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- Celesteon - Reunion Arc - Ch. 5

#7 of Celesteon, the Apprentice of Light

OK, chapter 5.

Getting tired yet?

Yes? Too bad.

No?  Good, there's still more to be read.

Moving on...Let's see how Pearl does when she meets her next sibling.

Pokémon © of Nintendo & Gamefreak. Storyline and characters © of me (Enigma Eevee).


- Celesteon, the Apprentice of Light -

Reunion Arc - Ch. 5


Aqua quietly waits outside her home for the arrival of her newly appointed father, little sister, and recently returned brother. As time goes on, she starts to get worried, thinking that they wouldn't really be able to make it.

"What is taking them so long?" She worriedly asks herself. She looks up at the sky and notices the sun directly over head. "They have always been here by now, I wonder if they got held up by something?"

She starts thinking of all of the possible scenarios that could happen to slow them down. As she continues to think, the images get more and more graphic and fearful. Aqua starts panicking as she soon starts thinking of things that could have killed them.

A sudden noise in the bushes startles her and she screams. Out of fear, she runs and hides in the entrance of the cave.

Charles and the siblings emerge from the bushes outside of the cave and start looking around for the origin of the scream.

"I wonder who screamed. It sounded like it came from this direction, but no one is here." Charles states as he continues to scan the area.

"Yea, it sounded really bad, like someone was hurt." Pearl adds.

"I agree with Pearl. It sounded like someone was being attacked or something." Sid inputs. He looks up at Charles. "Uncle Charlie, can't you use your aura to find anyone out here?"

Charles looks at him with a surprised expression. "Oh yea, I forgot. Hold on, let me look. Hopefully I can find our mysterious Pokémon before anything else happens." He uses his aura to scan the immediate area, but finds no Pokémon around. He decides to try again and spans his aura out further. He starts to lose hope when suddenly; a signal appears inside the entrance of the cave.

"Hm, looks like someone is hidden behind the entrance to the cave." Charles states.

Pearl and Sid look at each other then back at the lucario.

"Who is it, can you tell?" Sid inquires.

Charles shakes his head. "No, all I know is that someone is hiding behind the wall at the entrance over there. I'll go check to see who it is but, I want you two to stay with me and keep each other safe. I don't want to risk anything else showing up and attacking you two."

"But uncle Charlie, you said I am not supposed to walk on my injured leg." Sid explains.

"That's true, I would rather not have you risk worsening your condition. Plus, I believe the full restore will be wearing off soon and we don't need you speeding up the process." He turns around and lifts the umbreon up. He looks at Pearl and motions her to start walking.

Pearl nods and they start walking quietly over to the cave. When they get close, they stop when they hear a noise.

"Wait, what is that noise?" Charles perks his ears up.

"Sounds like someone crying." Sid states as his ears twitch.

Pearl slowly walks towards the cave entrance as her curiosity gets the better of her. When she reaches the cave entrance, she looks around trying to find the crying Pokémon. She notices a dark figure huddled against the wall and slowly walks towards it.

"Are you ok?" Pearl asks the Pokémon as she places a paw on its shoulders.

The Pokémon screams and fires a water pulse at Pearl. The water pulse connects with Pearl's body and she crashes through a part of the wall and then lands outside of the entrance.

"PEARL!!!" Charles and Sid scream in unison. They both run over to her to examine the damage.

Aqua fires a water pulse at the unexpected visitor. The attack connects with the Pokémon's body and they crash through the wall and land outside.

"PEARL!!!" She hears two voices scream.

Her eyes widen. "No...please tell me that wasn't-" She stops herself and runs out of fear towards the fallen Pokémon.

"Pearl!" She screams as she slides to a stop next to her fallen sister. She stares at her sister's motionless, bloody body. "No! Dear god no! Please Pearl, answer me!"

No response.

She falls to the ground crying. "What have I done...?" She barely manages to question through her endless sobs.

Charles and Sid notice the vaporeon and step back. "Aqua, where did you come from?" Charles questions her.

Aqua looks up at Charles, her eyes full of regret and self hatred. She stammers in her speech as her sobs choke her voice. "I-I was the one..."

Sid tilts his head. "What do you mean you were the one?"

Aqua looks at him. "I was the one who attacked her." She started crying uncontrollably again and fell on top of her sister.

Sid gasps and Charles kneels down next to Aqua. "Aqua, what happened? Why did you attack her?"

Aqua shakes her head and continues to whisper to her sister. "I'm so, so sorry..."

Charles picks her up and holds her at arm's length. "Aqua, calm yourself. Please, tell me what happened."

Aqua continues to cry.

Charles' patience starts to fade. After a few moments, his anger lashes out.


Aqua stops crying and cringes at the sudden outburst.

Charles starts growling.

"Uncle Charlie, calm down; you're scaring her." Sid instructs the angered lucario. "Can't you see, you are only making things worse? Now please calm yourself down so we can try and figure out what happened."

Charles looks and sees the fear in Aqua's eyes. He slowly kneels down and places her on the ground. After a slow, deep breath, he composes himself. "I am sorry Aqua, but we have no time for this. Please, you have to tell me why you attacked her."

Aqua looks up at him, fearfully shaking. "I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to."

Sid limps over and embraces her in a hug. He softly whispers into her ear. "Aqua, please listen to me; it was an accident. She is still alive, so please don't fear the end. I need you to take a deep breath and relax." He instructs her.

Aqua follows her brother's instructions. After a few moments she nuzzles his cheek. "Thank you Sid, where would I be without you?"

Sid smiles. "You would still be my sister and I would still love you." He releases her from the hug and gives her a serious look. "Now please, tell us what happened."

Aqua takes a deep breath. "I was waiting outside the cave for you three to arrive. After awhile, when you didn't show, I started to become worried. All of a sudden, all I could think about was what could've possibly happened to you. I started fearing the worst the more I thought about it and when you three showed up, I was already a nervous wreck. The sudden sound of the bushes startled me and I panicked, then ran and hid inside the cave."

Charles nods. "That explains the scream we heard earlier. What made you attack Pearl though?"

Aqua looks over at her unconscious sister. She starts to tear up again as the scene replays through her mind. "I was so terrified by the time you guys had arrived that I couldn't control myself. Pearl saw me inside and when she went to check on me and possibly comfort me, my fear took over and I reacted as if someone was attacking me." Aqua shamefully confesses.

