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- Celesteon - Reunion Arc - Ch. 9

#11 of Celesteon, the Apprentice of Light

Chapter 9...

A fair warning to all who read this: Major flirting occurs in this chapter along with suggestive themes. Also conversations of adult nature occur within as well so if you cannot handle anything that contains adult themes...why the hell are you on this site?

Moving on...

Pokémon © of Nintendo & Gamefreak. Storyline and characters © of me (Enigma Eevee).


- Celesteon, the Apprentice of Light -

Reunion Arc - Ch. 9


"Well that should do it." Charles states as he sets the stack of supplies on the counter.

"Wow Charles, you sure do have a lot of stuff you plan on taking today; is it a special occasion?" The cashier questions.

He nods. "Yes, tomorrow is the birthday for someone whom is very dear to me."

The cashier smiles. "Aw, how sweet of you; who is it may I ask?"

"Her name is Pearl; she holds a special place in my heart." Charles explains.

The cashier grins. "Oh a lady's man huh; way to go Charles."

Charles blushes and raises his paws up in defense. "Oh no nothing like that; Pearl is my adoptive daughter. She will be one year old tomorrow."

"Oh how silly of me." She smiles. "I think it is precious that you are getting all of this for your daughter."

"Thank you Eliza." Charles looks around and notices a necklace in a glass case behind her. "What is that?" He questions and points at it.

Eliza turns her head. "Huh; oh that." She walks over to it and removes it from the glass case. "This was found by my father during one of his adventures; it is a stone called the 'Tear of Cresselia'."

"It's beautiful, but why do you have it out here in your Pokémart; shouldn't it be at home where it is safe?"

Eliza smiles. "Well there is a legend behind the stone. When someone of pure heart comes into contact with one, the stone will glow a vibrant pink color and it will be during that time that the wielder shall be granted one wish; or so the legend says. I have it here so people can view it and plenty of them have touched it in hopes of making the stone act according to the legend but nothing has ever happened."

"That's a shame; it seems like something Pearl would like. She has a wild imagination and she loves precious stones; so she would love it." Charles states.

Eliza smiles. "Well, you keep it then."

Charles looks at her in a shocked manner. "What are you saying; I can't possibly afford such a priceless artifact."

"No Charles, I want you to take this as a gift from me; I want you to make Pearl happy." She places the necklace inside of a special velvet box and hands it to him.

"I-I can't accept this Eliza; surely your father would be upset." Charles attempts to return it.

Eliza reaches over and pushes the necklace back towards him. "Please keep it; I myself have no use for it and my father has passed so surely he won't mind. Give it to your daughter and make her birthday one to remember."

A tear falls from Charles' eye. "Thank you so much Eliza; I don't know what I would do without a friend like you."

She smiles. "It was my pleasure and it still is; to provide you with all of the supplies you need. My friend nurse joy told me about your new duty as the doctor to the Pokémon of the forest; helping to quell that epidemic that suddenly appeared. I think that is very brave and noble of you."

Charles blushes. "Well I had to do something; I couldn't possibly sit back and watch it all happen."

Eliza pets his head. "You are such a kind, caring, selfless Pokémon; if you were a human, you would be the ideal match for me."

Charles' blush deepens at the thought. " you; I don't know what to say."

Eliza smiles. "You don't have to say anything; now go on, your daughter is awaiting you."

"But I haven't paid for anything yet." Charles states.

"You get a special discount; everything is free of charge." She happily states.

Charles shakes his head. "No, I can't accept all of this without paying for it; please let me return the favor for the necklace."

She holds up a hand in protest. "No, you deserve this; now please go on and enjoy yourself."


"Charles, you have given so much to everyone in your life; it's time we repaid you for all the kindness you have done. Please, just take the items; I ask you as a friend to do so." She pleads.

Charles sighs. "I cannot thank you enough Eliza; you are too kind to me." He grabs the items and looks back towards her. "It was nice seeing you again Eliza; until next time my friend."

"Have a good time and make sure to tell Pearl I said happy birthday for her." She waves as he begins to exit the store.

Charles stops and turns towards her. "I will, don't worry; thank you for the kind gift Eliza." He smiles and exits the store.

Once outside, Charles sets the items down on the bench and takes out the necklace.

'I can't believe she gave me this for Pearl; it seems so unreal...' Charles snaps out of his thoughts. "Ok, time to get this stuff home." He looks over at the stack of items and sighs. "I guess I need to contact Amy because there is no way that I can use extremespeed with all of this."

He concentrates his aura into his mind and focuses on a mental image of the espeon.

'Come on Amy...where are you...'

"Wow, I never knew Sid could do that..." Topaz states as he stares at the dark vortex.

"Do what?"

Topaz jumps. "Ah!" He turns and notices Sid next to him. "What was that for; you trying to kill me?"

"Sorry, didn't mean to scare you; I just thought I would come look at how everything is going before I start the last part." Sid explains.

Topaz gives him a confused look. "What do you mean; you already did the last part."

Sid returns the look and shakes his head. "No I haven't."

Topaz's eyes widen. "Then what is happening to Aqua?" He spins around sees her slowly being swallowed by the vortex.

Sid looks over his shoulder and gasps. "What is that!?"

Topaz looks at him. "You mean you aren't doing that?!"

"Taz, I have to be touching someone in order to use my shadow fade ability on them, plus I can't create giant vortexes; whatever that thing is, I'm not doing it." Sid explains.

"Oh no...we need to get her out of there!" Topaz turns around and yells. "EVERYONE STOP NOW!"

All of the attacks begin to fade. One by one the siblings rush over to Topaz with a confused expression.

"Topaz, is it over?" Amy asks.

