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Sorrow and Joy (Chapter Six)

#7 of Saj


                                                 Sorrow and Joy

                                                    Chapter 6


Okay here's the final chapter to Part 1 of the serie's. Plus I'll be doing something new. At the end I will be asking some questions. 7 questions in total, one based on each chapter. If one person gets all or most of the questions correct then I will reward all of you with a special treat. But lets get this chapter done with first. Hope you enjoy.


Panting heavily as he rounded the corner to control center. The two blacksuits salute as he runs by. He sighted the door and slowed to a walk stopping in front of it taking a few deep breaths. Gathering his nerves he opened it and walked inside.

The control room was dimly lit; the computer screens provided the only source of light, grunts leaning over them constantly typing. The center was pitch black, as he neared it something shot out of the darkness towards him.

He screamed and stumbled back in surprise as the object embedded itself in the floor between his feet.

"What do you have to report 34?"

C-34 gulped at his commander's dark menacing voice.

"I-i-i checked all boat records for the last two months."

There was a slight pause. Slowly Mercury's head materialized out of the darkness.


34 shakily held up the papers.

"I checked the records of every boat leaving Kanto, and Johto nothing sir."

Slowly Mercury's head recedes into the darkness. 34 silently stood his ground hoping that his news meant another day for him to live. After a few moments Mercury walked out of darkness towards him his hands clasped behind his back.

"What about the Hoenn region."

34 looked down at the papers.

"Two weeks ago one Miss Diane Joy boarded the Azumarill Decent from Slateport and got off at Sunnyshore."

Mercury stopped a few inches from him. 34 looked up noticing the four new red stripes added to his tunic.

"Diane Joy.... What do we have on her?"

Snapping back to reality 34 started flipping through the papers searching for the file in question.

"Ah here it is. Diane Belreen Joy. Three time league champion bested the Kanto, Johto, and Hoenn leagues. Born in Jubilife, 18 years of age, her parents were murdered 5 years ago. Pokemon are of the following. One Luxray, a Ninetales, a Lucario, a young Eevee and an Umbreon."

34 stopped and looked up at his commander. Mercury stood there staring at the wall, after a few seconds he bent down and with ease tugged the blade from the tile floor. A sly grin formed over Mercurys face as he flipped it in the air. It flipped over and over before falling back to earth to be caught by the handle.


Silently he walked past, 34 turned around watching the commander leave the command center.


Mercury silently placed the blade back in his pocket, grinning in amusement as grunts moved to either side of the corridor. This was the true meaning of power, where useless underlings cringed at you very presence, where your enemies would rather kill themselves then face you wrath.

He touched the two of stripes on the left side of his collar. Chuckling lightly as he strode down the corridor turning the corner to his private quarters.


He glared down at the unfortunate grunt. The grunt sat there rubbing his head after a few moment he slowly looked up at him.

"Oh I'am sorry sir. I was carrying thes-"

Mercury held up his hand and the grunt stopped.

"What are you?"

Nervously the grunt looked at his uniform then back to him.

"Intelligence officer s-s-sir" The grunt stammered.

"And those papers."

The grunt stared at him for a moment trying to register what he meant. Suddenly his mouth opened wide and he looked at the mess of papers along the floor. He quickly started gathering the papers. Mercury watched as the useless grunt reached for the final paper. Something on it caught his eye and in one swift motion he stamped down on the grunts hand feeling the bones break under the pressure.


Ignoring the grunts screams of pain he knelt down and picked up the file. Taking one look he grinned and strode off down the hall tossing the paper over his shoulder.

The grunt sat there holding his broken hand starring at the paper as it floated back to him. With his other hand he picked it up and placed it with the other travel records. Filled with curiosity he looked at it.

Dragonite Airtravel

Departure Time 9:30 AM Sunnyshore

Arrival Time 4:00 PM Sandgem

Passenger list Michael Wake

Diane Joy

Charlie Nurak

Mabel Jerans

Looking back to the direction the commander went he got up and hurried down the hall to the command center.


Spark sat in the far corner of the room anxiously waiting for Vula. He glanced over to the far corner of the room. Vula and Evy were conversing with each other. After she had told them Vula asked if they could be alone for a few minutes reluctantly he complied and moved to the other side of the room.


