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- Celesteon - Reunion Arc - Ch. 6

#8 of Celesteon, the Apprentice of Light

Chapter 6 of my ridiculously long ass series.

You love it though, I know you do.

So let's just cut to the chase and check out what happens next in Pearl's life.

Oh yea, I tried something new in this chapter; hope you all like it.

Pokémon © of Nintendo & Gamefreak. Storyline and characters © of me (Enigma Eevee).


- Celesteon, the Apprentice of Light -

Reunion Arc - Ch. 6


Pearl continues to fly through the air with the help of her sister's mental capabilities. She does various tricks and shows off for her siblings and father.

"She is getting the hang of that." Topaz states with a chuckle.

Charles smiles. "Yea, she can't get enough of it."

Sid walks over to the trio observing the flying eevee. "She seems so happy and carefree; I am so happy to have her here with us."

Aqua nods. "Me too; I love her so much and she's so precious, it's hard not to be happy when she's around."

"Ok Pearl, time to stop." Amy announces as she begins to gently lower Pearl to the ground.

"Aww, I wanted to play some more." Pearl whines.

Amy giggles. "I know you do Pearl, but doing that takes a lot of energy out of me and I can't keep it up forever. I would rather stop now and have you safely lowered to the ground, than be completely exhausted and accidently drop you."

"Ok..." Pearl slumps down.

"I promise you, I will do it again later when I get my energy back, ok?" Amy reassures her.

Pearl's ears perk up and she pounces on her sister. "Thank you, thank you!" She gleefully states.

"Ok; down you crazy little fur ball." Sid walks over and lifts Pearl off of Amy. He sets her down and ruffles her head fur.

Pearl swats his paw away playfully.

"Hey no fair." She complains when he lifts his paw away from her.

Sid chuckles. "What's the matter Pearl, can't reach me?"

Pearl grins evilly.

"Nyah, nyah, nyah." Sid teases her as he waves his paw above her head. "Can't get me Pea-Ooof!"

Pearl tackles him before he could finish taunting her.

"Ok...third time's a charm; I'm done." Sid waves his paw into the air to signal his surrender.

Pearl smiles and sticks her tongue out at him. "I got you big brother."

"Yep, you did; I surrender, no more." Sid states as he drops his paw onto the ground and plays dead.

Amy giggles at the two. "Hehe, Sid, you can't underestimate her. She may be small, fluffy and cute, but she does have her tough side."

Sid raises his head and sticks his tongue out at her. "Oh yea, well you're just lucky she likes you because of your psychic abilities." He drops his head back onto the ground.

"I like you big brother, you're fun to play with." Pearl happily states.

Sid reaches up and pets her head. "I love you too Pearl; now I think I need a nap before you attack me again."

Pearl giggles at him and jumps off.

Aqua smiles. "Looks like poor Sid is already worn out."

"Yea, he was never one to last long anyways." Topaz adds.

Pearl looks at Topaz and grins. "Hey Taz..."

Topaz's ears perk up. "Yea what is it?" He starts to turn around.

Pearl starts wiggling back and forth and she pounces on Topaz before he could face her.

"Ow..." He looks up, dazed, at Pearl standing on him. "You are getting good at that aren't you; you sneaky little devil." Topaz states.

Pearl smiles triumphantly and hops off her brother.

"Need some help Topaz?" Charles offers.

"No, no, I got it; just give me a sec." He slowly rolls over onto his side and stands up. "Ok there we go."

"Aw is poor Topaz worn out from Pearl?" Aqua teases.

Topaz looks at her and smiles. "Nope." He states as he playfully pushes her over.

"Hey!" Aqua yells as she falls over.

Topaz, Charlie, and Pearl laugh at her. "Hehe, you look funny like that Aqua." Topaz states.

"Ugh, you are so impossible, you know that?" Aqua questions as she rolls over.

Topaz chuckles. "Yea I know, but you love it don't you?"

Aqua blushes. "...yes..."

Sid laughs at her. "Someone is embarrassed."

Aqua puffs her cheeks out. "Well at least I am playing with Topaz; you aren't even paying attention to Amy."

Sid looks over at Amy and notices her deep in thought. "Something on your mind, Amy?"

Amy looks up at him with a confused expression. "Yes, I was wondering how Pearl is our sister."

'Here we go again.' Charles thinks to himself. "I can tell you that Amy." He motions for her to approach him. "Well in order to tell you how Pearl is your sister, I must tell you another story."

Amy approaches him and sits in his lap. "What do you mean?"

"It's about your mother."

Amy's ears perk up. "Mom? Did something happen to her?"

Charles nods slowly. "Yes, she's gone Amy."

Amy tilts her head. "I already knew she was gone. She left and never came back."

Charles shakes his head. "No, that's not what I meant. Your mother has passed away."

"What!?" Amy looks at him, shocked.

"It's true Amy." Sid states as he walks over to comfort her. "Mom died from the virus like dad. Topaz and uncle Charlie told me what happened to both of them yesterday."

Amy looks at him with tears in her eyes. "I forgot; you had been away so long, you never knew what happened to dad and now mom is gone too." She walks over and nuzzles his cheek. "I am sorry you came home to this, Sid."

Sid licks her cheek. "It's ok, everything will be alright. I have you now and we all have Pearl to keep us happy."

Pearl runs over and nuzzles his leg. "I love you big brother."

Sid nuzzles her head. "And I love you too Pearl, always will." He looks up at Amy. "With Pearl a part of our lives, we will always have a guardian figure; uncle Charlie will look after us."

Charles nods. "That's right; I will never abandon this family. Your mother and father both told me; that if anything were to happen to them, that they would want me to look after you all. I promise to always be around for you all in your time of need, plus I can't just abandon Pearl. I have known her for far too long to just say goodbye."

Amy smiles at him. "Thank your uncle Charlie."

"It is my pleasure Amy; to look after you all and make sure you all are safe is a privilege that I hold dearly."

Amy walks over to Charles and sits in front of him. "Uncle Charlie, can I ask you something?"

"What is it Amy?"

Amy looks at him with an unsure expression. "Can, can I call"

Charles smiles. "If that is what you wish, then yes. I will be sure to be as loving as a father to you and be there for you whenever you need me."

Amy happily cries. "Thank you." She leaps and nuzzles his face. "I love you dad."

Charles hugs her. "I love you too Amy."

"Something wrong Lapis?" Jade questions her sister.

Lapis looks at her with an unsure look. "I don't know; I keep thinking about my dream."

Jade shakes her head. "Lapis, you can't keep lingering on that. It will never go away if you continue to think about it."

"Yea but, it seems so real. I mean, I saw what Ruby saw earlier and it was the same Pokémon from my dream."

Jade looks at her, surprised. "What do you mean? I thought Ruby was just seeing things; you saw something too?"