He starts pacing back and forth.

"Taz, what is going on; why are you so worried?" Ruby questions.

He turns towards them with a guilty look. "Aqua is in danger; whatever that vortex is out there right now isn't from Sid. He said he has to be touching her in order to use his ability and he's standing right here."

Lapis gasps. "Then what is that thing?!"

"I don't know but we need to move fast and get her out of there." Topaz instructs.

"Aqua, no!" Ruby runs through the bushes.

"Come on we need to help her!" Jade shouts as she runs after her sister.

The others follow and run out into the clearing. When they arrive near the vortex, Aqua disappears within.

"She's gone..." Jade hesitantly states.

Topaz turns towards Amy. "Amy, can you use your teleport ability to get her out of there?"

Amy shakes her head. "No, the vortex is made of dark energy; my powers are useless. Also I have to be within physical contact with her to be able to teleport her out and there's no way I could do that without getting trapped in there as well."

"Damnit, there must be something!" Topaz shouts.

"I can probably do something."

Everyone turns their attention to Sid with curious expressions.

"What do you mean?" Amy questions.

Sid sighs. "I am a dark type; the vortex shouldn't be as strong against me. I can go into it and get Aqua out."

"That's crazy!" Amy screams.

"What other choice do we have!" Sid gives her a stern look. "I am going in to get her out and no one is stopping me; not even you." Sid runs over to the vortex and jumps in.

"SID, NO!" Amy runs after him.

Topaz jumps in front of her. "Amy, stop! If you go in, there is no way you will be able to get out. Please stay here; you will only get in his way if you try to interfere."

Amy falls to the ground; tears flowing freely from her eyes. "Please, no...I don't want to lose him; I just got him back."

"Let him do what he has to do Amy, please just believe in him." Topaz assures her as he looks at the vortex.

'You better come back Sid because this family didn't reunite just for you to go and kill yourself.'


Aqua opens her eyes slowly. "Huh, what was that?"

"Aqua, where are you?!"

"That sounds like..." She squints her eyes and notices a faint glow ahead of her. " that Sid?"

The faint glow shifts and a ring pattern becomes visible.

"It is him." Aqua tries rising to her feet and cries out. "Sid!"

Sid's attention shifts as he hears a voice. "Aqua is that you?!"

"Yes, I'm over here!" She calls out.

He smiles. 'Thank you arceus.'

"Aqua, keep yelling so I can find you!" He instructs.

A tear falls from her eyes. "I'm over here Sid; this way!"

Sid runs and follows the voice of his fallen sister. As he continues to run, the voice becomes clearer and louder. Suddenly it stops and Sid panics.

"Aqua, where are you; I can't hear you anymore!"

Suddenly splash of water hits him and he turns towards the source.

Aqua smiles as she sees her brother's deep blue eyes.

"Sid, I can't believe you are here!"

He runs over and nuzzles her with tears in his eyes. "Aqua, I am so glad I found you; I am so sorry for everything."

She gives him a confused look. "Sorry; for what?"

He shakes his head. "I will explain later, but first we need to get you out of here."

"How; I haven't seen any way of exiting this place. All I have seen in here is nothing but darkness." She states.

"Well, I came down through the vortex, so that's the only way I can think of." He explains.

"Well it's a start." She slowly lifts herself.

"Can you walk?" He asks.

"Yea, I just feel really out of it; that's all."

"That must be from all of the dark energy pulling at you; try not to wear yourself out otherwise this place will consume you." He instructs.

Aqua swallows audibly. "That doesn't sound too fun."

"Believe me; it's not." He looks around and notices a faint glimmer of light. "What is that; I didn't see that light before."

Aqua looks and notices the light and smiles. "I don't care; it's our best chance. Come on; I hate it in here and I want to leave."

The two siblings begin to walk towards the light in the distance. As they approach, the light brightens.

"Whatever this light is; it must be something good if it is helping us." Sid states.

"I sure hope so; this place feels creepy. Wait what is that?" Aqua questions.

The light flashes and a figure appears before them. Both siblings gasp in shock at the sight.


She looks up. "Sid, Aqua; you two are alright!" She runs over to them and hugs them.

Sid and Aqua continue to stare in disbelief.

Pearl looks at them with a confused expression. "What's wrong; do I have something on me?"

"How did you get down here Pearl?" Sid questions.

Pearl smiles. "That's easy; I jumped into the swirly black thing that you jumped in."

"You did what?!"

Pearl cringes. "Is that bad?"

"Pearl...Sid and I have been trying to get out of here for awhile and now you're stuck here with us." Aqua states.

Pearl shakes her head. "No I'm not; I can leave when I want to."


Pearl giggles. "Watch; I'll show you." She runs back over to the light and vanishes.

"WHAT THE HELL?!" Sid runs over to the light and stares at it.

Aqua runs over to him. "Where did she go?"

Sid continues to stare at the light above him. "I don't know; she just ran into the light and then - poof."

"Well, if she can do it, then there's no reason we can't so let's go; I hate this place and the sooner I leave the better."

Sid nods. "Right." He turns towards the light. "Alright; on the count of three, we jump in."

"Ok; gotcha." Aqua looks at the light.

"3...2...1...Now!" Both Sid and Aqua close their eyes and jump forward into the light.

They continue to stand there until Aqua opens one of her eyes. "Wait a minute; we are still here."

Sid opens his eyes and looks around in confusion. "But how can that be? Pearl just ran into the light and vanished but when we do it; nothing happens."

"I don't know; maybe we should wait for Pearl to come back. Surely she will notice we are still down here and come back." Aqua states.

The light brightens and flashes.