He jumped at Vula's sudden yell. He never heard her yell like that before. He quickly got up and walked over to them. Nearing them he noticed Vula's eyes were opened wide, her ears flattened, and her mouth was ajar but most of all was that her tails were draped across the floor, she would never have her beloved tails touch the ground.

He glanced over to Evy, her face was a orange color.

"Hey.... is something the matter?"

Both pokemon jumped and looked at him. Regaining her posture Vula got up and walked towards him, stopping a few feet away and sat down. Spark sat down wondering why she didn't come closer; it wasn't like her to be nervous.

"Vula... whats wrong?"

Shuffling her feet on the hardwood floor she glanced back at Evy who had moved to a large yellow cushion on the far side of the room. The slight bulge on her midsection more visable.

"Evy told me who the father is."


"Well the fath-


Both pokemon turned to see a small eevee enter enter the room and run towards Evy. Evy got up and smiled as the young eevee started nuzzling her front leg and purring.

"How was your day Crystal."

"Great mommy."

"Hey honey we're back."

They turned back to the door. A Raichu with a red ball cap stood there looking at them. Spark's jaw dropped as the large electric mouse smiled and walked towards them.

"I didn't know we had company. Nice to meet ya I'am-"


Mich stopped and looked at Spark. "Ya... how did you know?"

"Evy told me." Vula said lowering her head to avoiding eye contact.

He turned to Vula. "Well then it's nice t-"

"She didn't tell me."

He turned back to Spark puzzled. "Huh?"

Spark stared him. "I said the neither Evy nor Vula told me."

Mich stared back at the large lion pokemon puzzled. "Then who told you?"


Mich tilted his head confused.


Suddenly his eyes widened and a scowl formed over his mouth.

"WHAT! You mean you know that bastard!"

Evy placed her paws around Crystal's ears growling.


He turned to Evy.

"Sorry, sorry."

He turned and glared at Vula and Spark.

"So what your that bastards friends or something?"

Vula shifted her position, noticing a bit of static crackling from her mates body. Sparks stood up baring his fangs at the Raichu growling.

"He just so happens to be my mentor and leader. So watch it!"

"Pff. Leader that idiot? He can't lead a group of ratatta to garbage."

Sparks growled and the static on his body crackling wildly.

"If you value your life I suggest that you stop now or you mate becomes a widow."

Mich crouches down on all fours snarling.

"Bring it on."

Spark lunges at him his fangs crackling with electricity. Suddenly his body starts screaming in pain as if he was on fire. Collapsing on the floor yelping in pain. His back leg feeling as if it was burning.


Looking up to see Vula baring her fangs at both of them surrounded by several floating balls of fire.


He turns his head seeing Mich curled up into a ball on the floor. He looks back to Vula noticing a raging inferno in her eyes.

"Will you two stop it. Can't you see your scaring the child."

He looks over to Evy direction noticing Crystal huddled close to Evy her head buried into her mother's fur. A overwhelming feeling of guilt washes over him.

"What...what happened?"

Mich slowly uncurls revealing a large burn on his stomach. He stands ups but doubles over in pain.

"Sorry about that but I had to use Will of the Wisps on the both of you before it got out of hand."

"Just don't do it again." Mich says as he slowly stands up covering the burn with both paws.

"She won't if you promise that when Kyler gets here you won't attack him."

All three turn to Evy who was glaring at Mich.


"But nothing. It was three years ago and I will make Richie send you back to Zach." She growled putting venom into each word.

He grumbles for a few seconds and sighs.

"Fine but if he attacks first then the deal is off."

"Humph." She looks over to Vula and smiles. "Thank you Vula."

Vula smiles. "You're welcome."

"Now that we've done with that can we get treated now?" Sparks says as he stands up and starts limping towards the door towards the living room. Evy runs in front of him blocking the way to the door.

"Hold on. I don't think having our trainers' treat you is a good idea."

Sparks looks at her confused.

"Why not?"

"How would it look if we walk in with you two having burns. Diane will punish us for sure."

Vula walks over and stands next to Evy.

Sparks looks at the ground and shudders. After a few seconds he looks up seeing both Mich and Evy looking at him their heads tilted to the side. He glances over to Vula. She shudders as well and looks at both pokemon.

"Diane has a cruel sense of punishment."

