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- Celesteon - Reunion Arc - Ch. 11

#13 of Celesteon, the Apprentice of Light

Chapter 11

*Warning* This chapter takes a small step beyond the normal teasing, suggestive flirtiness; there will be indirect yiff involved. Please if you have a weak heart, are against any of this, blah blah know the drill. I will not be held responsible for what may or may not happen to you as a result from reading this.

Moving on...

Pokémon © of Nintendo & Gamefreak. Storyline and characters © of me (Enigma Eevee).


- Celesteon, the Apprentice of Light -

Reunion Arc - Ch. 11


Aqua giggles. "Yes we can play Pearl. What do you want to do?"

Pearl taps her paw on her chin and starts looking around. Her eyes widen as she looks at the thundering falls.

"I never got to learn how to swim; can we do that?"

Aqua turns and looks over at the waterfall. "Oh yea, I completely forgot about that; we can do that..." She looks at Topaz and Sid. "...if it is ok with you two?"

Topaz nods. "Yea I wanted to go swimming earlier but the whole mishap happened so we never got to go like we wanted to."

"Let's go!" Pearl shouts out and starts to run towards the lake.

"Déjà vu..." Sid comments.

Aqua and Topaz laugh. "Yea, she was overly eager the first time, so it's no surprise she would still be just as if not more this time."

"Aqua you should probably run after her because we don't want her falling in the water if she doesn't know how to swim." Sid instructs.

Aqua's eyes widen. "Oh're right; I better get going." She starts running towards the lake as fast as she can. "See you guys there!"

Topaz turns toward Sid. "Ready to go bro; I'll race ya."

Sid gives him a mock annoyed look. "Topaz, you know I can't run with this injury and I'm not supposed to be walking anyways; so no racing for me. Besides, I need to contact Amy and tell her I took Pearl to the waterfall and you two are with me."

Topaz's ears lower. "Oops...I forgot."

Sid smiles and places a paw on Topaz's shoulder. "Nah, it's ok; let's get going or we will miss out on the fun."

Topaz smiles and nods. Both of them start to walk towards the lake.

"Alright, let me contact Amy so she doesn't go back to dad's house and freak out when she notices we are gone." Sid states.

"Ok then, you do-"

A flash of light appears behind them and they jump and turn around. Their eyes widen as they see Amy and Ruby sitting a few feet away.

"Wow that was fast Sid."

"I didn't even contact her yet; this is just pure coincidence." He explains.


Topaz's ears perk up and he turns in time to be pounced on by Ruby. She starts nuzzling his face and licking his cheek.

Sid chuckles. "Hehe, she got you good Topaz-Ooof!"

Sid falls to the ground from Amy tackling him and licking his face. "I missed you Sid!"

He pushes her face away playfully and Amy grabs his paw then starts nuzzling it.

"Ok, ok Amy; off." Sid instructs.

Amy's ears lower and she crawls off of him. She turns her back and sits down. Sid looks at her in confusion and slowly rises to his feet. He walks up behind her and wraps his paws around her.

"What's the matter baby girl?" He soothingly questions into her ears.

Amy's ear twitches and she blushes. "I'm...your baby girl?"

Sid breathes slowly into her ear and then licks her cheek.

" little baby girl...all mine..."

Amy shudders and places her paw on his. She turns in his arms and kisses him passionately. Sid falls onto his back with her on top of him. They break away from each and take in deep breaths.

"If I am your baby girl...what does that make you?" Amy questions between breaths.

Sid grins and slowly licks her neck. He whispers into her ears in a gentle voice.

"I'll be whatever you want me to be..."

Amy smiles and nuzzles his neck. She looks up at him with questioning eyes and speaks in an innocent tone and manner.

"If I am your little baby girl...can you be my daddy?"

Sid looks down at her and smiles. He gives her a quick kiss on the nose.

"Of course, daddy is here to protect and be with you my baby." He wraps his arms around her and hugs her tightly.

Amy sighs contently and begins to purr in his gentle embrace. "I love you..."

He hugs her tighter and nuzzles her face. "I will always be here for you Amy and I promise you that I will be with you fully soon; when we have the time alone."

Amy purrs louder and starts to brush her tail against his lower body. "How about now?"

Sid chuckles and shakes his head. He pokes her on the nose. "Always so eager aren't you; don't worry daddy will play with his little baby girl real soon, I promise."

"You better keep you promise 'cause I want to play with you badly."

"So do I; just have a little patience then we can play all we want." Sid assures her.

They snuggle with each other, nuzzling the other's neck.

"Aw, they look so cute together." Ruby states aloud.

Topaz laughs. "Well of course. You should've seen when they first reunited; Amy hugged his neck so tightly she was choking him."

Ruby giggles.

Amy and Sid blush and separate from each other.

"Oh don't stop because of us; it was cute watching you two." Ruby states.

"Well we will continue our moment when we get some alone time." Sid states.

"Well Ruby and I could go ahead and tell Aqua that they showed up. That will give you two some alone time if needed." Topaz offers.

Amy shakes her head. "No, I have to go get Jade and Lapis..." Amy blushing slightly.

Ruby starts giggling.

Sid and Topaz look at her with a puzzled expression. "What's so funny?"

Ruby stops giggling and smiles at them. "Amy and I went to go meet up with Jade and Lapis before we came here but when we got there; they were 'busy'."

Both of them tilt their heads. "Busy...?"

Amy clears her throat. *Yea um...we walked in on them mating with each other, but they didn't seem to notice us; so we just left and allowed them to finish."

"Wow, so Lapis and Jade have already mated now and they're the youngest of us." Sid states.

Topaz laughs. "I guess they wanted to go all the way; though I am curious..." He turns to Ruby. "How exactly do they mate if they don't have an know."

Ruby starts to speak but Amy places a paw over her mouth. "That's their business Topaz, if they want to tell us then they will but it's not right to go around telling everyone of their act."

"I understand; well best get them before they start again because Lapis is going to be very needy." Topaz instructs.

"Needy?" Sid questions.

He nods. "Lapis is in heat right now; I could smell it yesterday."

Ruby casually walks over to him and brushes up against him. "So did you like the smell Taz?"

"Well it smelled nice but I know she is Jade's mate; I have you and Aqua and that's all I need. Truthfully if Lapis or Jade ever confronted me about mating then I would do anything to help them."

"Aw, you're so nice and I wouldn't mind sharing you with everyone else; and I don't think Aqua would mind either." Ruby states.

"Well, that's if those two ever asked me to; I will never make a move on them."

