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- Celesteon - Reunion Arc - Ch. 10

#12 of Celesteon, the Apprentice of Light

...Chapter 10...

This chapter is probably going to get me killed, but oh well; enjoy the read.

*Note - "..." = Normal conversation. '...' = Character's own thoughts. 'Italics' = Telepathic conversation.*

**Warning** This chapter, once again, contains massive amounts of flirting and scenes of suggestive sexual nature. No yiff still, but if you all behave maybe, just maybe, I might include one somewhere down the road. If any of this scars you...why are you here?

Pokémon © of Nintendo & Gamefreak. Storyline and characters © of me (Enigma Eevee).


- Celesteon, the Apprentice of Light -

Reunion Arc - Ch. 10


"Aqua, did you find anything?" Topaz questions.

Aqua frowns and shakes her head. "No...I searched all around the thundering falls and even under the water just in case; there was no sign of her."

Topaz sighs. "Where could she have gone...?"

"I don't know, but at this rate we will never find her." Aqua starts softly crying.

Topaz walks over and hugs her. "Shssh, it's ok sis; we will find her, I promise you."

Aqua looks up at him with tears falling from her face. "How can you be so sure?"

Topaz smiles and nuzzles her cheek. "Because, I believe that we will and nothing will make me think otherwise."

Aqua closes her eyes and sighs contently. "You are always so positive; it always cheers me up."

Topaz licks her cheek. "I am happy you feel that way. All you have to remember is to keep a positive mind and nothing can stop you."

"But...what if we really don't find her?"

"Don't ever think like that Aqua; always tell yourself that we will find her no matter what." He looks at her. "If there's something I have learned; it's that even false hope is better than no hope at all."

Aqua sniffles and leans into his chest. "We will find her...I know we will; we have to..." Her voice trails off as her breathing starts to steady.

"Rest now Aqua; I will stay with you until you are ready to look again." Topaz whispers. A tear slowly descends from his eye as he looks down at his sister.

'Please Pearl...come back to us; the family won't be the same without you...'

Sid cautiously enters the tree home and searches the immediate area.

"Hm...I guess I should start with the living room then." Sid walks into the living room of the house and looks around with no luck. "Not here...well onto the next room."

Sid continues to search the whole house and fails to find the missing eevee.

"This is ridiculous, where on earth could she be?"


Sid freezes and turns around to notice Charles standing in the entryway of the room.


"Who are you talking about Sid?" Charles questions.

Sid swallows audibly. 'Aw man, why did I have to get stuck with him...?'

"Is there something bothering you?" Charles raises an eyebrow.

Sid's eyes start darting around the room. 'Oh man, what am I going to do; he can't know Pearl is missing...ugh this sucks.'

Charles kneels in front of Sid and pets his head. "Sid, I can see that you are worried about something by the color of your aura; now tell me what's wrong."

Sid's eyes widen. "You can what?"

Charles sits down in front of him. "With my ability to manipulate aura, I also have the ability to read other Pokémon's auras. The color of the aura reflects what type of emotion they are feeling. Your aura color is normal blue but it has traces of green in it which symbolizes nervousness and a state of worry."

Sid's ears lower.

"Don't worry about it; I cannot read your mind like Amy can but I do have the ability to tell when someone is hiding emotions." He reaches out and lifts Sid into his arms. "Now tell me what is it that has you worried."

'This isn't good...what am I going to do...' Sid thinks to himself.


Sid looks at him and smiles. "Don't worry about it dad, I guess I was just getting a little too into the game."

Charles gives him a confused expression. "Game?"

Sid nods. "Yea, we are playing hide and seek and I am supposed to be finding everyone. I thought Pearl would be hiding here since she knows where it is, but she doesn't seem to be here either."

"Is that why Amy is outside; to look for her out there?"

"Yes, I found Amy a little while ago or rather she found me..." Sid's voice trails off.

Charles laughs. "I didn't think she would hide from you; she would rather have both you and her hide from everyone else, especially the way she is."

Sid smiles. "Yea...she does seem to be overly attracted to me." He sighs. "I guess you were right about her having those feelings for me, but I never knew they were this strong."

"Well, it's all of her emotions pouring out after being hidden away from everyone." Charles states.

Sid sighs. "Yea I can understand, but I am starting to think it is a bit too much; I mean earlier I told her that having my family was all I needed to feel complete." He gives Charles a sideways look. "Do you know what her response to that was?"

Charles gives him a puzzled expression. "What was it she said?"

"She asked me when it was time to start our own family..."

Charles smiles. "Is that all?"

Sid looks at Charles. "Is it all...are you serious; she is asking me to mate her so we can start our own family."

"I know, but why is it you are denying her that request?" Charles inquires.

Sid's ears lower. "I don't know...I just feel as though I'm not ready for something like that. I just feel like there is still so much more we can accomplish before we decide to settle down."

Charles smiles and places a paw on Sid's back. "I am proud of you my little umbreon; you are growing up to be wise just like your father."

Sid gives him a confused look. "What do you mean?"

"You analyze things before you act which is a very important trait to learn. I agree with you that you are too young for children of your own, but I also feel that you should not deny Amy fully." Charles explains.

"Then what should I do; I am so confused and I don't want to push her away..." Sid lowers his head.

Charles rubs his back. "Sid, you have to tell her this; that you aren't ready. Just make sure that you do not completely deny her though. I have seen the way she acts around you; it is very suggestive which means she wants to further your relationship. My advice to tell you is to fulfill her request; make her feel as though you wish to make your relationship full but you must also let her know that you aren't prepared for children of your own."

"This isn't good..."

"What's the matter?" Charles asks with a worried tone.

Sid sighs. "I have already told her that I wish to wait awhile before we have kids because I feel I am not ready for such responsibility..."

Charles smiles. "Well that's good; I'm sure she understands."

Sid shakes his head. "But that's not the problem."

"What is it?"

"I have told Amy that I wish to hold off on having kids but I also said I didn't want to do anything like mating anytime soon too." Sid sorrowfully states.

Charles picks up Sid and sets him in front of him. "How did she take it?"