Mich looks at her.

"Odd I never known her to be cruel."

"Trust me it's cruel. One time is enough for any pokemon."

"Enough of what though?" Evy asks.

"Trust me you don't want to know." Spark says shaking his head. "So how do we get cleaned up?"

"Mila." Crystal squeals as she jumps of the cushion and heads towards the back of the room.

Spark and Vula look over at the tiny eevee.


Evy noddes and follows her daughter to the back of the room.

"Yes. Remember Mila the Milotic who was singing earlier. She can use icebeam to heal those burns."

"Oh right. Well then what are we waiting for." Spark smiles as he limps after Evy and Crystal. He stops and looks around puzzled.

Evy looks back at him.

"Whats wrong?"

"Why are we going to the back of the room?"

"Well Richie had a side door installed. It'll let us get to the backyard without being seen by our trainers." Evy motions to a spot in the back of the room.

Vula moves to the spot in question looking around. Spotting a oddity in the wall she walks over and starts scratching it with her claws. "Here it is. It's a dark color making it almost impossible to see."

She moved away from the door and went over to Spark. Mich walked up to the door jumping up grabbing the handle twisting it. Cringing as he landed back on his feet.

"You okay?" Evy walks up to him worried.

He noddes and starts walking out the door.

"Ya ya I'm okay let's just get this ufff!"



Rick let out a slight gasp as he stared at the marvel of the ranch. It was the biggest pokemon ranch he's ever seen.

"This is beautiful."

Kyler brushed past him towards the house.

"Hey Kyler wait!"

Rick watched as Kyler continued towards the house as if he didn't heard him. Tiri stopped next to him.

"Whats with him?"

Rick shook his head.

"He's probably nervous."

He glanced over to Tiri. She nodded and ran after the umbreon.

"Hey Kyler are you feeling okay?"

He continued walking.


He jumped and turned to her.

"What, sorry I was just thinking."

She gave him a worried look.

"Thinking about what she will do when she see's you?"

He slowly noddes and looks at the ground. She placed a paw on his shoulder giving him a smile.

"Trust me she will be happy to see you. From what you said about your cub hood you two were best friends and you'll make a fantastic couple."

He looked up at her.

"You think so?"

She gave him a reassuring smile and nods.

He manages a weak smile. "Thanks Tiri."

"You're welcome."

"Well now that that's done can we please get indoors I'm tired."

They turn to see Rick walking up.

"Ya lets find a way in so we can get some rest."

He turned around and continued to the house. Finally reaching it he started looking around.

"You guys see a door anywhere?"

"No. Can't you see in the dark?"

He groaned and mentialy hit himself. Again he forgot about his night vision ability. He closed his eyes and after a few seconds opened them. Everything was green which allowed him to see better.

"See it?"

He started looking to the left and right of the house. It didn't seem that there were any entrances.

He gave a small hmm of thought.

Tiri walked towards him. "Anything?"

Shaking his head. "Nothing.... maybe we should check the other side."

He started walking towards the other side of the house closely looking at each part of the house in case he missed it. He turned the corner and scanned the area. Still no sign of a door.

"How about now?"

He slowly shook his head.

"Where the hell are the doors to this place?" Rick walks past his tail twitching in annoyence.

Suddenly a lightbulb went off in Kyler's head. Pressing his ear against he began slowly moving along the length of the wall.

"What are you doing?" Rick asked confused.


"Don't shh me y- hmmph."

Tiri placed her paw on his mouth silencing him. Placing her other paw on her mouth.


Whining he stopped and watched as Kyler stopped at the middle of the wall. The umbreon held his ear against the wall for a few moments before moving away from it. He stepped back lowering his head. Suddenly part of the wall swings outwards casting a light on the umbreon. He watches as Kyler walks towards the door shaking his head.

Suddenly a figure steps out from the light colliding with Kyler.


Kyler stumbles back collasping onto the ground holding his head.




He looks up blinking against the light. Slowly making out the shape of a large orange pokemon sitting on the ground rubbing its head, out of the corner of his eye he noticed the red ball cap lying on the ground next to it.

A red hat? But the only pokemon I know that wears a red hat is...

He looked up noticing the other pokemon was a Raichu.