"I can share Sid too; I don't mind. I actually like the idea of him being with everyone else." Amy states.

Sid looks at her in a surprised manner. "Are you saying you wouldn't mind if I mated with someone else?"

Amy walks over to him and brushes her tail along his side. "No I wouldn't mind, but only on one condition..."

Sid gives her a questioning look.

Amy grins and rubs her tail along his underside. "I want to watch..."

"Why watch; I'd want you to join in. It wouldn't be fair for me to have all the fun with him while you sit there." Ruby states.

Topaz laughs. "Well looks like we are bachelors Sid; we got a whole family of girls who are gonna want to play with us."

Sid blushes. "Hehe, that sounds nice; all of them wanting me..."

Ruby licks his cheek. "Oh I already want you but I know Amy gets first dibs."

Sid's eyes widen. "So you already want to mate with me?"

Ruby nods and nips his neck. "Oh are such a sexy, handsome umbreon..." She rises to her feet and walks over to Topaz and kisses him. She breaks away the kiss and looks back at Sid. "Just like Topaz is a sexy jolteon; I want to be able to play with you both, maybe even at the same time."

Topaz lustfully growls. "I like the sound of that..." He looks at Sid. "Whaddaya say little bro; wanna give Ruby her wish?"

Sid turns to Amy and she nods. He looks back at Topaz and smiles. "Of course, but my first time will be with Amy."

Topaz nods. "I know; I want the first time to be with Aqua and Ruby together."

Ruby releases a slight moan at the idea of mating both her mates at the same time.

"That sounds good..."

Topaz chuckles as he notices Ruby's sudden excitement. "Whoa, hold on dear; you might explode before we even do anything."

"I don't care; that idea sounds really nice." She looks at him with pleading eyes. "Can we do it tonight?"

"I don't see why not; I mean Jade and Lapis already did it and you and I are older them, so there's no reason not to. Besides I promised Aqua earlier today that I would mate with her and you very soon." Topaz explains.

"Yay!" Ruby hugs him and nuzzles his face.

Amy and Sid laugh.

"Someone is excited." Sid sarcastically states.

"Why wouldn't she be; she gets to play with you and she is going to mate with Aqua and Topaz tonight. She's in a state of heaven right now and so am I because I get to mate with my big strong daddy tonight as well." Amy whispers soothingly into his ear.

Sid releases a small moan as he feels Amy's tail brush against his stomach down to his underside.

"That's right, you and I have some unfinished business and I plan on finishing what we started and then some."

Amy moans at the idea of him mating her. "Oh yes...I can't wait to play with you..."

"Well, shall we get going, you two?" Topaz asks.

Amy and Sid shift their attention towards him and Ruby. "Yea I can take us to them easily with my teleporting."

Sid swallows audibly. "Um...I think I'll stay with Pearl and Aqua..."

Amy gives him a hurt look. "You don't want to come with me..." He bottom lip quivers.

"Aw Amy, don't do this to me..."

Amy lowers herself and crawls to his feet. She looks up at him with pleading eyes and she sticks her lip out.

"Ok...I'll go with you; how could I deny you after such a display." Sid sighs.

Amy's face beams and she squeals in delight. "Thank you!" She pounces on him and nuzzles his face.

"Hahaha, stop...that tickles Amy..." Sid wiggles back and forth beneath her.

Amy grins then turns toward Topaz and Ruby. "Come on you two, just place your paws on my back and then we will go."

Topaz and Ruby nod and place their paws on her back. The group is enveloped in a blue cloak of psychic energy then disappears from the spot.

"Thank you...Jade..."

Jade smiles. "Of course; I would do anything for you."

Lapis smiles and hugs her. "I feel so much better now; no pain or itchiness."

Jade giggles. "Well now you know firsthand that even though I can't give you children, I can still make you feel good."

Lapis grins. "It was more than was the best feeling I have ever had; no words could describe the amount of pleasure you gave me."

Jade leans forward and licks her neck up to her ear. "And I would do it again as many times as you want me to."

Lapis releases a slight moan at her sister's sensual touch. "Jade...stop; otherwise I will not be able to resist mating you again."

Jade whines. "Aww..."

"I promise you when we get home, I will do it again; who knows maybe my itch will come back and I'll need to feel you again." Lapis nuzzles her neck.

Jade purrs and nuzzles her back. "When we get back; I want to try something new...with our tails."

Lapis' eyes widen. "Do you mean you want to use our tails to-"

Jade gives her a toothy grin. "Oh yes...that's right; I want to be able to feel you inside me and your tail is perfect."

Lapis murrs. "Mmm...I like the sound of that, but you have to do it to me too."

Jade lowers herself onto Lapis. "Oh I will...I promise you." She leans forward and kisses Lapis.

They both lose track of all reality as they begin to mix their tongues together. A sudden flash of light causes them to break away. They look towards the source of the light and their eyes widen.

Topaz grins. "Having fun you two?"

Jade and Lapis blush furiously and Jade jumps off of Lapis and she scrambles to her feet.

Ruby walks over to them. "Aw don't be that way..."

"Uh, um...we were just-"

Ruby walks up to Jade and kisses her on the lips.

"Ooh...Ruby; are you getting adventurous?" Topaz slyly asks.

Jade recoils in shock and she looks over at Lapis and sees her face frozen in shock. She pulls away from the kiss and looks at Ruby in disbelief.

Ruby murrs and licks her lips. She turns to Lapis and grins. "You taste good Lapis..." She starts to approach her.

Lapis' eyes widen and she blushes furiously. "Um...t-thank you Ru-"

Ruby leans forward and kisses Lapis.

Lapis tenses up as she feels the hot breath of her fiery sister penetrate her mouth. She moans slightly at the warm sensation in her mouth. She breaks away from the kiss and smiles.

"Thank you for that Ruby..." She looks over at Jade and approaches her. "Jade...Ruby has made me realize something..."

"What is it?" She questions.

Lapis kisses her and then breaks away. "We should be more open about our relationship; I don't care if they see. It just shows them how much we were meant for each other."

Jade smiles. "Ok, I'll make sure the next time we mate; I get the whole family to watch."

Lapis grins. "That sounds kind of fun; you better keep your word."

"That's not the only thing Lapis..."

Lapis tilts her head. "What else?"

Jade smiles. "I think we should be more open with our relationship visually and physically."

Lapis' heart skips a beat. "You mean you would like to mate with another in the family?"

Jade nods. "Yea, it could be fun."

"I'm fine with that; I could let Taz have fun and I'm sure Amy wouldn't mind either, isn't that right Amy?" Ruby questions.