"She got really sad...she said she wanted to be with me fully and I told her we have all the time in the world to wait to do so; I denied her the one thing she wanted most with me..." A tear falls from Sid's eye.

Charles reaches over and wipes the tear away. "Then you must go to her now; show her that you wish to take the next step and be one."

Sid looks up at him. "But how should I tell her, especially after what I did." He lowers his head again.

Charles lifts Sid's head and smiles at him. "You did not listen to what I said; I said to show her that you wish to take the next step." He winks.

Sid's eyes widen. "You want me to do it now? But I thought you were against that?"

Charles shakes his head. "I was never against it; as a matter of fact, I truthfully am for the idea of you mating her now."

"I would have never thought you would have been ok with the idea of us mating so soon."

Charles places a paw on his shoulder. "The reasoning as to why I believe all of you are ready for the next step is because you already demonstrate that you have the knowledge and willpower to do so. Also, as much as you two flirt around with each other; I knew it would only be a matter of time before it would happen."

Sid looks at him. "Are you sure you are completely ok with us doing that this soon though?"

Charles sighs. "Sid, what you must realize is that mating doesn't always get a female pregnant; that only occurs if they are in heat. You are not restricted to only mating during that time. It can be done whenever you wish and it is something lovers do to comfort each other and strengthen the bond they have. Having you all mate with each other so soon shows that you truly are dedicated to each other and will allow you to prove it to one another."

Sid smiles. "I am so happy you let us all be together the way we are now." Sid tilts his head at him. "It does seem weird that you know all of this yet you have never had a girl to love."

 "If you want to know the truth Sid, it is that I am jealous of the relationships you and all of your siblings have. You see, since I never found love in my life, I have always felt envy for those who have; you and your siblings are no different from the others I have seen." Charles explains.

"You are jealous of us?"

Charles nods. "I felt great joy that you all were able to experience something that I never did, but I also felt jealousy." He looks at Sid. "This is why I am telling you what you must do with Amy; please do not let this chance slip away."

Sid smiles and hugs Charles. "Thank you dad; you truly are a caring guardian to me."

Charles pats his head and sets him down. "Thank you for your kind words Sid; now go and find Amy. She needs to be shown just how much love you feel for her."

Sid nuzzles him and then runs off.

Charles watches the eager umbreon run out of the house. "He is so easy to cheer up..." He slowly rises to his feet. "Well I guess I ought to start getting everything ready for tomorrow."

He smiles to himself and walks back into his work area.

"Pearl...where could you be?" Amy uses her tail to move aside a brush. She sighs. "I wish we could find her; this whole situation has gotten me so tensed up."

She wanders over to a small clearing and looks around. "Not here either..." She sits down and looks up at the sky. "I wish Sid was here right now; he always cheers me up." She slowly closes her eyes and starts to meditate.

A sound alerts Amy and she opens her eyes. "Huh; what was that?" She rises to her feet and starts looking around the clearing. "That's funny; I could have sworn I heard a-"

The noise sounds again and she turns around. She slowly begins to approach a patch of bushes.

"Whatever it is; it's coming from in here." She raises her tail and slowly begins to separate the bush apart. When the bush fully opens up she looks around in confusion.

"That's strange; I'm sure that the sound was coming from here..." She shrugs and starts to turn around but stops when she notices a slight pull on her feet. She looks down and her eyes widen.

"What the...what's happening?" She starts squirming around but to no avail. "Let me go!"

She begins to sink into the ground faster the more she thrashed around until she was completely gone.

Amy slowly opens her eyes and squeals at the sight before her. "Ah; what are you?!"

The figure before her laughs. "Hehe, so easily frightened."

Amy's eyes widen. 'That voice...'

The figure grins. "Relax dear; all of this tension isn't good for your body and I would rather not have anything happen to that."

Amy gasps. "Sid!?"

He laughs. "Yep, it's me; I'm surprised it took you so long to figure it out."

Amy stares at him. "Why do you look different?"

Sid tilts his head. "Different; how would I look-Oh wait, I forgot about my rings; hold on a sec." He closes his eyes and gathers his energy. He slowly begins to let the energy pulse out and illuminates his rings.

"That look better?"

Amy nods. "Yes; you look weird without your rings." She looks around. "Where are we?"

Sid smiles. "We are inside of the shadow of dad's house; the big shadow that covered the whole clearing you were in."

Amy's eyes widen. "You mean you used your ability on me?"

Sid nods. "Yea, I wanted to see how you would react..."

Amy gives him a stern look and starts to approach him.

Sid looks at her with a fearful expression. "I-I'm sorry Amy, I didn't mean anything by it..."

Amy stops in his face and whispers to him. "Get me out of"

"Y-Yes ma'am."

The shadowy world around them begins to fade and light shines in their eyes as they resurface from the ground.

"There we go, back in the regular world...Amy?" Sid looks and sees her facing away from him. He walks up next to her and gives her a worried expression. "Is there something wrong Amy?"

She gives him a sideways look. "Are you happy now; toying with me?"

Sid stares in shock. "I-I didn't mean to; I was just playing around..."

Amy wraps her tail around his neck and pulls him closer to her. "That wasn't what I would call fun."

Sid's ears lower. "I'm sorry Amy, I was just trying to cheer you up; I overheard what you said about being all tensed up and wanting me to be there. I thought I would just play with you a little bit but I didn't mean to hurt your feelings."

Amy releases her tail and turns to face him. "Well, even though you did play a mean joke, I will forgive you; at least you came and found me." She smiles.

Sid smiles and nuzzles her cheek. "Thank you Amy, but..."

Amy gives him a curious look. "But...?"

Sid licks her cheek and whispers to her. "That wasn't the only game I wanted to play with you."

Amy gives him a confused look. "You want to play another game?"

Sid nods. "Yea, I want to play since we haven't been able to do that at all recently."

"Ok, how do we play?"

Sid grins. "Well first you need to stand up."

Amy stands up and looks at him. "Ok, what's next?"

"Now hold still." Sid instructs. He slowly walks up to her and rubs his head along her body.

"Sid, what are you doing?"

Sid looks at her and smiles. "I am getting you ready to play the game."

Amy gives him a puzzled look. "...By nuzzling my body?"