Lapis nods. "Yes, I saw a little white eevee. She looked like mom too as if she were a spirit."

Jade ponders the situation. 'So this Pokémon from her dream actually exists.' She looks up and notices Ruby walking towards them.

"Well I managed to find a rattata and a pidgeotto for dinner tonight." Ruby states as she drops her catch onto the ground.

"That should do for tonight, good job Ruby." Jade looks up and notices it's still daylight out. "Wow, we have never been done that fast."

"Yea, I don't know why but I thought it was later." Ruby states as she looks up.

"What should we do now?" Lapis questions.

Jade looks at her sisters. "Well we could go home; I don't think we have much choice anyways. We can't go exploring with dinner following us around."

Ruby nods. "Yea; let's go home. I wanna spend some time with Topaz and play around. We never get to do that anymore."

Lapis giggles. "Aw, does someone miss her favorite little pin cushion brother?"

Ruby blushes. "Yea, what about it?"

Jade and Lapis giggle at her. "Are you hiding something Ruby? You always did seem really attached to Topaz." Jade teases.

Ruby looks at her in a surprised manner. "What?"

"Admit it Ruby, you like him."

Ruby turns a brighter tint of red. She turns her head away and hesitantly answers. "No I don't. I just like to play with him; he's so fun to be around."

Jade rolls her eyes. "Uh-huh, sure."

Ruby looks at her with a mock pouting face. "How come you never believe me? You didn't even believe me when I said I saw a white eevee earlier."

"I do believe you because Lapis said she saw the same thing." Jade states.

Ruby looks at Lapis. "You saw it too?"

Lapis nods. "Yea; I saw a little white eevee that looked like mom. She was hiding behind the big tree on the path."

Ruby's ears perk up. "Yea, she was holding a basket of some kind too."

"She also seemed kind of familiar as if I had met her before." Lapis states.

"Same; weird don't you think?" Ruby questions.

"I'll say." Jade casually states. She looks over her shoulder. "Well shall we get going? I am sure Ruby wants get home to be with her favorite playmate." She teases.

Ruby lowers her head and hides her face. "Ugh, stop it would you. It's nothing like that."

Jade and Lapis laugh and start to walk back towards the cave.

Ruby looks up and sees them walking away. "Hey! Don't leave me behind!" She grabs their dinner and runs after them.

"So what happened to mom?" Amy questions.

"Well as Sid stated, she died from the virus." Charles explained.

Amy looks at him with confusion. "How is it that Pearl is our sister if mom died?"

Charles sighs. "Your mom was pregnant with Pearl's litter when she came to me. Her condition was very grave by the time she asked for help; so there was nothing I could do for her."

Amy looks at him curiously. "But if mom was pregnant with a litter, why aren't there any more besides Pearl?"

Charles looks at her with a saddened expression. "They didn't make it. Unfortunately, when your mother requested that I examine her, I discovered that the virus in her body had spread to the others in the litter; Pearl was the only one to survive. I had not created a cure back then, so it couldn't have been helped."

Amy's ears lower. "That's so sad; they didn't even get a chance before they were fated to die." She looks at Pearl and notices her crying. She walks over and hugs her. "Well, having Pearl here with us is enough for me."

Pearl looks up at her and smiles. "Thank you Amy."

Amy pets her head. "Of course my little one. Without you, we would never have learned the truth and gained the pleasure of having a baby sister. I am happy to have you here with us."

Charles smiles. "I am so happy Pearl has met you all. It was only a few days ago she learned the truth about you, but I am glad she finally has a family to care for her. I'm afraid I wouldn't have been able to provide enough love and devotion for her."

Aqua nuzzles his arm. "Uncle Charlie, without you or Pearl, I'm afraid this family wouldn't have ever been happy again. We were all so depressed from dad's death and then mom's disappearance, it was tearing us apart. Even though we learned that mom is gone too, we gained a new little sister and you." She looks over at Sid. "Plus with Sid home, our family is complete again and I know we are all happy to have him back."

Sid blushes. "Well, I had to come home. I couldn't stay away from Amy forever; I love her too much."

Amy smiles. "Thank you Sid. With you home plus Pearl and uncle Charlie with us, I feel as if nothing can keep me from being happy."

"That's good to hear." Charles states.

Amy looks over at Charles. "Uncle Charlie; how did you end up creating a cure for the virus?"

Everyone in the room looks at him with curiosity.

Charles shakes his head. "I would rather not say how I did so. It's not something I'm proud of and I usually try to forget it."

"Oh ok." Amy lowers her head.

"I will say Pearl gave me the inspiration to do so though; without her being brought into my life, I might have never created the cure. If that weren't to have happened, then Topaz wouldn't be here with us today." He looks over at the jolteon. "So, in a way, Pearl is the reason you are still alive Topaz."

Topaz looks at Pearl in a surprising manner. "So my little sis kept me alive?"

Charles nods. "Yes she did help in a way."

Topaz walks over and hugs Pearl. "Thank you Pearl; I owe my life to you."

Pearl smiles and licks his face. "You're welcome. I could never let you go Taz; you're too fun to play with."

He smiles and nuzzles her cheek. "So are you Pearl; you cute little fur ball."

Pearl blushes and relaxes into the hug.

"Aw looks like someone is happy." Aqua teases.

Pearl blushes more when she realizes Topaz was still hugging her. She looks up and sees him crying.

"Taz, why are you crying?"

He looks down at her and smiles. "Thank you for everything Pearl; I don't know what I would do without you."

Pearl leans up and licks his nose. "You wouldn't be doing anything silly."

Topaz chuckles. "You're right; it's because of you I get to do everything I always wanted and be here with my family." He hugs her tighter before a sound catches his attention.

Pearl's ears lower in embarrassment. "Hehe, my tummy is hungry again."

Topaz laughs. "Aw is someone hungry?" He teasingly asks her and starts to tickle her stomach.

Pearl laughs. "Hehe...stop..." She starts wiggling back and forth; trying to break his grasp.

"So Lapis, what else was in your dream again?" Jade questions her sister.

Lapis thinks to herself before answering. "Well, there was the little white eevee and uncle Charlie was the one who showed us her."

"So you think uncle Charlie has something to do with this?" Ruby inquires.

Jade shrugs. "I don't know; we haven't seen him since we were still eevees. He was really close to us back then, but all of a sudden he just stopped visiting. It's seems kind of hard to believe he would just show up again and mysteriously introduce us to a white eevee."

"True." Ruby looks at Lapis. "So what else happened?"

Lapis looks at her. "Oh, well um, Topaz did catch the virus like now, but he died in my dream. He is still alive with us, so we can't believe everything out of my dream."

Jade thinks to herself for a moment. "Well you did see the same Pokémon as in your dreams, only a little while ago; so shouldn't that be enough to let us know that it must be real in some sense?"

