He looks to the couch and sees Sid and Pearl gone. "Huh, where did they go?" He looks on the floor and sees Sid clutching his leg. "Sid!" He runs over to the fallen umbreon.

"Uncle Charlie," Sid pleads.

"Hold on, I will go get the full restore from my office; I'll be right back." Charles runs off into his office and starts scrambling around.

"Where is it...? Ugh, I can't believe I lost the full restore. I distinctly remember telling myself to leave it where I can see it, in case I would need to use it for-" He stops as his memory replays itself. "My bag!" He runs over to his bag nearly tripping over other miscellaneous items. He digs through his bag until he finds a solid yellow glass bottle. "Ah ha! Found it!" He immediately runs out of the office towards the living area.

" head hurts..." Pearl crawled out from under the table, holding her head. After she got her bearings, she looked around and saw her brother on the floor in front of her. "Sid!" She crawls over to him and sees him grabbing his leg.

Sid turns his head and sees Pearl with a worried look. "Hey Pearl, what's wrong?"

"What happened? Why are you holding your leg?" She hesitantly asks him.

Sid turns his attention back to his injured leg. "Oh this. Well, when we were playing earlier, I used a special ability I have to fade into shadows. That's why I disappeared in front of you." He looks back at her and smiles.

Pearl looks at him with a shocked expression. "You can do what?"

Sid chuckles. "I knew you would be confused. Well, being a dark type, I have the ability to 'hide' in shadows. Well I did that when we were playing earlier, so you wouldn't hit me with your attack. After I went into the shadow, I saw you continue through your attack and I panicked when I saw you would hit the table in the corner." Sid takes a deep breath and tries to reposition himself.

Pearl's eyes went wide but then she tilted her head in confusion. "How come you are hurt though? I thought you moved out of the way. How am I not hurt except for my head?"

"Well I think you hurt your head when I knocked you off the couch a few moments ago. As for me, that's a different matter. I got hurt when I protected you earlier." Sid calmly explains.

"What do you mean?" Pearl asked him in a curious manner.

"Well, when you weren't stopping your attack, I looked to see where you would land. I used my agility ability to run through the shadow and jumped out of it to catch you before you hit the table. Unfortunately, you were going too fast for me to use my ability right away again and we both hit the table. The impact caused me to break my leg and you were knocked unconscious." Sid calmly explains.

Pearl jumps on him crying. "I'm so sorry; I didn't mean to hurt you."

Sid hugs the saddened eevee. "Shssh, it's ok. You didn't mean to do it and I don't blame you for what happened. I'm ok, just a bit sore that's all." He reassures her.

Pearl continues to cry into his fur. "No, it's not ok; I shouldn't have done that. Please forgive me, please."

Sid licks Pearl on her cheek and nuzzles her. "It's ok Pearl. Please dry your tears, I will be fine." He looks at her with concern. "Are you ok? You said your head hurt a few moments ago. I am the one who should be sorry for making you hit the table from my overreaction."

Pearl looks at him and shakes her head. "No, I'm fine." She stands up and looks around. "Looks like daddy brought us back home."

Sid looks at her with confusion. "Home?"

Pearl looks at him and smiles. "Yea this is my home. I live here with daddy, I always have."

Sid continues to give her a confused expression. "Pearl, you do know our father has passed from the virus, so who is it that you keep calling 'daddy'?"

Pearl looks at him for a second. "Um, I think I heard Aqua and Taz call him uncle Charlie."

Sid's eyes widen. "Uncle Charlie?"

"Yea silly; he has looked after me as long as I can remember. I only met Aqua and Taz recently. As a matter of fact, I only learned about all of my siblings and my family recently." She explains.

"Why would he keep all of us a secret from you until now?" Sid asks aloud.

"Because I didn't want to let her go."

Sid and Pearl jump at the sound of the new voice. They both turn their heads to see Charles entering the room.

Sid looks at the lucario with a confused expression. "What do you mean; you didn't want to let her go?"

Charles sighs. "Well, your mother, when she came to me, was pregnant with Pearl and others. She gave birth to Pearl before the virus consumed her. With her dying breath she told me to look after her until the day she was old enough to live with her siblings."

Sid continued to stare in bewilderment. "So, our mother asked you to look after Pearl as she grew up?"

Charles nods. "Yes, she wanted me to raise her as if she was my own daughter. For the longest time I viewed Pearl as the little cub that I knew I would have to let go to her sisters and brothers. One day though, something in my mind snapped; I suddenly started viewing Pearl as my actual real daughter and I just didn't want her to go. So out of my own selfishness, I hid her away from you all so she would continue to live with me." Charles lowers his head shamefully.

"But I still love you daddy, you know I always will. I would never want to replace the time I spent with you." Pearl nuzzles his leg.

"Thank you Pearl and I promise I will never abandon you. You still have my heart, but I will have to make room for you all now." Charles states.

"What do you mean?" Sid asks with confusion.

Charles looks up at the umbreon and notices him still holding his leg. "Do not worry Sid, it will be explained to you shortly. As for now, let me use this full restore on your leg." He slowly walks over and kneels next to Sid. "I am sorry to tell you this, but the next few days are going to be painful like this. This full restore I am going to use will help speed up the recovery and numb your pain for the next 24 hours, but it won't make it all better in one night."

Sid looks at his leg and then returns his gaze to Charles. "I thought you fixed my leg; is there still something wrong with it?"

"Unfortunately, when we were still back at your home, I had used most of my aura already by the time this incident happened. In other words, I didn't have enough strength left to fully mend your bone back together, so it must heal on its own." Charles starts spraying the full restore over the leg. "The potions I will supply will help cope with your pain, but that's it. I was able to seal your wound and prevent any scarring, so that isn't an issue."

Sid cringed at the burning feeling from the full restore. "So this will get rid of the pain?"

"Yes, but since your bone is still broken, I would advise you to not walk around. We don't want you to exert yourself and make it worse." He instructs the umbreon. "There we go, try to move your leg, but take it slow."

