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- Celesteon - Reunion Arc - Ch. 7

#9 of Celesteon, the Apprentice of Light

Chapter 7; hmm maybe I am taking this too far......nah.

So let's open the book and turn the page to read on about Pearl's little adventures.

*Oh and a word of caution; this chapter contains some major flirting and suggestive themes, but alas no yiff. If that offends any of you then I suggest you run away and hide.*

Pokémon © of Nintendo & Gamefreak. Storyline and characters © of me (Enigma Eevee).


- Celesteon, the Apprentice of Light -

Reunion Arc - Ch. 7


Aqua slowly walks back towards the room where she left her siblings. When she approaches the room, she stops and listens to the conversation within.

"Hey you guys; what are we going to do about Ruby, Lapis and Jade?" Amy questions.

"We will just have to do the same to them as we did to you." Topaz states.

"You mean trick them into staying here and make them think it is for your health?"

"Yes. Ruby won't be a problem because she said she already wanted to stay home tomorrow. She loves to be around me; if I didn't know any better I'd say she was in love with me like Aqua." Topaz sarcastically states.

Aqua eyes widen. 'I wonder if that could be true; Ruby always did seem really attached to him.' Her ears twitch when she hears the voices starts again.

"I wonder what would happen if Ruby did love you though. How would you get through that situation?" Sid inquires.

"Hm, that is a tough question. To tell you the truth, the decision is up to Aqua and Ruby."

"What do you mean?" Amy questions.

"Well I love them both; I would happily share them. I know it seems selfish of me to do so, but I would feel as though it would be more selfish of me to choose between them. I don't want to break either one of their hearts; they would be devastated."

Aqua smiles. 'So he cares for us both; he doesn't want to choose between us. My little Tazzy has a heart big enough for two...' She sighs contently. 'I guess when it came right down to it; I wouldn't want him to choose me over Ruby. It would be so unfair for her to finally confess her feelings just to be turned away because I came to him first.'

"How do you think Ruby will react if you tell her you are in love with Aqua?"

"Well to tell you the truth I love Ruby as much as I do Aqua."

Aqua gasps. 'He does?'

"Aqua, I love because she was always the caring big sister that helped me, supported me, and cared for me whenever I was hurt or in trouble. She was always comforting to be around and over time I grew to love her for the feelings she showed me. I never wanted to be separated because she was my guardian whom made me feel completely safe.

Aqua sheds a tear. 'Thank you Topaz, thank you so much; I love you too.'

"What about Ruby?"

"Ruby has touched my heart in a similar but slightly different way than Aqua. Ruby, I always felt comfortable around her as well but the reason was different. I loved her playful and caring personality; how she would always chose me to play with more than anyone else. She, like Aqua, was always concerned for my health; she never thought of herself before me. Ruby and her obsession to constantly be around me, has always made me feel as though I had already won her heart and that I should return the feelings she has gained."

'So he loves the fact Ruby has made him feel like he is an important person in her life.' Aqua smiles. 'She makes him feel love through her constant playful personality of wanting to be around him. I can see how he feels attached to her too. I feel the same in some sense; Topaz always makes me feel important because I am always the first he turns to in need of help or anything. He looks up to me like a parental guardian and I fulfill that role with the best of my abilities just for him.'

"Well this is all a concern if she does in fact feel love towards you Topaz." Sid states.

"I am pretty sure she does in some sense. Why else would she always choose me over everyone else; she feels as though she can connect with me."

"That's exactly how she feels." Amy states.

"Huh; what do you mean?" Sid questions.

"I know Aqua has constantly told me not to, but I always tend to read everyone's minds. Most of the time it is by accident because I pick up the strong emotional feelings and my curiosity gets the better of me."

"So what are you saying?" Topaz inquires.

"What I am saying is that I, right now, am sensing a strong emotional feeling from Ruby and it confirms what we thought. I can hear Ruby's thoughts and she is saying that she does in fact love you but she is scared to tell you."

"Are you serious? Wow, so she really does love me; I should tell Aqua about this then." Topaz states.

"No need, I already heard everything." Aqua states as she enters the room.

The trio jumps at the sudden entry of their sibling.

"You heard everything?" Topaz questions.

Aqua casually walks over to Topaz. "Yes I did; I was sitting outside of the room listening to you all talk."

"So you were eavesdropping on us." Sid states.

Aqua nods and turns her attention to her brother. "More or less, but I did learn the truth behind Topaz's true feelings."

Topaz swallows audibly and gives her an uneasy look. "Y-You did?"

Aqua stares at him for a few moments, then pounces on him.

Topaz yelps at the sudden attack from his sister and stares at her with a look of fear.

Aqua bares her teeth and slowly lowers her mouth towards his neck.

Topaz's eyes widen and he starts panicking. "Aqua, I'm sorry; I thought you wouldn't be mad. Forgive me if I have betr-"

Aqua places a paw over his mouth to silence him. She continues to lean closer to his neck.

Topaz starts writhing back and forth to break his sister's grip but to no avail. He looks over to his other two siblings and sees them staring.

"Now you will learn how I feel about your decision." Aqua states in a mock threatening tone. She opens her mouth and grazes a tooth across his neck.

Topaz cringes. He starts to shake his head vigorously and manages to free his mouth from her grasp. "I'm sorry; please don't ki-"

Aqua gives Topaz a stern look that causes him to fall silent. She returns her attention back to his neck and licks her lips. She lunges forward towards his neck.

"No! Please! I'm-" Topaz stops as he notices Aqua's actions.

Aqua started gently nipping along his neck and licking his cheek. She looks up at him and smiles.

"Come on Topaz; did you really think I would hurt my mate? You're so easily frightened you silly pin cushion." She teases.

Topaz continues to stare at her in disbelief.

Aqua rolls her eyes. "Well, if you won't talk to me; I guess I'll do the only thing I can do to get a reaction from you." She leans forward and kisses him.

Topaz's eyes widen, but then he relaxes. He rolls Aqua over so he is on top of her. He breaks the kiss and whispers softly to her.

"I will get you for that, but what I have in mind cannot be done in the company of a child."

Aqua smiles and licks his nose. "She's asleep right now, so you are in the clear right now dear. What is it you had in mind?"

Topaz grins and steps off of her. Aqua whines in protest and he reaches over and rubs her stomach.

"All in due time my dear Aqua." He continues to rub his paw soothingly across her abdomen.