Amy approaches Jade and Lapis and smiles. "I would love to be able to mate with you two; everyone else has a girl and a boy to mate with. Plus I can share Sid; he's a good boy."

Jade and Lapis look each other and smile then nod. They turn back towards Amy and approach her. They both lean forward and kiss Amy on her lips at the same time. Amy's eyes widen and she recoils slightly, but relaxes as she feels the two tastes of her sisters enter her mouth. She moans as Jade and Lapis take control and slowly lower her to the ground.

Topaz grins and turns towards Sid who seemed to be fixated on the display before him. He approaches him and whispers.

"You know Sid...I have always wondered what it would be like with another boy...maybe you could help your big brother out?"

Sid shifts his gaze towards Topaz and smiles. "I'd be happy to help you; I'll try not to disappoint you."

Topaz grins and quickly leans forward and kisses Sid. Sid's fur stands on end and his tail starts wagging back and forth furiously. Topaz opens his mouth and presses his tongue against Sid's lips.

Ruby giggles as she watches Jade and Lapis smother Amy. She turns back towards Sid and Topaz and her eyes widen. She turns her head and whispers at the trio making out.

"Psst, hey you three, you might want to see this."

Jade and Lapis look up at her and Amy tilts her head. "Look at what?"

Ruby giggles and points her paw over to where Topaz and Sid were. The trio shift their attention over to them and all three gasp at the sight of Topaz pinning Sid to the ground and kissing him passionately.

"I didn't know Topaz and Sid were going to mate too." Jade states.

Amy's tail starts flicking back and forth wildly. "Is it me or is watching those two kind of making me really want to join them?"

Lapis murrs and nuzzles Amy's neck. "I like watching it too..." Her voice trails off as she licks Amy's cheek.

Amy moans. "I love the feel of your tongue on me soft and warm, but still has that icy exhiliration...I love it."

Jade and Ruby walk over and both of them start to sensually lick Amy's neck and body. Amy gasps and moans loudly.

"Oh three make me good..."

Sid and Topaz break away from their kiss and look at each other.

"Wow Taz...that was...amazing..." Sid pants.

Topaz chuckles. "Yes it was little brother and I want more from you..." He hops off of Sid. "But we will have to save our fun time for later because we have four sisters who we need to get to Aqua and Pearl."

Sid grins and nods. "Ok, but I won't let you get away from me brother; I wanna have some more fun later and maybe some of the girls can join us."

Topaz growls lustfully and walks up to Sid's face. "I like the way you think, but let's save that for later." He looks over at the four girls and laughs.

"What's so funny?" Sid questions.

"Looks like Amy is having a rush; look at her." Topaz points at the four.

Sid rolls to his feet and looks at the girls. His eyes widen as he sees Ruby, Lapis and Jade all standing over top of Amy; slowly licking all over her body. Sid starts twitching slightly and moans.

Topaz looks at Sid and gives him a toothy grin. "Ooh, someone is enjoying the show..."

Sid looks at him and nods. "Yea watching them is really nice."

"I can tell."

"What do you mean?"

Topaz walks up next to him and reaches his paw under Sid, and then grabs a hold of him.

Sid yelps and bucks his hips forward at the sudden touch on him. He murrs and gives Topaz a seductive grin.

"Looks like you found Amy's favorite toy."

Topaz laughs and let's go of him. "Looks like it might become one of mine too..." He looks back towards the girls and sighs. "As much as I would love for this to go on, we really need to head back to Aqua and Pearl; I don't like leaving them alone without any help."

Sid nods. "Ok then, let's go separate the girls; not like they can't do this later anyways."

Both of them approach the girls. Amy opens her eyes as she hears footsteps approaching, but the sight in front of her causes her to moan loudly and start to drool.

" look great like that..."

The other three girls turn their attention to Sid and stare at him hungrily.

Sid blushes. "Oh come on...I got a little excited from those three licking your body; nothing special."

Amy breaks away from the three girls and approaches him, murring.

"Nothing special huh...?" She stops and lies down next to him and reaches her paws under him. She slowly begins to rub and massage him. "It looks special to me...and in need of attention."

Sid's eyes widen as he feels his sister's delicate silky paws move along his body.

"Ah god Amy...please stop..."

Amy whines. "Why...?"

Sid grins and rolls her onto her back and straddles her body. "My little girl needs to be patient; I promised you we would do it soon and I plan on keeping that promise. Right now though we need to focus on getting everyone back together, ok?" He nuzzles her face and licks her neck.

Amy gives him a pouting look and starts teasingly rubbing her tail along his underside.

"But daddy...I want to play now..."

Sid moans and quickly leans forward and kisses her passionately.

'I am so going to get you back for this Amy...'

Amy smiles and moans. 'Bring it on big boy...' She squeezes her tail around him.

Sid grunts and bucks his hips forward in Amy's grip.

'Not now Amy...please hold off a little longer...'

Amy's ears lower and she releases her tail from him. She slides out from underneath him and whines.

'You're such a meanie, being such a tease for me and I can't even let out my built up emotions towards you.' Amy turns away.

Sid grins evilly. 'Oh no you don't; I said I would get back at you and I plan on doing it now.' He quickly walks after her.

Amy's ears twitch. 'What's that supposed to-oooohhh'

Sid quickly catches up to Amy and leans forward to lick her rear down to the underside of her lower body. Amy moans and spasms. She turns around immediately and lowers herself to pounce on him. Sid shakes his head and then disappears into a shadow.

"Aww...that's no fair..." Amy whines.

Ruby giggles. "Come on Amy, he's right; let's get back to Aqua and Pearl so we can check up on them. I am sure you would like a nice relaxing bath with Sid anyways."

Amy's ears perk up and she smiles. "That sounds good..." She turns herself and calls out. "Come on Sid, I won't tease you anymore; let's go before you get left behind!"

Sid surfaces quietly behind her and wraps his paws around her body. "Ok, I'm ready to go..." He whispers soothingly to her.

Amy meeps at the sudden feeling of him grasping her. She turns her head toward him and smiles.

"Now you are being the teasing one, with that thing brushing against my back like that."

"You like it."

Amy murrs. "You know I do." She turns towards the others. "Alright before he and I start getting side tracked; let's go. Just place your paws on either me or him and we can go."

The three nod and approach them. Jade nuzzles Amy and places her paw on her shoulder. Lapis follows her and licks Amy's face then places her paw on Sid's back. Topaz approaches last and grins. He walks up behind Sid and mimics his position. He wraps his paws around Sid's body and leans against him.

