23 Oct 2010

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World of Whelpcraft

High res and Class button downloads here: World of Whelpcraft is the Grand prize winner of the Blizzcon 2010 Fan art contest! - I won a Wacom Cintiq 21UX! "World of Whelpcraft" :bulletwhite: In the World of Whelpcraft, the 5 mighty Dragonflights have come to represent what are the best of the World of Warcraft, the players and the classes they enjoy in a "whelpy" way of their own. Across the various landscapes presided over by the Aspects of each Dragonflight, in their whelpy forms, the whelps of each Dragonflight put on their very best "class" costumes to act out the everyday fun and struggle players have while adventuring in the World of Warcraft. Alexstrasza led her whelps in their struggle for harmony while glaring at the hostility from Malygos. The Lord of Magic himself seeks to control magic and everything else in this vast playground while fending off what he thought was a hostile takeover of his arcane heart from Alexstrasza. Ysera is always napping in her dream world but that just mean a determined Nozdormu gets the opportunity to use all the alarm clocks he has in store. Neltharion didn't like to play with others (or was it the other way around?) but he is perfectly happy and content with his new roll of sausage treats.

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bob 3 years ago 0
this is cool it is now my background on my computer
Theo Shadowfang 3 years ago 0
Dawn 3 years ago 0
Darkhom 3 years ago 0
This made me lol muchly. Loved the Diablo and Starcraft whelps thrown in there, too.
Leetah43 3 years ago 0
I absolutely love your work and this is no exception, you put so much into your pictures that there is always something new to see whenever i look at them. this is awesome and beautiful!
arune 3 years ago 0
OMFG *passes out from sheer amount of epicness* ^_^
Dycle 3 years ago 0
That is soooooo cute!
Love Kitten 3 years ago 0
Sick Dragon 3 years ago 0
A very epic and truly magnificent piece of work.
Zemeo 3 years ago 0
very nice
just one things
THE BLUE DRAGONFLIGHT IS GONE, died off when we killed Malygos, the last of it
Rykela 3 years ago 0
How dare you break my brain with your incredible artwork! I haven't seen anything this epic since Neondragon... o.o It deserves a 9001/5!!!
Daxx019 3 years ago 0
wow, love it
My friends gonna be crushed when he sees this, ^^
Dracasis 3 years ago 0
I saw this at Blizzcon, was pretty awesome XP
Zero-J 3 years ago 0
I play WoW, I can see EVERY CLASS.
This is win.
+fav :D
Cadius 3 years ago 0
This is absolutely fantastic.
Edar Korthar 3 years ago 0
yay for cute whelps. and lol on the fact that I am playing WoW at this very moment while looking at this. anyway, very cut picture.
Dosty Coldpaw 2 years ago 0

5/5 AND FAVED!!!!! XD