Aqua purrs at the gentle touch and looks at him with a grin. "Surely you're not suggesting what I think you are, brother."

Topaz's grin widens and he starts to slowly slide his paw up his sister's stomach, across her chest, to her face.

"Maybe it is, maybe it isn't; only time will tell my precious." He rubs his paw across her cheek then back down her body towards her stomach. He stops at her stomach then slowly starts to move his paw lower.

Aqua grabs his paw with her tail. "Ah, ah, ah; not now my little, eager mate."

Topaz whines. "Aw why not? I want to be able to be with you completely."

Aqua giggles. "Did you forget that Amy and Sid are still sitting right over there?"

Topaz blushes as he realizes he had forgotten his siblings. He turns his head slowly and looks at his siblings. His eyes widen at the sight before him.

"Um, Aqua; you might want to see this." He whispers.

Aqua tilts her head and leans forward. When she sees her two other siblings she gasps.

"Wow, I thought we were being a bit open, but those two take it to another level." She stares in awe.

"Should we break them apart or...?" Topaz voice trails off when he notices Sid's ear twitch.

Sid looks back at the two awestruck siblings and grins. "What? You two can't have all the fun, besides she asked me to."

Amy wraps her tail points around Sid's neck and pulls him toward her. "Yes, I asked you to do it, but you could have said no; you wanted it just as badly."

Sid blushes. "Hehe, I guess I'm caught on that one."

Amy releases him and slides out from beneath him. "Ah that was a sensational experience." She looks over at Aqua and Topaz. She smiles. "You two should try it; I am sure Aqua would really enjoy you doing that Topaz."

The two blush. "What was it that you two were doing?" Topaz hesitantly asks.

Sid sits next to Amy and smiles. "I was doing to Amy what Aqua did to your neck, but I was doing it all over her body."

Aqua raises an eyebrow. "So you were nipping at her body?"

Amy nods. "Yes and it felt really good, like a really strong pleasurable feeling."

"Just make sure if you do decide to do that Topaz, that you are gentle; don't want to break any skin otherwise you pretty much ruin the moment." Sid instructs.

Topaz nods. "Yea I don't think Aqua would like me anymore if I bit her too hard."

Aqua rolls her eyes. "Topaz, you and I wrestle around all the time. I am more of a threat to you with this unusual strength of mine; so basically if you do anything to hurt me in any way, just remember I can seriously hurt you as payback."

Topaz cringes. "Oh god please don't kill me."

Aqua wraps her tail around his mid section and grazes the end along his stomach in a teasing manner.

"Now why would I want to kill you? You mean everything to me; I cannot risk losing you, not again."

Topaz releases his tension and nuzzles her. "Thank you sis; I love you so much."

Aqua licks his cheek. "As do I dear and you have my word that I shall protect you from anything."

Lapis climbs off of Jade and smiles.

Jade stares at her with a slight dazed expression. "I will get you for that sister."

She giggles and pokes her on the nose. "Oh yea, is that a challenge Jade?"

Jade grins. "Possibly, but I am not going to tell you when I plan on getting back at you."

Lapis smirks. "I can handle anything you throw at me."

Jade's grin widens as Lapis closes her eyes. 'Hehe, well if you can handle anything my dear sister, then let's see you try this!' She leaps upward and knocks Lapis to the ground.

Lapis stares up at her sister in shock. "W-What was that?"

Jade gives her a toothy grin. "I told you I would get you back."

Lapis sticks her tongue out.

Jade quickly leans forward and kisses her sister; tongue and all.

Lapis' eyes widen as her tongue is engulfed by Jade's mouth. She relaxes and starts to intertwine her tongue with her sister's. After a few moments, they break the kiss and stare at each other in amazement.

"Jade...that kiss...was amazing..." Lapis states in between deep breaths.

Jade looks back at her. "Yes...I...agree..."

The two continue to stare at each other, locked in a loving gaze; completely unaware of their surroundings.


The two sisters shift their gazes towards the voice.

"If you two are done; shall we head home?"

They look at each other and slowly separate.

"Sorry Ruby; I guess we were just in a mood." Lapis embarrassingly states.

Ruby smiles and pets her head. "I don't care what you two do around me, just try to keep it clean though."

Both sisters turn bright red and look away from each other shyly.

Ruby giggles. "Oh, I guess you two haven't figured out that part yet. So how do you plan to-"

"Ruby!" Both yell in unison and turn an even brighter tint of red.

Ruby laughs. "Ok, ok, I won't pry on that anymore." She gives them a curious look. "Though I am still curious about that, now that I think about it."

Lapis puffs her cheeks out and shoots and icy wind attack at her.

Ruby yelps. "Ah! What was that for?!"

Jade sighs. "It's a touchy subject Ruby; Lapis and I have yet to discuss how we'further' our relationship."

"Alright, just don't shoot anymore icy wind attacks at me jeez. I am afraid of what might happen if I walk in on you two; Lapis will probably hit me with a full force blizzard."

Jade giggles. "Probably, but let's just drop the subject; it's making Lapis uncomfortable." She looks towards her mate and sees her staring at the ground.

Ruby notices Lapis' obvious discomfort and walks over to her. "I'm sorry Lapis; I did not mean anything bad by it, just curious that's all. I still fully support you two being mates and I don't want either of you to regret your decision."

Lapis hugs her. "Thank you Ruby; I am so happy that you are ok with this."

"Why wouldn't I be; I'm in the same situation as you, just not as far into it."

Jade and Lapis give her a confused look. "What do you mean?"

Ruby sighs and look up at the sky. "Remember what I said earlier when we first started coming back home? I said I wanted to go home to play with Topaz and just be around him." She looks back towards her sisters. "What you two assumed was correct; I do in fact love Topaz. That's why I always want to be around him, because I feel so attached to him."

Both Jade and Lapis' eyes widen. "So we were right?"

Ruby nods. "Yes, I have felt this way towards him for a long time, but I'm too afraid to tell him. I'm afraid it will cause our relationship now to be destroyed and I don't want to drive him away." She starts softly crying.

"There, there Ruby; don't worry. I am sure he won't hate you or anything; you just need to have confidence in yourself." Jade assures her.

"Yea; Jade and I were afraid to tell each other, but I couldn't hold myself back anymore. That fight with the rhydon made me realize that there are possibilities that could cause us to be separated. I wanted her to know how I felt before anything could happen to tear us apart." Lapis admits.