"So out of fear, and pure reaction and instinct, you did the only thing your mind could think of; defend yourself." Charles states.

Aqua nods. "Yes, I am so sorry. You know I would never attack her or even attempt to hurt her on purpose. I love her too much and now I fear, I've lost her."

Charles reaches down and rubs her head. "Do not worry Aqua. I have already checked Pearl's vital signs and her whole body. The worst she has is a slight concussion and a couple of bruised ribs where your attack hit her directly." He reassures her. "Luckily before we came here, we ate a breakfast with a lot of oran and lum berries in it, which suppressed most of her injuries."

Aqua breathes a sigh of relief. "Thank you arceus. I would never be able to live with myself if anything worse happened to her. I can't imagine life without her now and the family wouldn't be the same."

Sid looks over at Pearl's body. "Uncle Charlie do you think we should get her cleaned up before we go inside?"

Charles nods. "Yes, I would rather not introduce Pearl to her sister in such a bad state. Also, I am sure Topaz would have a conniption if he saw her like this." He walks over to the unconscious eevee and slowly lifts her into his arms. "I am going to go take her over to the lake and clean her up. You two stay here in case Topaz or Amy comes out."

Sid looks at Charles with an uneasy expression. "Um, uncle Charlie, what happens if Amy sees me?"

Charles looks back at him and smiles. "All I can tell you is; brace yourself." He winks at him and walks away.

Aqua looks at Sid with a confused expression. "What did he mean; 'brace yourself'?"

Sid shakes his head. "Don't worry about it. I am not totally sure myself to be honest." He lies. 'Oh boy, I hope Amy doesn't react that way in front of the others. What would they think of me?'

Charles walks back from the lake, exhausted from the thorough cleaning he had to give Pearl.

"Phew, I never would have thought she had so much debris stuck in her fur. It's almost as if she didn't even take a bath this morning." He looks down at the eevee in his arms. "I hope you wake up soon little one. I don't want you to miss out on today."

He continues to walk back towards the cave and notices Sid and Aqua talking with each other. 'Hm, I wonder what they are talking about.'

As he draws closer, the siblings stop and look at him. Both of them wore worried looks on their faces.

Charles smiles and nods. "It's ok. She is all cleaned up and I believe she is just in a sleeping state now. So she is fine." He looks over at Aqua and kneels down next to her. "Come on Aqua, be happy. What happened was an unfortunate accident, but we are all still here alive and that's all that matters."

Aqua smiles as she looks at her slumbering sister. "Well if she is ok, then I am too."

Charles looks towards the cave entrance. "You know, I am surprised your other siblings didn't come running out to see what all that noise was about. Your attack wasn't exactly silent and that scream of yours, I'm sure, echoed throughout the cave."

Aqua looks at the cave entrance and stares at the damage caused by her attack. "I can't believe one little water pulse caused that much damage."

Sid sighs. "Well, you always did have this weird streak of strength in you. I remember when you and Topaz were playing a long time ago; he grabbed your tail with his mouth and when you tried to escape, he bit down on it. The result from that, if I remember correctly, was you swinging your tail as hard as you could which caused Topaz to go flying a good 30 feet or more away."

Aqua blushed. "Yea I remember that. I threw him into the water and then mom ran outside and scolded me for that. Afterward I had to swim out to get him."

Charles continues to look at the damage in awe. "I do wonder where you acquired such strength though. I mean you have already attacked Topaz with it twice as far as I know and both times he was left in an injured state."

Sid looks at Aqua with a questioning gaze. "Twice? When was the second time?"

Aqua lowers her head. "It was yesterday, before you came home. He and I were waiting for uncle Charlie to arrive and we started wrestling around. He was able to pin me down, but I kicked him off of me. Unfortunately, all of my strength was in that kick and Topaz went flying across the room and crashed into the wall, which knocked him unconscious."

Sid gasps. "Good lord Aqua. You really need to control that strength of yours before you kill him one of these days."

"That's what I told her, but it seems like she can't really control it. Apparently it surfaced even when she was confronted by Pearl." Charles states.

Aqua starts tearing up. "I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to."

Charles grabs Aqua and hugs to her. "There, there Aqua; I did not mean anything by that. What I am trying to say is that your strength only surfaces when you feel as if you are in danger. During that time you have no control over it as if it were merely a reflex."

Aqua looks up at him. "What am I going to do if I can't control it? I don't want to risk hurting anyone else."

Sid carefully walks over to her. "Simple Aqua, stay out of trouble. If what uncle Charlie says is true, you won't have to worry about hurting anyone as long as you are safe. If you have nothing to fear, you can control yourself."

Charles nods. "He's right Aqua. If it makes you feel more comfortable, allow Topaz to stand guard outside from now on. This way you won't feel as if someone can attack you and we can avoid any more accidents." He looks at her with a curious expression. "Though I must ask you; why were you standing outside anyways? Couldn't you have just waited in the room?"

Aqua sighs. "I was standing outside because Topaz fell asleep and his snoring was driving me crazy. Amy just fell asleep on aunt Peri's cushion, so I was left alone. Plus, I was anxious to see Pearl again, but I never intended on this happening when I finally saw her."

Charles sighs. "Well no one ever intends for these unfortunate circumstances to happen Aqua."

"I wonder how they could sleep through the scream and explosion." Sid questions.

"You know Topaz, he can sleep through anything. I don't know if Amy woke up though." Aqua states.

"Well, it's best if we don't keep her waiting then." Charles opens his bag and sets Pearl inside. "I will keep Pearl inside my bag, to keep her hidden from Amy. For now we will just have to focus on having Amy and Sid reunite." He looks at Sid.

Sid gives him an uneasy look and swallows audibly. "Do we have to?"

Charles smiles at him. "Of course we do Sid. I know I wanted Amy to meet Pearl first, but because of our unforeseen misfortune, I would rather have Pearl rest for awhile so she isn't unstable when she meets her."

Sid sighs. "Alright, but I have a weird feeling in my stomach."

Charles laughs. "Is it your stomach or your heart Sid?"

Sid lowers his ears and groans.

Aqua looks at her brother curiously. "What is he talking about Sid?"

Sid looks at her. "I am not totally sure Aqua. I don't know what exactly the whole situation is, but I promise you that as soon as I get the info I need, I will let you know."