Sid rubs his head along her side up to her face. "Well the game I had in mind should have you as relaxed as possible and since I know you like it when I do this to you; I figured it was the best way."

Amy purrs. "Well it's working because I already feel relaxed."

Sid whispers to her. " we get to play." He pushes her onto the ground.

Amy squeaks and looks up at him in a shocked expression. "Hey! What was that for-"

Sid walks over top her body and straddles her. He leans forward and kisses her to silence her. After a few moments he breaks away and grins.

"Do you like the game so far?"

Amy looks up at him with a grin and purrs. "Yes...and I want to keep playing."

Sid smiles and starts to gently nip her neck. He slowly starts moving down her body until he stops at her stomach.

Amy lets out a whine of disappointment. "Aw...why did you stop?"

Sid slowly lowers himself onto her body. "Because I want to start the real part of the game."

Amy gives him a curious look. "And what is this part you are talking about?"

Sid licks her neck. "...Being one with you..."

Amy's eyes widen. "You mean you want to...?"

Sid nods. "Yes, I realized earlier that I should have never denied you what you wanted, but I have to tell you something Amy."

"What is it?" She curiously asks.

"Though I do wish to mate with you; I stand by my decision earlier." Sid states.

Amy tilts her head.

"Amy, we are still young ourselves, so I feel it is in our best interest that we wait to start a family of our own but..." He grins and licks her neck slowly. "...until the day comes that we are finally ready; I promise I will happily mate with you as much as you want."

Amy cries out happily and hugs him. "Thank you so much Sid; I love you!" She leans up and kisses him.

Sid breaks away from the kiss with a grin. "You still taste like berries...and I like it."

Amy giggles. "I am happy that you enjoy my taste."

Sid's grin widens and he glances down behind him. "If your mouth tastes that good, I wonder how you will taste down there..."

Amy murrs. "Why don't you find out; I would be more than happy to help you with that."

Sid nuzzles her neck and nips at it. He slowly descends along her body until he stops at her lower abdomen. He nuzzles his face along her body.

Amy releases a small moan. "Sid..."

He looks up at her. "Yes Amy?"

She grins. "Stop being such a tease you sexy umbreon. I want you to do it; please...mate with me!" She begs.

"As you wish my love..." He looks down at her body and licks his lips. He slowly descends his face towards her lower abdomen and sniffs. "You smell so sweet..."


Sid chuckles. "Someone is overly eager; don't worry, I will make sure that you will never forget this moment." He teasingly licks her body. "Now relax and I will-"

Sid stops as a faint glow of light moves through the air. He steps away from Amy and stares at the light.

Amy lets out a whine. "Sid...what's the matter; is there something wrong?"

"I don't know; this light suddenly appeared and it feels familiar." He states and points at the glowing blur moving towards them.

Amy rolls to her side and looks at the light. "What is that?"

Both Sid and Amy stare at the light as it slowly descends into the clearing. As soon as the light touches the ground, it pulses and fades away.

Sid gasps. "PEARL!?"

Amy's eyes widen. "W-What just happened; where did she come from?"

Pearl smiles. "Amy, Sid!" She runs over and tackles Sid to the ground.

"Ooof!" Sid looks around with a dazed expression. "Ugh god..."

Pearl nuzzles his face. "I got you again big brother!"

Sid looks at her. "Yes, yes you did..." He looks over at Amy. 'Get her off of me...'

Amy smiles and nods. She looks at Pearl and her eyes flash blue.

"Ah!" Pearl shouts out as she begins to float off of Sid.

"Where have you been Pearl; all of us have been worried sick about you." Amy sternly states.

Pearl looks at her with a guilty expression and her ears drop. "I'm sorry, but I was playing."

"Playing with whom?" Sid questions.

Pearl looks at him. "No one, I was just exploring using my new trick."

Amy gives her a puzzled expression. "You have a new trick?"

Pearl nods. "Yep."

"Oh and what is it?" Amy questions.

Pearl smiles and giggles. "Jade and Lapis asked me the same thing."

Amy gives her a surprised look. "What? You were with Jade and Lapis?"

"Yea, I found them with my new trick. When I got there they were playing a game."

Sid tilts his head. "A game?"

Pearl nods. "Yea, that's what Lapis said it was. She was lying on her back and Jade was getting ready to lick right under her tummy."

Amy and Sid's eyes widen and they look at each other. 'So they were getting ready to mate with each other just like we were...'

'Looks like it; I kind of feel sorry for them. They were so close and then Pearl shows up and stops them.'

'So were we...which means you still owe me Sid; I didn't get that worked up just for you to forget.' Amy rubs her tail along his back.

Sid smiles. 'I promise as soon as we get another moment alone that I will mate you until you beg me to stop.'

Amy grins and rubs her tail across his underside. 'One problem dear...'

'And what is that?'

Amy leans over and kisses him. 'I will never want you to stop; I want to mate with you forever.'

'As do I, but you know we can't keep it up forever; let's just go all out this time since it is our first.'

"Ooh, kissy stuff." Pearl states with a giggle.

Amy and Sid blush and pull away from each other. Amy looks at Pearl and smiles.

"Yes we were kissing Pearl; it's how Sid and I show that we love each other."

"I know, remember daddy told me that when we were in Topaz's room."

Amy giggles. "Yes I remember; you were so cute and innocent." She nuzzles Pearl's cheek.

Pearl licks her face.

"So Pearl; is this new trick you were talking about what you used to help us get out of the dark place?" Sid inquires.

Pearl nods. "Yep the same thing. It's really fun to do."

"Can you do it again but don't disappear this time; we don't want to have to start looking for you all over again."

"What do you want me to do then?" Pearl asks.

Sid thinks to himself. "How about you just move around the clearing here using your trick?"

Pearl smiles. "Ok!" She runs a few feet away from Amy and Sid then turns and faces them. "Ok, here I go; you ready?"

"Go ahead Pearl; show us what you can do!" Amy calls to her.

Pearl closes her eyes and begins to concentrate.

Amy and Sid stare in curiosity, waiting for something to happen. Their eyes widen as Pearl begins to glow.

"It looks like she is evolving..." Amy states.