Sid moans at the added pressure. He turns and smiles at Topaz.

"Comfortable back there?"

Topaz grins and licks his face. "Yes...quite comfy; I like it back here."

Amy giggles. "Ok if everyone is comfy; let's go." She gathers her psychic energy and pulses it outward. The energy envelopes everyone then they disappear in a blue light.

"Ok Pearl; time to teach you how to swim."

Pearl jumps up and down in excitement. "Yay!"

Aqua giggles. "Ok, let's start with the basics." She walks into the water and floats out. "Walk into the shallow water Pearl; let yourself get used to the temperature."

Pearl nods and walks into the shallow water. She squeaks at the slight chill and starts to splash around.

Aqua approaches Pearl and stands at the edge of the shallow water.

"Ok Pearl come here." She instructs.

Pearl runs over to her and gives her a curious, eager look.

"What's next Aqua?"

Aqua smiles. "Now I'm going to take you out into the deep water to you can start to learn how to swim." Aqua walks back into the deep water but keeps her back above the surface. She tilts her head back.

"Hop up on my back Pearl; I'll ferry you out there."

Pearl smiles and cautiously approaches her. She hesitantly jumps onto her back and struggles to gain her footing.

"Easy girl; just relax and lay down." Aqua instructs.

Pearl slowly lowers herself and lies down on her back. "Ok, I'm ready."

Aqua nods and starts to swim out into the deep water. Pearl gazes into the water curiously and squeaks when a finneon jumps into the air next to her.

Aqua giggles. "Yea you gotta watch for the other water Pokémon in here Pearl; this is their home and we are just guests." She swims up next to an small island. "Ok Pearl, get onto the island here."

Pearl nods and slowly rises to her feet. She cautiously jumps onto the island and lands successfully. She turns and looks back at Aqua with an eager expression.

"Now what?"

Aqua approaches her and raises her front paws into the air. Pearl nods and walks into her arms. Aqua leans back and slowly drifts back into the water with Pearl lying on her stomach.

"Alright, I'm going to turn over in the water and when you get in; I want you to start kicking your feet ok?"

Pearl gives her an unsure, nervous look.

Aqua hugs her. "Don't worry Pearl, I will still be holding on to you so you won't fall under. Ready to try?"

Pearl nods slowly. Aqua slowly turns herself over and Pearl squeaks as her body starts to submerge.

"Start kicking your legs Pearl." Aqua instructs.

Pearl closes her eyes and her back feet start furiously moving back in forth in the water. She continues to do this, successfully keeping her head above the water.

"Good job Pearl, keep it up."

Pearl starts moving her forepaws in rhythm with her hind legs. She continues to do this until she realizes something. Her eyes shoot open and she stares at Aqua.

Aqua smiles and waves her paws at her. "Congratulations Pearl; you're a natural swimmer. I didn't even need to help you; as soon as you touched the water, you swam right out of my grip."

Pearl's eyes widen as she looks around and notices herself moving along in the water with ease. She gleefully yells and swims over to Aqua then hugs her.

"Thank you Aqua!"

Aqua nuzzles her. "You're welcome Pearl." She holds her up in her arms. "You are getting to be such a big girl; plus you constantly surprise us with your abilities." She hugs her tightly and nuzzles her cheek. "I love you so much Pearl."

Pearl blushes and licks her cheek. "I love you too Aqua."

"I can't wait to show everyone that you already know how to swim."

Pearl giggles. "Yea, they will be surprised."

A bright flash of light appears next to the lake. Aqua and Pearl look over and see Topaz, Ruby, Amy, Sid, Jade and Lapis; all emerge from the bushes next to the shore.

"Hi guys!" Aqua calls out and waves her paws.

Topaz's ears perk up and he looks to see Aqua and Pearl out in the middle of the lake. He smiles and waves his paws back.

"Hey Aqua; how are you doing!"

"I'm good; hold on we are coming over!" Aqua looks at Pearl and smiles. "Well time to show them that you can swim Pearl; you ready?"

Pearl nods. "Ok!" She starts swimming over to the others.

Aqua giggles as she watches Pearl eagerly swim over. 'She grows up so fast...' She swims after Pearl.

Topaz shouts out happily as he sees them swim over. "Look, Pearl is already swimming!"

"Aww, she looks so cute." Lapis states.

"Let's go join her." Jade offers then runs into the water.

"Woohoo!" Topaz gleefully yells as he runs into the water then dives in.

Lapis follows suit and the three of them swim over to Pearl. She splashes Topaz as he swims close to her. He returns fire and she ducks and it hits Aqua. Aqua gives him a sly grin and he swallows audibly as she dives under the water. He starts frantically searching for any signs of movement, then yelps as he feels something yank him under the water. Aqua pulls him in close and kisses him. Topaz panics and breaks from her grip to swim to the surface. He gasps for air and starts looking for Aqua. She surfaces behind him and covers his eyes with her paws.

"Guess who..."

He laughs and breaks her grip on him. He turns around and embraces her then kisses her deeply.

Pearl giggles and splashes them. Topaz and Aqua look at her with smiles. Aqua releases Topaz and turns completely towards Pearl. She takes in a deep breath and fires a small water gun at Pearl. She squeals and dives under the water.

'Ooh, its neat looking under here.' Pearl thinks to herself as she scans the aquatic world in the lake. She starts swimming around, exploring the depths of the lake.

Aqua starts looking back and forth. "Where did she go?"

Topaz swims over to her. "Did you knock her under the water?"

Aqua shakes her head. "No, I saw her go under before the attack hit her, but she hasn't surfaced yet."

"Maybe she's just exploring." Jade states as she swims over.

"Aqua you probably should go down there and find her because she probably doesn't know how to hold her breath for long." Lapis states.

Aqua nods. "Yea, I'll be back." She dives under the water and begins to search for Pearl.

"Phew, making all of this stuff was hard work..." Charles states.

"Well she deserves this; all of us know how much you spoil her."

Charles smiles. "Yea, I just know she is going to love everything; I just need to transport it all over to the family cavern to set it up."

"I would love to see her face when she sees all of this; it's too bad that I have to leave to go visit my parents tomorrow."

Charles walks over to his friend and pats his back. "It's ok Lu, I'll be sure to tell her you and your family were here to help and that you wish her a happy birthday."