Slowly the Raichu looked up at him. Its cheeks twitched as it stood up grabbing the hat off the ground and placed it back on its head.


Kyler got up and took a step back.

"So you evolved into a Umbreon I see." Mich said crossing his arms in front of him.

"Ya. I evolved two years ago. I see you evolved too."

"Last year, back in Isshu."

"Listen is...Evy here."

"I'm here."

He looked up to see a Jolteon standing in the doorway.


"Hi Kyler."

Kyler felt his heart swell with excitment. This had to be the chance he's been waiting for, the moment that he has awaited for so long. Slowly he started walking forward towards the door.

Suddenly a small eevee appeared from behind Evy.

"Mommy I'am hungry."

He stopped starring at the tiny eevee. Slowly he looked up at Evy. Mommy? She was a mother? But then that means.....

A thought appeared in his mind and he looked over at Mich. It couldn't be... He looked to Evy then back to Mich. A Raichu and a Jolteon... Then that means... His heart sank.

He stepped back shaking he head. ""

"Kyler I'am sorry... Can we talk about this?"

He continued stepping backwards, tears staring to fill his eyes.

"No... No it can't be.... it can't."

Evy stepped forward to the edge of the door.

"Listen if you come inside we ca-"


She stopped staring at him. Mich moved towards the shocked umbreon.

"Stay away." Kyler stepped back his voiced choked.

Mich continued walking towards him. "Listen we need to talk about this. Come on inside and we-."

"I SAID STAY AWAY!" Kyler yelled as he reared back firing a Shadow Ball at Mich.

Mich placed his paws in front of him as the ball of dark energy hit the ground exploding.

"Damn it Kyler I'am going to kill you!" He yelled as the dust settled. He looked up from his paws. Kyler was nowhere in sight.

"What th- Where did he go?"

He turned around looking at Evy. She was curled up on the floor. Slowly she raised her head and stood up revealing Crystal underneath her. Slowly she raised her head from underneath her paws and looked around.

"Are you two okay?"

Evy nodded at him and looked down at Crystal.

"You okay sweetie?"

The tiny eevee nodded.

Sighing in relief she looked up, noticing two dark figures to the left. She lowered her voice to a whisper.

"Mich look."

He nodded and turned to face the two strangers.

"Allright come out."

He watched as the two figures walked towards him. Slowly a Glaceon and a Flareon stepped into the light. He breathed a sigh of relief and looked at both pokemon.

"Who are you."

The Glaceon places a paw on his chest. "My name is Rick and this is my mate Tiri, we're with the group that came here earlier."

"You're the two that were with Kyler earlier?"

Evy steps out of the doorway towards them. Tiri stares at her for a second then nudges Rick. He looks at her then to Evy.

"You're Evy right?"

"Yes. Vula and Spark said you would be arriving with Kyler."

Rick looks at her his head tilted in confusion.

"What happened to Kyler. One second he was walking towards you then he was yelling."

Evy looks down at Crystal who was hiding behind her.

"He heard Crystal call me mommy."

Both pokemon stare at her.

"You're a mother?" Tiri asks her voice choked from shock.

Evy noddes and looks down at Crystal. "Ya. Crystal is my first, soon I'll have another."

Both pokemon gasp.

"You mean you're pregnant?"

She noddes again before turning around heading for the house with Crystal behind her.

Rick and Tiri watch as she enters the house, they then turn to Mich.

"Did you know about this?"

He reaches up and readjusts his hat.

"Ya. I'am the father."

They both gasp again.

"We heard an explostion what happened?"

They turn to see Spark and Vula running out of the house towards them.

"Where the hell were you two?"

"Sorry the pain from the burn caused me to fall." Spark says as he limps towards them revealing the burn on his hind leg.

"Well you missed one hell of a scene. Kyler attacked us."

The corner of Sparks's mouth trembles as he glares at Mich.

"What did you do?"

Mich turns to him scowling.

"I didn't do a thing. He heard my daughter call Evy mom and he flipped out. We tried to calm him down but he attacked me with a Shadow Ball. When the dust cleared he was gone."

"Aren't we going to go after him?"

They all turn to Tiri.

"Pff. Good luck with finding that jackass. He's probably long gone by now, I doupt that we'll see him again if Diane is as cruel as you say."