"Whatever is happening; it's too bright for me to look at." Sid explains as he shields his eyes.

Pearl body begins to slowly fade away into a ray of light.

"Uh oh; where did she go? I told her not to disappear again." Sid worriedly states.

"No, look; she's still here but now she is moving around over there." Amy points across the clearing.

Sid looks and sees a glowing ribbon of light energy moving freely around the clearing, doing various tricks.

"What did she do...?"

Amy shakes her head. "I don't know..." She turns to Sid. "You think we should tell dad about this?"

Sid nods. "Yea, maybe he can figure out what this new ability of Pearl's is." He looks and notices the glow approaching them. "Looks like she is coming back."

The glow lands on the ground in front of them and fades away to reveal Pearl.

"So what did you think; neat huh?" Pearl gleefully asks.

"Wow, I have never seen anything like it before Pearl; when did you learn to do that?" Amy questions.

Pearl starts to answer but Sid stops her.

"Wait a minute; maybe we should let everyone know we found you first. All of us were worried sick about you Pearl and everyone, I believe, is still looking; so let's tell them where you are." Sid suggests.

"Good idea; I can go get everyone and bring them back here. You two go to dad's house, but do not go inside." Amy instructs.

Sid gives her a confused look. 'Why can't we go inside dad's house?'

'Because tomorrow is Pearl's birthday and dad is planning a big surprise for her. I don't want to spoil it for her; so just keep her outside.'

Sid nods. "Alright we won't go inside; I'm sure Pearl and I can think of plenty of things to do while we wait for you..." He turns towards Pearl and ruffles her head fur. "Isn't that right?"

Pearl giggles and swats his paw away. "Yea, we can do lots of stuff!"

"Alright then, I'll be back in a few moments; you two behave." Amy instructs them then teleports away.

Sid looks at Pearl and smiles. "Ok Pearl, what do you wanna do?"

"I never got to learn how to swim..." She looks up at him with pleading eyes. "Can we go to the waterfall?"

Sid gives her a surprised look. "Pearl, I'm not the best to be teaching you how to swim and besides; the waterfall is far from here both you and I know that."

Pearl giggles. "But I can make us go there really fast with my new trick."

Sid sighs. "There is no point in arguing with you is there? Alright, fine we will go to the waterfall but I will need to contact Amy when we get there."

Pearl gleefully yells and hugs him. "Yay; thank you, thank you, thank you!"

Sid laughs. "Ok calm down before you die from excitement."

Pearl steps away from him smiling with her tail wagging vigorously.

"Someone excited?" He teasingly asks.

Pearl's tail starts wagging faster and her body begins to wiggle back and forth.

"Alright, let's go before you possibly pounce on me again. You ready to go?"

Pearl nods and jumps up and down. "Yep; let's go!" She runs over and jumps onto his back.

"Whenever you're ready Pearl; send us on our way." Sid instructs.

Pearl smiles. "Ok!" She closes her eyes and begins to glow. A cocoon of light envelops her and Sid then they fade away into a ray of light.

"Why did they have to send me to find Pearl on my own; I hate being away from Aqua and Topaz." Ruby complains as she looks around a clearing.

She looks up to the sky and closes her eyes. "Oh how I wish I could be with them right now..."

A noise sounds and Ruby's ears twitch. 'Hm...what was that?' She opens her eyes and looks forward. She gasps as a toxicroak appears from the bushes.

"Hey there hot stuff..." He says.

Ruby's eyes widen as he starts to approach her. "What do you want?"

He grins. "Well, I was bored so I thought I could find someone to play with." He slowly approaches her.

Ruby takes a step backward.

"What's the matter; don't want to play?" He asks with a smirk.

"No I don't; now go away." She instructs.

He frowns. "You aren't very nice; I guess I'm going to have to teach you some manners."

"Don't you even come any closer or I will burn you to a crisp." She starts growling.

He laughs. "Heh, I wish someone could provide me with a challenge but sadly you are just another fool to deny me what I want."

Ruby growls louder as he continues to approach. "I'm warning you; go away now or I will attack you."

"You wouldn't attack me; I can see your fear and that means you are too much of a baby to-"

Ruby's body flashes red and she fires a massive fire blast at him.

His eyes widen and he dives out of the way but a moment too late. The fire blast grazes his back and he winces in pain. He slowly rises to his feet; anger and hatred flashing through his eyes.

"You little bitch; how dare you attack me!" He opens his mouth and shoots a sludge bomb at her.

Ruby gracefully dodges and shoots an ember attack at him.

He raises his arms in defense and a green shield of energy appears in front of him. The shield endured the full force of her attack.

'Crap, he can use protect...this isn't good.' She watches as he lowers his arms and cackles evilly.

"Come on is that the best you can do; please, I have seen more fight and drive in a rattata." He taunts.

Ruby starts growling and fires a second ember attack.

He grins. "Hehe, she fell for the taunt like everyone else; stupid girl." He leaps out of the way of her attack and runs around behind her. "Now you will learn respect you little bitch!" His hand starts to glow purple, then he thrusts his arm forward and jabs her side.

Ruby screams in agony as the poison jab attack connects with her body and she flies across the clearing.

The toxicroak slowly walks over to her and kneels down by her. He lifts her head to face him with his hand.

"Now do you see why you should have just played my game; you wouldn't have gotten hurt."

Ruby growls at him. "Go play your stupid game with someone else." She spits in his face.

"That's it!" He grabs her by the throat and slams her against a tree. "Now listen here you stuck up little whore; I have tried asking you nicely and you blew me off so I tried to persuade you and you still refused. I always get what I want and what I want is for you to cooperate and if you don't then it will get a whole lot more painful for you. So what will it be huh; cooperate or pain?"

Ruby grins. "There is something I have always wanted to say to someone like you..."

He raises an eyebrow. "Oh yea and what is that?"

"FUCK YOU!" She quickly leans her head down and bites his hand.

"AH SHIT!" He recoils and throws her across the clearing.

Ruby flies through the air and lands on her shoulder. She slowly begins to move but her leg gives out and she falls to the ground.

"Ah! I can't move..."

She starts to crawl away until she feels a sharp pain in her side. She gasps for air as the wind is knocked from her lungs.