Lu smiles at him. "Thank you Charles, you are such a good friend and an ideal father." Lu's ear's twitch as he hears a noise behind him. He turns around and gets pounced on my two tiny Pokémon. The first Pokémon was a small mouse like creature. It had yellow fur, red paws and ears, red spots on its cheeks with plus signs in the middle of them, and then a plus shaped tail. The second Pokémon was very similar to the first except it was blue where the other was red and instead of plus signs and tail shaped, they were minus.

Lu starts laughing as the two Pokémon start to tickle him. "Hahaha, hey you two; how have you been all day?"

Charles chuckles to himself as he recognizes the two as the adoptive twins from Lu; Chloe the plusle and Connor the minun. They were always energetic and loved to play with their adoptive father.

"Hi daddy!" Chloe gleefully greets.

Lu chuckles. "Always so full of energy aren't you two; where's your mom?"

Connor turns his head and points to the living room. Lu rolls onto his feet and turns towards Charles.

"Wanna come meet the little ones; you haven't seen them yet have you?"

Charles' ears lower. "Yea...I'm sorry about that Lu; it's just that I've-"

Lu smiles and put a paw up to stop him. "It's ok Charles; I know you have been busy trying to reunite Pearl with all her siblings. You can't keep hurting yourself over not being there during the birth process; Aria pulled through and said it was just a bit more painful than she thought it would be. The children are perfectly healthy, so you do not have to worry about them.

Charles sighs. "Still; I shouldn't have gotten side tracked like that."

"Aw, come on; don't beat yourself on it anymore." Lu smiles. "Come on; you have got to meet them." Lu walks away toward the living room with Chloe and Connor riding atop his back.

Charles follows after him towards the living room.

"Hi dear; did you two finish?" Aria questions as she notices Lu enter the room.

Lu nods and motions for the twins to hop off of him. They whine and obey. He turns his attentions back to her and smiles.

"Yes, we just did; Charles wanted to see our two little ones so I told him he could."

Aria smiles. "Of course he can; where is he?"

On cue, Charles enters the room and waves at her. "Good afternoon Aria; how have you been?"

"I have been good Charles, just a little out of it but that's to be expected." She looks down at the two shinx sleeping against her. "These two are definitely a hand full; you should see poor Lu running after them all the time. At least we have Chloe and Connor for them to play with, plus they teach them the rules so they are starting to behave more."

Charles chuckles. "Well that's good." He approaches and kneels down next to the two sleeping shinx. "What are their names; have you decided?"

Aria nods. "Yes we decided yesterday." She raises her paw up and points at the first shinx. "This is Leo, named after Lu's brother in his memory." She then points at the second shinx whom had a smaller tuft of hair in its head and its back feet were blue instead of black to match its hind legs. "This is Kira, named after my mother whom died a few months back from the virus."

Charles gives a weak smile. "That's beautiful; honoring their memories by letting your children adopt their names." Charles does a quick once over and his smile widens. "Looks like they are perfectly healthy, I didn't detect any abnormalities."

Aria smiles and nuzzles him. "Thank you Charles, you are too kind."

"It's the least I can do since I wasn't there the day of the birth." He states.

She shakes her head. "Don't worry about it; it was indeed painful but it was bearable and now I have these two little bundles of joy." She leans down and nuzzles each one of her cubs.

Lu steps forward and clears his throat. "Well you ready to go Aria; Charles just has to get everything over to the Gemstone cavern so we are able to leave if you want."

"Thank you dear; I need to get home to feed the twins and I'm sure these two are going to wake up hungry soon." She turns her attentions to Charles. "Sorry for meeting on such a short notice Charles, but we have a few things to do with the children, so we must be leaving now."

Charles nods. "No problem, I enjoyed your company and Lu here was a great help. I'll make sure to come visit you all soon and maybe I'll bring the entire family."

Aria smiles. "That would be nice; I am sure Chloe and Connor would love to play with Pearl again, plus they love meeting new friends." She turns to Lu. "Ready to go dear?"

Lu nods. "Yep; all set." He looks at the twins. "Alright you two, come on; time for us to go home to get something to eat."

"Yay!" Both twins gleefully yell and jump onto his back.

Aria rises to her feet and steps off the couch. Lu walks over and picks up the two cubs in his mouth and places them on her back. He turns to Charles and smiles.

"Well it was a pleasure seeing you again Charles; until we meet again my friend. Make sure you tell Pearl that I said happy birthday for her." He turns and starts to leave with Aria and the kids.

"I'll be sure to tell her; thank you for everything Lu." Charles calls back to him and waves as the Luxray family exits the house. He starts to return the work area and stops when he starts to feel an unusual pressure in his chest.

"Ugh...what is this tight feeling in my chest..." The pain subsides and he shakes himself. "That was weird; maybe I pulled a muscle or something." He turns his attention back towards the room filled with various decorations and other misc party supplies. "Well time to contact Amy , so I can get this stuff over to the cave."

Charles takes a deep breath and begins to summon his aura into his mind. He focuses on a mental image of Amy and attempts to send a message to her.

''s me again. I have completed the preparations for everything and I need your help transporting it all over to the cavern. When you hear this please respond immediately.'

Ruby, Sid and Amy sit on the shore line under the shade of a tree.

"Ah...this is so relaxing...nice and warm outside." Ruby sighs contently and rolls onto her back.

Sid laughs. "Someone is in heaven." He walks over to her and lies down with his head resting against her neck fluff. "So soft and warm...just like a fluffy pillow." He nuzzles his face against her.

Ruby giggles. "Yea seems like everyone wants to sleep on me because I'm like a pillow."

"Nothing wrong with that; it means one more thing about you we all love." Amy states as she walks over. She turns around a few times and then lies down with her back against Sid's stomach.

Sid wraps his paws around her and pulls her closer. "And of course I get Amy here to whom is like a soft pillow also." He leans his head forward and nuzzles her neck.

Ruby rolls onto her side so that her stomach is pressed against Sid's back. She extends her paw across his body and starts to rub Amy's side.

"Yea...she is really soft, almost silky soft; feels nice."

Amy giggles. "Thank you Ruby." She looks over her shoulder and laughs when she sees Sid's dreamy expression. "Someone is happy; aren't you dear?"

Sid sighs contently and nuzzles her neck then snuggles against Ruby's stomach.

"So soft and comfortable...I feel like I could fall asleep like this..."

Ruby leans forward and whispers softly into his ear. "Go to sleep then...I won't do anything to you while you're asleep, I promise."

Sid smiles and looks over his shoulder at her. "I wouldn't mind if you did anything while I was asleep; probably make me have some nice dreams."

Ruby giggles. "Ok then big boy, whatever turns you on." She licks his cheek.