Lapis looks at her. "Well, I don't know. In my dream, uncle Charlie came back two times. The first time he told us that mom had died. He didn't show us the white eevee until the second time he came back."

"So in your dream, uncle Charlie tells us mom died?" Ruby questions.

Lapis nods. "Yes, but he never says what she died from, which bothers me. In the dream he almost seems like he is hesitant to tell us why."

"Well that sounds off. If I remember correctly, uncle Charlie was nev-"


The three sisters look in front of them and notice a small Pokémon running out of the bushes.

"Did that little guy just yell-"

"HELP ME; HE'S TRYING TO KILL ME!" The Pokémon yells.

"Uh oh, I wonder what happened." Jade questions.

Lapis looks at her. "I don't know, but shouldn't we help him?"

Ruby nods. "Yea, we should. We can't let other Pokémon go around hurting others."

"Alright let's get over there." Jade instructs as she starts to run.

The trio runs towards the clearing the mysterious Pokémon was hiding. When they arrive at the spot they stop and stare in wonder.

"Look; he's an eevee, but he's all black colored." Ruby states.

"That's strange; I have never seen an all black one before. The only ones I have seen are the brown one like dad and silver colored like mom." Jade continues to stare in bewilderment.

"Why was he screaming for help, when-"


The sisters look and see a rhydon stomp out into the clearing.

"Uh oh, looks like trouble. I wonder what the little guy did to anger that rhydon." Lapis wonders.

"I don't know, but we better do something or else that little eevee is a goner." Ruby states.

Jade raises her paw up. "Wait; we don't want to rush in there and make a scene. Let's observe for a little while to get more information."

"But Jade, if we wait, that little eevee could be hurt." Lapis hesitantly states.

Jade looks at her. "Lapis; I know the risks of waiting, but have you even considered the risks of just jumping out and causing a scene?"

Lapis looks at her, astonished. "What do you mean?"

Jade sighs. "Well for one, if we wait, we will have the element of surprise on our hands. That rhydon doesn't know we are here, so if we wait until he tries anything; he will be caught off guard if we jump out and defend that eevee."

Ruby looks at Jade with a surprised look. "Wow, that's a good plan Jade. I thought Amy was the thinker of the family."

Jade rolls her eyes. "Well we all can think of great ideas. Just because Amy is psychic doesn't mean she is wise in everything. It just means she can manipulate things with her mind."

Ruby's ears lower. "Oh, sorry."

"Don't worry about it. Now back to the matter at hand." Jade looks into the clearing and sees the rhydon using earthquake to destroy the area. "If he keeps this up, the whole forest will be gone."

"We can't let the forest be destroyed; we need to do something." Lapis states.

"Yea, we can't wait anymore at this rate." Jade looks back at Ruby and Lapis. "Ok; Ruby, you go find that eevee and get him to safety. Lapis and I will take care of the rhydon."

Ruby makes a pouting face. "Aw, why do you two get to battle?"

Lapis playfully pokes her on the nose. "Because silly, Jade and I have a type advantage over the rhydon; fire is weak against rock and ground."

Jade nods. "She's right Ruby. I have no doubts you are a perfectly capable fighter, but I just want to be on the safe side with this. We don't know how strong that rhydon is; so better safe than sorry."

Ruby sighs. "Ok then; I'll go find the eevee, but if I see you two have any trouble I'm stepping in, ok?"

"We will be fine; Jade and I are unstoppable when paired together, right sis?" Lapis confidently states.

Jade ruffles her head fur. "Right, no problem for the both of us, especially when we have a type advantage." She looks at Ruby. "Ok, let's get going before he destroys the whole forest.

The three of them stealthily move around the clearing.

Ruby starts frantically searching every dark spot for the frightened eevee. She starts to lose hope after no luck.

"I hope he didn't run away, the poor little guy was scared half to death." She says to herself.

A sound catches her attention and she swivels her ears in attempts to locate it.

"What is that sound?" She continues to listen and notices a faint whimper. "Ah, he must be there." She runs over towards a small pile of rocks and slowly peeks her head inside.

"Hey!" Jade shouts at the angered rhydon.

He slowly turns around and looks at the two eons. "What do you two want?"

"Well we were wondering why you were destroying this part of the forest." Lapis states.

The rhydon growls at them. "None of your damn business, now shoo before you get me angry."

"Don't you talk to my sister like that!" Jade angrily shouts.

The rhydon smirks. "Oh yea what are you going to do about it huh? A little, weak, pathetic excuse for a Pokémon like you two aren't capable of doing anything to me."

"How dare you." Jades growls at him.

"Oh ho, did I anger the little weak Pokémon?" He taunts.

"That's it! I have had enough of-" Jade suddenly stops when she feels a slight chill in the air. She turns and faces her sister just in time to see her launch an ice shard attack.

The rhydon recoils as he endures the icy attack. When the attack stops, he lowers his arms and looks at Lapis with bloodlust.

"You dare to attack me!" He charges Lapis and hits her with a mega punch. "Take this you little bitch!"

Lapis screams as the attack connects with her midsection and she is sent flying across the clearing.

"LAPIS!!" Jade shouts and attempts to run over to her fallen sister.

"Oh no you don't." The rhydon jumps in front of Jade and snatches her up. "Now it's your turn. You will pay for getting in my way." He threatens and starts crushing her.

"AAAHHHHH!!" Jade screams out in agony.

"Hahaha! That's right; scream! No one can help you now!" The rhydon continues to crush the life out of her.

"Ugh, Jade hold on." Lapis slowly rises to her feet and gathers her entire energy in her body.

"Huh?" The rhydon turns around when he feels a slight chill in the air and notices Lapis storing all of her energy. He smirks. "Well looks like you have more fight left in you."

Lapis growls. "You dare to hurt my sister!" She unleashes a massive blizzard attack at the rhydon.

"Haha! That's more like it!" He gleefully yells and tosses Jade out of the way. He braces for the inevitable impact and endures it.

"No...I put everything I had into that attack and it still wasn't enough..." Lapis states as she staggers.

The rhydon smiles. "Well, well, after all of that you are still too weak to defeat me." He stomps over to her and kicks her to the ground. "You know what; I like your spirit kid. You definitely got guts to challenge me, but I think it's time I just ended your pitiful resistance."

Lapis looks up at him weakly and cringes as she feels his foot slowly push down on her body. She looks over to Jade and starts crying.

"I am so sorry Jade; I tried, but it wasn't enough. I couldn't protect you." She whispers.

"Ack. I feel like my entire life has been drained away." Jade hesitantly staggers to her feet. "Alright now where did-"


Jade snaps her head in the direction of the screams and gasps. "Lapis, No!"

