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- Celesteon - Reunion Arc - Ch. 12 - Finale

#14 of Celesteon, the Apprentice of Light

Chapter 12; the finale.

*Warning* The usual suggestive flirtiness is present again and there is more subtle yiff involved in this chapter.

Now...time to close this set of chapters in Pearl's life and I promise won't want to miss a thing.

Pokémon © of Nintendo & Gamefreak. Storyline and characters © of me (Enigma Eevee).


- Celesteon, the Apprentice of Light -

Reunion Arc - Ch. 12 - Finale


"Are you serious?" Ruby questions.

Aqua nods. "Yes, but the gyarados is gone now; I killed him."

Sid whistles. "Wow, we all knew you had a crazy streak of strength in you but now...geez."

Aqua's head lowers. "You must think I'm some kind of monster..."

Ruby walks over to her and nuzzles her. "No we don't; you are still the same lovable sister we all know and love. We love you no matter how much you change."

Aqua smiles. "Thank you Ruby." She kisses her and starts to brush her tail along her back.

"Well, now that that's cleared up; what are we going to do about dad?" Amy questions as she glances back at the unconscious lucario.

"Maybe we should just try to wake him up; otherwise Pearl is going to be sad all day." Topaz states.

Aqua steps forward. "I'll try to wake him." She takes a deep breath and fires a water gun at Charles' face.

Charles starts thrashing about. "Ack, ah what's going on?!"

"You ok dad?" Lapis questions.

He sits up and shakes the water out of his fur. "Yea...I'll be fine; though I wonder why I feel sore right now."

"You were knocked unconscious by Pearl; she tackled you." Amy explains.

Charles looks down at Pearl in his lap and his eyes widen as his memory resurfaces.

"Now I remember, you were running towards me and then you started glowing; next thing I know I am struck by a bright warm light."

Pearl smiles. "Yep that was me!"

He tilts his head. "What was it you did though?"

"What do you mean?"

"When you were running towards me; you suddenly started glowing and then you were a streak of light." Charles states.

Pearl giggles. "You mean like this?" Her body glows and she floats around in the air as a stream of light energy.

Charles stares at her with wide eyes. "What in arceus' name...?"

Pearl descends onto the ground and she reappears, smiling. "It's my new ability; I can be light!"

Charles blinks a couple of times and continues to stare in disbelief.

"W-When did this happen...?"

"It was when we were playing earlier." Pearl states.

Charles scratches his head in curiosity. " you can do this whenever you want to?"

Pearl smiles and nods. "Yep!" She fades into light again and then reappears in his lap. "See."

Charles hugs her. "You are such a special little girl, you know that?"

Pearl giggles and licks his nose. "I know, everyone tells me that."

Charles chuckles and sets her down. "And you know what...?" He playfully pokes her nose. "They're right."

She playfully grabs his paw. He lifts her up into the air and watches her dangle from his arm.

"Come on Pearl, you can get down easily now; just use your ability."

She uses her ability again and reappears on his shoulder. "I like it up here daddy."

He smiles and grabs her off of his shoulders then holds out at arm's length.

"My little girl with her own special abilities..." He hugs her tightly.

Pearl blushes. "'re embarrassing me..."

He smiles and sets her down. "I'm sorry Pearl; don't want to embarrass the baby." He ruffles her head fur.

She swats his paw away playfully then tackles him. Charles starts laughing as Pearl begins to tickle him.

"Hey that looks like fun." Ruby states.

"Yea!" Lapis chimes in.

"Let's get him!" Topaz orders.

The rest of the siblings all dive onto Charles and begin to tickle him all over. He begins laughing uncontrollably, writhing back and forth underneath the pile of eeveelutions.

"Hahaha...stop...I can't breathe...hahaha!"

After a few moments the siblings cease their tickle torture and just relax atop their father. Charles sighs contently and smiles as he watches the sky overhead.

"I love you all so much...I never want this to end..."