Sid pushes back against her lower stomach with his rear. "You know it."

Amy lets out a small whine. "What about me?"

Sid shifts his attention towards her. "Oh Amy, you know I could never forget about my little baby girl; never ever." He takes his paw and pulls her face towards his and then kisses her passionately.

Amy moans into the kiss and pushes her hips against his body. After a few moments, she breaks away from the kiss and licks her lips.

" taste good daddy..."

Sid smiles. "Glad you like my taste baby." He licks her cheek.

Ruby leans over and rests her head on his shoulder then sighs contently.

"Could life get any better; I mean we may have lost our parents but we have a new dad, a new baby sister and we all love each other on a whole new level. It just seems so unreal that life could be this perfect."

Amy grins. "It's not perfect yet Ruby; we still need to take our relationships with each other up two more levels."

Ruby gives her a confused look. "'Two' more levels?"

Amy nods. "Well the first level is that we all want to mate with each other. The second level is starting families with each other."

Ruby gets a dreamy expression. "A family with each big happy family loving each other...nothing seems more right." She turns her attentions to Sid and Amy. "You think we are ready for that yet?"

Amy sighs. "I thought Sid and I were but he wants to wait, but I guess it's for the best since we are still a little inexperienced ourselves at raising a family."

Ruby nods. "I guess you're right, but I do want to be a mom to my own little ones; I don't care if the father is Taz or Sid; I just want to have the pride of having my own."

Sid's eyes widen and he look back at her. "You want me to father your kids?"

Ruby smiles. "At some point yes, but I think Topaz should get the first set after all he is the one who fell in love with me first."

Sid nods. "Yea that makes sense, but I still can't believe you would want me to father your kids."

Ruby looks at him with a serious look. "Sid, you know you would have to father Amy's one day but did you ever stop and think of someone else asking you for this?"

"No, before I thought Amy and I would only be together; I never thought about anyone else asking me to do such a thing."

"Well you have to remember Jade and Lapis are both girls so they can't have children on their own, they need a donor male. I guarantee they already talked about it and settled on you and Topaz since trusting any male Pokémon outside the family with something like that is out of the question. So in other words; one of them would have asked you to help them with that and the other would have probably had Topaz mate them."

"Wow, I can't believe I never thought about Jade and Lapis in that sense; how could I be so blind." He sighs then smiles. "Well if they want me to help; I'll make sure not to disappoint them."

Amy smiles. "That's my big, strong mate; so kind and caring that he would do anything for us."

Sid nuzzles her. "Thank you Amy; I would do anything for anyone in this family. I love you all too much to deny my services to you."

Ruby smiles. "That'a boy Sid; such a gentleman."

He sighs contently and starts to close his eyes. Ruby and Amy follow suit and start to drift off to sleep. Amy starts to feel a familiar pressure in her mind and she sits up; disturbing Sid and Ruby.

"What is it Amy?" Sid questions with concern.

Amy raises a paw up and focus her psychic powers. She starts to hear a voice and smiles when she recognizes who it is from.

"It's dad, he's contacting me again. He needs help transporting everything to the cave for Pearl's birthday party."

Ruby sits up and stretches. "Well shall we get going; I am sure he will want everything to be setup as soon as possible."

Amy nods. "Yea you're right." She looks at Sid. "You want to come along dear or are you still uneasy when you teleport?"

Sid smiles and stands up. He walks up to Amy and kisses her. After a few moments he breaks away with a smile.

"I go where ever you go Amy."

She smiles. "Ok then let's go."

Ruby and Sid place their paws on her back and the three vanish in a blue light. A few moments later, they reappear in front of Charles house.

"Déjà vu...again..." Sid states.

Amy giggles. "Well not completely; at least you aren't running off into the bushes to throw up lunch this time."

Sid groans. "Ugh...don't remind me; it tasted so nasty..."

Ruby giggles. "Let me guess; side effect from teleporting?"

He nods. "Yea, but I think I am getting used to it now." He turns towards the house. "Well, shall we?"

Amy and Ruby nod. The three enter the house and start looking for their father.

"Dad; we're here!" Amy calls out.

They sit and listen. The sound of footsteps is heard and Charles walks out of a room and smiles as he sees the three of them.

"Ah Amy, you got my message I see and you brought helpers."

Amy giggles. "Well we were relaxing by the lake when you contacted me; everyone else was playing in the water."

"How come you three weren't swimming around?" Charles asks.

"Well I don't want to risk damaging my bad leg." Sid states.

Charles nods. "Ah yes, that is probably for the best." He turns to Ruby and she rolls her eyes.

"I'm a fire type dad; water and I don't mix well."

"Yea that makes sense." He turns to Amy and her ears lower. He approaches her with a concerned look. "What's wrong Amy?"

She looks up at him with a saddened expression. "I never learned how to swim; I'm afraid of the water."

Charles smiles and hugs her. "It's ok Amy, we all have our fears, but you shouldn't be afraid of trying new things. I am sure you would love swimming if you would give it a try. You have the best Pokémon to teach you how; Aqua."

Amy gives him a weak smile. "I'll try when I'm ready but..." She looks over at Sid. "Only if Sid comes with me."

Sid approaches her and pets her head. "Of course I will; I'll be with you every step of the way."

Amy smiles and breaks from Charles' grip, then hugs Sid. "Thank you Sid; I love you."

He hugs her tightly. "Of course, anything for my little girl."

They break away from each other and look at Charles. "So where is the stuff you need to take to the cave?"

Charles' ears perk up. "Oh yes, this way." He rises to his feet and motions for the trio to follow him. They follow him into his work area and stare in amazement at all of the decorations made.

"Wow...that's a lot of stuff dad; you're really going all out aren't you?" Ruby questions.

Charles chuckles. "Well it's Pearl's first birthday; so I wanted to make it a day she will never forget."

Amy smiles. "Well, I'm sure she will never forget it; after all she gets to spend her first birthday with all of us."

Charles nods. "Yea, she will be so happy..." He clears his head. "Ok, time to gather up everything so we can make the move."

The siblings nod and they start to get to work gathering everything together. After a few moments, all of the decorations were gathered outside of the house into a neat pile.

Charles smiles. "Ok, we got everything; now all that's left to do is get it all over there." He turns to Amy. "You ready for another trip Amy?"

She smiles and nods. "Yea I'm good to go." She looks over at Sid and Ruby. "You two ready?"

They both nod and approach the pile. "Yea, so how are we going to get all of this stuff over there?"