"Time to say goodbye you little piece of shit!" The rhydon starts applying more pressure onto Lapis' body.

"Stop it!"

He turns he head and smirks. "Ah, so you are still alive huh? Oh well, you will just have to wait your turn because I am busy dealing with your sister."

Jades eyes flash green and she starts to feel pure hatred and fury rise in her. "I said, STOP IT!"

The rhydon looks back over to her but gasps. "What the hell?"

"How dare you harm my sister! You will pay for what you have done to her tenfold!" Jade yells as her eyes begin to brightly glow green.

All of the trees start rustling back and forth. As they vigorously shake, leaves begin to fall rapidly from their branches and fly over around jade.

"What are you doing!?" The rhydon yells as he watches all of the leaves enshroud the leafeon.

"I will never forgive you!" Jade screams as her eyes flash green again.

The trees starts shaking more vigorously and their roots fly out of the ground towards the rhydon.

"Ah! What the hell is going on?!" He yells as the roots start to ensnare him.

"Now you will feel the pain you have caused my sister!" Jade's body begins to glow green and the roots ensnaring the rhydon, grip him tightly.

He panics and starts struggling to free himself. He looks at the angered leafeon and fears takes over. "I am sorry! I'll leave you alone! Please, just let me go!" He pleads.

"Let your go? LET YOU GO?! AFTER ALL YOU HAVE DONE!" Jade screams and unleashes the massive leaf storm attack on him.

The leaves fly forth at blinding speed and start to mercilessly slash at the rhydon's body.

"Aaaahhhh!" He screams out in agony as his armored skin continues to be shredded apart.

After a few moments, Jade's attack dies down.

"Ugh..." She slowly staggers around and passes out from exhaustion.

"Huh? What happened?" Lapis questions and starts to look around. "Did Jade save me?" When she notices her sister lying on the ground, she panics and rushes over to her side.

"Hello there."

"Huh?" The little black eevee looks up and notices a bright red and yellow colored Pokémon. "Who are you?"

Ruby giggles. "My name is Ruby; what's yours?"

He looks away shyly and stammers. "M-My name i-is Axel."

"Ooh, a little tough guy name huh?" Ruby teases.

Axel blushes.

"Aw come here you." Ruby reaches in and attempts to pick him up.

Axel whimpers and cringes.

"What wrong little guy? I'm not gonna hurt you; I promise." Ruby assures him.

Axel looks up and sees the truth in her eyes. "Ok..." He raises his paws up.

Ruby reaches in and picks him. "There we go; that wasn't so hard was it?"

Axel looks down. ""

"What was that? You need to speak up." Ruby instructs.

"No..." He replies.

Ruby looks at him. "No, what?"

Axel looks at her and sees her smiling. "No it wasn't hard."

She tickles his stomach. "We need to break you of that shy habit of yours."

He laughs and swats her paw away. "Stop, I'm ticklish."

Ruby grins at him. "Oh you are huh?"

Axel looks at her with a worried expression. "What are you go-" He suddenly cuts off as Ruby starts to tickle him all over. "Hehehe...stop...that...tickles...hehehe..."

"There we go; all you need to do is open up to others and I'm sure they will love you." Ruby states.

Axel stops squirming from the tickle torture and looks up at her with a smile. "Thank you, I have never had a friend before." He hugs her.

"Aw you poor thing; you don't have any friends? Well let's fix that." Ruby happily offers.

He looks up and smiles. "Really?"

She nuzzles his cheek. "Of course; I'll be your friend."

Axel hugs her again. "Thank you."

"Well, why don't we go get my sisters; I'm sure they would love to meet you. Plus I guarantee they will be your friends too." Ruby instructs.

Axel perks his ears up. "Ok, where are they?"

Ruby turns around and looks back at him. "Come on this way." She turns back forward and starts to walk. When she feels a sudden pressure on her, she turns her head and sees Axel lying on her back.

"Aw what's the matter; worn out?"

Axel yawns and nods. "Yea, I feel...really...tired..." He states as he slowly drifts off into sleep.

Ruby smiles and starts to walk towards the clearing. When she arrives, she notices Lapis sitting by her sister's body on the ground. Ruby's eyes widen and she starts jogging over to them.

"Lapis!" She yells.

Lapis looks up and notices Ruby approaching. She smiles and waves her paw.

Ruby walks over and looks at Lapis curiously. "What happened?"

Lapis shakes her head. "I'm not totally sure. We confronted the rhydon and had to fight him. I got hit by a mega punch, but when Jade tried to help me; he grabbed her and started crushing her." She looks over at her unconscious sister. "I tried to protect her by using a blizzard attack, but it didn't even phase the rhydon and he came after me again."

Ruby starts shaking from her anger rising. "Where is he? I want to give him a piece of my mind."

Lapis shakes her head. "You can't do that Ruby."

Ruby gives her a puzzled look. "Why not?"

Lapis looks her in the eyes and then points across the clearing.

Ruby looks to where she was pointing and gasps. "What the-"

"She killed him." Lapis hesitantly states.

Ruby looks at her fallen sister, surprised. "She did what?" She looks at Lapis. "Are you sure?"

Lapis nods. "Yes. I was being attacked by him and when he was about to finish me off; Jade must have hit him with everything she had." Lapis looks over towards the dead rhydon. "His whole body is cut up. Even his armored skin was not powerful enough to withstand Jade's attack."

Ruby looks at her sister in awe. "I never knew she had that kind of power. Why is she asleep though?"

Lapis looks at Jade then over to the dead rhydon. "When I looked at his body, he had roots entangled around his arms, legs and neck; plus there were a bunch of sharp leaves all around him covered in blood."

Ruby looks at her. "So she used frenzy plant and leaf storm? Isn't it really dangerous to use those attacks together?"

Lapis nods. "Yes; I remember dad telling her never to do it because both attacks leave a bunch of physical stress on one's body, so combining them is like trying to kill yourself."

Ruby gasps. "Oh no, is she still alive?"

"Yes, she is just unconscious. We should let her rest though; I don't want to force her to move after such an attack." Lapis looks at her sister curiously. "Did you manage to find the black eevee?"

Ruby perks her ears up. "Oh yea, I have him right here on my back." She gently lowers herself and slides Axel off her back onto the ground. "The poor little guy was so exhausted from running that he just hopped up onto my back and fell asleep."

Lapis looks at him in wonder. "He's actually cute looking." She looks up at Ruby. "Do you know his name?"

Ruby nods. "Yea, he said it was Axel." She looks down at Axel and frowns. "He's all alone too. He said he didn't have any friends."

Lapis looks down at him, surprised. "Really? Well I guess we will just have to fix that now won't we?"

Ruby smiles. "That we will sister; that we will."

"Taz...stop...hehehe...I...can't...breathe..." Pearl tries to scream over her laughter.