Sid slowly moves his leg back and forth and smiles. "Ah that's much better." He looks at Pearl who still seemed concerned. "It's ok Pearl; I told you it wasn't your fault. You can't keep attacking yourself about this, let it go. I will heal in time and then we can play all we want, I promise you."

Pearl's face beams and she pounces on him. "Really? We can play when you're all better?"

Sid looks up at Charles whom nods. He looks back at Pearl and smiles. "Yes, I promise you that as soon as I am done recovering, we will play. You will have to be patient though because it will take awhile."

Pearl starts licking his face. Charles reaches down and picks up the energetic eevee. "Ok, calm down Pearl; you will end up smothering him with that much affection."

Pearl blushes and looks down to see her brother's facial fur matted from her saliva. She giggles at the sight. "Hehehe, your face looks funny."

Charles looks down at the umbreon and lets a chuckle escape. "Hehe, she's right Sid, you might want to fix that."

Sid looks at them with a confused expression and then starts wiping his face with his paw.

Charles notices Pearl yawning. "Well, it's late; time for us all to go to bed."

Pearl yawns again and nods. "Yea, I'm sleepy." She looks down at her brother and a thought pops into her head. "Um, daddy, where is Sid gonna sleep?"

Sid's ears perk up and he looks at the lucario with a puzzled expression.

Charles laughs and rubs Pearl's head. "He is gonna sleep with you Pearl, that way you two can be comfortable. Plus I want someone to be with him at all times to check up on him." He looks at Sid. "Is that ok with you?"

Sid nods. "Yea I don't mind, but the decision is really up to Pearl; it is her room after all."

Pearl jumps from Charles' arms and runs over to Sid and nuzzles him. "Of course I want you to sleep in my room."

Sid pets her on her head. "Well I guess that solves that. Where is your room Pearl?" He questions her.

Pearl pokes her head up and runs around the couch towards the hallway.

Sid looks up at Charles. "How on earth did she do that? One second ago, she was too tired to even speak without yawning and now she has enough energy to run around the whole forest."

Charles laughs. "You will learn that she gets these random energy bursts like she ate a bunch of sugar or something. Don't worry; it won't last for much longer. In fact I guarantee that if you were to walk over into the hallway, you would see her already asleep on the floor."

Sid turns his head and starts to walk over to the hallway. He suddenly stops when he feels a warm pressure on his sides. He looks behind him to see Charles holding his sides.

"Aw no you don't; you know you aren't supposed to walking on your bad leg. Now hold still while I pick you up to carry you to your room." Charles starts lifting the umbreon.

"Uncle Charlie, don't spoil me like this, I can walk I assure you." He attempts to persuade the lucario but to no avail.

"Sid, stop it. Aqua already warned me about your famous stubborn personality. So, stop your squirming and make this easier for both of us." He fully lifts the umbreon and rolls him onto his back to cradle him. "There, now that wasn't so hard was it?" He teasingly asks him.

Sid blushes and his ears fold back. "This is embarrassing, being like this."

"No, I can make it embarrassing if you want me to." Charles raises one of his paws in the air.

Sid looks at him wide eyed. "Oh no, please don't do that, I beg of you."

Charles chuckles. "Aw come on, you know I wouldn't do anything you didn't like." He hugs Sid to further convince him. "After all, you are family and I don't want to upset you or make you uncomfortable."

Sid sighs happily and relaxes into the hug. "I miss having comforting moments like this."

Charles looks at him and smiles. "Well, you don't have to worry about it anymore. If you ever need someone to talk to or you just need a shoulder to cry on or even a hug, you know you have me here plus you have Pearl and the others. Make use of our compassion and don't try to handle everything yourself."

"Thank you, I wish this could last forever." Sid closes his eyes and slowly starts drifting off to sleep.

Charles walks into the hallway and sees Pearl sleeping on the floor. "Yep, how did I know she would be sleeping on the floor. Well, I need to go put Sid in bed first." He walks into Pearl's room and lays Sid across the bed. He then walks back out into the hallway and collects Pearl.

"Huh? Wha-" Pearl groggily asks when Charles lifts her off the floor.

"Oh, I'm sorry Pearl, I didn't mean to wake you." Charles apologizes.

Pearl yawns. "It's ok daddy, I know you didn't mean to." She looks over his shoulder. "Where is Sid?"

Charles repositions Pearl to cradle her. "He's already asleep in your room. Come on let's get you into bed, so you two can keep each other company." He walks into Pearl's room and quietly walks over to her bed.

Pearl looks down at her sleeping brother and smiles. 'He looks cute sleeping like that.'

Charles lowers Pearl onto her bed. "Here you go sweetie, have a good night sleep and make sure you don't wake him up." Charles kisses her on her forehead and walks out of the room.

Pearl slowly steps over to her brother and looks back and forth. 'Hm, now where should I-ah that's perfect.' She walks over and curls up against her brother's exposed stomach. "Good night big brother." She whispers.

Sid smiles and curls around his sister. "Good night little sis, I love you."

Pearl smiles and leans against her brother. She slowly drifts off to sleep wondering which of her siblings she will meet next.

The next morning, Aqua and Topaz wake up early to discuss the day's upcoming events.

"How do you think we should convince her?" Aqua questions.

"I do have one idea." Topaz states.

"Well, what is it?"

"Well, I was thinking we could tell her that uncle Charlie would like to have two of you here with me in case something goes wrong. We could tell her that she could stay here while you run to go get him and she could keep you informed with her psychic abilities." Topaz explains.

Aqua stares at him with a surprised look. "Wow Topaz, you really thought of a good idea. Maybe you do have some brains after all."

Topaz looks at her with a mock annoyed look. "Oh gee thanks Aqua, no faith in me what so ever."

Aqua giggles. "Aw come on, you know I was only kidding." A noise catches her attention. "Hm, sounds like someone else is up. I wonder who it is."

Topaz looks and sees a red colored Pokémon emerge from one of the rooms. "Ah, it's Ruby."