Mich turns around and walks towards the house leaving them out in the night. All four pokemon watch him as he jumps onto the doorway and disappears. After a few seconds Vula sighs.

"Maybe he's right. But this isn't the first time Kyler has disappeared."

Tiri looks over at her.

"The first time? What happened the first time."

"I really don't know. He left and didn't come back for two days and..." Vula lowers her ears.

Both eeveelutions tilt their heads looking at her. Tiri silently walks over and gently nudges Vula.

"Vula what happened?"

Vula looks up and looks at both pokemon.

"He came back with a egg..."

"This egg... did it..."

Vula slowly nods.

"It hatched into Alex."


He continued running through the dense forest the tears stinging as they ran down his face. What had he done? He attacked Mich again but this time Evy was there. How could she... she and him...

The trees turned into blurs as he rushed past them wishing that one would suddenly jump out in front of him. It didn't matter anymore, nothing mattered anymor. He was a fool for believing she would still love him. A fool for letting his emotions get to him.

He continued running calling on one of his forgotten moves Agility. The trees became invisable as he sped through the forest. He didn't want to accept it but it was true every way he looked at it. A Jolteon, a Raichu, a Eevee...there was no denying it. Evy and Mich were mates and the little eevee was their offspring.

Suddenly something caught his paw and he tumbled headfirst to the ground. He laid there feeling a warm liquid run down the side of his face. Slowly he got to his feet and started walking. He didn't want to see where he was nor did he care. He continued walking feeling the occasional drop of blood hit his forepaws.

After what felt like a eternity he stopped.Slowly opening his eyes he looked up. He was no longer in the forest, he was in the middle of a clearing with a small lake in front of him. His eyes stung badly from the tears, he collasped onto the ground burying his head in his paws the tears burning as they started flowing down his face. He laid there letting out all of his pint up emotions his breath coming in ragged sobs.

"Hello... are you okay?"

His ears twitched and he looked up. A female Leafeon was standing a few feet away looking at him, her face saddened. He lowered his head back into his paws.

"Go away."

"Okay. I'll leave you be."

He couldn't help but hear a touch of sadness in her voice.

"Wait. Please stay with me please."

Everything was silent. Did she already leave?

"All right."

He listened as she walked over and lay down next to him, feeling her tail wrap around him.

"It's okay to let it all out." She said nuzzling his neck comforting him.

He continued letting out all of his pain. After a while he lifted his head from his paws and looked at her.

"Thank you."

She smiled.

"You're welcome."

"You can leave if you want."

She looked at him puzzled.


He lowered his head onto his paws looking away from her.

"You don't want to stay here with me; you probably have something better to do.

"Truth is that I don't have anything better to do."

"Oh, well you still can leave."

He felt her tail tighten slighty as she moved closer to him.

"Why do you want me to leave?"

He shuffled his forepaws and closed his eyes.

"You don't want to stay with me, you probably think I'm a pathetic loser."

He flinched as she leaned into him.

"I don't think you're a pathetic loser. I think you're the nicest sweetest guy around."

"I don't deserve such praise. I'm a abomination."

"No you're not. What makes you say that?"

He turned to her opening his eyes.

"Look. I have blue eyes but I'm a regular colored Umbreon. I'm an abomination."

She leaned in licking the tip of his nose. He flinched as she pulled back staring at him.

"You're not an abomination. Those eyes makes you exotic, they also make you even more handsome."

His face felt warm as she leaned in closer to him.

"You don't mean that."

"Yes I do...."

He stared in astonishment as she pressed her muzzle against his. Slowly he leaned into the kiss closing his eyes.

Slowly she pulls away and he opens his eyes staring at her.

"That was...."

"Was what." She says blushing


"I thought so too.... My name is Petal by the way."

"Kyler. A pleasure to meet you."

"The pleasure is all mine my dear Umbreon."

She leaned forward kissing him again. After a few seconds he pulls back and he stares into her soft brown eyes.


Suddenly a thought appears in his mind and he pulls back staring at her in disbelief.

"What's wrong?" She asks her voice filled with curiosity.

"You're.... you're the one who's been following me, you're in heat aren't you?"

She lowers her head looking at the ground.

"Yes I've have, and yes I am."

" don't really like, you just want to mate with me to furfill your need."