"You will pay for that! No more games; I have had it with your stuck up attitude!" The toxicroak yells.

He grabs her body and pins her to the ground.

"Let go of me you jerk!" Ruby screams as she struggles to break his grip.

He growls and slaps her face. "Silence! I have been humiliated by you and I will not stand for such things. Now you will learn to be a good girl whether you like it or not."

Ruby gives him a fierce look. "What do you plan on doing to me?"

He grins. "I think I will just give you the pleasure of being with a real male."

Ruby's eyes widen. "NO!"

"Oh yes, you get to be my little bitch for awhile and I promise you it will best the best ride you will ever have." He starts to lower himself.

Ruby starts squirming more vigorously. "GET OFF ME; SOMEONE HELP!"

"Ha; go ahead and scream. No one in this forest is dumb enough to mess with me, except for you that is; look where that got you. Now hold still and enjoy yourself while I take you as my prize." He forcefully instructs.

'No, I can't let this happen; I will never be able to face Topaz or anyone else if this happens.'

She looks up at him with tears in her eyes. "Why...why are you doing this to me?"

"Oh not the tough little girl anymore huh? Well if you want to know the truth; I saw you and thought what a fine beauty you were and I figured you would be a great ride too." He grins. "And now I get to see if what I thought was true."

She struggles against his grip once more only to fail. "Let me go; I will not become some prize for you to mate!" She opens her mouth and starts building up a flamethrower attack.

He quickly reaches up and clamps her mouth shut. "I don't think so; I am not dealing with anymore of that damn fire of yours. So I'll just keep your mouth shut for now; plus your constant screaming for help was annoying the hell out of me."

He continues to lower himself over top of her.

'No...why did this happen...why did they leave me alone...'

"Is there anything else you want to say or do before I take you?" He questions with a prideful tone.

She just stares at him in fear. 'HELP ME SOMEBODY PLEASE!'

He shrugs. "Guess not then; good girl. Just for that I won't make this as painful." He laughs.

Ruby closes her eyes, waiting for the inevitable pain to hit her. After a few moments she opens her eyes and sees him motionless.

'What is going on; why did he stop...?'

"How dare you even think of harming my sister, let alone go as far as you did you monster!"

Ruby's eyes widen and she shifts her attention behind her attacker. 'Amy?'

Amy looks over at Ruby with a concerned expression. 'Are you ok Ruby? I heard your scream and teleported here as soon as I could.'

A tear falls from Ruby's eyes. 'Thank you Amy; please get me out of here.'

Amy nods and turns her attention back to the toxicroak. "How could you even attempt to do something like this; have you no decency?"

He turns his head towards her. "Yea whatever; as soon as I'm done with this little stuck up bitch I'll just have my fun with you." He laughs.

"You disgusting excuse for a Pokémon; arceus have mercy on your tainted soul."

He rolls his eyes. "Spare me the drama; now if you will excuse me, I was busy doing something before you interrupted."

Amy's eyes flash blue and the toxicroak rises into the air. "I will not allow you to lay another hand on my sister; now I will release you and I want you to be gone from my sight." She sets him down on the ground away from Ruby and releases her grip over him.

Amy starts to walk over to her sister when a noise catches her attention.

The toxicroak laughs. "You think I'm just gonna let you push me around; think again!" He opens his mouth and shoots a massive sludge bomb attack at Amy.

Ruby's eyes widen. "Amy, look out!"

Amy turns her head and sees the attack coming towards her. She turns and faces it then gathers her psychic energy. In a split second, her psychic energy pulses out of her jewel on her forehead and collides with the sludge bomb, causing it to explode in mid air.

The toxicroak gasps. "What the hell?!"

Amy's eyes narrow and her fur stands on end. "I asked you nicely to leave and you refused, I warned you not to attack my sister and you ignored me; now I will no longer hold myself back."

He smirks. "Oh yea, what are you going to do huh; think about hurting me? Ha; what a joke!"

Amy smiles. "Obviously you have never fought a psychic type before; I can hurt you in many ways imaginable without even moving a muscle."

He looks at her. "What; you're bluffing. How on earth can you possibly hurt me without even-AH!"

Amy's eyes flash blue and she sends out a massive shockwave of psychic energy. The shockwave impacts the toxicroak and slams him into a tree.

The toxicroak stares at her in shock. "W-What the hell did you just do?"

Amy smirks. "That was only a little psychic pulse, not anywhere near my full strength. If you want I can hit you with another and just make it more powerful."

His eyes widen. "You wouldn't dare; you're just bluffing."

Amy starts slowly walking towards him. "Let me ask you this; was I bluffing when I said I could hurt you without even moving a muscle?"

He scrambles to his feet and swallows audibly. "N-No but I doubt you have any more strength left in that tiny body of yours."

Amy smirks. "Care to test that idea of yours; I will even sit still for you to let you attack me."

He grins. "Ok, I'll take you up on that." He cracks his knuckles. "You're gonna regret making a fool out of me."

Amy rolls her eyes and sits down. "Can we just get this over with?"

He frowns and growls in anger. "Now you will learn why the Pokémon of this forest fear me!" The claws on his hands glow bright purple and he charges towards her.

Amy sits, calmly waiting for him. As he draws closer to her, she begins to store her entire power into her mind.

"Now take this you insolent little bitch!" He swings both of his arms in a cross pattern towards her.

Amy smiles and her body glows with a bright blue aura. "BEGONE!" Her eyes flash with a bright purple color and a massive blast of psychic energy shoots out of the jewel on her forehead.

The toxicroak's eyes widen. "HOLY SHI-" The psychic energy crashes into his body and knocks all of the air out of his lungs. The force of the impact sends him crashing through dozens of trees out away from the clearing.

"Serves you right, you worthless scum of a Pokémon." Amy states and turns towards her sister. She tilts her head as she notice's Ruby's open mouthed stare. "What; is there something on my face. Why are you staring at me?"

Ruby continues to stare in disbelief. "Y-You just blasted him right out of here..."

Amy giggles. "Oops, I guess that was a little too much for you." She walks over to Ruby and looks at her. "Are you ok though; I mean he didn't, you know..."