"Neither do we dad." Jade states and nuzzles his arm.

He reaches over and pets her head. "Just was only a few days ago that we were practically strangers and now...we're one big happy family."

Aqua smiles and looks up at Pearl sleeping contently atop Charles' chest. "It's all thanks to that little white fluff ball; without her, we would have never been reunited."

Charles shifts his attention to Pearl and smiles. He slowly pets her body and a tear sheds from his eye.

"Our little ray of light...Pearl..."

"Well I thank you all for helping me get everything setup for Pearl's birthday party tomorrow; it was much appreciated."

"No problem dad, we were happy to help; all of us." Topaz states.

Jade smiles. "Pearl is going to be so happy tomorrow."

Lapis nuzzles her. "Yea, she will have the best day of her life."

"And we all get to share it with her." Aqua states.

Charles nods. "The whole family together to see our little Pearl turn one year old."

"They grow up so fast don't they dad?" Amy sarcastically asks.

He laughs. " seemed like only yesterday that your mother came to me, pregnant with Pearl. I can't believe it's been a whole year since that day..."

Sid clears his throat. "Well it's getting late dad; I think it's time for you to take Pearl home. We need to get plenty of rest for tomorrow because I am sure she is going to be a handful."

Charles nods. "Yea you're right; it is getting late." He walks over to Pearl's sleeping form and picks her up gently. He returns to the other siblings. "Well, I guess with everything setup, all that's left to do is get Pearl back home to rest."

"Alright then dad; we look forward to seeing you two tomorrow." Aqua states.

Charles smiles. "Ok well, time for me to go; you all stay out of trouble."

Topaz snickers. "Don't worry dad, we will play nice."

Charles rolls his eyes. "Uh huh sure..."

Sid smiles. "Dad, wasn't it you who told me you were fine with the fact of all of us mating so soon?"

"Yes it was me, but just try to keep it clean."

Amy giggles. "Don't worry dad; if we make a mess, we will clean it up."

Charles sighs. "Yea I figured you'd say that but oh well have fun with your little excursions; I'll be taking my leave now so goodnight everyone."

They all chime in. "Goodnight dad."

Charles waves and exits the cave with Pearl in his arm.

Aqua turns towards the group. "Well I guess we ought to go to bed."

Topaz walks over to her and nuzzles her face. "Yes...let's go to bed."

"Can I come to bed with you two?" Ruby questions.

They look at her and smile. The approach her and kiss her. "Of course Ruby, we wouldn't want to go to bed without you."

Ruby murrs. "Thank you Aqua." She turns towards the others. "Well goodnight you guys; I am going to go have fun with these two."

Amy smiles. "Have fun Ruby; Sid and I are going to go have some fun of our own...right dear?"

Sid licks her cheek. "Oh you know it; daddy wants to play with his little girl."

Amy moans. "I want to play with my big strong daddy too."

Sid grins. "Let's go then..." He starts walking towards Amy's room.

Amy turns towards the others and grins. "Goodnight everyone; we will try to keep it down."

Lapis grins. "Why? Jade and I want everyone else to hear us."

Jade giggles and snuggles her. "That's right; we want everyone to know how much we love each other."

Ruby laughs. "Alright then, why don't we all be as loud as we want so we all know how much of a good time we are having?"

"I like the sound of that." Topaz starts with a lustful growl.

Sid laughs and turns towards the group. "One of these days we all should just play with each other at once; have some family fun."

Everyone smiles and looks at each other.

"I really like that idea, we should do that soon; I'd love to be able to play everyone." Aqua states.

Amy approaches her and kisses her. "I want to play with you first; for some reason your smooth body seems really appealing to me."

Aqua murrs and brushes her tail across Amy's back. "Your silky fur is soft to touch; I would love to feel that all over me."

"I'd be happy to help you with that." Amy grins.

Topaz and Sid approach them. "Ok ladies, let's save this for another day; for now let's focus on our first, ok?"