"Speaking of Pearl..." Sid jumps back.

Aqua follows suit and watches as their little sister appears before them.

"Hi guys!" She gleefully states.

Aqua and Sid stare at her. "Pearl; how on earth do you do that?"

She tilts her head. "Do what?"

"Vanish like that; you walk into the light and then you disappear." Aqua explains.

Pearl smiles. "I don't know. All I do is go into the bright light and close my eyes. I start to feel tingly and when I open my eyes I'm back outside with Taz and everyone else."

Aqua gives her a skeptical look. "Are you sure, because that doesn't sound real."

Pearl giggles. "Do you want me to show you again?"

They both nod but Sid immediately speaks out as Pearl turns towards the light.

"Wait Pearl; we want to come with you."

"Ok then; come on." She instructs.

Pearl walks into the light with Aqua and Sid close behind her. Both of them put their paws on her back.

"Ok Pearl, whenever you are ready; just do whatever you normally do." Sid instructs.

Pearl smiles. "Ok, you do it too; just close your eyes."

Aqua and Sid nod and follow her instructions.

"Ok, here I go." Pearl states and closes her eyes.

The three of them vanish into the light.

"Aqua, Sid, Pearl; you're alright!"

Aqua opens her eyes and squints. "Ah; it's so bright out here...Ack!" She feels a sudden pressure around her neck and moisture along her cheek. She opens her eyes fully and sees Topaz holding her, crying.

"I thought I lost you; I'm so glad you're safe. I promise I will never do anything to harm you; never again."

Aqua gives him a confused look. "Harm me; what are you talking about?"

Topaz releases her and looks away with a guilty expression. "This was all my fault. I wanted to get back at you for scaring Pearl earlier, so I came up with a plan to scare you back."

Aqua looks at him with a curious expression. "So all of the weird things that were happening; that was you?"

"Well, only the lightning storm was me from using my thunder attack; the other stuff was the others helping."

Aqua gives him a surprised look. "Everyone else helped?"

He nods slowly. "Yes; Jade made the trees shake, Lapis made the cold wind, Amy made the stuff float around, Ruby used will-o-wisp to make the purple flames, and Sid made the black fog.

"And that weird dark vortex."

Topaz shakes his head. "No, Sid didn't make that."

She gives him a confused look. "Where did it come from then?"

"I don't know; at first I thought it was him using his shadow fade ability on you, but he said he has to be touching you to do that and he was sitting next to me the whole time." Topaz explains.

"Well as long as I'm not in that place anymore, I'm fine; it was horrible in there."

Topaz's head lowers. "I'm sorry for all of the trouble I caused; you must hate me for it..."

Aqua shakes her head. "You didn't get me trapped in that place; something else did."

"Still, I just wanted to help Pearl get back at you, but I never wanted it to go so far...I felt like I lost you." He starts crying to himself.

Aqua leans over and kisses his cheek. "Topaz, even though you have to be the most difficult brother on the planet; I still love you. You were just being your normal self and that's something I'm fine with."

He looks away.

"What's wrong dear?" She asks with concern.

Topaz sighs. "You shouldn't be so quick to forgive; I know I don't deserve the love you feel for me especially not after what I did."

Aqua pulls his face towards hers. "Listen to me; what you yourself did was nothing dangerous. All it was, was just a prank of yours and a good one at that; I have to admit you did have me scared. What happened inside of that dark place was not your fault and you know it; now stop attacking yourself or I am going to knock some sense into you."

"But it was my fault, all of it; this all happened because of my own selfish desires. I should have never hurt you like I did; it was a mistake I will live with for the rest of my life." He looks at her with a pained expression. "What I have made you go through, it was inexcusable; please forgive me. I do not deserve the love you show me and I want you to end-"

"Enough!" She swings her tail and hits him to the ground. She walks over and pins him to the ground. "Now you listen to me and you listen good; I will not have you attacking yourself like this, understand?! You are my brother, my love, my mate; and I will not stand for such self abuse. YOU were not the one who created that vortex. YOU were not the one who scared Pearl in the first place. Finally, YOU are still the one I love in my life and NOTHING will change that." She glares at him.

"Aqua I-"

She quickly leans forward and kisses him to silence his protest. After a few moments she breaks away.

"Please, Aqua; don't do this. I don't want to hurt you anymore."

Aqua gives him a fierce look and growls. "You had better stop Topaz or recovering from the virus will be the least of your worries, got it?"

He cringes and hides his face. "Don't hurt me."

"Then stop hurting yourself." She moves his paws away from his face and gives him a pleading look. "Please Topaz, don't make me go on without you just because of one mischievous prank of yours. I want my brother back whom showed love and devotion to me and wanted to be by my side and Ruby's for the rest of our lives."

Topaz sighs. He looks up at her and smiles. "If you want him back...then you must promise me one thing..."

"Oh and what would that be?" She curiously asks.

Topaz grins and rolls both of them over. He leans in close to her and whispers. "You must promise me, to let me be one with you; through our minds, our heartfelt souls, and our bodies."

Aqua grins. "Well of course; anything for you dear. I already intended to give you my everything and my mind, soul, and of course my body are all yours to do with whatever you wish."

He lowers himself onto her. "But that is only one part of the promise."

She gives him a curious look.

"You must not scare Pearl anymore. She was so shaken up when she came to me after you scared her; I was afraid you did something to hurt her."

Aqua looks at him in shock. "You know me better; I would never hurt her on purpose. I still do not forgive myself for the accident that happened earlier; so I will never again harm her in any way."

"That's my girl." He kisses her and raises himself off of her body. He looks around and starts to worry. "Where is Pearl?"