Ruby cringes. "It's my shoulder; I landed on it in a bad way when he threw me. Other than that I'm fine." She looks at Amy with a smile and hugs her. "I am so glad you showed up when you did; I was afraid he was going to..." Her voice trails off as a tear falls from her eye.

Amy hugs her tightly. "It's ok Ruby; he can't hurt you anymore. As long as I am here with you, you're safe; I promise."

Ruby nuzzles her. "Thank you Amy."

Amy releases her and smiles. "Of course; that's what sisters are for."

"I know, we always look out for each other; no matter what." She starts to stand but yelps as a sharp pain shoots through her foreleg. "Ugh; I must've hit my leg really hard."

"Let me take a look." Amy gently pushes her sister on her side. She places a paw on her leg. "Ok, I want you to tell me when it hurts, ok?"

Ruby nods. "Ok, go ahead."

Amy begins to slowly move her paw along Ruby's foreleg, steadily applying pressure. "Well so far it doesn't seem like anything serious, maybe just a-"

Ruby yelps when Amy touches her shoulder. "There; that's where it hurts!"

"Ok, hold on Ruby; I'm going to try something and I want you to hold still for me." Amy instructs.

"P-Please hurry, the pain is killing me; Ah!" Ruby cringes as another sharp pain shoots through her shoulder.

Amy places her paw on Ruby's shoulder and closes her eyes.

'Please let this work...'

Ruby looks at Amy in confusion. "Amy what is it you are trying to do?"

Amy takes a deep breath. Her body begins to glow brightly. Slowly the energy in her body gathers into her paw.

"Alright Ruby, I am going to try and force this healing energy into your shoulder; this might hurt at first but please bear with me." Amy explains.

Ruby nods. "O-Ok, I just wanted to know what you were doing."

Amy smiles. "I am using morning sun to receive healing rays from the light, but since I do not need it right now; I am storing it in reserve to use on your body."

Ruby's eyes widen. "Wow, I didn't know you could do that; that sounds neat."

"Well in truth I've never done it before; so I don't know if it will work." Amy states.

"Well I believe you can do it Amy, please just take this pain away."

Amy nods. "Ok, I'll try." She focuses her psychic energy and slowly uses it to push the healing energy into her sister's shoulder.

Ruby hisses at the stinging sensation of the energy.

"Just hold out for a little bit longer Ruby, almost all of it is used up." Amy states.

The glow of the energy slowly dims until it completely fades away.

Amy smiles. "Ok, try to move your shoulder, but please take it slow; I'm not totally sure if this helped or not."

Ruby nods and looks at her shoulder. Slowly she begins to move it back and forth. A smile spreads across her face as she senses no pain or discomfort. She happily cries out and hugs Amy.

"Thank you Amy; I love you little sister!"

Amy laughs. "Of course, anything for you." She separates from the hug. "Ok, if you are feeling better, then we need to get moving to go find the others."

Ruby tilts her head. "Find the others, but I thought we were looking for Pearl?"

Amy smiles. "Not anymore, she's with Sid at dad's house; so I am going around to gather everyone so we can go see her."

"Ok then, let's go!" Ruby rises to her feet. "So, how are we gonna-"

Amy places her tail on Ruby's back and they both teleport. After a few moments, they reappear in another area of the forest.

Ruby wobbles back and forth to regain her bearings. "Whoa...what a rush; definitely one of the weirdest things I've ever done."

"Don't worry; it's just something that takes time to get used to." Amy explains.

Ruby shakes her head vigorously. "Yea, not on my top list of favorite things to do." She looks around. "Where are we anyways?"

Amy looks around. "I don't know; we were supposed to teleport to Jade and Lapis, but I don't see them anywhere."

"Is it possible for your teleport ability to miss?" Ruby curiously asks.

"I don't know to be honest; it's never done it before. Maybe I could try teleporting again." Amy suggests.

Ruby nods. "Yea because I don't see them any-"


Ruby and Amy shift their attention towards the sudden voice.

"That sounded like Lapis!" Ruby states.

"And it sounds like something happened to Jade; we better get over there!"

Both sisters run through the forest towards the sound of their sister's voice. They stop behind a tree and a set of bushes and listen.

"What's that sound?" Amy questions.

Ruby shakes her head. "I don't know but it doesn't sound good."

"Let's get in there to check it out but don't make a scene out of it; let's just quietly enter the area." Amy instructs.

Ruby nods. "Ok let's go."

Amy and Ruby silently make their way through the bushes. When they emerge, they both gasp and blush furiously when they see their sisters.

"Oops..." Amy states in a whisper.

Ruby stares in wonder. "So that's how those two were going to do that...looks interesting."

Amy looks at Ruby in surprised manner. "Are you enjoying this?"

Ruby smiles at Amy. "Well you have to remember Amy; being with Topaz and Aqua means I have to be able to mate them both." She turns her attention back towards the twins. "And watching these two gives me some ideas of what to do with Aqua."

Amy giggles. "Ok, well why don't we let these two finish up and we will come back after they are done. We can always go get Aqua and Topaz first then return here." She glances back at the twins. "I just hope we don't walk in on Topaz and Aqua going at it."

"It wouldn't be that bad if they were; I could use a little fun." Ruby states.

Amy looks at her. "Alright enough of that; let's give these two privacy." She walks over to Ruby.

"Aw, but I was enjoying watching this."

Amy rolls her eyes. "As am I truthfully but I think they would like some privacy so let's go." She places her tail on Ruby's back and teleports them away.

Aqua slowly opens her eyes and squints. "Ugh...what happened; did I fall asleep?" She slowly rises to her feet and notices a loud sound next to her. She looks to her side and giggles.

"Oh, still snore so loud you could wake up the whole forest." She walks over to him and stops when something catches her eye.

'Ooh, he must be dreaming about Ruby and me if he has one of those.' She blushes and giggles as her curiosity starts getting the better of her. She leans her face in close to his lower body and sniffs.

"Definitely smells like him but stronger." She gently rolls him onto his back and spreads his hind legs. Her eyes widen as she takes in the view of his entire lower body. "Oh're kinda big aren't you dear?"