The two girls look at them and approach them. Amy kisses Topaz and Aqua kisses Sid. Both of them moan into the kisses. They break apart and lick their lips.

"Ah...Amy, you do taste like berries; I can see why Sid loves your taste." Topaz blissfully states.

Sid murrs. "Mmm...Aqua; you taste like fresh spring water and berries like Amy; I like it."

Both girls giggle. "We're glad you like our taste."

Both of the boys grin and look at each other. They lean in close and share a passionate kiss with each other.

Aqua's eyes widen. "Oh wow, so you boys are going to be playing with each other too?"

They separate from each other and smile. "Yes...we wanted to try each other out and I must say...I like it a lot."

Amy giggles. "You look so nice when you kiss him it again, please."

Sid looks at Topaz again then pounces on him. "Sorry bro but I do what my little girl wishes." He leans forwards and kisses Topaz furiously.

Topaz moans and wraps his paws around Sid's body and begins rubbing him. Sid moans from the delicate touch from his brother.

Aqua licks her lips. "I like the way you think Amy; seeing those two is making me really excited."

Amy giggles. "Well then, let's separate them and go have some fun."


The girls approach them and Amy uses her psychic abilities to lift Sid off of Topaz. He whines as he is pulled away from his brother and he looks down at Amy with a pouting expression.

"Aw...why did you stop us; I was having fun."

Amy sets him down next to her and she snakes her tail down to his underside.

"Because...I want you to use all of that passionate energy on me."

Sid grins and walks behind her. He nuzzles her body around to her rear. Amy moans at his sensual touch. He licks her underside and Amy bucks her hips.

"Let's go play now Amy because I can't hold myself back much longer."

Lapis giggles. "I think we can all see that Sid because you are exposed."

Sid looks at his underside and sees his erection. He looks back up at Lapis and grins.

"Like what you see Lapis?"

She blushes furiously and covers her eyes.

Jade giggles. "Don't look away dear; take it all in. Remember, he will help you have kids one day; so get a good look because it will be used for your benefit." Jade states as she pulls Lapis' paw away from her eyes.

When Lapis opens her eyes, they widen as she looks at Sid whom was sprawled out on the ground massaging himself in front of her. Lapis' mouth opens wide and her tongue rolls out. She begins to approach Sid with hunger in her eyes.

"Ok Sid, go play with Amy because you are getting Lapis all roused up and besides; Lapis is in heat right now so you and her can't mate." Jade states as she holds Lapis.

Sid rolls to his feet and smiles. "I know she is in heat; her scent is very strong." He turns to Amy and grins playfully. "Come on Amy let's go play." He runs off to her room.

Amy giggles and grins. "Ready or not; here I come!" She runs after him.

"Well I have to get Lapis into our room before she goes crazy; so have fun you three." Jade states as she escorts Lapis into their room.

"Take care of her Jade; try not to ride her too hard." Ruby sarcastically states.

Jade laughs. "Sounds like a good idea; thanks Ruby." She walks into her room with Lapis.

Ruby turns towards Topaz and Aqua, then lowers herself into a pouncing position.

"Which one of you do I get to play with first?"

Topaz and Aqua look at each other and grin. They turn back to Ruby and laugh.

"Why not both of us at the same time?" Aqua asks.

Ruby lustfully growls. "I like that."

"Gotta catch us first Ruby; hehehe." Topaz taunts and then runs away into his room.

Aqua giggles. "Come one sis; let's get him together."

Ruby nods. "Oh yea; he's all ours now."

Both of them run after Topaz into the room.

"Phew, finally made it home..."

Charles opens the door to his house and quietly enters with Pearl asleep in his arms.

'I guess I ought to get her to bed first.'

He walks down the hall into Pearl's room and stops in the doorway. He smiles as he looks around the room. He then looks down at Pearl and a tear falls from his eyes.