"No I rea-"

"No. I'm sorry but no... Good bye miss Petal"

Slowly he gets up without looking back he starts walking away. He lowers his head and tail, tears welling up in his eyes. He felt hurt, that was his first ever kiss but the girl didn't even like him. She was just using him for her own needs. Sighing he looked up at the moon.

"Is this a curse or something? Do you hate me Arceus? I am on-"


His neves were screaming in pain as he toppled to the ground onto his back. Suddenly he felt someone step onto chest. Slowly he opened his eyes looking at his chest. Two brown paws were on his chest, but there was only a small bit of pressure. He slowly followed the paws up towards her front legs towards her face. She looked down at him her eyes filled with tears.

"Please listen. I know that I'm in heat and that it might be affecting me in ways I can't explain but I do like you." She stopped. Slowly she leaned in towards him.

"But I don't like.... I love you... I don't know why but I love you. I don't care if my heat is making me say that but I do sincerely love you."

He watched speechless as she leaned in closer with every word. She stepped off placing her paws on either side of him.

"All I want is to be with you. To be by your side every day and night. To rely on and support you through everything that might happen."

Finally she stopped the tips of their noses centimeters from each other.

"I love you. I want to spend the rest of my days with you. Please just give me the chance to prove it."

He stared at her speechless. Did she really mean it? Did she really love him even though she was in heat? He laid there wondering, what should he do? He had just met her and she was asking to be his mate. But she did show him comfort in his time of need, and she was beautiful even in the moonlight.

Slowly he leaned up kissing her. He felt her flinch at his reaction then give into the kiss. After a few moments they parted, he stared lovingly into her eyes smiling.

"Yes. I will be your mate."

Smiling she collasped on top of him nuzzling his neck. His nerves screamed in pain but he ignored it. For the first time in his life he was happy about his bad luck.

Slowly she lifted herself off his body and pressed her muzzle against his. He leaned into the kiss. He couldn't help but feel that it felt different somehow, as if it was more meaningful than the others. He felt something press against his lips, suddenly something in his mind went off and he allowed the strange object in his mouth. It was long and it thrashed around his mouth as if looking for something. Slowly he moved his tongue to see if it was what she wanted. Her tongue twisted around his and he twisted his around hers.

After a while they parted a strand of saliva connecting them. He felt his body get hot as she stared at him. Slowly she ran her paw down his chest to his lower abnomin.

"I want to express my love with more then a kiss."

"I want to too."


End Part I.


That's chapter 6. I must say this was a challenge. Wish it was a bit longer but I think I did a good job. Hoped you liked it. Now for the questions. If one viewer gets most or all question correct then you all will be awarded with a special prize. A yiff chapter based on Kyler and Petal. I will inform you if you win. Good luck.


1. What attack did Mich use on Kyler to cause him to attack?

2. What item was Alex messing with?

3. Why was Kyler alone during the night?

4. What is Alex's favorite berry?

5. Who's Pokemon is the friendliest at Richie's Pokemon Ranch?

6. Why was Kyler embarresed during this scene?

7. What do the stripes on Mercury's tunic stand for?

Ein Scorpio 3 years ago 0
Hey Kyler. Another great chapter if I do say so myself. I am happy Kyler and Petal have met up finally; he deserves someone who cares and admires him so deeply. I can't wait until you start Part II.

As for the questions; I'll do my best since it has been awhile since I've read your entire series.

1. If I remember correctly, Mich used tail whip against and he expected Kyler to dodge it. The attack caused a cut to form on Kyler's face and the sight of blood caused him to lash out.

2. Hm...this one is difficult to remember. I remember Alex saying something about it using screech attack on him, so it was some kind of noise. I believe is some kind of music equipment and he had the volume up really loud.

3. This one is also a little sketchy. I don't think it was thoroughly explained but Kyler told Ry that he had another dream or nightmare. He told Ry is was the same re-occurring one.

4. This one I remember. Alex loves Figy berries. Ry gives him one when Rick and Tira were asking him about a mother.

5. I am not sure whom was the friendliest pokemon was. I know you said that there was a mightyena there that was considered the most aggressive but it still acted very friendly. I guess that is the friendliest.

6. Oh I remember this one from when you and I discussed this. Kyler was embarrassed because he heard Tira scream out Rick's name. Kyler ran to investigate and when he emerged from the bushes, he witnessed Rick and Tira mating.