"Ok, then; I'll stop." Topaz states as he let's go of Pearl.

Pearl continues to writhe back and forth on the ground, gasping for air. After a few moments, she finally settles down and looks at Topaz.

"I'm gonna get you for that Taz, you can cou-" She cuts off when her stomach growls loudly. She turns red in embarrassment. "Oops, I guess I'm still hungry."

Aqua giggles. "Sure sounded like it. Your tummy growls as loudly as Topaz snores."

Pearl turns bright red. "Nuh-uh..."

Aqua walks over and nuzzles her cheek. "Uh-huh."

Topaz looks at Aqua in mock pouting face. "That's not true; I don't snore that loudly."

Aqua looks back over at him and attempts to reply but stops when Sid starts laughing.

"Taz, you snore so loudly, the walls shake." He teases.

Topaz's head lowers. "No I don't..."

"Well according to dad, the louder you snored, the happier you were when you slept." Aqua states as she walks over to him. "And, since I now know what you dream about, I'm not surprised you snore so loudly." She licks his cheek.

Topaz turns red. "W-What?"

Aqua grins at him and whispers, soothingly, into his ear. "I know you dream about me Topaz. That was very obvious when I was eavesdropping on your dream earlier. You dream about you and me being in love and being mates." She wraps her tail around his mid section. "And I guarantee it doesn't stop there does it, brother?"

Topaz's eyes widen and he turns an even brighter tint of red. "I-I, um, uh..."

Aqua giggles. "Don't worry; I won't tell anyone about that. You can think of all the different things about me you want, but..." Her voice trails off as she licks his cheek again. "...I would like to know what it is you're thinking about some of the time."

Topaz gives her a surprised look. "You want to know...?"

Aqua grins at him. "Of course; it's only fair. After all it is me you are fantasizing about; I deserve to know what kinds of things go through your mind whenever you think about me."

Topaz swallows audibly. "O-Ok then." He gives her a slightly uneasy look.

She giggles and pets his side with her tail. "Don't worry Tazzy; your secret is safe with me." She kisses him.

Topaz's eyes widen and he looks around the room at everyone watching. Everyone just smiles at him except one; Pearl.

Pearl sits there with her head tilted in confusion. She looks at Charles with a puzzled look. "Daddy, what are Taz and Aqua doing?"

Charles chuckles at her innocence. "Well, Pearl; Aqua and Topaz love each other and that's how they show their love for each other."

Pearl looks at him confusingly. "But we all love each other, we're family."

Charles shakes his head. "No this is a stronger form of love. Aqua and Topaz love each other like a brother and sister, but they are also in love with each other." He explains, stressing 'in'.

Pearl continues to look at him puzzled. "Daddy, what does that mean?"

Charles smiles. "Well, Pearl; you love your brothers and sisters very much, don't you?"

Pearl nods.

"Well that is one form of love. It is when you feel emotionally attached to them, but what Topaz and Aqua have and Amy and Sid too; is a feeling of connection through their hearts." He explains.

Pearl looks over at Sid and Amy. "So Amy and Sid are in love too?"

Charles nods. "Yes; Amy has always felt a deep attachment towards Sid and she was heartbroken when he was gone. Now since he is home, she has told him her feelings and he has returned them."

Pearl looks at him with a questioning look. "Have you ever been in love daddy?"

Everyone in the room turned their attention to him.

Charles sighs with a sad expression. "No, unfortunately I have never felt the joys of being in love."

Pearls ears lower. "I'm sorry daddy."

Charles hugs her. "It's ok; I don't need to be in love to feel happiness because I have you all here with me and that's all I need."

Pearl nuzzles his chest and purrs. "I love you daddy."

"I love you too dad." Aqua walks over and hugs him.

"Me too." Topaz hugs him.

"So do I." Amy lies in his lap.

"I do too." Sid nuzzles his arm.

Charles smiles and cries tears of joy. "Thank you, all of you. I have never felt so happy in my life. I love you all so much."

"Ugh, where am I?" Jade slowly awakens.


Her eyes pop open and she looks up and sees Lapis and Ruby sitting next to her.

"Oh hey you two." She greets as she slowly starts to rise.

"Jade you shouldn't be moving after such an attack. You need to lie back down." Ruby instructs.

Jade looks at her with a puzzled expression. "What do you mean; what attack?"

Ruby and Lapis look at each other then back at Jade. "Do you not remember what happened?"

Jade thinks to herself as her memory slowly starts to fall into place. "The last thing I remember was seeing Lapis being attacked by that rhydon then everything goes blank." Jade looks up at her sisters. "Did something happen?"

Both Lapis and Ruby look over across the clearing towards the fallen rhydon.

Jade notices and looks to see as well. She gasps when she sees the dead rhydon. "What happened? Who stopped him?"

Lapis steps closer and hugs her sister. "Jade you stopped him."

Jade looks at her wide eyed. "But how could that be; I don't even remember doing anything."

Ruby looks at her with a concerned look. "It's probably best if you don't really remember."

"Why?" Jade questions her.

Lapis hesitates and looks at Ruby. Ruby nods and Lapis looks back at her sister and slowly speaks.

"You killed him Jade."

"What!?" She looks at Lapis in horror.

Ruby nods. "Yes, you finished him off. When we looked at his body it was covered in cuts and various slashes. He also has roots and vines entangled around his body. You must have used leaf storm and frenzy plant at the same time to take him down."

Jade continues to stare in shock. "B-But, I don't know how to use those attacks."

"Well apparently you do because all of the evidence points towards those two attacks." Lapis states.

"My god, are you sure that I killed him though?" Jade hesitantly asks.

Both Ruby and Lapis nod.

Jade starts hyperventilating. "Oh god, what have I done? How could I have done such a thing? I never meant to kill anyone; I just wanted him to stop." She starts panicking as her memory starts filling the void.

"Jade?" Lapis looks at her sister, concerned.

"I remember now...he was attacking you. I felt all the anger inside me build up. I couldn't control myself. I wanted him to suffer and feel the pain he caused you." Jade looks at Lapis with a horrified look. "He begged me to let him go but I wouldn't stop. I wanted him to pay for what he did, so I unleashed all of my power on him. I just sat there and watched as his body was torn apart from my attack." Jade begins to cry.

"Jade, it's ok; it's over now. He can't harm us or anyone else anymore. What you may have done was a terrible thing but you have saved my life and Axel's in doing so." Lapis reassures her.

Jade gives her a puzzled look. "Axel?"

"Oh, I forgot, you haven't met him. He's the black eevee we saw earlier; he's right over there." Lapis points towards a pile of leaves in the ground.

Jade turns her attention towards where Lapis was pointing. She notices the small eevee sleeping peacefully.

"Is he ok?"

Ruby nods. "Yea, he's fine. He was just exhausted from running away from the rhydon earlier."