Aqua gives him a puzzled look.

Sid sighs. "Don't worry about it, ok?" He looks up at Charles. "Shall we get going?" He asks him as he starts to lift his paw into the air.

Charles nods. "Ok, let's go." He lifts the umbreon into his arms and starts walking towards the cave with Aqua following.

When they arrive outside of Topaz's room, they stop and listen.

"Good lord, he hasn't changed one bit." Sid sighs.

Aqua and Charles laugh.

"Yea, he is just as loud as last time you were here Sid, maybe louder, who knows." Aqua states.

Sid shakes his head. "Geez, the walls are going to shake if he gets any louder."

Charles looks down at Aqua. "Aqua you better go inside and wake those two and tell them I am here."

Aqua gives him a guilty look. "Yea, about that, Amy thinks you aren't supposed to be here today. It was the only way we could convince her to stay home."

Charles sighs. "Lovely. Well you are going to have to fix what you started. Please make sure she doesn't just teleport away, otherwise this day was for naught."

Aqua nods. "Alright, I will tell her you were able to make it here. I will also tell her to stay because there are some things you wish to discuss with her." She states.

"Alright then, best not delay on that."

Aqua nods and walks into the room.

"Now what?" Sid asks the lucario.

"Now we wait for your dear sister and lover to receive the news of my arrival. When Aqua returns, we may enter and you will be able to speak with Amy."

Sid looks towards the room. "I hope she hasn't forgotten her feelings towards me. I really hope what you said is true because I want it so badly."

Charles smiles and pets the umbreon. "There we go Sid. I am sure she hasn't forgotten you in any sense." He gives him a serious look. "Just don't do anything to betray her love towards you. A lot of Pokémon have told me a relationship with a family member is always a joy in its own. Please don't let this chance slip away."

Sid looks at him. "I promise, I will treat her like a sister and love her like a mate. I do not want to lose her. To have someone so close to you, to love you; it feels unreal."

Charles looks towards the room. "Well, that's a destiny; you should grasp with all of your heart and embrace with compassion." He looks at Sid and smiles. "And I have no doubt that you capable of such levels of emotion."

Sid blushes. "Thank you for having so much faith in me uncle Charlie. I don't know what I would do without you. You are like the dad I never truly got to know." He hugs Charles.

Charles smiles. "And you are like the son I never had. You're welcome my little umbreon."

Aqua calmly enters the room and sees her brother and sister still asleep.

"Geez, how these two can sleep through all of the racket I made is beyond me." Aqua walks over to her snoring brother. She continues to watch as he rolls onto his back and starts twitching.

Aqua shakes her head and reaches her paw towards him, but stops when he starts sleep talking. She leans in close to understand his garbled sentence.


Aqua looks at him in confusion. 'Is he dreaming about me?' She leans in closer to better understand.


'Leave him? Why would I leave him?' She continues to ponder until she hears him speak again.


She smiles. 'Aw how sweet, he loves-'


Aqua gives him a curious look. 'Lose me? I am always here for him, how could he lose me?'


'But I do love him, he's my brother. Why would I-'


Aqua's eyes widen. 'What!? He wants me to what!?' She continues to stare at him in disbelief.


Aqua steps away from her brother. "I can't believe he is having a dream about being in love with me. I knew he always felt comfortable, and liked being around me, but I never knew he felt that strongly."

She looks back at him and smiles. "I guess I know why he is always so happy when he sleeps." She shakes her head. "Who am I to deny him? I have to admit, I have always had a bit of a crush on him, but I never thought it would go so far. He's so fun to be around and I have always loved his company. I guess I am no different; it feels like he completes me when we are together."

She walks back over to him and watches him. "I can't believe all this time the one I loved was right here with me all along." She leans over and whispers in his ears. "I love you too, Topaz." Aqua straddles his body and slowly leans forward, and then kisses him on his lips.

Topaz slowly begins to awaken. As he starts to regain consciousness, he notices a warm feeling on his face. When he opens his eyes, he sees Aqua kissing him on his lips. His eyes widen, but immediately relax as he feels a warm feeling in his chest.

'She does love me...I can't believe it' He dreamily thinks.

Aqua opens her eyes and sees her brother awake. A sudden guilty feeling washes over her and she jumps off of him.

"Topaz...I-I...didn't mean to..." She stammers out.

Topaz rolls over onto his feet and stands up. He slowly walks over to his sister and smiles.

Aqua tries to speak again, but is cut off when Topaz pounces on her and kisses her. She relaxes into the kiss and feels a warm pressure in her chest.

'So this must be what love feels feels so wonderful.'

After a few minutes, they both separate and stare into each other's eyes. Topaz smiles at her and licks her cheek.

"I love you sis."

Aqua forms tears of happiness and nuzzles his cheek. "Thank you so much brother. I love you too with all of my heart."

Topaz's face beams and he starts to nuzzle his sister's neck. When he tries to kiss her again she stops him with her paw. He lets out a small whine in protest.

Aqua giggles at him and licks his nose. "Now, now brother, we can't stay like this all day; or did you forget that Amy is right over there?" She looks over at the sleeping espeon.

Topaz perks his head up and looks over towards Amy. He starts to blush at the thought of them being caught by her. "Yea, I guess we should hold off until everyone is gone." He looks back at Aqua. "So what brings you back inside sis?"

Aqua looks back at Topaz and tilts her head towards the room entrance. "Dad, Pearl, and Sid are here."

Topaz looks up at the entrance and smiles. "I was wondering when they would get here. Did you tell them Amy was here?"

Aqua nods. "Yea, I told them she was here, but I also told them that we had to lie in order to keep Amy here."

"Well that's not a problem. I am sure we can figure out a way to keep her here to meet Pearl. You and I are a good team." He confidently states and nuzzles her cheek.

Aqua giggles. "Ok down boy." She slowly pushes him off her and looks over at her sister. "Well I guess we better wake her up and tell her."

Topaz nods. "Yea."

They both walk over to their slumbering psychic sister. "Amy, wake up." Aqua gently nudges her sister.

"Huh? What did you wake me for?" Amy sleepily asks.

"We have something we need to tell you." Topaz states.

Amy stands up and stretches with a yawn. After she cleans her eyes out she looks at her siblings. "Ok, what did you need to tell me?"