Ruby yawns and notices her two siblings sitting in the hallway. She walks over casually and sits down. "Good morning you two. What are you doing up this early, usually both of you are late risers." She questions them with a yawn.

Aqua starts to feel uneasy. She looks over at Topaz with a serious look.

Topaz notices his sister's worried look. He turns to Ruby. "Well, we were talking about what kind of activities we were going to do today. The doctor said that I needed to start getting a little exercise, to get my muscles back into shape." He casually lies.

Ruby looks at him with a puzzled look. "Is the doctor not coming back today?"

Aqua starts to answer, but Topaz interrupts her. "No, he said he had something important to do today. He asked us to have one of you to stay home with us in case anything happened."

Ruby's ears perk up. "Oh ok, do you want me to stay home with you? It will be like old times, with the three of us playing around together."

"Sorry Ruby, but we were hoping Amy would stay home. We thought she would be the best for the job because of her ability to use telepathy." Topaz explains with regret in his voice.

Ruby lowers her head in sorrow. "Oh, ok then. I guess that makes since. Well have fun today." She starts to leave.

Aqua speaks out. "Wait Ruby, the doctor said he wouldn't be able to make it tomorrow either. You can stay home with us tomorrow and I promise you we will play then. We were just a bit worried about Topaz's condition and we didn't want to chance anything."

Ruby turns around and runs at her brother. She pounces on him and starts nuzzling his face. "Oh thank you, thank you, thank you!"

Aqua runs over to her siblings. "Whoa, Ruby, get up off him. He's still not fully recovered and we don't want his condition getting worse. Now let him get some air before you kill him."

Ruby hops off her brother and blushes. "Oops, sorry Taz. I guess I got a little over excited, but I have a good reason to be. It's been far too long since we three have had some fun time to ourselves."

Topaz inhales deeply. "Phew, I thought I was a goner there for a second." He sits up and looks at his embarrassed sister. "Don't worry about it Ruby, it's been awhile since I've had one of your hugs." He walks over to her and squeezes her in a hug. "Besides, like you said, you have a reason to be excited. I can't remember the last time we three did have a day to ourselves. I am looking forward to tomorrow already."

Ruby smiles and licks Topaz. "Yea, I miss all the times we would just run around and play. Those were the good old days."

Another noise sounded and the three siblings looked to see a tan colored Pokémon with leafy appendages exit a room.

Aqua smiles. "Good morning Jade, sleep well?"

Jade perks her head up and notices the three siblings. "Oh hey you three. Yea I had a goodnight sleep, but Lapis had another nightmare again, so she slept in my room last night." She looks over her shoulder towards her room.

Ruby sighs. "She is still having the nightmares? I would have thought they would have gone away by now. How long has it been; four days since they started?"

Jade nods. "Yea, I don't know why she is still having them. I have asked her what they were about but every time she goes to explain, she just starts shaking and crying. I have even tried to have Amy watch her dreams while she is asleep, but Amy said nothing abnormal ever shows up."

Aqua frowns. "That's terrible. We can't begin to help her if she doesn't explain what they are about."

"Well, I am not going to stop asking her about them. She has to eventually tell us about them because I can't have her come into my room every night and wake me up, crying to herself." Jades sighs.

"I am really curious now too. I wonder if it is the same recurring nightmare or if it's a series of them." Topaz states.

"Good question. I wonder if I can get her to ans-" She suddenly stops when she hears footsteps behind her. When she turns around she sees Lapis slowly walking out of her room. "Good morning Lapis." Jade greets her.

Lapis continues to walk out of the room. She slowly looks up and stares at her sister.

"Lapis are you ok?" Jade questions with concern.

"You don't look too good Lapis, are you feeling alright?" Aqua asks her.

"It won't go away..." Lapis weakly answers.

"What won't go away?" Ruby questions her.

"The won't leave me alone..." Lapis starts crying.

Jade walks over to her sister and hugs her. "Shssh, it's ok Lapis. They can't get you anymore. We are here to protect you." She slowly rubs her head. "Lapis, you can't keep hiding your nightmare from us. We want to help you, but we can't until you tell us what it is about."

Lapis looks up at her sister, then at her other siblings. "O-Ok, I guess it's not fair to you Jade if I don't tell. I feel bad about having to wake you up every night."

"Lapis, I am not upset that you wish to sleep in my room at night, what bothers me is that you are hiding this from everyone as if you think we wouldn't care. Now please, tell us what is wrong." Jade calmly states.

Lapis takes a deep breath and starts to hesitantly explain her nightmare. "Well, it always starts with all of us playing. Then Topaz gets sick with the virus, but he doesn't make it. Afterward, everyone is so upset our family starts falling apart. Uncle Charlie appears and tells us that mom died and that we need to move on with our lives and stop crying over the deaths. I feel so sad every time I hear him say that because I feel that it's true." She starts crying.

"Aw come here." Jade grips her sister in a tight hug. "I promise you Lapis that this family will never fall apart. Besides, Topaz did catch the virus like in your nightmare, but he's ok, see." She point over at the jolteon and he nods.

"Well that isn't everything." Lapis confesses.

Jade looks at her with a puzzled expression. "You mean there's more to your nightmare?"

Lapis nods. "Yes. After uncle Charlie tells us mom dies, we all decide to make a grave for her and one for Topaz. Uncle Charlie then shows up and tells us that he has someone he would like us to meet. When we look to see who it is, there is no one there at first. After a few moments, a small white Pokémon emerges from behind the grave. I always wake up after that."

Aqua and Topaz exchange stunned glances.

Jade rubs her sister's head and tries to comfort her. "There, there Lapis, do not worry. I am sure your nightmare doesn't mean anything. We haven't seen uncle Charlie for a long time so the odds of him showing up are slim. As I said before, Topaz may have caught the virus like in your dream, but he is alive and well and here to stay."

"Yea, I guess you're right, but I don't know why I keep having the same dream over and over again." Lapis states.