Aqua rolls over and looks around. "I don't know; she came up with us when we left, but I don't see her anywhere..."

"Ugh, I feel like I'm going to revisit my lunch." Sid rolls onto his back and stares upward. "Daylight; thank you arceus..."


Sid's ears twitch. "Uh oh..." He leans his head up just in time to see Amy pounce on him. "Oh god!"

"Don't you ever worry me like that again!" Amy yells at him and hits him across the face with her paw.

"I'm sorry Amy; don't worry I'm fine, except for my face now..."

Amy cries into his chest. "I lost you once and almost lost you again; don't you ever make me go through that again, please."

Sid leans forward and licks her cheek. He begins to gently pet her head. "Shssh, it's ok; I'm here for you now. Don't cry Amy; I'm fine and you won't get rid of me that easily." He nuzzles her cheek.

Amy sniffles and looks at him with a pained expression. "I was so worried that I would lose you; I could feel my heart tearing apart at the possibility." She buries her head into his chest. "I don't want to lose you, never again; I want you to stay with me and never leave."

"I will never leave you Amy; no matter what. I have no reason to go; you are my entire world and life. All I need is my family and I am complete." Sid assures her.

Amy looks at him with tears in her eyes. She slides up along his body and nuzzles his face.

She whispers into his ears. "When will it be time then?"

He gives her a puzzled look. "Time; time for what?"

She smiles and nuzzles his neck. "Time to start our own family."

Sid's eyes widen. "What? You can't possibly be thinking of that now..."

She gives him a saddened expression. "Why not...I love you so much and I want us to be together fully."

"Yea but, we are still young ourselves Amy; we have all the time in the world to prepare for when we want to further our relationship."

"Sid, this whole incident has shown me that anything can happen that could break us apart. I want to use what time we do have to the fullest because I don't want to risk losing you." She states.

Sid hugs her. "I promise you that I won't let anything happen to you or I while I am still here. I will protect you with my life." He reaches up and wipes a tear from her eye. "For now, let's just focus on what we have gained just recently."

Amy smiles. "Of course, little Pearl; how could I forget about her. She had us so worried when she jumped in after you earlier."

Sid looks around the immediate area. "That's strange; I don't see her anywhere."

Amy steps off of him and looks around as well. "Where could she be? We saw her come up with you two, but now she is gone..."

"Hey Sid!"

Sid and Amy turn their attention and notice Aqua and Topaz approaching.

"What is it?" Sid questions.

"Have you seen Pearl; we can't seem to find her anywhere." Aqua states.

He shakes his head. "No, I haven't seen her since we were about to leave the dark area."

Aqua shudders at the mention of horrid place. "Ugh, that place will haunt me."

"What was it like in there?" Topaz curiously asks.

"It was completely dark, and it felt like there was something constantly pulling on me." She explains.

"That was the dark energy; it tries to consume any Pokémon that isn't a dark type." Sid explains.

Aqua shudders again. "Well whatever it was, I didn't like it; it was uncomfortable and I felt hopeless."

"I'm sorry Aqua for putting you through that." Topaz states.

Aqua gives him a stern look. "Now don't you start that again; you made a promise to not let it bother you and I intend on making you keep that promise."

Topaz sighs in defeat. "Yes ma'am."

Aqua kisses him. "Good; now we have more important issues to deal with like where our sister disappeared to."

Amy nods. "It does seem very unusual that she would disappear like this; usually she wouldn't be able to contain herself and would be begging us to play with her by now."

"Yea which is why I am so worried right now; this is not like her at all. Topaz and I already told Ruby, Jade and Lapis to go looking around for her" Aqua states.

"Well I guess we better split up too so we can find her." Sid suggests.

"Aw no, I am not leaving you again." Amy firmly states and wraps her tail around his body.

"Alright, jeez; you and I will go check towards dad's house since you can just teleport us there."

"Aqua and I will check back towards the thundering falls and our home to see if she went back there." Topaz starts walking away before he suddenly turns around again. "Oh yea, if you two find anything make sure Amy lets us know, ok?"

Sid and Amy nod. "Of course; there would be no reason to-" Amy stops when she feels a slight pressure in her mind.

Sid looks at her with concern. "Is there something wrong Amy?"

She shakes her head. "Hold on, it feels like someone is trying to contact me."

Amy continues to concentrate on the pressure until she starts to hear a voice.

'Amy, it's Charles; I am done with my shopping and I need you to come help me.'

She smiles. "It's just dad; he's done with his errands and he wants me to help him get home."

"Well you better go help him, but don't tell him we lost Pearl or he will freak out." Aqua instructs.

Amy nods. "Of course; last thing we need is him worrying to death." She looks at Sid. "Well come on dear, we are going to help dad get back home. When we get there, we can do a quick search of the house for Pearl."

"Ok let's go." He walks up next to her and places a paw on her back. "We will be sure to let you know if we found her or not; good luck you two."

Amy's eyes flash blue then her and Sid disappear in a blue light.

Topaz turns to Aqua. "Well sis, shall we get going; I don't want to risk missing Pearl if she is in fact home or the lake."

Aqua nods. "Alright let's go; I want to find her as soon as possible because I am getting really worried."

They both dash from the spot towards the lake.

"Where is she?" Charles asks aloud. He starts pacing back and forth. "I sent a clear message to her, so she should have gotten it."

He stops and looks up with a sigh. "Well, I guess I'm going to have to-"

A bright blue light flashes behind Charles and he turns to see Sid and Amy approaching him.

"Ah, there you are Amy; I was afraid my message wouldn't have gotten to you."

Amy smiles. "Yea I got it; a little fuzzy at first but I still managed to understand." She looks at Sid with concern. "Something wrong dear?"