Topaz and Aqua look at each other and he motions for her to ask. Aqua nods and looks back at the espeon.

"Well we wanted to tell you that the doctor actually showed up."

Amy looks at them with a confused expression. "I thought you said-"

"Yes, we know. We said he would be too busy to come around, but Aqua saw him outside, walking towards the cave. So apparently he was able to make it." Topaz explains.

"Ok then. So do you want me to stay or should I go find the others?" Amy questions them.

"Actually the doctor would like to speak with you Amy." Aqua states.

Amy gives her a curious look. "About what?"

"That's not for me to answer. He just said he would like to speak with you." Aqua explains.

Amy shakes her head. "Ok then. So where is he?" She asks as she looks around.

"He is standing out in the hall area. Do you wish for me to go get him?" Aqua asks.

"Well no sense in being rude and keeping him out there longer. Ok, go get him, I would like to thank him for all of the hard work he's done." Amy instructs.

"That's not the only thing you will thank him for." Topaz says with a snicker.

Amy gives him a sideways glance. "What's that supposed to mean?"

"Nothing." Topaz quickly answers.

"Alright you two, I'll go get the doctor. Amy I think you will be surprised to see who it is." Aqua hints as she walks towards the entrance of the room.

Amy tilts her head in confusion. 'I wonder who it is.'

"So you think Amy will really be that open about it?" Sid asks Charles.

Charles nods. "Yes, I'm sure as soon as you two get some alone time to talk, she will openly admit her feelings to you. If she still seems hesitant, ask her about it. The shock from you asking about it might cause her to tell you."

Sid sighs. "I don't know. I still feel as though we might have jumped to conclusions. It seems a bit too easy for it all to fit together like this."

Charles sets the umbreon on the ground and sits down next to him. "Sid, I'm thinking you are overanalyzing this. Just give it a try and if I am wrong, then so be it. Just make sure you don't start off too strongly like trying to kiss her or something, although that could work in your favor too. Just be gentle with the situation and ease into it. I promise you that if anything goes wrong I will stop anything bad from happening."

"Ok then, I will try. I am still a little uneasy about this, but I guess this feeling won't go away until I either confirm her feelings or clear up the situation." Sid sighs.

A noise catches their attention and they look to see Aqua exiting the room.

"Welcome back Aqua, is Amy still here?" Charles questions her.

Aqua smiles and nods. "Yes, she is still here and she doesn't plan on leaving, so we are good to go." She looks at her brother. "Ready to let Amy know you are home, Sid?"

"As ready as I'll ever be." He looks over at Charles.

Charles nods and stands up. "Ok, let's go inside. Come here Sid." He kneels down and picks up the umbreon. "I will not expose you right away Sid, I would like to talk with Amy first. While we are talking I will need you to act like you are asleep or something, ok?"

Sid nods. "Ok, I would rather do that anyways. I don't want to go in there and have her freak out as soon as you enter."

Charles looks to Aqua and nods.

"Ok then." She starts walking towards the room. "I hope Pearl wakes up soon, I really want to apologize for what I did."

"Do not worry about it Aqua, I am sure she will forgive. She usually is quick to do so." Charles reassures her.

They both walk into the room and notice Amy lifting Topaz off the ground with her psychic abilities.

Topaz notices the two enter and smiles and waves. "Hey guys, how ya doing?"

Charles stares at the floating jolteon in bewilderment. "Topaz what are you doing?"

Amy laughs. "He asked me if I could make him fly with my powers and now you see the result." Her eyes flash blue and Topaz starts rolling through the air.

"Woohoo! This is actually fun!" Topaz gleefully yells as he rolls and flies through the air.

Aqua giggles. "Topaz, come on get down from there. We have some stuff to talk about."

Topaz stops rolling through the air and looks at her with a pouting face. "Aw, do I have to?"

Amy starts to gently lower him onto the ground. "Ok you've had your fun you big child; time for quiet."

"I am going to go put my stuff down over there out of the way; I'll be back in a second." Charles walks over to the chair and gently lowers Sid onto it. "Ok, so far she doesn't suspect you being here, so just continue to lay low for awhile until I bring up the subject of your return."

Sid opens one eye and looks at him. "Ok then. What if she looks over here though, won't she just immediately recognize me because of my rings?"

Charles shakes his head. "No. What I am going to do is set the bag over top of you like a blanket. It should cover you up and provide Pearl with air so she can breathe while she is asleep."

Sid nods. "Alright; good luck with Amy." He lowers his head back onto the chair.

"You will need more of that than me little one." Charles finishes adjusting the bag and walks back over to the trio.

Amy perks her head up as Charles returns. "I don't know why but you seem very familiar; do I know you from somewhere?"

Charles sighs. "That hurts Amy, it really does. How could you all forget about me?"

Amy tilts her head and looks at her siblings.

Topaz and Aqua laugh at her confusion.

Amy looks back at the lucario and stares at him. "This is going to bother me; I feel like I know you, but I can't think of a name."

"Maybe this will help. I showed Aqua this trick to help her remember; now watch." Charles focuses his aura into his right paw. As the aura begins to appear, it takes a spherical shape. After a few moments the aura sphere breaks into three separate ones.

Amy continues to stare in awe as Charles manipulates his aura.

"Alright, this next part, I used to do to make you all laugh when you were still little eevees." Charles states. He throws one of the aura spheres into the air then catches it. He throws two next and catches them both. The third time, he throws all of them and starts juggling them around and showing off various tricks.

Amy watches as the lucario displays his abilities right before her eyes. "It couldn't be..." She whispers to herself as her childhood memories started re-awakening.

Charles throws the three aura spheres into the air at the same time and as soon as they start to descend, they explode in a fireworks fashion. He starts to look back at Amy before he is suddenly hit, full force, by something.

"Uncle Charlie you came back!" Amy yells as she nuzzles his face.

"There we go, that always works." Charles smiles as Amy continues to rub his face. "You've grown into a beautiful little espeon Amy. I can't believe you were this cute little eevee that always asked questions when I last saw you."

Amy blushes. "Did I really do that?"

Charles laughs. "Yep; every time I came over, you would ask me questions about how I have been, what new things I have learned, if I helped anybody, and so on and so forth."

"Well I like to learn." Amy shyly admits.

"I know you do dear." He reaches down and pets her.