"I will need everyone to form a ring around the pile. I will transfer some of my psychic energy through you all to form a chain. When this happens, it will be easier for me to gather everything within my psychic range." Amy explains.

"That sounds good; alright let's get into positions so we can this tuff over there." Charles instructs.

"Ok, dad I want you to stand opposite of me because you have the second most powerful psychic mentality here; this way the connection will be strong on both ends." Amy instructs.

Charles nods. "Ok then." He walks over to the other side of the pile and gathers his aura into his mind.

Ruby and Sid go to their respective positions and await Amy's signal. Amy gathers her entire psychic energy and slowly pulses it out towards her siblings. They recoil as they feel the psychic energy pass through their body. Charles feels the psychic energy enter his mind and he releases his aura, laced with the psychic energy, back towards the siblings. Amy smiles when she feels the aura infused psychic energy return to her. She focuses her mind and starts to glow. One by one, Ruby, Sid then Charles begin to glow faintly as the psychic energy within pulses outward over the pile. Amy's eyes flash and the entire pile along with everyone, disappears in a bluish white light.

After a few moments they appear within the dining area of the cave. Charles smiles as he notices everything still intact.

"Ah good, another smooth teleport; thank you Amy."

She smiles. "Sure thing dad; I am to assume to need help setting up everything?"

He blushes slightly and places his paw on the back of his head. "Hehe, yea I do..."

"It's ok, we would love to help; right you two?" Amy questions as she looks at her two siblings.

They nod. "Yea we can help; what do you want us to do?"

Charles smiles. "Thanks you three." He turns towards the pile and picks out a random decoration. He turns towards the trio. "Ok this, I need to go up along the walls; Amy you will need to use your psychic powers to hold it and Sid can probably use his shadow fade ability to position it."

The two nod. "Ok then; let's get started."

'Pearl...where are you...?' Aqua worriedly asks herself.

She continues to scan under the water in search of Pearl. She searches all of the different caves, inside the crevasses and some other Pokémons' dens; but still no sign of her. She starts to really worry as her search brings her back to where she started with no luck.

'No...I don't want to lose you Pearl...come back-"

A loud explosion occurs and Aqua spins around in the water to see Pearl swimming as fast as she could away from an enraged gyarados.

Aqua's eyes widen in fear. "PEARL NO!" She uses aqua jet and swims as fast as she can toward them. She catches up to Pearl and tells her to inform everyone to get out of the water. Pearl nods and swims to the surface. Aqua turns and faces the gyarados with a fierce look in her eyes.

"You dare try to harm her!" She fires a water pulse at the enraged creature and it impacts him in the face.

The gyarados recoils and roars in anger, then starts charging at her.

Aqua steadies herself and begins to charge another water pulse.

'You will never again try to harm my family...'

Pearl surfaces form the water screaming. Topaz, Jade, and Lapis turn towards her and swim over.

"Pearl what's wrong; where's Aqua?" Topaz questions as he tries to calm her down.

Pearl continues to shake and thrash about in the water. Jade and Lapis swim over and hold her tightly in a hug. After a few moments Pearl finally calms herself and looks up at the trio with a fearful expression.

"A-Aqua is fighting a big Pokémon..."

"What kind of Pokémon, did you see what it looked like?" Topaz questions.

Pearl nods. "It looked like a dragon, it was long and blue colored and really mean."

Lapis' eyes widen. "That's a gyarados!"

Topaz and Jade look at her with a worried and shocked expression.

"Are you sure?!" Topaz fearfully asks and looks out towards the middle of the lake.

Pearl starts shaking. "Aqua told me to tell everyone to get out of the water."

Jade nods. "That's probably for a good idea; we don't get in her way and run the risk of her getting injured or worse."

"Ok let's go; Pearl you have to swim to the shore yourself because I can't carry you." Topaz states.

"Ok, I'll be right behind you."

Topaz releases her and she starts treading. The four of them begin to swim towards the nearest spot on the shore.

"NO!" Aqua screams out as she sees the gyarados swim past her and start heading towards her brother and sisters. She uses aqua jet and swims around in front of it then uses aqua tail to slam it into the depths of the lake.

The gyarados roars out and begins charging a hyper beam. It fires the attack straight at her. She aqua jets out of the way and the attack flies past her, straight up through the surface of the water.

"Holy crap!" Topaz screams out as the massive hyper beam bursts from beneath the water. The shockwave of the attack causes a massive wave to spread from the center of the blast. The wave sweeps up the siblings and slams them into the shore.

"Too close for comfort..." Aqua says aloud. She turns her attention back down towards the gyarados and sees it charging at her. She positions herself for the inevitable encounter but gasps when she sees it veer off to the side of her and swim past. She spins herself around and her eyes widen in fear as she sees the gyarados quickly approaching Pearl whom was still swimming towards the shore.

"No!" Aqua screams out as she sees the gyarados rapidly approach her sister. She uses her most powerful aqua jet and rockets off towards the gyarados as fast as she can. She starts to close the gap between the gyarados but then hears a scream and her heart drops.

Aqua stops swimming as she sees the gyarados swimming away from the surface, but she doesn't see Pearl. She fears the worst and screams out in pure anger and rage.

'PEARL...NNOOO!!" Her body begins to glow a deep blue color and her eyes begin to glow vibrant yellow. She squeezes her eyes shut as her emotions cloud her mind. ' no, please no...NO!' She opens her eyes and focuses on the gyarados. She begins to be encompassed in a swirling vortex of water.

Aqua cries out and charges towards the gyarados, creating a massive torrent of water around herself. Within seconds she collides with the gyarados and it roars out in pain. She then gathers the massive torrent of water around herself and unleashes it all towards the gyarados in a massive hydro pump attack. The attack collides with the gyarados and it flies straight up and out of the water.

"Pearl, are you alright?" Topaz questions.

She nods. "I got away just in time, I'm fine."

Topaz breathes a sigh of relief. "That's good I was beginning to think the gyarados-"

A loud explosion sounds and the four look to see the gyarados fly up out of the water; being pushed out by a pillar of water.

"What in the heck was that?" Topaz questions.

Jade gasps. "Look!"

Topaz turns his attention back towards the water and gasps as he sees a sphere of water emerge from the lake and float on the surface. His eyes widen as he sees a shadowy figure with glowing yellow eyes become slightly visible.

"What in the world?" Lapis questions as she stares at the orb of water.

The sphere begins to glow and the creature within it cries out. The water sphere swirls around the figure then condenses into a smaller sphere in front of its mouth. The condensed sphere pulses brightly and then the creature fires a bluish, yellow beam up towards the airborne gyarados. The beam impacts with the gyarados and blows a hole through it and separates it into two halves. The halves fall back into the lake.