Sid looks up at her with an uneasy expression. "Ugh, how on earth do you stand teleporting; I feel like my lunch is gonna come back up."

She rubs his back with her tail. "It's ok; this was your first time, so you aren't used to it yet. You just need to practice with it for awhile and it will be like second nature."

"I am not doing that again, there is no reason for me to." Sid states.

Amy frowns at him. "Well of course you have to do it again; we have to take dad back to his house and then we have to get back to the others. You have two more times dear."

Sid groans and falls onto his back. "Aw man...I don't want to do that again; it was horrible." He covers his face in his paws.

Amy giggles and walks over to him. "Aw come on, you know you want to spend some more time with me."

Sid moves one of his paws and looks at her. "Yes I do, but not at the expense of revisiting lunch."

"Sid, come on; get up you lazy bum." Amy prods his side with her tail.

He groans and swats her tail away.

Amy sighs, but then an idea pops into her head. She grins as she raises her tail over his stomach.

"Get up or I am going to embarrass you dear."

He looks at her again and then turns his attention to her tail poised above his stomach.

"I don't care about my laugh anymore Amy so you can tickle me all you want; I'm not going to move, just pee myself perhaps."

Amy shakes her head and grins at him. She starts rubbing his stomach with her tail and whispers to him.

"That's not what I meant. I know what happened to you this morning when you woke up at dad's house; the incident with Pearl. I will make that happen again if you don't get up."

Sid looks at her in a surprised manner. "What? How do you know about that?" He looks at Charles. "You told her about what happened to me this morning?"

Charles laughs. "Yes I did, but she actually found out herself. I let her explore the house when we first stopped by there. She went into Pearl's room and could detect your scent but said it smelled thick. I told her what the scent was and why it was there."

Sid looks at Amy with an embarrassed expression. "Well I guess that's out then."

Amy smiles and continues to rub her tail along his stomach. "So what will it be dear; are you going to get up..." She moves her tail lower below his stomach. "...or do I have to make you relive this morning?"

Sid yelps at the sudden advance from his sister and jumps to his feet. He looks at his lower half and breathes a sigh of relief.

'Ok nothing happened; I know I would not be able to control myself if Amy started teasing me like that.' He looks at her. "Don't you dare do that to me again out in open area."

Amy giggles and wraps her tail around his body. "Why not...I don't mind what others see..."

His eyes widen. "You are such a perv you know that?"

She gives him a toothy grin. "What; I can't help it if you are so good looking, that it makes me want you."

Sid blushes.

Amy kisses him. "Relax dear; all of this tension isn't good for your body and I would rather not have anything happen to that." She brushes her tail along his stomach again.

His blush deepens and he looks at Charles with a pleading expression.

'Get me out of here.' He mouths at him.

Charles smiles and shakes his head. "You got yourself into this Sid; this is your problem now."

Sid swallows audibly and turns back to Amy. "Can you let go, so we can get going?"

Amy smiles. "Of course; just don't complain next time we teleport or I won't hold back with the teasing." She looks over at Charles. "Ready to go dad?"

Charles nods. "Yes; just let me get all of my supplies." He walks over and picks up the various items, then returns over to Amy. "Alright, I'm good; just try and make this a gentle ride. I don't want anything to be damaged or lost during the trip back."

"Ok, I promise it will be a smooth teleport." She turns towards Sid. "Come on dear, you have to be touching me in order to go with us; I'll release my tail from you and use that to have contact with dad but you need to find a way to hold on."

Sid thinks to himself and grins. "Alright then, I know the perfect thing to do." He walks behind Amy.

"Well whatever it is you are going to do, hurry it-Oh!"

Sid leans forward to press his body up against Amy's and wraps his paws around her stomach.

Amy turns her head and gives him a mischievous look. "Getting a little brave now, huh?"

He smirks. "Maybe, I kind of like it back here; nice and comfy."

"Oh is it now, well maybe you should spend a little more time back there from now on; I bet it would be nice and comfortable for us both." Amy states with a grin.

"Ahem, if you two are done excessively flirting; can we move on?" Charles questions with an annoyed tone.

Both of them laugh and look towards him. "What's the matter dad; can't handle a little romance?"

Charles scoffs. "Romance? You call that romance? All I see is two overly stimulated siblings about ready to go at each other."

Amy looks back at Sid. "Well when we get home maybe we can continue with stimulating each other without him bothering us."

Sid chuckles and looks up at Charles whom was face palming. "Hehe, don't worry dad; I already told Amy we aren't doing anything that intimate anytime soon. The most we will do is explore a bit; so don't worry there won't be a mess, I promise."

"My god you two..." Charles stares at them in disbelief. "And I thought you two were the ones that were quiet and shy in the family; now you have become lust driven animals."

"Sorry can't help it when I have a gorgeous sister whom constantly teases and plays with me." Sid states.

"Ugh, let's just go; please!" Charles shakes his head.

Amy giggles. "Sure thing dad." She grips her tail around his leg and looks back at Sid. "Ready dear; we are getting ready to go, so please hold your lunch down otherwise you are personally giving me a bath later."

Sid grins. "I might just do that even if I don't hurl; but yes I have a nice grip, so I'm good."

"Alright, here we go." Amy gathers her psychic energy into her jewel. Her eye glow and she becomes enveloped in a blue cloak.

The cloak of energy spreads to Sid and Charles, then they vanish in a bright flash of light. A few moments later, the trio reappears in front of a giant tree in the forest.

"Oh god..." Sid lets go of Amy and runs off into a bush.

Charles laughs. "I guess he couldn't hold it down." He looks down at Amy. "At least he didn't do it all over you."