Ruby walks over and hugs her. "I am sure it will pass in time Lapis, don't let it get to you. Just keep telling yourself it's only a dream and that it can't hurt you."

Lapis smiles. "Thank you Ruby."

"Well I think it's time for some breakfast. Who is hungry?" Jade asks her siblings.

"That sounds really good right now." Ruby states as her stomach growls.

Aqua and Topaz look at each other once more before Aqua speaks up. "I'll go wake Amy so she doesn't miss out." Aqua walks off towards her psychic sister's room.

Topaz continues to sit, lost in his own thoughts. 'I can't believe what I heard. Lapis is basically having a future sight attack in her dreams. She is told mom actually died, but what worries me most is that she supposedly has seen what Pearl looks like. I wonder if that will affect how she will react when she finally meets her.' Topaz continues to ponder the situation until he feels a warm feeling against his side.

"You coming, Taz?" Ruby asks her brother as she brushes against his side.

Topaz snaps out of his thoughts and looks at his sister. "Yea, sorry, I was just thinking about something."

"Knowing you, it was probably about the next time you get to sleep. We all know how much you love to do so." Ruby jokingly states.

Topaz laughs. "Yea, I love to sleep, you know me well sis." He looks and sees Aqua exiting Amy's room with her following. "Hey Ruby, go ahead with Jade and Lapis, I need to explain today's situation to Amy."

Ruby looks behind her and sees Aqua and Amy walking towards them. "Yea, I guess so." She looks back at her brother. "Don't be too long or else I am not going to leave you anything." She gives him an evil grin.

Topaz looks at her with a mock pouting face. "You wouldn't do that to me would you?"

Ruby rolls her eyes and hugs him. "No, I just like to see how you react when I say that." She licks his cheek and walks after Jade and Lapis.

Aqua and Amy approach Topaz whom was rubbing his cheek.

"Hey girls." He states.

"Aqua told me there was something you needed to ask me, what is it?" Amy calmly asks the jolteon.

Topaz looks at Aqua and she nods. He looks back at Amy and sees her grooming herself casually.

"Well, what I wanted to ask you was if you could stay home with Aqua and I today."

Amy stops grooming herself and gives her brother a puzzled look. "Why do you need me here? Isn't the doctor coming back today to check up on you?"

Topaz shakes his head. "No, he said he has something important to do today and he can't make it here. I was hoping you would stay here with us in case anything went wrong."

Amy tilts her head. "But, why did you want me?"

"We thought you were the best to have home with us in case something went wrong because you can use telepathy. If something started happening to Topaz, I could run to go get the doctor while you stay here and keep me updated on his condition." Aqua calmly explains.

Amy looks at her siblings and nods. "I guess that makes sense. Wouldn't it make more sense for me to go get the doctor since I can teleport him here?"

"Well, I know where he lives because I kind of crashed through his front door the day when Topaz first got sick. He can use extremespeed to get us back here quickly and he already knows the way. You wouldn't be able to teleport to him because you don't know where he would be." Aqua states.

Amy nods. "That's true. I would just be teleporting all over the forest trying to find him and that could take longer than you running to get him. Alright then, I'll stay home, I am sure the others won't need my help today anyways. Ruby does most of the work when we go hunting."

"Ok then, it's settled. Now, let's go get some breakfast." Topaz happily states as his stomach growls.

Aqua and Amy giggle. "Yea let's go. No reason to start the day on an empty stomach." Aqua says as she walks toward the eating area of their home.

The trio walk to join their siblings in the dining area for breakfast.

"That was a close call Topaz. You really know how to lay it on thick." Aqua whispers to her brother.

Topaz shrugs. "What do you mean I was only telling the truth." He gives her a serious looks and points towards his head and then at Amy.

Aqua silently nods and turns her head back towards their destination. 'I have really got to watch myself, otherwise this is could take a turn for the worse.'

The two walk in silence after their psychic sibling, towards the smell of food.

"Ugh, morning already? It feels like I didn't even sleep that long." Charles slowly stirs from his sleep. "Hm, I wonder how far along in the day it is?" He walks out of his room and stops when he hears a noise coming from the kitchen area. 'Uh oh, did a wild Pokémon get in last night?'

He slowly walks over to the kitchen area and takes a peek into it. 'Ok now what is making all that noise?' He questions as he starts looking around. 'That's strange, there was a noise a mo-'


"Good lord, what in the heck was that?" He looks over at the pantry and sees a pile of food on the ground. "Ok, whatever it is, is trying to get in my pantry. Question is; what is it?"

He quietly walks over to the pile of food and stops when he hears a voice.

"Ow...maybe I should wait for daddy to wake up." Pearl slowly rises out from under the pile of food.

Charles looks at the unaware eevee. "Pearl?"

Pearl jumps and turns around. She swallows audibly when she sees her father. "Uh...hi daddy...when did you get here?"

Charles stares at her. "What were you doing?"

Pearl's ears lower. "Sorry, I was hungry. We didn't eat dinner last night, so I thought I would make myself breakfast. I guess I can't do that without you though." She shamefully confesses.

Charles notices the saddened eevee's expression. "It's ok Pearl, but please next time; come wake me before you make a mess or hurt yourself." He leans over and scratches her head.

Pearl leans into the scratching. "Ok, I promise. Can we eat now?" She looks up at him with pleading eyes.

"Alright I will make you some breakfast." He picks up Pearl and carries her over to the table. "So Pearl, what do you want to eat for breakfast?"

Pearl thinks for a moment. 'Hm, what should I eat...?' She continues to think and starts looking around the kitchen area. Her eyes stop on a bowl on the counter that usually contains wild fruit and berries.

"You still with me Pearl?" Charles joking asks while waving a paw in front of her face.

Pearl looks up at him and smiles. "Yea, I was just thinking." She looks back over towards the bowl. "I wanna eat what you made yesterday." She gleefully states.