"That's good. What are we going to do about him though?" Jade questions.

"I don't know. When he and I talked earlier, he said he didn't have any friends. I don't know if he has a family or not, but I told him that we could be his friends if he wants." Ruby states.

Jade smiles. "Well that's good of you. I guess we will just need to wait until he wakes up to ask him about anything."

"How are you doing though, Jade?" Lapis questions.

"I feel fine, just really worn out." Jade admits.

Ruby looks around and notices a berry bush. "Hold on one second; I see a berry bush over there. Let me go see if I can find some oran berries to help you feel better."

"Thank you Ruby; you're too kind." Jade states as she lies back onto the ground.

"Hey you're my little sister; I would do anything for you." Ruby happily states. "Alright, let me go look; hopefully there are some ripe berries for us all to eat 'cause I'm kind of hungry too." She runs off towards the bush.

Lapis' stomach growls.

"Hehe, I guess Ruby isn't the only one who is hungry." Jade teases her.

Lapis gives her a worried look.

Jade notices her concern. "What's the matter Lapis?"

"I was so afraid. I was scared I was going to lose you when he started attacking you. I tried with all of my might to protect you, but I wasn't strong enough." Lapis confesses.

"Do not worry Lapis; I'm fine. I'm just glad you're safe. I would never forgive myself if anything happened to you." Jade states as she nuzzles her sister's neck.

"Jade, can I tell you something?" Lapis questions.

"Of course; you can always talk to me."

Lapis looks away before hesitantly speaking. "Well, it's kind of hard for me to say."

"It's ok Lapis; I'm sure whatever it is can wait until you are ready."

Lapis looks at her with an uneasy expression. "But I want you to know now."

Jade sighs. "Well then, tell me. I am not a psychic like Amy; I can't read your mind."

Lapis fidgets with her paws and takes a deep breath. "The truth is; I was so afraid I would have lost you Jade. I don't want to ever be without you. Ever since we were old enough to talk and play with each other, I have felt a special bond with you; like you were my other half."

Jade tilts her head in confusion. "What is it you are trying to say Lapis?"

Lapis looks away with a slight blush. "I don't know truthfully. Whenever I am around you, I always feel complete; it's hard to describe. This feeling makes me feel happy and I am always comfortable around you."

Jade smiles. "Well, I am happy to hear that I have such a positive feeling on you. It's nothing to be ashamed of when you feel comfortable around someone."

Lapis lets out a deep breath. "Well I don't just feel comfortable when I am around you. I feel as though I have found someone I can connect to both physically and mentally." She looks back at her sister with an unsure expression. "I am not sure what this feeling is Jade but, I think...I love you."

Jade sits up and smiles. "Well of course; you're my sister Lapis. Aren't we supposed to love each other?"

Lapis looks down at her paws and shifts uncomfortably. "That's not what I meant."

"Oh? What were you talking about then?"

Lapis walks over towards her and stares into her sister's eyes.

"Lapis, what is-"

Lapis leans forward and kisses her sister.

Jade's eyes widen at the sudden attachment. 'This is what she meant?! She loves me this much?' She pulls away from her sister and stares at her.

"L-Lapis, what was that?"

Lapis' ears drop. "I'm sorry; I don't know what came over me. I just felt like I couldn't control it anymore. I didn't mean to make you uncomfortable." She turns and starts to walk away, saddened.

Jade continues to stare at her sister. 'I-I don't believe it. She loves me not only like a sister but as a partner? After all of the times when I thought she just chose me to bond with; she actually stayed with me because she loved me.' She starts slowly walking after her.


Lapis' ears twitch. She turns around and recoils in shock as her sister returns the earlier kiss.

After a few moments they separate and stare into each other's eyes. Jade smiles at her sister.

"I never knew you felt so strongly towards me Lapis. This is what you were trying to tell me wasn't it?"

Lapis looks down shyly and nods.

Jade reaches her paw out and lifts Lapis's head to face her. "I am happy you feel this way Lapis because I have a secret to tell you."

Lapis' ears perk up and she looks at her sister curiously.

Jade smiles and licks her sister's cheek. She softly whispers into her ear. "The truth is Lapis; I have always loved you like a partner too."

Lapis' eyes widen and she looks at her sister in shock. "Y-You have?"

Jade nods. "Yes, but I could never tell you. I was afraid of what might happen. I thought if I would have told you then our relationship would have been hurt..." She smiles. "But I see now that is was foolish for me to think such a thing would come between us. Rather I feel it will make our bond even stronger."

Lapis starts to form tears of happiness and pounces on Jade. "Thank you Jade; I'm so happy now. I feel like a weight has been lifted off my chest."

Jade grins and rolls her sister over. Lapis squeaks at the sudden change and stares up at her sister.

Jade lowers herself onto her and whispers soothingly. "Well now you have a new weight on your chest. What are you going to do about it?"

Lapis smiles. "I do have one thing in mind."

Jade looks at her curiously. "Oh; what is it?"

"This." Lapis quickly leans forward and kisses her sister.

The two new lovers continue to remain joined as one without any care in the world.

"Hm, this one should be good." Ruby picks a ripe sitrus berry off one of the branches and sets it into a leaf basket.

She looks over the bush and smiles. "Well, that should do it; looks like I got them all." She looks down at her make shift basket. "Wow, I got more than I thought. What am I going to do with all of these extra berries?"

She continues to ponder until she hears a noise behind her. When she turns around, she is greeted by the familiar sight of a black eevee.

"Oh hi Axel; get a good sleep?"

Axel smiles and yawns. "Yea, it felt really good." He walks over and notices the pile of berries. "Whatcha doing?"

Ruby looks down at her pile and smiles. "I'm getting a bunch of berries to eat with my sisters; wanna join us?"

Axel gives her a pleading look. "Please can I?"

Ruby nuzzles his cheek. "Of course you can. I will need help carrying this though; I kind of picked too many."

Axel looks at the pile and drools. "Well we could eat some now to thin down the pile." He suggests.

Ruby looks at him and giggles. "Axel, dear; you're drooling."

He looks at her in a surprised manner. "What?"

Ruby walks over to him and wipes her paw across his face. When she lifts it away, a trail of saliva hangs off of it.

"This is what I mean."

Axel blushes. "Oops, I guess I'm hungrier than I thought."

"It's ok; you actually looked cute doing that." Ruby states with a smile.

Axel's ears lower and his blush deepens.

"Aw someone is embarrassed." She teases.

Axel lowers himself onto the ground and hides his face in his paws. "Stop it..."

Ruby giggles and walks over to him again. She ruffles his head fur and licks his cheek.

"Come on little guy, let's eat some of these berries so we can get back to my sisters."

Axel jumps to his feet and looks at her with an eager expression. "Ok!"