"Well it's a good thing he's getting rid of it now; that way I don't have to worry about him doing it on the next trip." Amy states.

Sid returns with a disgusted look on his face. "Ugh my god...berries taste good when going down but not when coming back up."

"You ok Sid?" Charles questions.

Sid waves his paw. "Yea, I'm good now; it's all gone, just not in the way I had wanted."

"Well if you are good now, why don't you come inside and relax?" Charles offers.

"Yes, please; I need to lie down for a bit before we leave again." Sid admits.

Amy giggles. "Aw poor baby doesn't feel good; do you want me to make you feel better?"

Sid gives her a sideways look. "Not now you; it's impolite to do anything you are thinking of inside of dad's house."

Amy gives him a sly look. "Who said we have to go inside; we can stay out here for a bit."

Sid shakes his head. "Dad is right, you really are a lust driven animal..." He leans in and licks her neck up to her cheek. "...but I like that; it's nice."

Charles sighs. "So much for your upset stomach; all you ever need is to be teased and you feel perfectly fine."

"Not true; Amy isn't making my stomach feel better, she is just distracting me from it." Sid states.

"Alright then, well I will leave the door open for you two if you wish to come inside." Charles turns and opens the door, then steps inside of the house.

Amy looks at Sid with a mischievous smile. "Well we are all alone brother; what do you want to do?"

Sid shakes his head. "Have you forgotten the real reason we are here; we need to look for Pearl, remember?"

"Oh yea, I can't believe I forgot..."

"It's ok, don't worry about it; let's just start looking." Sid looks towards the house. "I will look inside, you look outside."

Amy gives him a pouting face. "You want to separate...?"

He nuzzles her face. "Come on Amy, you know as well as I do we will cover more ground when we look in different areas; don't worry it is only for a short while. I promise you as soon as I'm done checking inside, I will come out here and find you."

Amy smiles. "Ok, but you better come find me; I don't like being without you for long."

Sid laughs. "I promise; now let's go."

Amy nods and runs off towards the bushes.

Sid sighs. "It feels so weird to see her run off like that; it almost pains me to be away from her even right now." He shakes his head. "No time to think like that; I need to go look for Pearl."

He turns and walks inside.

"Where could she be?"

"I don't know; Pearl usually doesn't disappear like this." Lapis states.

Jade sighs. "We have been looking for what seems like forever, but there is still no sign of her."

Lapis stops and sits down. "Jade can we stop for awhile, I need to rest."

Jade gives her a confused expression. "You need to rest?"

Lapis nods. "Yes, I don't know why but I feel weird and tingly. Also, all of my energy feels drained."

"Maybe you should lie down then; I'll stay here to you to keep you company." Jade states.

"Ok then, I do feel kind of warm too; maybe I should air myself out." Lapis lies down and rolls onto her back. "I don't know why, but it feels like I have a burning feeling in my stomach."

Jade walks over to her. "A burning feeling, in your stomach? That's kind of weird especially since you're an ice type."

"Plus, I feel kind of itchy."

Jade looks at her with a confused expression. "You feel...itchy; where?"

Lapis blushes. "Well, um..."

"Lapis, whatever it is, you can tell me; now what is it that is bothering you?"

"Maybe it will be easier if I show you..." Lapis suggests.

Jade raises an eyebrow. "Ok..."

Lapis sprawls her body out and relaxes her muscles. "Down there." She tilts her head.

Jade walks around to her lower stomach and looks. She stares at Lapis' body for a few moments then looks up at her and smiles.

"Well isn't this a pleasant surprise..."

Lapis gives her a curious look. "What do you mean?"

Jade walks back up to her face and kisses her. "You are experiencing your first heat Lapis."

Lapis' eyes widen. "What?"

Jade giggles. "It means you are at the age where you are ready to mate dear. Do not worry; it is nothing bad."

Lapis looks at her body. "I'm mate?"

Jade gives her a concerned look. "Did mom not explain any of this to you?"

Lapis shakes her head. "No, she never said anything about it to me."

"Oh boy..."

Lapis looks at her. "Is that bad?"

"Well, no...but you still need to know all of the details behind it." Jade states.

Lapis gives her a pleading look. "Can you teach me?"

Jade smiles and nods. "Of course dear; I'll teach you. What would you like to know?"

"Why do I feel tingly down there?"

Jade giggles. "Well that's how your body tells you it's in heat; but that isn't the only way it lets you know."

Lapis gives her a curious look. "There are other ways?"

"Yes, another way is the burning sensation you feel." Jade states.

Lapis tilts her head. "You mean the one in my tummy?"

Jade shakes her head. "It's not in your stomach though; it's in your womb, but I will go into detail about that later."

"Is there any other ways?"

"Yes, there are two other ways; one is that you release an aroma that usually attracts males to you, but in our case it will probably attract me to you." Jade grins.

Lapis blushes and giggles. "I'm going to make you want to mate with me?"

Jade smiles. "Well, I already want to do that with you, but yes the feeling of wanting to do so becomes an overwhelming desire for anyone who smells your scent."

"So it's kind of like an attract attack?"

Jade nods. "Pretty much." She looks down at Lapis' lower body. "There is one last way your body lets you know when you're in heat."

"What is it?"

"Look down at the spot where you feel itchy and you will see." Jade instructs.

Lapis rolls onto her side and lifts her back leg. She stares at her lower half in curiosity.

"Why does it look like that?"

Jade giggles. "It does that to make the act of mating easier. It makes you much more sensitive to any acts of stimulation down there. Also, it is waiting for you to complete the mating process so you can have children."

Lapis gives her a surprised look. "Children?"