Charles tilts his head and looks towards the counter. "Oh, you mean the fruit bowl with honey. Yea, I guess I can make that again, you did seem to really enjoy eating that. If I recall you ate it so fast that it seemed like you inhaled it and then to top that off, you even finished my helping."

Pearl blushes. "Hehe, yea I really liked it. So can you make that?"

Charles walks over to the bowl and looks at its contents. He frowns. "This isn't good."

Pearl's ears perk up. "What's wrong daddy?"

Charles grabs the bowl and walks back over to the table. He sets the bowl down and motions for Pearl to look inside. "There aren't enough fruit to feed all three of us, or did you already forget about Sid?"

Pearl looks in the bowl and frowns. "Aw...I really wanted to eat it again..."

Charles looks at the saddened eevee and a thought pops into his head. "Well Pearl, there is still plenty of wild fruit in here, we just need more berries, so-"

Pearl jumps up and looks at Charles. "I can go get some like I always do!"

Charles smiles. "That'a girl. Now you better get going now, so we can have a good breakfast prepared before your brother wakes up."

Pearl runs to the front door and picks up the basket she uses to carry the berries. "Come on daddy! I need to hurry up if I want to make it back in time!"

Charles calmly walks out of the kitchen towards the front door. "You know, sometimes I do wonder where you get all of your energy from." He smiles. "Ok, now promise me you will stay on the path and stay away from your sibling's cave. I don't want you to get involved in anything without me being there."

Pearl nuzzles his leg. "I promise daddy. Can I go now?"

Charles chuckles. "Always so eager aren't you?" He walks over and opens the door. "Ok, I will keep an eye on you with my aura, but I want you to make sure that if you get into any kind of trouble, you run straight home, ok?" He instructs her.

Pearl nods and rubs against his legs. "Ok, I promise to stay out of trouble. I'll be back in a little bit. Bye daddy." She runs off out of the house.

Charles sighs. "To be young and so full of life, sometimes I envy you Pearl." He closes the door and walks towards Pearl's room. He pokes his head through the doorway. 'Ah, looks like he is still asleep, that's good. Plus, Pearl didn't say anything about him waking up in the middle of the night, so it looks like the full restore did the trick.' He quietly exits the room and returns to his office.

"Hm, this one looks good." Pearl jumps up and knocks a leppa berry off a bush. She picks it up and drops it into the nearly full basket. "I guess this is enough, I have been gone for awhile, so I guess daddy is going to be worried about me."

Pearl starts walking back to her house when she hears a noise sound from behind her. When she turns around, her eyes widen at the sight she sees. "What was that?" She asked as the mysterious creature ran into the bushes.

Pearl turns around to resume her journey home, but stops when she hears another noise behind her. She turns her head around and notices the same creature run into the bushes again. 'What is that? Is someone following me?' She shrugs and continues to walk forward. She continues to walk along the trail, stopping occasionally to listen to the mysterious noise behind her.

When she finally sees her home, she breathes a sigh of relief. "Phew, made it home. I thought for sure someone was following me." As soon as she finishes her sentence, another noise is heard from the bushes behind her.

Pearl lowers the basket full of berries onto the ground. 'Ok, that's it. Whatever this is; needs to stop following me.' She quietly walks over to the bushes and stops to listen.

The bushes start moving again and Pearl takes the initiative to jump into them. When she jumps through the bushes she lands, not on the ground, but on something small and furry.

"Ow! Get off me!" A voice screams out.

Pearl looks down at her captured stalker but gasps at what she sees. There pinned down on the ground, was a small black, furry Pokémon. She continued to stare at the Pokémon and then realized it was an eevee like her.

"Would you get off me! You're hurting me!" The black eevee yells.

"Oh I'm sorry." Pearl jumps off the black eevee and continues to stare at him.

He looks at her and stares. Pearl finally breaks the silence with a curious tilt of her head.

"What? Do I have something on me? Why are you staring at me?" The black eevee asks.

"No, it's just that I have never seen an eevee like you before." She states in a curious manner.

"I could say the same about you. I have never seen an all white eevee before." He states.

"Yea, I am different from most Pokémon. I don't like the way I look, everyone always teases me about it. They always call me a freak." Pearl starts to tear up when she remembers all of the harsh words said to her.

The black eevee smiles. "You look fine to me. I like when Pokémon are different. I feel like I can connect to them more. I am the only black eevee I know, so I can feel your pain." He walks over to Pearl and sits next to her. "I was wondering...can you be my friend?" He shyly asks.

Pearl pops her head up and stares at him. "Do you not have any friends?"

He looks down at his feet and frowns. " one ever wants to be friends with me. They always say I am cursed and that I don't belong here." He starts crying.

Pearl hugs him. "It's ok. If you want, I'll be your friend."

He looks up at her and smiles, then nuzzles her neck. "Thank you. I don't feel alone anymore."

Pearl looks down at him. "My name is Pearl. What is yours?"

The black eevee looks up at her. "My name is-." He stops when he hears a familiar voice calling out in the distance. "Oops, that's my mom, I gotta go." He jumps up and runs towards the voice.

Pearl frowns. "Ok then. I hope I get to meet you again." She quietly mumbles to herself.

Pearl turns around and walks back towards her house. When she leaves the bushes, she notices the basket full of berries she left behind. "Oh yea, I forgot about breakfast. I better get these inside before daddy gets worried."

She runs over and picks up the basket. As she starts to run towards her house, she hears another noise coming from the path. "Huh? I wonder who that is." She walks over to the path and pokes her head out from behind a tree. When she sees the cause of the noise, her eyes widen and she freezes.

"I-It's my other sisters...I can't let them see me." She immediately scrambles back towards her house as fast as she can.

Ruby tilts her head. "Hey did either of you two see that?"

Jade and Lapis look at her. "See what?" They ask in unison.

"I don't know. I thought I saw a ghost or something. It looked like a little white eevee." Ruby states in confusion.

Jade and Lapis look at each other then at their sister. "I think your mind was playing tricks on you. Come on, we don't have all day to be lollygagging around. Let's go." Jade calmly states and starts to walk ahead.