"But, what should I do? My fear of losing him from telling him is stronger than my will to confess my feelings." Ruby confesses.

Jade and Lapis look at each other and nod. "Ruby, if you want; we can talk to Topaz for you."

Ruby looks at them. "What do you mean?"

Lapis rests her paw on her sister's back. "We can tell Topaz that you have something you need to tell him and it's very important. This will keep you from having to approach him; he will come to you, but you must be the one to tell him that you love him. We cannot do this for you because if we did, it will show Topaz that your feelings for him bring fear to yourself and that's not a good thing."

Ruby sniffles. "Thank you both; I just hope I can summon the courage to tell him." She looks at her sister's with a worried look. "What if he doesn't feel the same; what if he hates me?"

Jade pets her head. "That's what we will be there for. Lapis and I will be standing by, out of sight, so you two can be alone. We will be listening in to hear for any signs of trouble. If Topaz does get angry, I am pretty sure he won't, but if he does; Lapis and I will step in and intervene."

Ruby smiles and hugs her sisters. "Thank you both so much; what would I do without you two?"

Lapis and Jade smile and return the hug. "You are our sister Ruby; we would do anything to help you. Always remember that if you need someone to talk to; Topaz isn't the only one who will listen."

Ruby breaks from the hug and looks at the sky. "Well I guess I ought to tell him today." She looks back at her sisters and smiles. "You two have given me the inspiration to go through with it and I don't want to squander it by waiting."

Lapis nuzzles her neck. "Now that's the Ruby I know; brave and fearless."

Jade giggles. "Well shall we head back so you can determine Topaz's feelings for you?"

Ruby nods. "Ok let's go home; I bet everyone will be surprised to see us home so quickly." She looks around with a concerned expression. "Where did I leave our dinner for tonight; don't want to go home without it."

Jade's ears perk up. "Oh it's over by the berries you brought back for us." She raises a paw and points over Ruby's shoulder. "Right over there."

Ruby turns around and notices the objects. She walks over and notices berries still in the basket. "Did you two eat at all?"

Lapis nods. "Yea, Jade and I ate a lot of the berries but we left some to take home."

"Ok then; I just wanted to be sure you two ate some, especially you, Jade."

"Yes I ate plenty of the oran berries, so I'm fine. Now let's go home; I'll carry the basket if you get the dinner." Jade offers.

"Ok then, sounds fair." Ruby lifts her catch onto her back.

Lapis makes a pouting face. "What do I get to do?"

Jade picks up the basket and walks over to her. "You my dear, get to look as beautiful as you do every day."

Lapis blushes. "Aw stop it, you're embarrassing me."

Jade giggles and brushes her tail along her sister's back. "Truth tends to work that way."

Lapis' blush deepens as she notices her sister's tail wrapping around her stomach.

Ruby laughs. "And you said I was making her uncomfortable; if she blushes anymore, she will look like a fire glaceon."

Jade smirks. "But I know she likes it when I tease her like this; don't you Lapis?" She brushes her tail across her lower abdomen.

Lapis squeaks at the sudden advance by her sister. "Jade! Not in front of Ruby, please!"

Ruby giggles. "Come on Jade; you two can go back to flirting with each other when we get home."

Jade looks at Lapis and gives her a toothy grin. "I can't wait..."

"How do you think those three will react when we tell them that we are in love?" Sid questions.

"Well since we already know how Ruby feels about me, I guarantee if you two told everyone that you were in love, it could possibly give her the courage to confront me. I don't want to say anything about Aqua and I until she tries to come to me first." Topaz explains.

Sid nods. "That's understandable, but what about Jade and Lapis?"

"Yes, I am curious about that too." Aqua states.

Amy giggles.

The other three look at her with curious expressions.

"What's so funny Amy?"

Amy smiles. "Oh, you don't have to worry about those two; trust me."

They give her a confused look.

"Ok, you aren't making any sense Amy, just tell us." Sid instructs.

"You know that I can sense strong emotional feelings right?"

The three of them nod.

"Well not to make us four sound little or anything, but Jade and Lapis' feelings for each other are stronger than any of ours." Amy states.

The three of them look at her in shock.

"Are you saying Jade and Lapis are in love with each other like us?" Sid questions.

Amy nods. "Their feelings were always strong for each other, I could sense it, but something must have happened earlier because their emotions skyrocketed."

"Wow, so everyone in our family is on love with someone else in the family. Imagine if our parents knew this; that would be weird." Topaz states.

Aqua nods. "Very weird indeed, but if we all feel this way for another then what's the harm?"

Sid smiles and kisses Amy. He breaks away for a second and looks at his other siblings. "I see nothing harmful about my love for Amy if you all don't." He returns his attention to his sister and resumes.

Topaz and Aqua look each other and mirror their siblings' actions.

The four continue to embrace their partners until a voice echoes through the cave.

"Alright guys, lunch is ready; come on back!"

They separate from one another and their stomachs simultaneously growl.

Aqua giggles. "Well I guess that's that, we are all hungry now."

Topaz looks around the room and notices Pearl curled up on the chair in the corner.

"I will go wake Pearl up so we can go eat." He states as he walks over towards the slumbering eevee.

"Ok, Amy and I will go see if dad needs our help with anything." Sid states and winces slightly.

Amy gives him a concerned look. "Sid, is something wrong?"

Sid takes a step and yelps, then falls onto his side.

"Sid!" Aqua rushes over and looks at him. "What's the matter; are you hurt?"

Sid waves his paw. "Don't worry; it's that injury I got from protecting Pearl yesterday." He looks back at his injured leg and attempts to move it. He cringes at the sharp pain. "Yea, the full restore dad gave me must have worn off; I can't move until he gives me another potion to numb the pain."

"Well, Amy and I can go get him for you." Aqua suggests.

Sid nods. "Yes, please do. This pain is unbearable and I can't move my leg without possibly making it worse; I really shouldn't be walking around anyways."

"Ok we will be right back." Amy states and nods towards Aqua.

The two sisters run off towards the dining area of the cave in search of the lucario.

"Ok, everything is finished." Charles says himself. He turns around and notices two figures running towards him.

"Dad!" They both yell in unison.

Charles tenses up. "Amy, Aqua what is it; did something happen?"

Amy steps forward. "It's Sid; he said his leg is hurting him."