"Of course. When you mate with a male when you're in heat, you have a very high chance of becoming pregnant. If you become pregnant, it means you will eventually give birth to a litter of children." Jade explains.

"So I would become a mom?"

"Yep, you would be a mom to your very own litter."

"What happens if I mate with another girl?" Lapis gives her a curious expression.

"Nothing happens; you cannot become pregnant unless you mate with a male."

Lapis' ears lowers and she frowns.

"What's the matter Lapis?" Jade gives her a concerned look.

Lapis gives her a saddened look. "I want to be a mom, but I can't do it if I am with you..." A tear falls from her eyes.

Jade hugs her and nuzzles her head. "Shssh, it's ok Lapis." Jade looks up at the sky and sighs. 'I knew telling her this would break her heart...'

Lapis sniffles. "So there is no hope for us...?"

Jade looks at her with a hurtful expression. "If that's how you feel, I can understand Lapis; I will not hold you back if you wish to seek a male companion." She releases her sister from the hug.

Lapis' eyes widen. "But I-"

Jade raises a paw up. "It's ok Lapis; I can understand how you feel. I knew that I would never be able to fulfill the full role of a mate for you." Jade sighs. "I guess this means that you will want to find a new mate now..." She lowers her head and starts to walk away.

"Jade, no please; wait!" She runs after her and pounces her to the ground. "I don't want you to leave me; please don't make me live without you."

Jade looks at her with a guilty expression. "Lapis, I don't want to hold you back from your dream of becoming a mom. Don't throw it away just because you don't want to hurt my feelings."

Lapis cries into her cheek. "I do want to be a mom someday but I love you too much to leave you for that dream. If staying with the one I love most means I must give up on that dream, then so be it."

Jade looks away from her. "Lapis, no...don't give up on it just because of me."

Lapis looks at her with a hurtful expression. "Jade...why are you pushing me away?

"Because I love you too much to see you sad like this."

Lapis kisses her. "Jade the only reason why I am sad is because you want to leave me; I don't want you to go."

Jade shakes her head. "I don't want to leave you, but I realize I cannot give you what you want."

"But I only want you..."

Jade stares at her.

"I would give up everything just to be with you; you cannot make me think otherwise. I do not care if I don't become a mom if I stay with you; you're all I need."

Jade smiles. "You're too kind to me Lapis." She nuzzles her neck.

"Thank you...I don't know if I could go on without you." She licks her cheek. "Though it would be great to be a mom; it's even better just being with you."

"There may be a way for you to have both."

Lapis gives her a surprised look. "What; how?"

"Well it's not my choice to make..."

"But if there's a way that I can have both then I would do anything." Lapis states.

Jade shakes her head. "It's not entirely your choice either."

Lapis tilts her head in confusion. "Huh; who's choice is it?"

"Let me explain first, and then you will understand why."

"Ok, what is it?" Lapis questions.

Jade takes a deep breath. "Well as I said before; you can only become pregnant if you mate with a male. We don't want to chance some male becoming overly aggressive towards you so we must ask one we can trust."

"I don't understand Jade."

"What I am saying Lapis is that we need a male donor." Jade explains

Lapis gives her a confused look. "A male...donor?"

Jade nods. "A donor is a male who agrees to make you pregnant but will give the responsibility of caring for the children to both of us."

Lapis' eyes widen. "So you are suggesting that I get some random male Pokémon to mate me so both you and I can have a family?"

"Well not just any male; it has to be one we trust and is ok with the idea."

"So that's what you meant when you said it wasn't our decision." Lapis states.

"You still have to make the decision to go through with this, Lapis."

Lapis thinks to herself for a moment. She looks at Jade and smiles.

"If it means being able to share the joys of being a mother with you, then I accept."

Jade smiles. "That's sweet of you Lapis, but remember it is not your decision solely."

Lapis nods. "I know." She looks at her with a curious expression. "But who would agree to do this for us?"

"I have two in mind."

Lapis tilts her head. "Who?"

Jade looks at her. "Topaz and Sid."

Lapis' eyes widen. "What!?"

"Think about it Lapis; we don't know anyone else outside of our family. We can trust Topaz or Sid to do the right thing; I can assure you." Jade states.

"But won't our sisters get upset?"

Jade sighs. "Well that's where the other decisions come into play. Topaz and Sid will have to discuss this with Ruby, Aqua and Amy. If they agree then all we have to do is decide when you want to make it happen, but if they don't agree then I'm afraid we will just have to live without. I don't trust any male Pokémon outside of the family with this."

Lapis nods. "I understand; they would probably take advantage of me."

"Exactly." Jade smiles at her. "There are two decisions we would still have to make if they agree to help us."

Lapis gives her a curious look. "What else would I have to decide?"

Jade giggles. "Well dear, you have to decide which of our brothers you would mate with if they both agreed; unless of course, you think you can handle mating both of them."

Lapis blushes. "Uh, I don't know if I could handle both of them." She looks at Jade and sees her blushing. "What is it Jade?"

Jade snaps out of her thoughts. "Huh?"

"You were blushing."

"Oh, I was thinking about the other decision we would have to make." Jade states.

Lapis tilts her head. "What is it?"

"Well it's actually the first decision we have to make out of all of this."

"What?" Lapis confusedly asks.

Jade's blush deepens. "We have to decide which one of us is going to be the one who gets mated."

Lapis' eyes widen. "You mean you want to have your own children too?"

Jade smiles and nods. "Yes, I have always wanted to be a mom."

Lapis hugs her. "That's great Jade." She releases her sister and thinks to herself. "I guess that would be a tough decision, but wouldn't be whichever one of us was in heat?"