Ruby shakes her head. "Yea I guess so. Weird though, kinda looked like mom." She continues to ponder the situation as she walks after her sister.

Lapis continues to stare towards the tree, lost in her own thoughts. 'I know, I saw it too. It's the same Pokémon from my dreams. Could it be mom's ghost?' She quickly walks after her sisters.

"Daddy, I'm back!" Pearl announces as she walks up to the front door.

A few moments later, the door opens and Charles looks down at the little eevee. "Whoa, you really got a bunch of berries in your basket didn't you?"

Pearl sets the basket at her father's feet and smiles up at him. "Yep and that's not all I did."

Charles picks up the basket and gives her a puzzled look. "Oh, what else did you do while you were gone?"

"I met a new friend. He is a special eevee like me, but he is black colored." She happily explains.

Charles tilts his head. "Hm, that's strange. I never knew of a black eevee living here in the forest. What is his name?"

Pearl ears flatten. "Well, I tried to ask him, but as soon as he was going to tell me, he stopped when he heard a voice. After that he just ran away, I never learned his name."

"That's ok, it was probably one of his parents calling him. I am sure you will see him again. Come on, let's get breakfast ready for your brother." Charles states as he walks back into the house.

Pearl jumps to her feet and runs past the lucario into the kitchen.

"Yep, still full of energy." Charles laughs. He calmly walks into the kitchen and sees Pearl sitting in her chair at the table. "Are you hungry Pearl?" He teasingly asks her.

Pearl attempts to answer but is cut off by a loud growling noise from her stomach. Her cheeks turn red and her ears flatten against her head.

Charles laughs. "I guess that answers that question." He sets the basket full of berries on the counter. "It will be a little while before I am finished making these. Why don't you go wake up your brother and spend some time with him." He suggests.

Pearl jumps up and down in her chair. "Yay! I get to wake big brother up!" She jumps out of her chair and starts to run towards her room.

"Pearl wait!" Charles calls out.

Pearl skids to a halt and looks at him with confusion. "What is it daddy?"

Charles walks over and ruffles her head fur. "Be gentle when you wake him up ok?"

She smiles and swats his paw away playfully. "Ok, I'll be nice." She runs off towards her room again.

"Poor Sid, he is in for a rude awakening." Charles laughs to himself and returns to the kitchen.

Pearl quietly enters her room and listens for any sounds of movement. A noise catches her attention and she smiles.

"He sounds like Topaz when he sleeps only he is a lot quieter." She giggles.

Pearl slowly walks over to her bed and jumps on it. She stares at her brother's sleeping form and notices his leg twitching and she giggles.

"He looks so funny when he does that." She states.

Pearl continues to stare at her brother and gets an idea in her head. 'Hm, I wonder if I should wake him up like dad usually does.'

She reaches over and starts to rub her paws on his exposed stomach. Sid, unconsciously rolls onto his back and sprawls out. Pearl continues to rub his stomach and notices his leg kicking in the air.

She giggles to herself. 'Hehe, he really likes it when I rub his belly.' She continues to rub his stomach until she notices something below his stomach. 'Hm, I wonder what that is.'

As she starts to lower her paw, Sid wakes up. "Ugh, where am I?" He groggily asks. He opens his eyes and notices he is lying on his back. When he turns his head to the side he notices Pearl next to him unaware of his awakening.

"Pearl, what are you doing?" He asks her.

Pearl turns her head towards him with a curious look on her face. "Hi, Sid."

Sid tilts his head in confusion. He notices Pearl seemed distracted by something. "Um, Pearl, is something wrong?"

Pearl looks back at him and calmly shakes her head. "No, nothing is wrong, I think."

"What do you mean; you are acting like you did something."

"Well I was trying to wake you up like my daddy does, by rubbing your tummy. When I was doing that, I noticed something I didn't see before." She hesitantly states.

Sid looks at her with a puzzled expression. "What do you mean?"

Pearl turns her head and point towards Sid's lower abdomen area.

He leans forward and notices what she was pointing at. His eyes go wide and he turns red from embarrassment. "Oh god!" He immediately rolls onto his side away from Pearl and hides his face.

"Sid, what's wrong?" Pearl asks her brother in a fearful tone.

"Go away..." He lets out a muffled answer.

Pearl continues to stare at her brother, afraid she did something wrong. "Sid, did I do something bad? Please tell me. I didn't mean to." She starts crying.

Sid looks over his shoulder and sees Pearl looking at her feet, crying. "Pearl, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have overreacted but I didn't think what you pointed out was what you meant earlier. What you saw was something you aren't supposed to see at your age." He calmly explains.

Pearl looks at him with a sniffle. "What do you mean?"

Sid starts to feel uncomfortable and stammers in his speech. ""

Pearl tilts her head and walks over to him.

Sid notices her sudden movement and starts to feel extremely uneasy. "Uh Pearl, please don't come over here."

Pearl stops and looks at him with a hurtful expression. "Why?"

Sid sighs. "Ugh, I can't explain this to you. If only uncle Charlie were here right now, it would make things easier."

"Well he is in the kitchen making us-" Pearl stops and turns around as she hears a noise.

Charles walks into the room, carrying three bowls. He looks up and notices Pearl looking at him, but looks at Sid whom seems to be uneasy.

"Good morning you two." He walks over and sets the three bowls on the table. He turns his attention back towards the siblings. "Well, I have your breakfast right here if you guys are ready to eat."

Pearl smiles and jumps off her bed, then runs over to the table. "Yay! Breakfast!" She happily squeals.

Charles laughs and picks up Pearl to set her at the table. When she starts to eat, he turns his attention back to Sid, but notices his shameful expression. He walks over to the umbreon and sits on the bed.

"Sid, is there something wrong?"

Sid looks up at the lucario and hesitantly speaks. "Yes."

Charles looks at him in a curious manner. "What is it?"

Sid looks over at Pearl and sees her focused on her food. He returns his gaze back to Charles and whispers to him. "There was a bit of an incident when Pearl woke me up."