Charles relaxes. "Oh, the full restore must have finally worn off." He walks over to the two eons and smiles. "Ok, I'll go treat his injury, you two stay here since lunch is ready."

They both nod. "Ok, please hurry; I don't like seeing Sid hurt." Amy worriedly states.

Charles kneels down next to Amy. "It's ok Amy, he is fine; just a little injury he got yesterday that will take awhile to heal." He pets her head and stands up.

"Don't worry Amy; dad knows what he is doing, just have faith in him." Aqua assures her.

Amy smiles. "Ok, I just want him to be alright; I love him too much to see him hurt."

Charles gives the two a curious expression. "Wait a minute; where is Pearl and Topaz?"

"Pearl fell asleep earlier, so Topaz is waking her up so we can eat."

Charles shakes his head. "That girl, seriously; how on earth can she sleep so much?"

Aqua giggles. "She's still a baby dad, so she needs her naps during the day."

Charles smiles. "Yea, you're right. Sometimes I forget she is still the little baby eevee that I have known for what seems like forever."

Amy smiles. "Well, she still needs all the love in the world at her age and we all can give it to her."

Charles nods. "Very true Amy." He looks out towards the room. "Well, I better get in there to help Sid before he thinks you two forgot about him."

Amy's eyes widen and she looks at Charles with a hurtful expression. "I would never do that."

Aqua pats her back gently. "He wasn't being serious Amy; we all know you would never leave Sid for any reason."

Charles pets her head. "She is right Amy; I know how much you love Sid and how much he feels for you and I know there is nothing that would tear you two apart." He smiles and walks out towards the room where the umbreon lies in wait.

"Come on sleepyhead, time to wake up." Topaz instructs as he gently pushes Pearl's side.

Pearl's eyes flicker open and she yawns.

Topaz smiles. "My you have a big mouth when you yawn Pearl; looks like you could've eaten me if you were hungry enough."

Pearl looks at her brother and blushes. "Nuh-uh, I was ju-" She cuts off as her stomach growls loudly.

Topaz chuckles. "Is someone still hungry?" He teases and pokes her stomach.

Pearl giggles. "Yep, my tummy still wants food; is daddy done yet?"

"Yes he is and he just called for us to go eat."

Pearl squeals and jumps off the chair. "Let's go; I'm hun-" She stops when she notices Sid laying on the floor. She runs over to him and gives him a worried look.

Sid notices her concern. "It's ok Pearl, the full restore dad gave me wore off, so I am waiting for him to give me a new one."

Pearl's ears perk up. "Is that all you need?"

Sid looks at her curiously. "Yes, it is all I need; why do you ask?"

Pearl smiles. "Ok, I'll be right back." She runs past Topaz, back towards the chair. She jumps onto it and starts to rummage through her father's bag. "Ah ha!" She gleefully states and pulls herself out of the bag with a blue, glass bottle labeled; 'Max Potion'.

Sid continues to stare at her curiously. "What is she up to?"

Pearl runs back over to Sid with the bottle in her mouth and sets it down next to his leg.

Sid looks at the bottle then at Pearl. "Oh, you found one of the potions; that's good. Now when dad gets back he can-"

Pearl stands on her hind legs and pulls the trigger on the nozzle and starts to spray the potion across her brother's leg. When the potion runs out, she falls back to all fours and smiles at him.

"There we go; all better." She gleefully states.

Sid stares at her in disbelief. "When did you learn to do that?"

Pearl giggles. "I learned it from daddy silly; he taught me all about medicine like how to give Pokémon potions for injuries."

Sid blinks a few times and looks at his back leg. He tenses up as he starts to move it but relaxes when he feels no pain. He looks back at her and nuzzles her cheek.

"Thank you Pearl; you are such a sweet, smart little girl."

Pearl blushes. "Thank you." She says shyly.

Sid and Topaz chuckle.

"Can you stand, Sid?" Topaz questions.

Sid looks at him and then tries to stand. After a few tries he manages to successfully rise to all four feet.

"Ok, I'm good now."

"Alright, let's go eat before Pearl eats us." Topaz teases.

Pearl gives him a mock pouting face. "I wouldn't eat you; I love you too much and you both are so fun to play with."

Sid pets her head. "Ok then, let's go-"

Charles comes rushing in and looks at the three.

"Ok, Aqua and Amy told me that the full restore wore off now-" He stops when he notices Sid standing. "Wait a minute; I thought you leg was in pain so much you couldn't move?" He questions.

Sid laughs. "Well it was, but Pearl went into your bag and pulled out another potion and sprayed it on my leg."

Charles looks and sees the empty max potion container and then looks at Pearl. "You did that; all by yourself?"

Pearl smiles. "Yep; just like you taught me daddy."

Charles walks over and picks Pearl up. "You are getting to be such a big girl you know that? I'm so proud of you my little one." He starts to lightly tickle her stomach.

Pearl giggles. "Hehehe...stop it daddy." She swats his paw away playfully.

"Ok then." He turns his attention to Sid. "I don't want you walking at all, so you will need to let me carry you again." He instructs as he lowers Pearl onto the ground.

Sid's ears lower. "Aw man, I hate when you have to carry me; it makes me feel so vulnerable."

Charles rolls his eyes and walks over to him. "Well, you don't have a say in the matter so come on." He kneels down and lifts the umbreon into his arms. "I don't see why you don't like me carrying you; Pearl loves it."

"It makes me feel spoiled and I know I don't deserve to have you carry me around." Sid states.

"Aw come on it can't be that bad Sid and besides, it's only for a short while." Topaz explains.

Charles nods. "Yea, I should only have to carry you like this for another two days at the most and then you should start walking on your own so your muscles don't lose their strength."

Sid sighs. "Alright then." His stomach growls. "So dad, is the food all done?"

"Of course and I added a new ingredient to make up for not having any honey" Charles states.

Pearl looks up at him with an eager expression. "Ooh, what is it daddy?"

Charles chuckles. "Nope, I'm not going to tell you because it would ruin the surprise."

Pearl's ears lower. "Aww, you never tell me."

Topaz walks over to her. "Well if he were to tell you Pearl, it would spoil the excitement of trying something new. Now come on, you can ride on my back to the dining area."

Pearl smiles and hops up onto him. She sits up and looks at her dad with a proud expression.

"Hehe, now look what you have done Topaz; she thinks she is a real princess with you giving her a ride." Charles sarcastically states.