They both start to eat some of the berries and when they have eaten their fair share, they sit back to let them digest.

"Ah, I feel much better now." Axel pleasantly states.

Ruby looks over at him and laughs.

He looks at her with a puzzled expression. "What's so funny?"

Ruby rolls over and pokes his bloated stomach. "You look like a ball with your belly like that."

Axel laughs at the touch on his stomach. "Hey I'm still ticklish there."

Ruby rubs her paw back and forth on his stomach. "Well since we are full; I guess we better get these berries back to my sisters."

"Yea, they must be hungry." Axel states as he rolls onto his feet. "Ugh, I feel so big."

Ruby smiles. "Well you did eat about twenty berries you little piggy."

Axel blushes. "I was hungry..."

"I know. Now let's hurry up before my sisters think something happened to us." Ruby instructs as she begins to lift the basket.

"Ok, let's-"


Axel's ears perk up. "Oops, that's my mom calling me; I gotta go."

Ruby smiles. 'So he does have a family after all; that's good.'

"Well I don't want to keep you any longer and get you into trouble. You better get home before your mom gets worried."

Axel looks at her with a saddened expression. "But, I want to stay with you some more."

Ruby walks over and hugs him. "Don't worry; I promise you this won't be the last time we see each other."

Axel relaxes into the hug and sighs. "It's feels nice to have a friend."

Ruby smiles and releases him. "Of course it does and the more friends you have, the better you feel. Now go, before you mother starts getting really worried about you." She points him off towards the direction of the voice.

Axel smiles at her and nuzzles her leg. "Thank you Ruby, I'll never forget you." He runs off into the forest to find his mother.

"Such a cute little guy; sweet too." Ruby states as she watches him run off. She turns around and looks at the basket still filled with berries. "Well I better get these to Jade and Lapis; I'm sure they are both hungry, plus Jade needs these to heal."

Ruby walks over and hangs the basket around her neck, and then walks back towards her sisters. When she arrives at the clearing she announces her return.

"Hey, I'm back and I got plenty of ber-" Ruby stops and watches her two sisters as they continue to share a passionate kiss with each other.

Jade and Lapis break away from each other and look at Ruby in shock. Jade immediately jumps off her sister and faces towards Ruby.

"Uh, um, hey Ruby. When did you get back?" She hesitantly asks with a blush.

Ruby gently lowers the basket, never breaking eye contact with her sister. "I got back just now. Did I miss something?"

Lapis gets to her feet and walks over to jade's side and sits down next to her.

"No you didn't miss anything important." She calmly states.

Ruby gives her a curious look. "Really; or did I just imagine you two kissing each other?"

Jade smiles. "Imagine us kissing each other? Oh you mean like this?" She turns her head and kisses Lapis again.

Ruby's eyes widen and her jaw drops. "I-I, uh, w-what happened-?" She suddenly faints from the overwhelming shock.

Both sister look at Ruby's unconscious body. "Wow, I didn't think she would take the news that hard." Lapis states with concern.

Jade giggles. "Well maybe it's best if we just leave her like this for awhile." She looks over and notices the basket full of berries. "She was kind enough to bring us back a basket full of berries."

Lapis' stomach growls loudly and she blushes.

Jade smiles and licks her cheek. "Sounds like my dear sister is still hungry. Would you like to go eat?"

Lapis nods. "Yes, I'm starving."

"Alright let's go see what Ruby brought back for us." Jade instructs as she walks over towards the basket.

Both siblings approach the basket and look at its contents.

"Wow, she got a lot too. I wonder if we can save some and take them home to refill our supply there." Lapis wonders.

Jade nuzzles her cheek. "Of course; we don't want to hog them all to ourselves. Now let's eat; I'm hungry."

They both start to feast on the delectable berries as their sister sleeps.

Everyone continues to hug Charles as he relaxes contently with his new family. A sudden sound snaps everyone's attention back to reality and they all look at him with a smile or a giggle.

"Sounds like Pearl isn't the only one who is hungry; am I right dad?" Topaz teases the lucario.

Charles grins at him and ruffles his head fur. "I guess so; so what about it?"

Aqua giggles. "Well, we still have plenty of berries and fruit here; if you are interested."

Charles smiles at her. "Thank you Aqua; that would be nice." He shifts his attention downward when he notices Pearl pawing at his stomach. "What is it Pearl?"

Pearl looks over at Sid then back at Charles and gives him an eager expression. "Daddy; can you make your fruit bowls again?"

Sid's ears perk up and he looks at Charles with the same eager expression.

Charles laughs. "Ok; I'll make them, but I don't have any honey with me."

"That's ok daddy; I bet it will taste great even without it." Pearl happily states.

"Yea; it tasted so good when I ate it this morning. Please can you make some more?" Sid pleads.

Charles looks around at the others. "Do you all want some too?"

Aqua, Topaz and Amy look at each other and then look back at Charles and nod.

Charles smiles and rises to his feet. "Ok Aqua, lead the way." He calmly instructs.

Aqua nods and tilts her head. "Alright this way; the berries are in the back of the cave with the rest of the food."

Aqua leads him into the dining area and Charles stops to stare in awe.

"Wow; I don't remember all of these gems being in here."

Aqua stops and smiles at him. "I have been collecting them."

Charles looks at her with a surprised expression. "Where did you get these from? I haven't seen gems like these before."

Aqua turns her head and looks around the room. "I found an underwater cave out by the thundering falls one day. I decided to explore it and when I went inside, I started finding these gems in the walls and on the ground."

"So you found a hidden cavern in the lake?" Charles questions.

Aqua faces him and nods. "Yes; it is behind the waterfall, under the water. It opens up to an air pocket that is filled with these gems. Every day I would go out with a special bag and collect them and bring them in here to display."

Charles continues to stare in wonder. "I can't believe how beautiful this looks. It's like the cave reflects your birth names."

Aqua smiles. "Yea; that's kind of what I had in mind." She starts walking around the room pointing out various aspects. "If you look, I have had Ruby and Amy help me decorate certain things with certain gems."

Charles gives her a puzzled look. "What do you mean?"

Aqua walks over to the table in the middle of the room and points at one of the chairs. "We decorated the chairs to reflect our colors. Everyone sits in the chairs that matches their fur."

"Ah I see; this is Topaz's chair because all of the gems on it are yellow." Charles states as he examines the chair. He looks at Aqua with a curious expression. "How did you get the gems to combine with the furniture?"

"That is what I needed Ruby and Amy for. Ruby would use her flamethrower to melt the rock. Amy would use her psychic abilities to safely put the gems into the melted portion and hold it there. I would use my water gun to cool the rock down so it would harden and the gem would stay inside of it." Aqua explains.

Charles gives her a surprised look. "Wow Aqua; I'm impressed. That was a very clever idea and it has turned your home into a beautiful cavern."