Charles looks at Pearl. "What happened?" He looks back at Sid and notices his uneasy expression return.

Sid sighs. "Maybe I should just show you." He rolls over and lifts his back leg.

Charles looks down towards the umbreon's lower half and chuckles. He looks back up at Sid. "Is that all? It's just a little morn-"

Sid shakes his head. "She is the one who caused it though."

Charles tilts his head. "What?"

Sid sighs. "I am not totally sure, I must have woken up with it. Pearl said she tried to wake me up by rubbing my stomach because you usually do that to her. Unfortunately, I must have really liked it and she noticed what happened." He looks over at Pearl with a shameful expression. "As soon as I woke up, she started questioning me about it and I didn't know what to do."

Charles sighs. "Well, she doesn't know about all of that stuff yet. I guess you gave her a sneak peek." He leans over and pets the umbreon on his head. "Don't worry about it, Sid. Accidents happen all the time. Trust me when I say this though; that wasn't the first time she has seen one before."

Sid looks at him curiously. "What do you mean?"

Charles sighs. "Well a little while back, the same exact incident happened, but she did it to me. I was at such a loss for words that I yelled at her by accident."

"Oh, poor Pearl. Her curiosity is really strong." Sid looks over towards Pearl. "Maybe we should tell her since she is already curious."

Charles shakes his head. "No, I will save that for another time." He looks down at the umbreon. "Well looks like your little problem has gone away, so why don't we get you some breakfast?"

Sid looks back at his lower half and sighs with relief. "That's good, I would feel really uncomfortable walking around with that."

"You would feel uncomfortable? You know I can't allow you walk around on that broken leg of yours, so I have to carry you. How do you think I would have felt carrying you around while you had that?" Charles questions him.

Sid lowers his head. "Good point." His stomach growls and he looks up at Charles. "What is for breakfast?"

Charles laughs. "I thought you would never ask." He picks up Sid and cradles him. "I think you will like what I made. Pearl really likes it." He walks over to the table and sets the umbreon down at one of the chairs.

Sid looks at the bowl and he begins to drool. "Wow that looks really good..."

Charles laughs. "Well, don't just sit there staring at it; eat."

Sid nods and starts munching on the fruit bowl. His eyes widen when he tastes the honey. "Oh my god, this is awesome!"

Pearl giggles at her brother as he starts mercilessly eating his food. "Hehe, look daddy he really likes it."

Charles stares at the umbreon in awe. "I can tell, the poor guy acts like he hasn't eaten in days."

After the three finish their food, they go to the living area to relax and discuss the day's upcoming events. Pearl and Sid sit on the couch, while Charles sits in his reading chair.

"Alright you two, I think we need to talk about what we are going to be doing today." Charles begins to explain.

Pearl looks up at her father with an eager expression. "Are we going back to see Aqua and Topaz?"

"Yes, Pearl we are going back, you know that already. I told you that I would bring you back every day so you could meet your siblings. Today is no exception."

Pearl jumps up and squeals in delight.

Charles laughs. "Ok, calm down you." He looks over at Sid whom seemed lost in thought. "Sid, something on your mind?"

Sid looks up at Charles and nods. "Yea, what am I going to do while you two are gone?"

Charles looks at him in a surprising manner. "Sid, you're coming with us. I can't leave you here all alone, I need to monitor your injury and give you medicine to help cope with the pain. Also, you need to let the others know you have returned home."

"Oh yea, I guess that makes sense." He embarrassingly lowers his head.

"So which one of my sisters am I meeting today daddy?" Pearl asks in a giddy voice.

Charles looks at her and smiles. "You get to meet Amy today. She is your psychic sister."

Pearl jumps at him and nuzzles his face.

Sid perks his ears up at the mention of his espeon sister's name. "Amy huh? Hm..."

Charles notices his reaction. "Is there something wrong with that Sid?" He question the umbreon.

Sid gives him a sideways glance. "Well, Amy and I have never seen eye to eye. So I don't think she will be too thrilled about seeing me again. She probably still hates me for running away in the first place."

Charles sets Pearl down and walks over to Sid. He kneels down next to him and scratches his ears. "I am sure she has forgiven you for your past mistakes Sid. You can't be sure of how she reacts until you try, so let's just put all of that behind us and look ahead for now." He calmly instructs the dark Pokémon.

Sid sighs. "Alright, I just hope you are right. I don't want to relive the last time I came back. She threw a boulder at me with her psychic powers and nearly killed me. What she said at the time confused me though."

"Huh, what did she say?" Charles inquired.

"Well, she said that she hated me for leaving the family, but that was to be expected. Afterward, she threw the boulder at me. When she missed, she ran over and pinned me to the ground. What she did after that confused me." Sid explains.

Charles raised an eyebrow. "Well...?"

"Well, um, she kissed me on my cheek. It was weird; one moment she's yelling at me about leaving the family and trying to kill me, the next moment she has me pinned to the ground acting affectionate and sad." Sid sighs.

Charles sits there pondering the espeon's actions. After a few moments he motions for Sid to continue.

"What she said still confuses me to this very day. She asked me how I could leave her. She said every day I was gone she felt like she was missing a piece of herself. Afterward, she clung to me and followed me around. When mom and dad confronted me about leaving, I could feel her fear that I would leave again. I knew it would probably hurt the family if I left again, but I couldn't stand being lectured by our parents. When the time came that I left again, I could see images of Amy crying alone in her room." Sid confesses.

Charles reaches out and picks up Sid to cradle him.

Sid looks at him inquisitively. "Uncle Charlie, what is it?"

Charles looks at him and sighs. "Sid, your interpretations of your sister's actions were wrong. She never hated you for leaving, she felt heartbroken."

Sid gives him a curious look.

"Espeons and Umbreons are commonly referred to as the 'Yin and Yang pair'. Espeons are known to be associated with day and Umbreons are associated with night. They usually have a strong spiritual connection if they are in love or related. In your case, Amy felt slightly betrayed that you would abandon her. You two are related which gives her a strong connection towards you. Through that connection, I believe she has gained feelings of love towards you."