Topaz smiles. "Hey, she's my little sister who saved my life; she deserves it."

"Yay!" Pearl gleefully shouts.

"Alright let's get to the dining area before the food spoils." Charles instructs as he begins to walk out of the room with Sid in his arms.

Topaz follows behind him with Pearl atop his back.

"So, how do you think Aqua and Amy will react when we tell them about our feelings?" Jade questions.

Ruby shrugs. "I am not sure to be honest; I haven't thought that far." She looks back at her two sisters. "You two, I don't think will be much of a surprise because you two have always been inseparable since the day you were born." She looks back forward and sighs. "I, on the other hand, will be more of a surprise."

Lapis tilts her head. "Why; you are always trying to be around Topaz as if you loved him."

"True, but I have never shown any outward interest in love towards him, not even the littlest of hints. I kept it all bottled up inside, so it will be a bit of surprise that I suddenly reveal everything to him."

Jade shakes her head. "But everyone knows you always choose to be around Topaz more than anyone else, even Aqua. Isn't that basically the same situation as Lapis and I? She would always come to me first or choose to play with me over anyone else."

Ruby sighs. "I don't know though; it all seems so difficult to explain. I just have a feeling that my love for him will be less expected than your love for each other. You two always did everything with each other; I mean both of you were even born at the same exact time."

Lapis smiles. "I'm sure everything will be just fine; you just need to be confident. If Topaz returns your feelings, then congratulations; if he doesn't, just give him time. I am sure he will open up to you eventually; I mean we don't exactly make any friends outside the family, so what choice does he have."

"When you put it that way it kind of sounds like he would only love me because he couldn't choose anyone else." Ruby states in a hurtful tone.

"I didn't mean it like that though. If he did open his feelings to you then that would be him choosing you over everyone else." Lapis states.

Ruby gives her a puzzled look. "What do you mean?"

"What I mean is if he does choose to love you, it would have been his choice to do so and not something that was forced upon him. Think about it; he has you, Aqua and Amy to choose from plus any other wild Pokémon out there if he decides to look that far. If he chooses you, then that means he chose you from his feelings over being with Aqua, Amy or whomever else."

Ruby smiles. "I guess so. I would love for him to return the same feelings I have for him; I hate to be without him every day."

"Then you have all the more reason to display your true feelings for him, to him. Show him how you feel about him, tell him how you feel whenever you are around him and let him know how you feel when you two are away from each other. Give him a reason to believe you and him were meant to be together." Jade advises.

Ruby sighs. "You make it sound so easy."

Lapis giggles. "And you make it sound so difficult. Just be yourself around him at first; act like you want to play. Let him make the first move about your feelings."

"Ok then, if you say so." Ruby looks ahead and notices a familiar lining of trees. "Looks like we are almost there; the cave should be right around those trees."

Lapis squeals in delight. "Yay, we are almost home!" She turns and looks at her sisters. "Which one of you wants to race me there?"

Jade and Ruby look at each other. They look back at Lapis and grin. "We accept your challenge Lapis."

The three sisters line up next to a boulder on the path and get into a sprinting position.

"Ok, on the count of three, we go!" Ruby announces.

"All together now!" Jade chimes in.

The three sisters begin to countdown in unison. "3...2...1...GO!" All three of them rocket off from the spot towards their home.

"Wow! It looks really pretty in here daddy." Pearl states as they enter the dining area.

Charles smiles. "Yes it does; your sister Aqua got all of these gems."

Pearl looks and sees Aqua sitting in a chair by the table and Amy sitting in another. When she approaches them, she notices the gems in the chair resembled their fur color.

"Ooh that's neat; they look like your fur."

Aqua smiles. "Yep; this is my chair because it is covered in dark blue gems." She extends her paw and starts pointing out the other siblings' chairs. "The yellow is Topaz, Red is Ruby, Purple for Amy, the black is Sid, green to match Jade's leaves, and light blue to look like Lapis."

"So you made a chair for me even though I was gone?" Sid questions.

"Of course I did; you are family and the whole family eats at this table. I knew one day you would come back eventually so I made you a chair so we all can sit together and eat as a family again." Aqua states.

A tear falls from Sid's eye. "Even though I was gone, you still thought of me..."

Charles sets Sid in his chair. Aqua approaches him and wipes his tear away.

"Why wouldn't I? You are my little brother, my family, and no one can say otherwise." She hugs him.

Sid cries softly into her shoulder. "Thank you...for caring so much." He whispers.

Aqua squeezes him then lets go. "It's ok; I am just glad you are back home with us so we can be a whole family again."

"I'm happy he's home as well; now we can be together again. I missed him so much." Amy states and nuzzles his cheek.

Sid blushes. "Thank you Amy; it's good to be home with the family and be with you."

Charles clears his throat. "Alright well if everyone is situated then I can go get the food."

Pearl looks around and frowns. "Daddy, where am I supposed to sit?"

Aqua's ears perk up. "Oh wait, hold on Pearl; I have a chair for you to sit in." Aqua looks at Amy. "I need your help sis; I can't lift it."

Amy nods. "Ok, I'll help; where is it?"

"Back in the storage area; come on we don't want Pearl to be left out." Aqua instructs.

The two sisters run to the food storage and look around.

"Ok it should be right behind this." Aqua states and points to a big boulder.

Amy gives her a curious look. "Why did you hide it?"

Aqua lowers her head. "It's mom's chair. I took it out of the dining area so we wouldn't look at it and feel sad every time we ate."

"I guess that was for the best." Amy sighs.  "Alright stand back." She gathers her psychic energy and concentrates it into the jewel on her forehead. Her eyes flash blue and the boulder becomes enveloped in a blue aura. Slowly she lifts the boulder and teleports it out of the cavern.

"Thank you Amy." Aqua walks forward and pushes the chair out into the light.

Amy's eyes widen as the chair enters the light. "It's covered in white gems."

Aqua nods. "Yes, so it would match mom's colors but I think it will look better with Pearl."

Amy smiles. "It's almost like you were expecting Pearl to come along."

"Looks that way doesn't it?" Aqua looks back at the chair. "Ok let's get this back into the dining area."

Amy nods and uses her psychic powers to lift the chair. Both of them walk back into the dining area and set the chair down next to Aqua's.

"Wow, it even has white gems to match Pearl's fur." Charles states.