Topaz starts to stir slightly in his sleep.

Aqua grins as an idea runs through her mind. 'Ooh, I bet he's gonna love this.' She reaches her paw up near his face and gently pushes him.

"Unh...not now...five more minutes..." Topaz groans out.

Aqua smiles. She leans in close to his ear and whispers. "Time to wake up dear..."

Topaz smiles with his eyes closed. "So...sweet...voice..."

Aqua giggles. She turns her attention back to his lower body. 'Time for a nice wakeup call Topaz.' She places her paws on his hind legs and leans forward. She slowly runs her tongue across his body.

Topaz's eyes immediately open as he feels a warm, wet sensation on his body. He moans loudly.

"Wha-what is going on?" He looks at his lower body and his eyes widen. "A-Aqua...what are you doing...?"

Aqua stops licking him and looks at him. "Just waking you up Topaz; you were snoring really loudly again and I saw you had one of these..." She paws at his lower body. "...And I thought I might help you with it."

Topaz looks at his lower body and blushes. "I guess my secret is out then, if it's as clear as that." He looks at her. "I was dreaming about you and Ruby, we finally decided to start a family of our own and I guess I kind of got a little too into it."

Aqua smiles and walks up to him and kisses him. She breaks away from the kiss and nuzzles his cheek.

"Well I'm glad you had such a wonderful dream." She steps away from him. "Well if you are done fantasizing about us, shall we continue looking for Pearl?"

Topaz rolls onto his side and slowly rises to his feet. "Yea let me just stretch a little." He stretches himself out and then looks at Aqua. "Did you have a good sleep, sis?"

Aqua nods. "Yes, I feel better now and I'm ready to continue looking."

"Well you wanna check one more time at the thundering falls, just in case; we both already looked in the cave." Topaz suggests.

"Ok, I could use a little hydration anyways; all this sunlight is making me dry and a little thirsty." Aqua states.

A thought runs through Topaz's mind. He smirks and chuckles.

Aqua looks at him. "What's so funny?"

Topaz looks at her with a grin. "Oh nothing...I was just thinking of a way to quench your thirst and make you hydrated."

Aqua gives him a puzzled look.

Topaz winks and rolls onto the ground.

Aqua continues to give him a confused look.

He smiles and waves his paw, then glides it down his body to his lower abdomen and starts rubbing back and forth.

Aqua's eyes widen and she blushes. "Oh..." She steps forward and places her paw on his. "You are such a naughty little pin cushion."

He grins. "Only for you..." He moves his paw up the side of her leg to her face.

Aqua nuzzles his paw and licks it.

Topaz smiles and returns his paw to his lower body. "So whaddaya say sis?"

"Mmm...sounds really good but..." She stops his paw. "...Lets save your little buddy for when we don't have other things to do dear."

Topaz's ears lower. "Ok..." He starts to roll over but Aqua stops him. He looks at her with a quizzical expression. "What is it sis?"

She grins and teasingly rubs her paw across his body. "You better take good care of him because I want to play real soon, ok?"

Topaz moans. "Sure...thing...Aqua..."

Aqua giggles. "Ok you, let's get going; I don't want to wait too much longer or we are going to-" She stops and stares as a flash of light flies over her head towards the thundering falls.

'Could that be...?'

Topaz stares at her. "Aqua?"

She snaps out of her thoughts. "Sorry...what was it dear?"

"What were you looking at?" He questions.

Aqua looks back towards the thundering falls. "I saw a weird light pass us just now and it was heading towards the thundering falls."

"You wanna go check it out?" Topaz questions.

Aqua looks at him and nods. "Yes, that light...felt really familiar."

Topaz hops to his feet. "Then what are we standing around for; let's go!"

Aqua smiles. "Yea let's go!"

Topaz grins and gently pushes her to the ground. "Gotcha! See you when you get there Aqua!" He runs off towards the thundering falls.

Aqua grins evilly. "Oh I am going to get you for that one Topaz..." She jumps to her feet and chases after him.

A vibrant glow traverses through the air then starts to slowly descend towards the ground. As it touches the earth, it flashes and two figures appear; Sid and Pearl.

"I like that way of traveling; better than Amy's teleporting." Sid states as he shakes himself off.

Pearl giggles. "Yea it's fun to fly around like that!"

Sid laughs. "You are so easily amused." He ruffles her head fur.

Pearl grabs his paw and holds onto it.

Sid starts trying to shake her off, but gives up after he loses the energy. "Alright Pearl, come on; let go."

Pearl let's go of him then pounces on him. "I love your big brother." She hugs him.

Sid smiles contently and closes his eyes. 'Why...why did I leave them so long ago; what could have been so much better than having my family here to be with and Amy to love?'

"Pearl, Sid!"

Sid's eyes open and he tilts his head up. His eyes widen as he sees two figures run towards him.

"Aqua, Taz!" Pearl gleefully shouts and runs over to them.

Sid rolls over and laughs as he watches Pearl tackle Topaz to the ground.

"Ugh...I don't think I am ever going to get used to that..." Topaz groans as Pearl nuzzles him.

Aqua smiles. "Why not; you are going to have me doing that when I want to play with you. Surely a tiny thing like Pearl doesn't bother you, does it?"

Topaz looks at her and grins. "Nah, I think I can handle you too sis." He looks back at Pearl. "Ok, time to get up and let big brother get some air."

"Ok!" Pearl hops off of him and runs over to Aqua.

Aqua smiles and teases Pearl by swaying her tail around in front of her.

Pearl gets into a battle stance and starts wiggling vigorously. She lunges at Aqua's tail and misses.

"Almost Pearl; come on, you can do it." Aqua assures her.

Pearl continues to playfully catch her sister's tail. After a few moments, she tackles Aqua.

"I got it!" She gleefully states as she hold her sister's tail while sitting atop her chest.

Aqua giggles. "Yep you did." She grabs Pearl and hugs her. A tear slowly descends from her eye. "Where were you Pearl, I was so worried about you."

Pearl's ears lower. "I'm sorry..."

Aqua pets her head. "It's ok, but please don't ever go off without telling us; we were all so worried about you."

Pearl nuzzles her face. "I didn't mean to, I was just having fun playing with my new trick."