Amy purrs and leans into the touch. After a few moments she looks up at Charles with a curious look. "So uncle Charlie, you are the doctor?"

Charles smiles and nods. "Yes I am Amy. I have become a full time doctor for the Pokémon of this forest."

Amy nuzzles his paw. "Thank you for everything you have done. I don't know what we would have done without Topaz. He is a bit goofy, but we all still love him."

"Hey, what's wrong with me being goofy?" Topaz asks her in a mock pouting voice.

Amy giggles. "Nothing big brother, that's why we all love you."

"Some more than others." Aqua whispers into Topaz's ear and wraps her tail around him.

Topaz blushes. "Hey, not with them around sis." He hesitantly instructs hoping no one noticed his sister's flirting.

'Hm, something is up with those two.' Charles thinks to himself as he watches Aqua and Topaz. 'I'll have to ask them about it later.'

"So uncle Charlie, what was it you wanted to talk about?" Amy questions him.

Charles snaps out of his thoughts. "What? Oh yes, I forgot. Well Amy, with me today I brought some good news."

Amy's ears perk up. "Oh, what is it?"

Charles smiles. "Well good news isn't the only thing I brought with me today."

Amy tilts her head in confusion. "What do you mean?"

Charles glances over at the chair. "Well the good news is that someone is here with me, that I want you to talk to."

Amy looks over at the chair but doesn't see anything. "Um, ok, who is it?"

"I'll go get him for you. He has an injury so he can't walk right now. I will be back in a moment with him." Charles stands and calmly walks over towards Sid.

"Sid, come on; time to make your appearance." Charles states as he gently pushes the umbreon.

"Huh, is it time?" Sid asks with a yawn.

Charles nods. "Yes it is. Amy has been informed that I have someone here with me that I want her to talk to. I didn't use your name, so she is very curious to see who it is."

Sid chuckles. "Playing mind games on my psychic sister are we? I applaud you uncle Charlie."

Charles laughs. "Alright, let's go before she gets too impatient." He lifts Sid into his arms. "Stay low until I get over there; I want her to be surprised when she sees it's you."

Sid rolls his eyes. "You love surprises don't you? Ok then, I'll stay low for now." He rests his head between his forepaws.

Charles walks over towards the group with Sid tucked away in his arms.

Amy curiously stares at the approaching lucario. When Charles returns and sits down, Amy catches a glimpse of the creature's fur and immediately goes wide eyed.

' couldn't be?' She questions herself. She stares at the form in Charles' arms until she speaks.


"Now?" Sid whispers to Charles.

"Yes." He whispers back.

Sid slowly raises his head and looks at his awestruck sister. "Hi Amy, how have you been?"

Amy takes a shaky step forward. 'I don't believe it, he's come home at last.'

Sid smiles at her. "Are you going to stare at me all day or are you going to say 'hi' back?"

Amy runs and pounces on top of her dark brother. She starts crying and grips his neck in a tight hug. "Oh my god, Sid, you're back. I have missed you so much. I felt so alone without you."

Aqua and Topaz stare at their sister's sudden outburst of affection. "Wow, sounds like something finally came loose in that head of hers." Topaz whispers to Aqua.

"Shssh, don't ruin the moment dear." Aqua gently swats his back with her tail.

"Ack, Amy, I can't breathe." Sid gasps.

Amy immediately releases him and starts licking his cheek. "Oh I'm sorry, I didn't mean to choke you. Are you ok?"

Sid inhales deeply. "I'm ok, just a little light headed that's all." 'My god, she's even more attached to me than I thought.' He thinks to himself.

"Sid, why don't you and Amy spend some time catching up with each other. Aqua, Topaz, and I will go out in the hallway; I need to discuss a few things with them anyways." He looks at Aqua and Topaz and tilts his head towards the room entrance.

Aqua and Topaz nod and leave the room.

"Alright, I'll leave you two alone for a bit." He starts to walk away and then looks back over his shoulder. "Oh and Amy, try not to kill him again." Charles sarcastically instructs.

Amy blushes. "Ok, I promise."

Charles nods and looks at Sid.

"Thank you." Sid mouths out towards Charles.

Charles smiles and winks, then walks out into the hallway.

"Hm, I wonder what uncle Charlie will want to talk about." Topaz asks his sister as they exit the room.

"I don't know, but he doesn't seem to be following us at the moment." Aqua states with a grin on her face.

"Are you thinking what I'm thinking sis?" He looks at her with a devious smile.

Aqua nods and approaches her brother. She pounces on top of him and starts to kiss him.

Charles walks out of the room and suddenly stops when he sees the two siblings. He gets a devious grin on his face. 'I knew it. As soon as I saw their auras and Aqua's tail wrapped around him, I just knew these two finally found love for each other.'

Charles quietly approaches the two and kneels down next to them. "Enjoying yourselves?" He teasingly asks.

Both Aqua and Topaz's eyes pop open and they look at the lucario with fear.

Charles smiles and pets them both. "I am proud of you two."

They separate and look at him with confused expressions.

"You aren't mad at us?" Topaz hesitantly asks.

Charles shakes his head. "No I am not mad at you; in fact, I am the direct opposite. I am happy you two have found someone to love in your lives."

"But I thought you would be angry that we are in love with each other because it's within the family." Aqua fearfully states.

Charles sighs. "I cannot be angry with you two. You are my adoptive children, how can I possibly stay mad at you?"


Charles raises a paw. "I do not want to hear anymore. I do not hate you nor am I angry with you for what you two feel for each other. It is perfectly normal to feel love and compassion towards one of your own blood. It just means you two share an even closer bond than most couples."

Topaz and Aqua look at each other.

"Now come here you two." Charles grabs both of the siblings and pulls them into a hug. "I want you two to promise me that you won't break your relationship apart, just because I happened to witness an exchange between you two, ok?"

They both nod. "We promise."

"I don't think I would be able to give it up anyways. I love Aqua so much, because of all of the times she has helped me and taken care of me. I felt as if she was a guardian for me and I wouldn't trade those moments for the world." Topaz admits as he nuzzles his sister.

Aqua smiles. "Topaz, I have always loved you as a brother throughout our childhood. As time went on, I grew more attached to you. I wanted to play with you more, be around you more, just see you more and I loved every moment I spent with you. When I saw you become ill from the virus, I felt all of my fears rise up in me and I felt like I was dying from losing you. I don't want to spend a moment without you, I love you too much to say goodbye." Aqua confesses and licks his cheek.