"Yay! I get my own chair!" Pearl gleefully states as she hops onto it.

Topaz chuckles. "Someone is happy."

Aqua and Amy return to their respective chairs. "Well of course; now it looks like she has always been a part of this family all along." Amy states.

"What about dad though?" Sid questions and looks towards the lucario.

Aqua's head lowers. "Sorry, I didn't make one since we hadn't seen you in so long."

Charles smiles and scratches her ears. "It's ok; I don't need a special chair to show that I am a part of this family now. You all are the only proof I need."

Aqua smiles and leans into the scratch. "I still should make you one though, just to make it final."

"Don't worry about it Aqua." Charles looks around at the others. "Ok; how about I go get what you all have been waiting for?"

Everyone smiles and yips in excitement.

Charles chuckles and leaves the room. After a few moments, he returns with six bowls lined along his arms. One by one he sets the bowls down in front of the eager siblings.

Sid looks at him with an eager expression. "So what did you add to it dad?"

Charles smiles. "Ah, ah, ah; that's for you to find out. I will explain after you start eating."

Everyone's stomach growls and they all dig into their food.

Pearl squeals in delight. "Oh my god; it's so yummy!"

Charles laughs. "I figured you would like it."

Aqua looks at him with a pleasant expression. "What is it you added; I need to know."

The others look at him with a curious, yet eager expression.

"It's called jelly." He states.

They give a confused expression. "What's that?"

"Well, I took a bunch of berries and crushed them together in a bowl. Afterward I used my aura to fuse the juices and leftover pieces of berries together to make a paste. What you are eating is the result." Charles explains.

"Wow; that's really cool." Sid states.

"And it tastes good!" Amy chimes in.

"Wow dad, you really know how to make a tasty treat." Topaz happily states.

Charles smiles. "Thank you. I always made special foods for Pearl to try because I loved to test new recipes." He looks over at Pearl. "Plus I always loved to see Pearl eagerly try everything I made; she was always like my little assistant taste tester, no matter the occasion."

Pearl looks up at him and smiles with a content expression.

Everyone at the table begins to laugh.

"What's so funny?" Pearl questions.

Aqua smiles. "Pearl, honey; you have jelly all over your face."

Pearl wipes a paw across her face and notices the blue, sticky, fruit paste on it. She greedily laps it up and looks down at her bowl.

"I guess I was really hungry; I'm all done."

Everyone looks at her in amazement. "Wow Pearl; did you really like it?" Topaz questions.

Pearl giggles. "Of course silly; I love it when daddy makes these."

Charles nods. "Oh I know you do. I have a feeling I'm going to be making these more often."

Pearl jumps up and down in excitement. "Yay!"

Aqua laughs. "You sure do have a lot of energy don't you?"

"I'll say." Sid states as he finishes his food. "Ah that was good."

Amy looks at him. "Wow, you woofed it down like Pearl."

Sid blushes. "What; it was really good."

Amy smiles. "Hold still dear; you got a little jelly on your face." She leans forward and starts licking his cheek.

Sid laughs. "Hehehe, stop it Amy; that tickles."

Topaz smiles. "Well, well; I thought I'd never hear that laugh of yours again Sid."

Sid looks at him. "I really don't mind anymore; if it makes you all happy, I'll laugh more often."

"Aw how sweet." Amy teasingly states.

Sid leans forward and licks her lips. "You taste like berries; I like that."

Amy rolls her eyes and pokes his nose. "Of course I do dummy; we just ate a bunch with jelly."

"But you still taste good." Sid states as he begins to lick her face and neck.

"Control yourself Sid; we don't need you showing off in front of Pearl." Charles instructs.

"Alright...I'll stop." Sid states in a disappointed tone.

Aqua giggles and looks at Topaz. "I'm surprised you haven't done anything like that Tazzy."

Topaz looks at her embarrassingly.  "Hey, I can control myself."

"Uh-huh; that was such a good display of self control when you were teasing me back in the room." Aqua sarcastically states.

Topaz's blush deepens.

Sid and Amy laugh. "Oh yea; we saw the whole thing with you teasingly rubbing her stomach." Sid states.

Topaz gives him a mock annoyed look. "Oh like you were any better mister nippy."

Aqua and Amy giggle. "Hehe, yes I guess we weren't really hiding anything either, but I don't care if you guys see us doing anything." Amy admits.

Charles shakes his head. 'Oh boy, I wonder if I am going to have to explain mating to them or anything.' He looks around and notices the two pairs flirting with each other. He sighs. 'At this rate; I'll have to do it soon.'

"Where did you find the pretty bowls?" Pearl inquires.

Aqua looks over at her and smiles. "We got these as a gift from one of our grandmothers."

Pearl looks at her and smiles. "I have grandmothers too?"

"Yep, we have two grandmothers; Opal and Citrine. Opal is a shiny glaceon and Citrine is a shiny flareon." Topaz explains.

Pearl thinks to herself. "Hm, so they look like Ruby and Lapis but different colored?"

Amy nods. "Yes, Opal has white fur instead of light blue like Lapis and Citrine is covered in golden and orange colored fur all over."

"That's neat."

"Well looks like everyone is done so I'll-" Charles stops when a sudden voice echoes into the cave.

"I win!"

Everyone freezes and looks around nervously.

"What are they doing home this early?!" Topaz yells in a hushed tone.

"I don't know; we usually take much longer to find something to bring home for dinner." Amy states.

Aqua looks around at Sid, Pearl and Charles. "What are we going to do? You guys aren't meant to see each other yet."

Charles sighs. "I guess we have no choice; they would have found out sooner or later so why not just get it over with."

Pearl jumps out of her chair and runs over to the dining area entrance. When she stops, she looks around the corner and sees three figures standing in the hall.

"Pearl, get back here!" Charles instructs.

Pearl looks back at him and sees his serious expression. She runs over to him, afraid she was in trouble.

"Did I do something bad daddy?"

He shakes his head. "No, but I don't want them to see you until we have made introductions."

"Ok then, can we go get them?" Pearl asks with an eager tone.

Aqua steps forward. "Well none of them know of Sid's return, that Pearl exists, or that you are the doctor, dad; I guess you three should wait here while Topaz, Amy, and I go talk to them."

Charles nods. "That is probably for the best. Alright then, we three will wait here for you to return."

Aqua nods and looks at her two siblings. They nod and the three of them exit the dining area to confront the trio.