Aqua blushes. "Thank you dad." She looks over towards the storage area. "Now; why don't we go get the berries and fruit for everyone to eat?"

"Oh yes, I forgot. Lead the way Aqua." He instructs.

Aqua directs him towards the food storage and shows him the various foods inside.

"Ok, the berries are over there inside of that bag. The fruit are inside of that bag over there.' Aqua explains.

"Thank you Aqua; I'll get to work on these right away." Charles states as he begins to pull fruit out of the bag. "I will need some kind of dishes to put these in."

"I'll go get those; hold on." Aqua exits the storage room. After a few moments, she returns with six bowls made out of crystal. She sets the bowls on the ground next to Charles. "Here you go; I got our favorite bowls for you to use."

Charles picks up one of the bowls and examines it. "Wow; these are beautiful." He looks over at Aqua. "Where did you get these?"

Aqua picks up one of the bowls and stares at it. "They were a gift set from our grandmother; she always gave us crystal objects." Aqua sheds a tear. "I wish I could see her again."

Charles gave her a sympathetic look. "I'm sorry Aqua." He gives her a curious look. "Which one of your grandmothers was it?"

Aqua thinks for a moment before her memory surfaces. "It was Opal."

"I remember her now; she was the shiny glaceon." Charles states.

Aqua nods. "Yes she was. Our other grandmother Citrine; we haven't seen her since we were small eevees."

Charles smiles. "Ah Trina; I remember her. She was a shiny flareon if I remember correctly."

"Yep; she used to do all sorts of tricks with her fire abilities when she came to visit us."

Charles hugs her. "I am sure they are proud of you all for being so strong through these rough times; wherever they are."

Aqua nuzzles his chest. "Thank you dad; I'm sure you're right."

Charles releases her and smiles. "Ok let me get back to work on lunch for everyone. Take it easy Aqua; I don't want you to start feeling sad again after all we have now."

Aqua smiles. "I promise I'll be alright."

"Ok, I'll be done in a little while. I'll come get you all when it's time to eat." Charles states.

"Alright; I'll go check on the others and see what they are up to." Aqua states as she leaves the room.

"Ah, I feel full now." Lapis happily states as she rubs her stomach.

Jade giggles. "I would think so; you ate a lot of those berries. We barely have any left over."

Lapis blushes. "Hey, you ate a lot too."

Jade leans back and lies down. She sighs contently. "Yea, I guess I can't make you take all the blame on this."

Lapis walks over and lies down against her sister. She rests her head on her stomach begins to purr.

Jade smiles and begins to stroke her sister's head. "I guess you are ready for a nap if you are so comfortable that you are purring against me."

Lapis turns her head and looks at her sister. "I'm not purring because I'm tired."

Jade raises an eyebrow.

Lapis smiles and nuzzles her sister's stomach. "I'm purring because I am with the one I want to spend the rest of my life with."

Jade looks at her sister in shock. "Lapis are you suggesting that you want to be-"

Lapis silences her with a kiss. After a few moments, she breaks away and smiles.

"Yes Jade; I want you to be my mate."

A tear rolls from Jade's eyes as she stares at her sister. She leans forward and licks her sister's cheek.

"Thank you so much Lapis; I love you." She softly whispers.

Lapis nuzzles her cheek. "I love you too Jade."

"Whoa, what happened?" Ruby awakens and looks around the clearing. She sits up and holds her head in her paws. "Ow, I must have hit my head or something."

"Looks like she is awake now; welcome back Ruby."

Ruby turns her head and sees Jade and Lapis sitting next to each other.

"Oh hey; what happened? Why was I asleep and how come my head hurts?" Ruby inquires.

Jade and Lapis look at each other and giggle.

Ruby looks at them with a confused expression. "What's so funny?"

Lapis looks at her. "I guess you forgot why you fainted earlier."

Ruby tilts her head in confusion.

"Maybe this will jog your memory Ruby." Jade suggests. She turns to Lapis and kisses her.

Ruby's eyes widen. "Now I remember! I came back and you two were kissing each other!"

The two lovers separate and giggle at their sister's reaction. "So now you know the truth about us Ruby." Jade states.

Ruby looks at her with a shocked expression. "W-What truth?"

Lapis smiles and wraps her tail around Jade's. "Jade and I are in love Ruby; we are mates."

"B-But, when did this happen?"

"Well Lapis and I have always felt this way about each other, but I guess what really sparked it; happened when you were getting berries." Jade explains.

Ruby looks at her curiously. "What happened when I was gone?"

"I confessed my feelings to Jade. I told her whenever I was around her, I felt complete and comfortable; like she was my other half. I said I loved her and kissed her." Lapis explains.

"And I returned those feelings because I felt the same way, but I was never able to tell her. I was afraid that it might cause a rift to form between us, but I was wrong; it will help our bond to grow to an all new strength." Jade continues.

Ruby smiles and walks over to her sisters. She grips them both in a tight hug and cries softly.

Both of them look at her with concern. "Ruby; what's the matter?"

"I am so happy for you both."

"So you are ok with Lapis and I being in love?" Jade questions.

Ruby pulls away from her sisters and smiles. "Of course I am Jade. There are no boundaries when it comes to love. It doesn't bother me whom you love as long as you both feel so strongly for each other."

Lapis happily cries. "Thank you Ruby!" She pounces on her sister and starts nuzzling her neck.

"Hehehe; that tickles Lapis." Ruby starts giggling from her sister's affectionate touch.

Jade smiles and walks over to the two. "Ok Lapis let her up before you smother her."

Lapis looks at Jade and grins. "Ok then; I'll smother you!" She leaps at her sister and pins her to the ground. She quickly leans forwards and kisses her again.

Ruby continues to stare at her sisters. 'I wonder if I should tell them my secret. Then again they kind of already figured it out.' She looks up towards the sky; closes her eyes and sighs happily. 'It's good to know I am not the only one in love with someone else in the family.'


End Chapter 6


Remember everyone; what Ruby said is true: love does not have any boundaries. Some people have broken the rule that only opposites attract by finding love in the same gender. Then there are those who take the rule to a whole other level and find love with another species. For those of you touched by these feelings; you have my consent.

Don't forget to leave your comments and criticism is still a plus to have.

Now move onto chapter 7 to find out what happens next.

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Some fighting. Nice. More love going on. Great chapter.
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Kyler The Umbreon 3 years ago 0
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you just keep going at the whole family love thing don't you? :)
2 straight pairs and a lesbian pair (not saying it in the bad way)
And ruby is in love with someone in the family
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I love how you're keeping the love along the generation lines, and in the family.
There are three gen. 1 eons, and two gen. 2 and 4 eons.
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There, does that make things any clearer for those who don't see the pattern?