Charles smiles. "Now that's more like it. I am so happy you two are together; it seems so right." He glances back towards the room. "I wonder how Sid will react when he learns about this."

Aqua and Topaz look at Charles in surprise.

"You wouldn't tell him would you?" Aqua asks fearfully.

"It's ok Aqua, trust me; Sid will understand. He is in the same situation as you." Charles explains.

"What?" Topaz looks at Charles quizzically.

Charles smiles and stands up. He walks over to the entrance of the room Sid and Amy are in. He looks back and motions for Topaz and Aqua to join him.

Both of them slowly walk over to him and look at him curiously.

"Ok, take a look inside the room and watch what happens." Charles instructs them.

Aqua and Topaz look at each other, then poke their heads around the wall to see what was happening.

"So, uh, Amy; how have you been?" Sid hesitantly asks.

"I have been doing ok; how about you? What was it like to be out on your own journey?" Amy questions.

"It was...lonely." Sid's ears lower.

Amy notices the sudden change in her brother's mood. "Is there something wrong Sid?"

Sid shakes his head. "No, nothing is wrong, in fact I feel that something is very right." He looks at her and smiles.

Amy looks at him in confusion. "What do you mean?"

Sid carefully walks over to his sister and sits down next to her. "During my journeys, I felt free. I was able to do whatever I wanted and no one could tell me otherwise." He sighs. "After awhile though, it wasn't enough; I felt empty, alone."

"Is that why you come home?"

Sid looks at her and smiles. "Yes, it was, but that wasn't the only reason why I came home."

Amy looks at him curiously. "Why else?"

"I remembered the day I left; you were so sad and you refused to let me go. When I finally did leave, the last I saw of my family was an image of you crying, alone in your room. At the time, I didn't understand why you were so upset." Sid confesses.

Amy stares at him. 'Could he finally understand?'

Sid moves closer to his sister. "Amy, it took me a whole journey to finally discover what I truly wanted. I wanted my family, I wanted to be loved and comforted by others, but most importantly...I wanted you."

Amy's eyes widened.

Sid leans over and licks her cheek. "I love you Amy, with my heart and soul." He turns to face her and lowers himself submissively. "Will you, Amy, return the love I have for you and be my mate?"

Amy stares, awestruck. 'He, he does love me...after all of this time I thought it was for naught, but he does truly love me.'

"Please Amy, I have learned the error of my past actions. It took the fact that I nearly lost you to finally discover that you always had feelings for me and that I felt the same. Don't let me live another day without you; I love you so much I would die for you." Sid soulfully states.

"Sid, I...I love you."

Sid raises himself and leans towards her. He soothingly whispers into her ear. "I love you too, Amy. Please be mine."

Amy looks at Sid. For a moment they share the silence.

'I can't believe it, he loves me back and he even wants me to be his mate.' Amy jumps at Sid and knocks him to the ground. "I promise I will love you with my mind, body, and soul. Sid, promise me you won't ever leave again, please."

Sid leans forwards and licks her nose. He calmly whispers to her. "I promise I will never leave you or this family again. I promise to devote my life to you. I promise to be best I can be all for you. Lastly, I promise to protect you will all of my power and beyond if necessary because you are precious to me and I will never be able to live another day without you."

Amy sheds tears of joy. "Oh, Sid..." She leans forward and kisses him. 'Thank you arceus, for such a wonderful gift. I could never ask for more, I have all I need right here.'

"Whoa, I didn't know those two felt so strongly for each other." Topaz states, awestruck.

Aqua sniffles. "I can't believe our own two little siblings felt so attached; I am so proud of them."

Charles looks at the two in front of him and smiles. "Well now do you believe me when I tell you Sid will understand you relationship?"

Both of them look at Charles and nod. "Yes, I fully understand now. The reason why Amy has always been so quiet; she was keeping her emotions bottled up inside. Now that Sid is home, she will be happy again." Aqua happily states.

"I have no doubt in my mind those two will love each other like I love you Aqua." Topaz states as he nuzzles his sister.

Aqua returns the affectionate touch and purrs.

"Ah young love, it is in the air." Charles jokingly states.

Aqua and Topaz blush. "Uncle Charlie, you're kind of ruining the moment." Topaz explains.

Charles raises his arms up. "Ok then, I'll leave you two alone, but please keep it simple. No going overboard ok?" He teases.

Both of the siblings turn a brighter tint of red. "Dad...come on..." Both siblings lower their heads.

Charles laughs. "You know I am only messing with you two." He looks over towards the room. "Maybe we should head back in. If we leave those two together much longer I am afraid it might get out of hand."

Aqua and Topaz nod. "Yea, I guess you're right." Topaz walks over to the entrance and stops.

"Uh oh, what is he doing?"

Charles looks at the jolteon in confusion. "What do you mean?"

"Come look for yourself." Topaz states and points in the room.

Charles stands up and walks over to the entrance and gasps. "What is he doing? Why is he going over to Pearl with Amy?"

Aqua pokes her head up. "What?" She runs over to the entrance. "Should we stop him?"

"I am not sure to be honest. Maybe this will tighten their bond more if he shows her himself." Charles states.

"Alright then, we better keep an eye out though. I don't want Amy to start feeling really uncomfortable and then leave." Topaz states.

Charles and Aqua nod. "Yea, I don't want her to take it the wrong way. It would devastate Pearl if she learned that her sister doesn't like her."

"Well, let's keep watch from a distance and as soon as any signs of trouble arise, we go in. Don't make a scene though; I would rather have Amy remain calm." Charles instructs.

"Amy, I have something to show you." Sid states as he nuzzles his sister.

"What is it?" She asks.

"Come with me." Sid slowly lifts himself up and limps towards the chair in the corner.

Amy notices her brother's difficulty. "Sid, what happened to your leg; why are you hurt?"

Sid looks back at her and smiles. "I will explain in due time, but first you must see the surprise in store for you." He turns back ahead and resumes walking. "Uncle Charlie was planning on showing you the surprise, but I wanted to share it with the one I loved."

Amy smiles as her heart melts. "Sid, you're so sweet. It's hard to imagine you as the same quiet eevee all those years ago."