"I win!" Lapis announces in a gleefully.

Jade and Ruby slump onto the ground and take in deep breaths.

"" Ruby questions through her gasps for air.

Jade looks at her. "I...don't...know...phew..." She takes a deep breath.

Lapis smiles triumphantly. "I can't believe I beat you two home."

Both Jade and Ruby roll their eyes. "Well you had a slight unfair advantage. Both Jade and I had to carry stuff with us." Ruby states.

Lapis' ears lower. "Oh yea, I forgot about our dinner and the berries."

Jade walks over and nuzzles her cheek. "Don't worry about it; you still beat us here even if we did have something slowing us down."

Lapis smiles. "Well we could have a rematch if you want."

Ruby shakes her head. "No, I'm good; I think I will just lie down and relax for awhile."

Jade and Lapis giggle as their sister falls over onto her side with a sigh.

Ruby looks at them and sticks her tongue out. "Laugh all you want; I'm tired."

"Aw poor Ruby is exhausted from a little running." Jade teases.

"Maybe you need to exercise more; you are getting a little chubby." Lapis chimes in.

Ruby looks at the two with a mock angered expression and puffs her cheeks out. She shoots an ember attack at them and starts laughing when they start flailing around the area.

"Hehehe, you two should know better than to mess with me since I have an advantage over both of you."

The two sisters continue to run around to avoid the attack from their fiery sister. After a few more minutes, they finally stop to catch their breath.

Lapis looks up and panics. "Jade; your tail is on fire!" She shouts.

"WHAT?!" Jade immediately throws herself on the ground and starts rolling around.

Suddenly a torrent of water hits Jade and she slides across the ground in a wet slump.

Lapis and Ruby look at each other in bewilderment.

"Are you three done messing around?"

The two sisters look towards the origin of the voice and notice Aqua, Topaz and Amy sitting a small distance away.

"Oh hi guys; how long have you been sitting there?" Lapis casually asks.

Topaz smirks. "Long enough to watch you and Jade get toasted by Ruby."

Lapis turns red from embarrassment. "Hehe, we were just playing."

"Easy for you to say; you weren't turned into a water and grass type." Jade states as she walks over to her mate; dripping from the water attack.

Ruby giggles. "Well if you hadn't teased me, I wouldn't have used an ember attack on you in the first place."

Aqua fires a water gun at Ruby.

"Ack! What was that for!" She screams as the water impacts her body.

"That's what you get for attacking your sisters when you know they are weak against your attacks." Aqua states.

Ruby gives her an annoyed look. "And you are any better? You know I am weak against water, yet you shoot me with a water gun attack." She releases a heat wave attack to dry herself.

Aqua shrugs and Ruby growls at her.

"Alright stop it you two before I have to get involved." Amy sternly instructs.

Aqua and Ruby look at her and notice the seriousness behind her words. "Alright, we will stop; besides we shouldn't be fighting like this."

Amy smiles. "Good; now Ruby of you would be so kind as to dry Jade off before she becomes ill. Just don't burn her though; I'd rather not have a burnt leafeon sister."

Ruby nods. She walks over to Jade and hugs her. She increases her body temperature and acts like a furnace to warm and dry Jade off.

"Ah, that feels nice; thank you Ruby." Jade states as she leans into her sister.

Ruby blushes. "Um, Jade; don't you think you are being a little affectionate?"

Jade looks at her and smiles. "What? You are like a really warm pillow with your warm body heat and really soft fur." She nuzzles her sister's neck fur.

Ruby's blush deepens. "Ok; I think you are dry now." She releases her sister.

Jades smiles. "What's the matter Ruby; too much affection for you?"

Ruby looks at her and grins. "It's not that; I just think there is someone else who deserves that kind of attention from you, not me." She tilts her head towards Lapis.

Jade turns her head and sees Lapis smiling at her. She walks over and kisses Lapis.

Lapis' eyes widen and she immediately looks at her other siblings only to find them smiling at her. She breaks away from the kiss and gives them all  puzzled look.

"Why are you all smiling?"

"We were wondering if what Amy said was true." Aqua states.

Lapis tilts her head. "What did Amy say?"

"I told them I have the ability to sense strong emotional feelings. I could feel yours and Jade's feelings for each other for a long time, but it really became apparent only a little while ago." Amy explains.

Jade looks at them all in a surprised manner. "So you all already knew Lapis and I were in love?"

They nod.

"Wow and here I thought we would have to explain ourselves." Jade states.

"We are all ok with your bond with each other." Aqua states.

"Wait a minute, if you can sense strong emotional feelings; does that mean..." Ruby's voice trails off.

Amy nods. "Yes, Ruby; I know of your hidden feelings as well."

Her eyes widen. "Um, I..."

Amy smiles. "And he knows of your feelings already too."

Ruby swallows audibly. She slowly turns her head and notices Topaz walking towards her. She starts shaking fearfully as he approached.

Topaz notices his sister's uneasiness and looks back towards the group, particularly at Aqua. She nods and he turns his attention back towards Ruby. He resumes walking towards her and stops and sits in front of her.

"I know how you feel about me Ruby; Amy has told me you have feelings for me and I know you are worried about how I would feel if I found out."

Ruby's eyes widen in horror. "I-I am sorry Topaz, I didn't mean to-"

Topaz leans forward and kisses her.

Ruby gasps into the kiss and pulls back immediately. "T-Topaz, I, uh; what was that?"

He smiles at her and whispers into her ear. "That was me returning the feelings you have kept hidden from me all of this time." He licks her cheek and nuzzles her neck.

Ruby continues to stare in disbelief.

Topaz gives her a sly look. "Well then; I guess I didn't make myself clear the first time. I shall soon correct my mistake."

Ruby gives him a confused look. "Wha-"

Topaz pounces on her and pins her to the ground. He leans in close to her face and nuzzles her cheek.

"I wish to show you how much I love you Ruby, but it is a task I cannot do alone; I will need your help."

He stares at her for a few moments then kisses her again.

Ruby relaxes and returns the kiss full force. 'I can't believe he really does feel the same way; I feel so happy now knowing I will always be with him.'

Topaz breaks the kiss and smiles. "Berries...makes you taste sweet Ruby."

She blushes. "You taste sweet too Taz." She leans forward and kisses him again.

"Well looks like Ruby will be fine." Jade states as she watches her siblings embrace.