"Oh my god...that thing just blew the gyarados into pieces..." Topaz states in shock.

"Um's coming towards us right now..." Lapis fearfully states.

Topaz and Jade shift their attention towards the mysterious creature and notice it approaching. All three siblings stand in front of Pearl and guard her.

The creature walks up onto the shore then collapses. The bluish glow around its body and the yellow glow in its eyes fade away and reveals Aqua.

Topaz gasps. "Aqua!" He starts to run over to her. As he draws closer, he hears crying. He starts to worry and nuzzles her when he reaches her. "Aqua, what's wrong; are you hurt?"

Aqua continues to cry. "I...I couldn't protect her...I'm sorry."

Topaz tilts his head in confusion. "Protect who?"

She looks up at him with a hurt expression. "Pearl...I saw the gyarados get her."

Topaz smiles and shakes his head. "No, she got away; she's safe."

Aqua gives him a confused look. "But I saw him charge up at her then I heard a scream and when he swam away from the surface, she was gone."

Topaz nuzzles her. "She got away, it's ok; she used her ability to get out of the water in time."

"Where is she; I don't see her."

"Jade and Lapis are guarding her because when you came up to the shore you looked different. We thought you were an enemy so we tried to defend Pearl." Topaz explains.

Aqua gasps. "What do you mean?"

"You were glowing blue and your eyes had a piercing yellow glow to them; you looked like a spirit of something."

"Well as long as that gyarados is gone, I don't care." Aqua looks at him. "Can I go see Pearl; I was so worried about her."

Topaz smiles and nods. "Of course; come on, let's get you up."

Aqua rises to her feet with a shaky step. Both of them walk back over to Jade and Lapis.

"Aqua, are you ok?" Jade worriedly asks.

Aqua nods weakly. "Yea, just a little out of it; where's Pearl?"

"Oh she's behind us-" Lapis states but gasps as she notices Pearl missing. "Ah! Where did she go?"

The four of them start looking around but jump when they hear a child like yell.


They turn their attention towards the scream and see Pearl running towards four Pokémon whom they recognized as Ruby, Amy, Sid and Charles. The four of them run after Pearl, eager to reunite with everyone.

"Phew...that's everything; good job you three." Charles states and he wipes his face.

Amy smiles. "It looks great; better than I imagined."

"Pearl is going to love it; I just know she will!" Ruby happily states.

"Man...I could really use a nice relaxing swim at the lake after all of this..." Sid states with exhaustion.

Charles chuckles. "That sounds nice, plus everyone else is there so why don't we go?"

"Yea!" Amy and Ruby happily shout out. The two run out of the cave.

Charles laughs. "They're just like Pearl; so full of energy." He looks down as he notices a slight tapping on his leg. He looks down and smiles. "What is it Sid?"

Sid looks away in embarrassment. "Um dad...can you um...carry me?"

Charles smiles and kneels down. "Of course, come here." He picks up Sid and cradles him in his arms. "There we go, nice and comfy; you ready to go?"

Sid nods and nuzzles his neck. "Whenever you are dad."

Charles nods and gathers his aura into his feet. He rockets off out of the cave towards the lake. After a few moments he sees Amy and Ruby running ahead of him. He increases his speed slightly and gains on them in a matter of seconds. He runs past them and slides to a halt. Amy and Ruby stop themselves as they see Charles stop in front of them with Sid in his arms.

"Wow dad; you're fast!" Ruby states in awe.

He laughs. "Yea, it's my extremespeed ability; it allows me to run at the speed of sound."

"That's neat." Amy states and then looks around. "Where's Sid?"

He pokes his head. "Up here Amy."

Amy looks up at him and giggles. " look so cute; just like a big baby."

Sid's ears lower and he blushes. "Aw come on Amy, stop it."

Charles laughs. "Well I can set you down now anyways since the lake is only a short walk away; it's right through those trees." He kneels down and sets Sid onto the ground.

"Ok then, thanks dad; it was a nice breeze." Sid sarcastically remarks.

Charles rolls his eyes. "Hey you wanted me to do it."

"I know and I'm thankful." He turns towards Amy and Ruby. "Shall we get going; I wanna take a nice bath."

"Ok then."

The group walks through the trees and notices Jade and Lapis sitting in front of Pearl and Topaz at the shore with Aqua.

"Wonder what's going on?" Ruby questions.

"I don't know, but is it me or does it look like Jade and Lapis are trying to protect Pearl; look at them, they are in a battle ready stance." Amy states.

"Hmm, strange; I guess when we get over there we will have to ask them about it." Charles states.

"Well, let's go; they might need-"


The four of them shift their gaze forward and notice Pearl running at them.

"Hey!" Charles happily yells out and opens his arms.

Pearl's face beams and she starts running faster.

Charles gasps. "What is happening to her?!"

The three siblings look and their eyes widen. "Uh oh, dad you might want to get out of the way."

He looks at them with a confused expression. "Why?"

"Because she is going to light speed tackle you."

Charles tilts his head. "She's gonna wha-AAHHH!"

A streak of light impacts with Charles' body and he flies back and skids into the ground.

"DAD!" Amy, Sid and Ruby all run over to him. When they approach, they see him unconscious form the impact and Pearl licking at his face with a worried expression.

"Daddy...come on daddy, wake up; I'm sorry."

Amy walks up to Charles and places her tail tips on his chest and neck. She breathes a sigh of relief.

"He's alive, just knocked out." She turns towards Pearl. "Pearl, you can't just tackle others like that; that speed of yours can really hurt someone."

Pearl frowns and her ears lower. She begins to cry and Amy grabs her and hugs her.

"Shssh, it's ok; it was just an accident. Calm down Pearl, he's just sleeping right now; he will wake up in a few moments."

Pearl sniffles and looks up at her. "So he's ok?"

Amy smiles and nods. "Yes dear, he's gonna be a little hurt when he wakes up but he will live."

"What happened!?" Aqua questions as she runs over with the others.

"Pearl light speed tackled dad and knocked him out cold." Ruby explains.

"Ouch, poor dad." Topaz states with a cringe.

"Well all we can do is wait until he wakes up." Jade states.

Ruby smiles. "So did anything interesting happen with you guys while we were helping dad?"

Aqua, Topaz, Jade and Lapis look at each other then back at the others.

"Well...yea...something did happen..."  



End Chapter 11


Reunion Arc is almost over. Next chapter is the final one.

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