Sid smiles. "Do not worry, I promise you I will never shut you out. If there is anything that I need to say, I will make sure to tell you." He stops in front of the chair and looks up. 'Oops, didn't think this part through. How am I-'

"Need help dear?" Amy calmly walks up alongside him.

Sid blushes. "Yea, I'm not even supposed to be walking, but I didn't want to wait to show you."

Amy nuzzles his cheek. "I can help you up with my abilities; just hold still." Her eyes flash blue and a cloak of energy envelopes itself around her.

"Amy, what are you-Whoa!"

"I said hold still. It's a lot easier to do this when you remain calm." Amy sternly instructs.

"Ok, ok, I won't move." Sid hesitantly speaks. He slowly rises and lands on the chair.

"There we go." Amy happily states.

Sid looks down at her. "Um, how are you-"

Amy jumps up onto the chair and lands next to him. "You were saying?"

Sid blushes. "Hehe, oops; I am so used to uncle Charlie carrying me around I forgot the uses of my legs."

Amy rolls her eyes and licks his cheek. "So what was it you wanted to show me?"

Sid's ears perk up. "Oh yea, it's in here." He slowly walks around the bag and sits at the opening.

Amy follows him, shaking from excitement. "What is it?"

Sid smiles. "It wouldn't be a surprise if I told you now would it?" He lifts the flap on the bag. "Look inside."

Amy lowers her head and looks inside the bag. When she sees Pearl asleep inside she gasps and pulls her head out. "Wha-"

Sid raises a paw and places it on her mouth. "I know you are confused, but how would you react if I told you that today, not only did you finally reunite with me, but you also gained a new little sister?"

Amy's eyes widen. "A new...little...sister?"

Sid nods and smiles. "Yes Amy. This little Pokémon is our baby sister. Her name is Pearl and she is an eevee just like we used to be."

Amy looks back inside the bag. 'I can't believe it. I finally tell Sid I love him and he returns my love, but I also get a new little sister to play with and care for like my own child. I feel so happy, it seems so unreal.'

"So what do you think?" He asks her.

Amy pulls her head out of the bag and kisses him. After a few moments they separate and she smiles.

"She is beautiful, I love her. She looks just like mom and I'm happy to have met her."

"I'm happy to hear that." Sid looks back at Pearl. "I have only known her for one day, yet I feel like I have known her for as long as I have lived. I have grown attached to her so fast and I can't imagine how life would be without her."

Amy smiles. "Aw Sid, that's so precious. I am sure you will be a great big brother. Plus you have me here with you, so you have all the more reason to stay and be here with us."

Sid nuzzles her cheek. "I will never have a reason to leave again, I promise you that."

The sound of footsteps is heard. Amy and Sid turn to see the trio approaching them.

"Well, I guess you already found out the secret Amy." Charles sighs.

Amy looks at him and smiles. "Is this the real reason why you wanted me to stay home today?"

Charles nods. "Yes, I told Aqua and Topaz to convince you to stay so I could let you meet Pearl and reunite with Sid."

Amy nuzzles Sid's cheek. "I am so happy. I have received two great gifts and it's not even my birthday. I have gained a new sister to care for and I have finally told Sid I love him."

Sid shoots a worried glance at Charles. He then looks back at Amy. "Amy please don't say that in front of-"

"It's ok Sid, we know." Aqua calmly states.

Sid's ears lower. "Oh, I guess you're mad at us then."

Aqua and Topaz walk over and sit next to him. They both smile.

"We aren't mad at you Sid. We are happy you finally found love and we are still proud of you two." Topaz assures him.

"I would have thought you two would have been against it."

Aqua giggles. "How can we be against it, when we are the same?"

Sid looks at Aqua. "What?"

Aqua smiles at him and nods. She then turns to Topaz and kisses him.

Sid and Amy stare in shock. "I thought we were the only ones." Amy questions.

Topaz breaks away from the kiss and shakes his head. "Nope, Aqua and I have realized that we truly love each other."

Aqua nods. "I have had feelings towards him for a long time and it only took him talking in his sleep for me to realize he felt the same."

Topaz gives her a puzzled look. "What?"

Aqua giggles. "Earlier, when you were asleep, I came back from being outside. When I went to wake you, you started talking in your sleep, so I decided to listen to what you were saying. You said you loved me and even asked me to be your mate and I gladly accept."

Topaz licks his sister's cheek. "Thank you sis, I love you."

Aqua smiles and nuzzles him. "I know you do."

"Ah, touching moments..." Charles teasingly states.

Aqua just rolls her eyes. "You aren't helping the mood Uncle Charlie."

"Hey, I call it as I see it and these are precious moments." He smiles and looks at the two pairs. "Come to think of it; how did the four of you start feeling the way you do now, towards each other?"

The four of them look at each other. "I guess it started when we were younger. I'd be happy to share my story if the others do." Topaz offers.

"Where am I?" Pearl slowly begins to awaken. "Ouch, why do I feel hurt?" She opens her eyes and notices a light streaming through her cover. She crawls towards the light and out of the bag, then looks around and immediately recognizes the room she is in as Topaz's room.

"I guess I must be in the cave." Pearl looks around and stops when she hears laughter. She looks towards the origin and notices five Pokémon sitting in a circle in the middle of the room. One was Aqua, another was Topaz, and there was her father, then Sid, but the fifth one next to Sid she didn't recognize.

"I wonder who that is." She slowly walks forward and notices her elevated position. She carefully jumps down off the chair and slowly makes her way over to the others.

"Then there was the time Topaz tried to eat the fruit on the tree outside the cave. Mom always warned him to stay away from the fruit, but little Topaz didn't listen. He ran up to the tree one day and head butted it and one of the fruit fell down. He ate it and got sick. Mom just scolded him saying it was his own fault for not listening but I felt bad for him so I stayed with him until he felt better." Aqua smiles as Topaz turns slight red from embarrassment.


Charles turns towards the voice and smiles. "Pearl, you're awake. Are feeling ok?"

Aqua perks her ears up. "Pearl..."

Topaz looks at Aqua and sees her hurtful expression. "What's wrong Aqua? I would have thought you would be overly excited to see Pearl."

"Aqua still feels bad about what happened earlier." Sid states.

Amy and Topaz look at him. "What happened?" Amy questions him.

"Well I'm not going into detail about it, but Pearl got hurt and Aqua still feels responsible for it." He explains.