Lapis walks over and sits next to her. She wraps her tail around Jade's and smiles.

"I knew she would do just fine. She had nothing to worry about with Topaz"

"So you two already knew about her feelings for Topaz?" Aqua inquires.

They both nod. "Yes, when she found out about us, she told us that she too felt love towards someone in the family; Topaz."

Aqua looks over at her brother and sister and notice them approaching. "Congratulations you two; I am proud of you both." She smiles.

Ruby walks over to her and hugs her. "Thank you Aqua."

"For what?"

Ruby smiles. "For being so understanding; I could not ask for a better sister and family."

"Well, I am afraid; although you do not ask for one, you shall receive one." Amy cryptically states.

Ruby looks at her with a puzzled expression. "What?"

"What Amy is saying is that we three have a surprise for you three." Topaz explains.

Jade and Lapis walk over with curious expressions. "A surprise?"

Aqua nods. "Yes, it is waiting for you all in the dining area."

Ruby, Jade and Lapis all look towards the dining area in anticipation.

"Now hold on one second; we three need to go back in their first to make sure everything is in order for you. During this time, you will need to wait out here until we call you in." Amy instructs.

Lapis looks at her. "Well; what are you waiting for? I wanna see what it is!"

"Me too!" Jade and Ruby chime in.

Aqua raises a paw up. "Ok, ok; we will go get everything ready. Just wait here you three." She looks at Topaz and Amy. "Alright, let's go back in and get everything in order."

The three of them walk back into the dining area.

Charles, Sid, and Pearl notice their return.

"Well?" Charles inquires.

"They think there is a surprise in here for them and they are eagerly waiting to see it." Aqua states.

"So how are we going to do this?" Sid questions.

Charles thinks to himself. "Hm, good question. I guess we should let the original family reunite first." He looks at Sid. "Are you ok with that? It means you will probably be smothered with attention."

Sid chuckles. "I'll be ok; after Amy's affectionate assault earlier when we first reunited, I think I can handle anything now."

Amy blushes and kisses his cheek. "You liked it though."

"Oh yes, I loved feeling all of the air escaping my lungs while being embraced by you; what a rush." He sarcastically states.

Amy swats his backside with her tail and he yelps at the sudden action.

"Ah! What did I say?" He asks in a surprised tone.

"Nothing..." Amy casually states as she brushes her tail along his back.

"Ok you two control yourself, remember Pearl is still right here." Charles instructs.

"How are we going to just reunite Sid with everyone without exposing you or Pearl?" Topaz questions.

"Well, Pearl and I could go wait in the storage room. There isn't anywhere else to go since your sisters are in the hall area." Charles explains.

"Oh yea I guess that makes sense." Topaz looks down at Pearl. "Looks like you get to have another nap Pearl."

Pearl yawns. "Yea, my tummy is full and I feel sleepy."

Charles walks over and picks her up. "Well time for a nap then young lady, so off we go." Charles cradles Pearl and walks off towards the storage room.

"Alright, I guess all there is to do now is to let them in." Aqua states.

"I'll go get them." Topaz offers. He walks out of the room to his other siblings.

Jade, Lapis and Ruby notice their brother exit the dining hall and jump to their feet in excitement.

"Alright you three, we are ready inside, but please do not freak out or overreact." He states.

They look at him with puzzled expressions.

"Freak out?"


Topaz sighs. "Ok, maybe that wasn't the best way of putting it but it won't do any good for me to try and explain." He turns around then looks back at them. "Alright follow me inside, but close your eyes. Don't want to show the surprise until the right moment."

Ruby tilts her head. "So this surprise is that good huh?"

He smiles. "Oh it is better than you can imagine; just you wait."

"Come on, I want to see what it is!" Lapis gleefully states.

"Let's go then." Topaz instructs as he starts to walk back into the dining area.

The three sisters close their eyes and carefully follow him. When Topaz enters the room, Amy and Aqua step in front of Sid to hide him.

"Alright you three; open your eyes." Topaz instructs.

The three open their eyes and see Aqua and Amy sitting next to each other.

Jade turns to Topaz with a confused expression. "So, what is the surprise?"

Topaz smiles and raises his paw to point at Amy and Aqua.

Aqua and Amy nod and stand. They both step to the side and reveal Sid.

"Hi you three; it's been a long time hasn't it?" Sid greets them.

Ruby, Jade and Lapis stare in disbelief.

Sid chuckles and looks at Topaz. "They're acting like you did when you first saw me again, Taz."

Topaz walks over to the three awestruck sisters. He smiles. "Well, aren't you three going to say 'hi'?"

They look at him then back at Sid. All at once they leap and pounce on Sid. They start smothering him with hugs and nuzzling.

"Sid!" Ruby cries out.

"I can't believe you are home!" Lapis states as he hugs him.

"Oh my god, where have you been; we were worried about you!" Jade confesses as she nuzzles his cheek.

"Alright everyone; let him up so he can breathe. Sid has an injury on his back leg and I do not want it getting worse." Amy instructs.

Jade looks at her with a curious expression. "How come you are being so protective Amy; it's not like you."

Amy walks over and sits next to Sid. She looks at him with an inquisitive look and he nods. She returns her attention to her sisters and smiles.

"I am being very protective of him because he and I love each other; isn't that what mates do?"

"What!?" Ruby looks at Sid.

Sid nods and smiles. "I love her and asked her to be my mate. I would do anything for Amy and protect her with my life if need be."

"Aw that's so sweet." Lapis states as she nuzzles his neck. "You two make a great couple."

Amy blushes. "Thank you Lapis."

"So what made you come back home Sid?" Jade questions.

"I missed you guys, plus during my journey all I could think about was Amy and the day I left. When I returned I realized Amy's feelings for me and I returned them."

Jade smiles. "Well; I support you two all the way if you feel the same way about Lapis and I."

"Of course I do; I support everyone's relationship with each other and I hope you all do the same." Sid states.

"Well not everyone here is in a relationship." Lapis looks over at Aqua. "Poor Aqua is left out."

Topaz grins and looks at Aqua. She returns the grin and steps forward. She kisses him and the three sisters gasp.

"What the!?" Jade goes wide eyed.

"B-But I thought that Topaz and Ruby were-" Lapis looks at Ruby.

Ruby stares, speechless, at the sight before her.

Topaz notices and looks at her with a caring smile. "Ruby; we three need to talk about something."


End Chapter 7


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