Sid's eyes widen and he looked at Charles in shock. "She what!?"

Charles sighs. "I know it's hard to believe, but your pairing is very common. She loves you Sid, you can't deny that. Just from what you have told me, it seems like she did everything in her power to convince you to stay the last time you were home."

Sid continues to stare in shock. "I just don't understand. She never seemed like the type to really display feelings outward. She is usually so calm and collected."

Charles nods. "I know she seemed like that, but you know what I think? I think she was too shy to display any sort of affection towards you. When you finally returned she just couldn't contain herself anymore and lashed out. Once she realized what she did and whom she had done it towards, she immediately felt regret and tried to comfort you. Thus, the reasoning behind why she kissed you on your cheek, why she was so attached to you during your stay and why she projected images of herself crying when you left. It was her way of telling you she didn't want you to go and that she loved you."

Sid slowly lifted himself off of Charles' lap and limped over onto the couch. "I-I can't believe it. My own sister is in love with me and all of this time I thought she didn't care about me. How could I be so blind." He sits on the couch and blankly stares as he tries to comprehend the situation.

"Sid, don't take this the wrong way please. A lot of Pokémon out there disapprove of in family relationships, but you have my word that I will not let anything happen to you two. I am not against incest relationships, as a matter of fact, my own friend Lu has mated his own cousin. So you still have my blessing if you wish to go through with this." He tries to reassure the stunned Pokémon.

Sid continues to stare in disbelief. "How can we be sure it is truly love that she feels towards me? Are you sure it isn't some sisterly love that she kept pent up inside?"

Charles shakes his head. "No, if it was just a sisterly love towards you, don't you think your other sisters would have shown the same level of compassion and attachment?"

Sid looks at him with an unsure expression. "I guess that's true, but it is still hard to believe my own sister loves me so much. I just don't know what to think anymore."

Charles rests his paw on the umbreon's back. "Then, why don't you ask her about it when we are there? I have no doubt in my mind that she will want to spend some alone time with you to talk. I will keep Pearl with Aqua and Topaz while you and Amy talk. I do want you to wait to confront her about it after we let Pearl and Amy meet because I think it will be easier on her mind if she discovers she has a little sister first then have you confront her, rather than the other way around."

Sid nods. "Ok then." He looks around and sees Pearl nowhere to be seen. "Um, uncle Charlie, where is Pearl?"

Charles looks around the room and doesn't see Pearl. "Uh oh, where did she go?" He stands up and focuses his aura into his mind then releases it to find Pearl. After a few moments his aura sends up a signal from inside the washroom. "Ok, she is still in the house. Let me go see what she is up to."

"Ok, I'll just wait here." Sid lowers his head and slowly closes his eyes.

Charles walks over towards the origin of the signal and notices sounds coming from the washroom. 'Hm, what is she doing?' He peeks his head into the washroom and smiles at what he sees.

Pearl was washing herself in the bathtub and humming the lullaby tune she heard from Aqua. After a few moments she hears footsteps and looks over her shoulder and sees Charles approaching.

"Hi daddy." She happily greets him.

Charles chuckles. "Look at you. You're getting to be such a big girl; learning to bathe yourself."

Pearl blushes. "Daddy stop embarrassing me." She lifts her tail and slams it into the water. The resulting splash soaks the front of the lucario and he gives her a stern look.

"Yea, you are growing up fast, but you still have your same cute, childish behavior." He leans over and rolls her over in the tub.

"Hey no fair! You don't get to play unless you get wet!" She says in a mock pouting voice.

Charles laughs. "That's what you think little one." He reaches under the water and fires a small aura pulse which creates a wave that crashes into Pearl. He continues to laugh as he looks at her soaked form.

Pearl looks at him with a sad expression.

"Aw, you know I am only playing with you Pearl. Now come on and dry your tears. The sooner we can you clean, the sooner we can leave to go meet Amy." He explains.

Pearl squeals in happiness and starts rolling around in the water to try and wash herself.

After the bath, Pearl and Charles return to the living room to find Sid asleep on his back.

Pearl giggles when she sees her brother. "Look daddy, he is sleeping like he was this morning. I wonder if I should rub his tummy again." She jumps onto the couch and reaches for Sid's stomach.

Charles immediately reaches down and snatches her away from her brother. "No, let's not do that again. Instead, why don't we just leave him asleep while we travel to your sibling's home. That way he will be well rested by the time we get there."

She looks at him with a pouting face. "Aw, why not? I like it when I wake him up, it's really funny."

"It will be a lot easier for me to carry him if he is asleep. Now come on, we have to start getting ready to leave, since it is already mid day." He instructs her.

Charles sets Pearl down and walks over to his office. "Hm, now what should I bring with me today?" He picks up his bag and notices its added weight. "Oh, I guess that solves that problem. I can't believe I went to bed last night without emptying my bag. Saves me time though." He lifts his bag onto his shoulder and walks back towards the living area.

Pearl hears her father approaching and perks her ears up. She looks and sees him next to her, slowly lifting Sid into his arms. "Daddy, how are you going to carry me?" She curiously asks him.

Charles looks down at her and smiles. He reaches down with his free paw and opens his bag. "You get to ride in the bag Pearl. It is a lot easier for me if you stay in there while I carry him. Also, this way I don't have to worry about you getting hurt or anything during the trip over there."

Pearl smiles and jumps into the bag and curls up. "Ooh, this is comfy. I like it in here daddy."

Charles chuckles. "Ok then, I guess all that's left to do is leave to go over there. You ready?"

Pearl nods and rests her head.

Charles walks over to the front door. As he opens the door, he re-adjusts the bag on his shoulders and steps outside. "Alright then, here we go." Charles gathers his entire aura and focuses it into his feet.  As soon as he feels a slight release, he forces it all outward and runs off towards the thundering falls in a blur.


End Chapter 4


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