"Is that true-" Topaz turns and sees Aqua curled up across the room. "Aqua, why did you go over there?"

Aqua starts crying and Topaz rushes over to comfort her.

"Aqua, please tell me; what's wrong?"

Aqua looks up at him. "I couldn't control myself. I attacked Pearl and I didn't mean to." She continues to cry.

Topaz tilts his head. "What happened?"

Aqua stammers in her speech. "I was scared. Pearl tried to comfort me, but when she got too close I attacked her thinking someone was attacking me. I hurt her and I feel horrible." She looks at Topaz, tears falling from her eyes. "How can I even face her when I have done such a terrible thing to her? I am a horrible sister, I fail to protect my little sister and what's worse was that I was the one who endangered her."

Topaz embraces Aqua in a hug. "Please Aqua, dry your tears. Pearl doesn't remember what happened, she cannot be angry at you unless you tell her what you did in the first place. So no more tears because you are starting to worry her. She is used to seeing her big, strong sister whom shows compassion and love towards her, but now all she sees is a frightened Pokémon; too afraid to face her fears."

Aqua sniffles. "I will try to be strong but I feel as though I will never forget this horrible incident." She looks over at the stunned eevee. "I need to go over there and show her the love she deserves and needs."

Topaz smiles. "That's my girl. " He kisses her on her cheek.

Aqua blushes. "Not in front of the little one dear."

Topaz makes a pouting face at her and whines.

Aqua giggles and pokes his nose. "I am not trying to hide our relationship, don't you worry about that; I am proud to be in love with you. I just feel she is a little too young to be seeing this kind of affection."

Topaz smiles. "I guess you are right; she will understand when she is older. Come on, let's go over there and smother her with love."

Both of them return with smiles.

"Are you feeling better Aqua?" Charles asks.

She nods. "Yes, I just needed a moment to gather my thoughts." She looks over at Pearl. "Well are just going to sit there all day Pearl, or are you going to say hello?"

Pearl smiles and runs over to Aqua. "Aqua!" She gleefully yells as she pounces on her and starts licking her face.

Topaz picks Pearl by the scruff of her neck and sets her down. "How come Aqua is the only one who gets love huh?" He asks Pearl in a mock pouting voice.

Pearl turns around and pounces her brother. She smiles as she stands proud on top of his chest.

"Hehe, you got me Pearl. How about a hug?" Topaz asks her with a smile.

She nuzzles his neck. "You feeling better today Taz?"

He ruffles her head fur. "I am always feeling good enough to play with my little sister."

Pearl smiles and licks his face. She looks up and sees Sid sitting next to a purple, pink colored Pokémon. She runs over to Sid and tackles him.

"Ooof!" Sid barely manages to speak as the impact from his little sister sends him onto his back. He looks up at her and smiles. "Hello Pearl..." He says in a shaky breath and drops his head onto the ground in defeat.

Pearls starts mercilessly licking his face to wake him up.

Sid starts squirming from the tongue bath and rolls Pearl off of him as he gasps for air. "Phew, almost laughed. Don't want to do that again."

Pearl shakes herself off from the sudden launch and looks at the purple Pokémon. She continues to stare until she hears a voice in her head.

'Hello Pearl, my name is Amy; I am your older sister.' The voice communicates to her.

Pearl's eyes widen and she looks at the espeon.

Amy nods and smiles.

Pearl pounces on her sister and nuzzles her cheek.

"Hahaha, that tickles." Amy manages to speak through the constant affection of her sister.

Pearl starts rapidly licking her sister's cheek. She suddenly stops when she feels a sudden warm feeling on her sides.

"Ok Pearl; let Amy go before you drown her in your love." Sid instructs the energetic eevee.

Pearl turns and looks at Sid with a devious grin.

Sid notices the grin and goes wide eyed. "No, Pearl, don't do it..."

Pearl launches herself at her brother and knocks him down with and audible 'thud'.

"Ow..." Sid groans as Pearl stands over him triumphantly. He looks up and sees her confident smile and grins. "Bye bye." He says and disappears out from beneath her.

Pearl stares in shock as her brother fades into the floor as if he were a ghost.

"What the..." She starts to question, then screams when Sid jumps out of a shadow in front of her face.

Pearl runs and hides behind Amy as Sid continues to laugh at her.

"Sid, be nice. Remember, she is only a little child, so don't scare her." Amy sternly instructs him.

Sid stops laughing and lowers his head shamefully. "I'm sorry, I was only playing."

Amy turns and looks at the frightened eevee behind her. "There, there Pearl; he won't hurt you. Come here baby." Amy's eyes flash blue.

Pearl squeaks as she is suddenly lifted into the air by Amy's psychic powers.

"You wanna fly around Pearl?" Amy asks her.

Pearl gets her bearing and looks at her psychic sister below her. "Fly? How?"

Amy giggles. "Well technically, you are already flying look below you."

Pearl looks down and gasps. "How am I-"

"Because of me dear. I am letting you float around by lifting your body up with my psychic abilities." Amy explains.

"That's so cool!" Pearl gleefully yells.

"So, do you want to fly around for a little bit?" Amy teasingly asks her.

Pearl nods and wags her tail.

Amy's eyes flash again and she starts to move Pearl through the air.

"Wheee!" Pearl happily yells as she flies through the air.

"I knew those two would get along so well." Charles happily states as he watches the happy eevee fly around.

Aqua and Topaz laugh.

"Yea, we shouldn't have worried about anything. Amy is not the type to dislike anyone, unless they are being mean." Aqua states.

Topaz continues to laugh as Pearl starts to do flips. "Yea, those two will get along just fine. I can see Pearl being around Amy a lot more if she gets to play like she's doing now."

Charles nods. "I can see that too. Poor Sid won't have any alone time with Amy if Pearl will keep lingering around her to play."

Aqua giggles. "Well, he is just going to learn how to share her."

The group continues to watch as Pearl flies through the air, joyfully laughing the whole time.

"I have a feeling everything is going to get a lot better around here."



End Chapter 5


Love does touch us all at some point in our lives. Some later than others. To those of you who find that special someone; take it with all of your heart and don't let go. If you do, you might lose the greatest gift of all.

Feel free to leave your comments and of course criticism is always welcome.

I thank you all for reading my ridiculous story.

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