"Yea I know that but our heat cycles usually occur around the same time of the year every time we get them." Jade looks at her sister. "Mine actually ended yesterday."

Lapis gives her a surprised expression. "Yesterday; so you mean you already had your first one?"

Jade nods. "Yes, my heat cycle ended actually not yesterday but early this morning. They usually last for a couple of days and then it goes away, so don't worry; the burning feeling, itchiness, and fatigue will all go away in a few days."

"So it takes a couple days for this to go away?"

"Yea, but there is a way to end your heat cycle early." Jade states.

Lapis gives her a curios look. "How?"

Jade takes a deep breath. "The only way for you heat cycle to end early is if you mate with a male Pokémon."

"Well we could always ask Sid or Topaz right?"

Jade shakes her head. "The reason why your heat cycle would stop is because you would become pregnant and we aren't ready for that yet."

Lapis' ears lower. "Oh..."

Jade places a paw on her shoulder. "It's ok Lapis; it's just that we are still kind of young ourselves and I would rather wait until we are absolutely sure we are ready."

Lapis nods. "I understand, but there is one question I have."

Jade gives her a curious looks and motions for her to continue.

Lapis smiles. "Who gets to be the mom first?"

Jade looks at her. "I already thought about that Lapis."

"You have?"

"Of course." Jade smiles. "Both of us."

Lapis gasps. "You mean...?"

Jade nods. "Yes, I want us both to have children; if both of our brothers agree that is. I will ask whomever you don't choose."

Lapis happily cries and hugs her. "Thank you Jade; I love you so much."

"I love you too Lapis." Jade gently pets her head.

Lapis groans and shifts uncomfortably. "Ugh, this itchy feeling is getting really annoying and the burning feeling is really starting to hurt."

"Lapis how long have you been like this; do you know?"

Lapis thinks to herself for a moment. "I think this is the third day."

Jade's eyes widen. "So you have been like this for awhile now?"

Lapis nods. "Yes, but when I first started feeling like this; I didn't think anything of it and just ignored it." She winces. "But now, it's unbearable."

"Well there is a way for the itchiness and burning feeling to go away, but it's only temporary." Jade states.

Lapis gives her a pleading look. "What is it; I will do anything to make this go away, even if it is only for a short while."

Jade grins and pounces on her.

Lapis looks at her in shock and confusion. "Jade, what was that for?"

Jade leans forward and begins to slowly nip along Lapis' neck. She stops and gives her sister a toothy grin.

"The way how we can make your pain go away, at least for just now, is if you and I mate right now."

Lapis' eyes widen. "But I thought you said mating with another girl doesn't do anything."

Jade smiles and shakes her head. "No, mating with another girl won't get you pregnant, but it will relieve you of your heat temporarily; if that is what you wish to do?"

Lapis nods vigorously. "Yes, please Jade; I want to mate with you."

"Then no more words; just lie back and relax." Jade grins and begins to slide down her sister's body.

"Jade what are you-"

Jade raises a paw to her lips. "Shssh, just relax and enjoy yourself."

Lapis nods slowly and lies her head back.

Jade looks at her sister's lower body with interest. 'I can't believe I am about to pleasure her for the first time...' She looks up at Lapis and smiles. "Ok Lapis, what I am about to do might feel weird at first but just try to relax and control yourself."

Lapis looks up at her and gives her a confused look. "What do you mean?"

Jade grins. "You will find out." Jade starts to lower her head towards Lapis' body.

"Hi guys; whatcha doing?"

Jade freezes. 'Uh oh...' She slowly turns her head and sees Pearl looking at her with curiosity.

Lapis tilts her head and gasps when she sees Pearl. She immediately closes her legs and rolls onto her side.

Pearl continues to stare at them. "Jade what were you doing to Lapis?"

Jade stammers in her speech. "I-I, uh, um..."

Pearl tilts her head. "How come it looked like you were about to lick her-"

"Ok that's enough about that." Lapis interrupts. She walks over to Pearl and gives her a serious look. "Pearl, just forget what you saw; Jade was just playing a game."

"Ooh neat; can I play?" Pearl innocently asks.

Lapis looks at Jade with a concerned expression.

"Pearl we were worried sick about you; where have you been?" Jade suddenly questions.

"I was playing." Pearl states.

Jade and Lapis give her a confused look. "Playing?"

Pearl nods. "Yea, I was playing around by the big waterfall for a little while, then I went to daddy's house but he wasn't there, so I went back to the cave and didn't see anyone there."

"How can that be?" Lapis looks at Jade with a confused look.

Jade shakes her head and looks at Pearl. "Pearl, how could you have been all of those places; the waterfall, dad's house, and our home are all far away from each other."

Pearl giggles. "I used my new trick to do it silly."

Jade raises an eyebrow. "Your...trick?"

Pearl smiles. "Yea all I do is close my eyes and then I start to feel tingly and when I open my eyes; I am at the place I was thinking of. Pretty neat huh?"

Lapis and Jade look at each other then at her with skeptical expressions.

"That's quite a story Pearl; why don't you show us your trick?" Lapis asks.

Pearl nods. "Ok; watch." Pearl starts thinking to herself. "Ah, I know where I want to go." She waves her paw at her sisters and closes her eyes.

Jade and Lapis continue to stare at her. "Ok, she's just standing there..." Lapis states.

Jade shakes her head. "See, she was just playing games with-"

Pearl's body begins to glow and she suddenly fades away.

Jade and Lapis stare, wide eyed, at the spot where used to be.

"W-What just happened...?" Lapis hesitantly asks.

Jade blinks a couple of times. "I don't know; she just disappeared...again."



End Chapter 9


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