Aqua tilts her head. "New trick; you mean that ability of yours with the light."

Pearl nods. "Yea, I learned how to do it easy now, so I can go anywhere." Pearl closes her eyes, then glows and fades away from atop her sister. She moves through the air and touches down on the ground next to her. The glow fades away and she sits there smiling.


Aqua blinks a few times. "Wow, that's pretty neat; how long have you been able to do this?"

Pearl thinks to herself. "I don't know; I think when I fell into that dark place."

Aqua shudders. "Ugh...still don't like to think about"

Sid approaches them. "So you learned how to do it when you were inside the dark place?"

"Yea, I fell down inside of it when I was trying to make Aqua chase me." Pearl explains.

"That explains why I saw you down there when I first fell in." Aqua states.

Sid looks at Aqua with a quizzical expression. "Wait, you saw her in there when you first fell in?"

Aqua nods. "Yea, I thought it was a dream at first but when I called out her name she noticed me."

"I remember hearing someone yell my name but then I tripped into a hole down there." Pearl states.

"I guess that explains why I suddenly saw you collapse and fade away." Aqua gives her a confused look. "That doesn't explain how you learned to turn yourself into light."

Pearl thinks again. "I don't really know how; I fell down that hole and I started feeling scared. I couldn't see anything and I felt alone...but when I closed my eyes I heard a strange voice."

"A voice?"

"Yea, I don't know who it was; but it seemed really nice." Pearl explained.

"What did it say?" Topaz questions.

"Well it seemed very weird almost comforting what it said..." Pearl starts.


"Ouch...that hurt..." Pearl states as she sits up, rubbing her head.

She looks around and begins to whimper.

"I don't like this's scary in here."

She closes her eyes and whispers to herself. "I want to go home; daddy where are you, help me please..."

"Do not be afraid child...I shall protect you."

Pearl opens her eyes and looks around. "Someone there?"

The voice sounds again. "I am here with you but I cannot reveal myself."

Pearl tilts her head. "Who are you?"

The voice chuckles. "Do not worry child, you will meet me in time; for now let us get you out of here."

"Where am I?"

"You are in a place called the nexus; it is a place that traps Pokémon and feeds on their souls. Let's not worry about that now; you are far too important to us to just leave you here."

"I am important to you; how?" Pearl confusedly asks.

"It will all be explained to you in time when we meet face to face. Now, before this place tries to consume you, let's get you out here."

Pearl shudders. "How do we get out; it's so dark and scary in here."

"Do not be frightened my child, I shall grant you my power to help you leave this dark place behind. Prepare yourself to receive this power now."


Pearl's body is suddenly lifted into the air and out of the hole. Her body begins to glow and pulse with light energy that illuminates the entire nexus.

"What is happening to me?!" Pearl shouts out.

"I am infusing my spirit inside of your body in order to grant you my power. Be calm, this will be painless I can assure you; there is nothing to be afraid of."

"O-Ok, I will try to be calm."

Pearl closes her eyes and the glow intensifies. Her body pulses an illuminating light throughout the nexus. After a few moments, the glow begins to dim and Pearl's body slowly descends towards the ground.

"It is done child, you now have the power to exit this place at your own free will."

Pearl slowly rises to her feet and looks at her body and notices a subtle pulse of light coming from herself.

"How can I leave?"

"The ability you now possess is to make yourself into light. In order to do this, you need to have contact with pure light or sunlight. There is none in this place but I can help with that."


"I cannot create the entranceways to the nexus but I can open one that exists. The entrance you fell into no longer exists but one appeared a short distance from you; I can open this entrance and allow some light inside for you to use to leave."

Pearl smiles. "Thank you for helping me mister!"

The voice chuckles. "It is an honor to receive your praise child. I shall open this entrance for you for now so you may escape."

Suddenly a small amount of light appears a distance away.

"That must be it!" Pearl runs over to the light and looks at it. "Uh do I use it to get out?"

"Enter the light and concentrate on the rays that touch your body. You will feel a slight pull; when this happens just relax and you will be able to use the ability." The voice explains.

"Ok, I'll try." Pearl walks into the light and closes her eyes.

'It feels warm and nice and comfortable.'

"We will meet again child, until then take care of yourself; the world needs you more than you now."

Her body glows white and then she fades into the light. When she opens her eyes again, she is greeted by the sight of Topaz staring at her.

"Pearl?" Topaz stares at her.

"Hiya Taz!" She runs up to him and hugs him.

"Where have you been and how did you get down there?"

Pearl looks up at him. "I fell down into the dark place and someone helped me leave."

Topaz gives her a confused look. "Someone helped you leave? Was it Sid?"

"No I didn't see Sid in there."

"This isn't good; I hope he didn't get hurt or have anything happen to him while he was looking for Aqua." Topaz worriedly states.

Pearl tilts her head. "He's looking for Aqua; where?"

Topaz points towards the dark vortex. "She was swallowed up by the vortex over there. Sid jumped in after her to try and find her."

Pearl looks at the vortex and thinks to herself. 'Maybe I can help them too...' She breaks away from Topaz and runs towards the vortex.

"Pearl; what are you doing?!" Topaz shouts out as he tries to run after her.

"I am going to save Aqua and Sid!" She calls out and then jumps into the vortex.


"And that's when I saw you and Aqua down inside of there." Pearl explains.

Sid thinks for a moment. "So this mysterious Pokémon granted you the ability to turn into light and what's more; it sounded like he knew you or something because he was very friendly and nice towards you."

"Plus, him saying he will talk to you again; it seems like there is something he knows that he isn't telling anybody." Aqua states.

"Well whoever he is, he's a friend of mine because without him, we would have never gotten any of you three back." Topaz states.

Sid nods. "True, if it wasn't for that ability of Pearl's, I don't think we would have figured out a way to leave that place. So we owe her our lives."

The three of them look at Pearl and hug her.

Pearl smiles and wags her tail. "Can we play now?"


End Chapter 10


I hope you all don't hate me for teasing you so much with those 'provocative' scenes.

So, who is this mysterious savior that assists Pearl; what is the origin behind the nexus; both good questions which will be answered in due time.

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