7. This one is a bit hard for me to figure out but I think it is because I read too fast through it. I think they are supposed to let everyone know that he is a full time member of team galactic now, serving as a commander.

Well I did my best from what my memories serves. I hope it is right considering I didn't study at all for your little quiz nor did I try to cheat. Once again great chapter from a great series. I look forward to reading more.

Until we meet again.
darkdragon33 3 years ago 0
A pop quiz? Oh no! I didn't get a chance to study for it! Lol. Okay, I'll try my best and answer to the best of my knowledge... If my memory serves me well. Here goes:

Q1. I definately remember this one. Mich used tail whip on Kyler and accidently cut his face.

Q2. I think he was messing with a stereo or something. I remember Alex saying it was a screech attack, but Kyler said it was music. (probably rock music) So, I guess I'll go with that.

Q3. I think he said that he had a dream.

Q4. Easy, it's the figy berry. Ry gave him one when he was being asked about having a mother or not.

Q5. Okay... I think I remember there being a arcanine, but I think all the pokemon were supposed to be friendly.

Q7. I think the strips stand for his rank. His rank, I completely forgot.

Q6. Okay, I left this one for last cuz I'm not sure which scene you want specifically. Other than the one Shadow said, I remember Kyler being embarrassed one other time. It was when... Ry I think, pulled on his tail and made a dirty joke saying he better be glad he didn't pull on his front. Kyler turned red out of embarrassment, then got pissed at Ry for doing it. So I guess I'll stick with this one. Yeah, I remember dirty jokes and that's what helped me out with this one.

Alright, I hope I did okay. Also:

Maury: Mich, the DNA results from the lab came back. Mich, you... ARE the father!

Kyler: WTF?!!!

Aww, snap I should've seen this coming! Nice chapter! ^.^
sharpy 3 years ago 0
just read all these chapters from part 1. not bad. i look forward to reading more.
Kyler The Umbreon 3 years ago 0
Thank you. I'm improving slowly and hopefully will be good oneday
sharpy 3 years ago 0
In my opinion your already good just need a bit of fine tuning.
Umbro/Quil 3 years ago 0
Great chapter although I do hate Mich. Leafeon+Umbreon, that's a new combo. The only two Eeveelutions I've seen an Umbreon with were Glaceon and Espeon. Bonus points for being unique.
Kyler The Umbreon 3 years ago 0
Thanks for the bonus points but Umbreon and Leafeon isn't a new combo. I've seen some pictures of a Umbreon/Leafeon mix but not pictures of a Umbreon and Leafeon as a couple. There both my favorite eeveelutions.

Umbreon is cool and a powerhouse due to its high defenses and Leafeon is cute and another powerhouse due to its high attack and defenes stats.

But why do you hate Mich?
Umbro/Quil 3 years ago 0
That's what I meant. You maybe see a couple pics of Leafeon+Umbreon couples. It's a unique thing because not many people see them together.

Umbreon is plain old badass and Leafeon is cute.

Okay so you know someone that was and/or is a friend that's in love with a girl. You know this but ignore it and take the girl for yourself. I fucking hate that shit and that's what Mich did.
Kyler The Umbreon 3 years ago 0
Hmm.... you have a point. I will explain everything about Mich and Evy in Part II.
Umbro/Quil 3 years ago 0
That's kinda obvious.
Mehulk19 2 years ago 0
Q1. Tail Whip
Q2. Stereo or Radio. something that makes music at least
Q3. He had a dream and he wanted to be alone
Q4. The Figgy Berry :D
Q5. Isn't that Mila the Milotic?
Q6. Walked in on Rick and Tri getting it on ;P
Q7. It's his rank. kinda like military ranks.
snallel 2 years ago 0
"Sorry about that but I had to use Will of the Wisps on the both of you before it got out of hand."

^ more lies

its will-o-wisp. :P.... to prove ive been paying attention:

1 tail whip
2 a radio id assume
3 hee had a dream
4 figy
5 not specified excactaly but the milotic id say
6 he walked in on Rick and Tiri haveing sex
7 his rank?
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Hehe, suddenly we're using the Japanese name for a region in pokemon. The english name is Unova, isn't it?