"One whole year has gone by that you have lived here with me; such a wonderful time seeing you grow up and witnessing all of your firsts." He nuzzles her. "One year of being my adoptive daughter to now being my real daughter; god I love you so much."

He walks over to her bed and gently sets her down. "I cannot believe in such a short time, you and I went from being just guardian and child to being father and daughter. Now we have a whole family to take care of..."

Pearl stirs in her sleep and she looks up just in time to see Charles start to leave the room.

"Goodnight, I love you daddy."

Charles stops and looks back at her with a smile. "I love you too Pearl; goodnight my little princess."

Pearl smiles and closes her eyes.

Charles turns completely turns towards her. "Our little princess of light...a ray of hope, love, and unity for us all...thank you Silvia..." He turns and exits the room.

He returns to his work area and looks around. He starts organizing everything left over from the mess made when he was making the decorations. After he was done he went to his room and sat on his bed. He sighs as he thinks about the next day.

"Tomorrow is going to be one heck of a day; Pearl will probably be overwhelmed, but it will be well worth it."

He rises to his feet and starts to walk over to the window. A sharp pain hits him in his chest and he falls to his knees.

"Ack...what the hell is this pain...?"

The pain intensifies and he starts coughing uncontrollably. After a few moments the symptoms subside. He struggles to crawl over to his bed and falls upon it.

"Ugh...I must have done something to really screw up my body...oh well, maybe a goodnight's rest will help me..."

He drifts off to sleep; tossing and turning as the pain resurfaces slightly.

Pearl awakens the next morning with a big yawn. She looks around and squints her eyes as the sun shines through the window.

"Ugh...what time is it...?"

Her ears twitch as a noise sounds. She turns around in time to be swept up by Charles into his arms.

"Daddy!" Pearl snuggles into his arms.

Charles smiles. "Good morning...birthday girl."

Pearl looks up at him with wide eyes. She squeals in joy and hugs him. Charles hugs her tightly and a tear falls from his eye.

"Happy birthday Pearl."

"Thank you daddy!"

Charles laughs. "Why don't we go get you some breakfast hm?"

Pearl nuzzles him for approval. Charles pets her head, and then throws her into the air playfully. He catches her and tickles her stomach.

"Hehehe...daddy stop...hehehe!"

Charles stops and kisses her head. He walks out of her room towards the kitchen.

"So what do you want to do today Pearl?" He asks as he sets her down in her chair at the table.

Pearl jumps up and down. "I wanna go and play with everyone!"

Charles looks back at her and smiles. "Well of course; we are going over there after you and I eat breakfast and of course after I give you your birthday gift."

Pearl's face beams and her tail starts wagging back and forth furiously.

"What is it!?"

Charles shakes his head. "Ah, ah, have to wait."

Pearl ears lower. "Aww..."

"But in the mean time..." Charles starts walking back over to Pearl with two bowls. He sets one down in front of her. "Let's eat some breakfast first."

Pearl looks in the bowl and yips happily. "Daddy...did you put honey and jelly in it?"

Charles sits down in his chair and looks at her with a smile. He nods.

"Yes I did; I figured it's your birthday so you get an extra special treat."

"Yay!" Pearl starts greedily eating her breakfast.

Charles laughs at her eagerness and begins to eat his breakfast. Pearl finishes before him and takes her bowl over to the counter.

"Don't worry about it Pearl; I'll get it-"

Pearl's body glows and he floats up to the top of the counter with the bowl. She then reappears and places the bowl in the sink. She turns to Charles and smiles.

"I got it!"

Charles smiles and shakes his head. "I forgot about your ability; you can now reach places you couldn't get to before."

Pearl fades into light again and reappears on the table. "Yep!"

Charles holds his bowl out to Pearl. She looks in it and frowns.

" barely ate anything..."

"For some reason I don't feel really hungry and besides...I have a feeling that you will need all the energy you can get because you are going to be having so much fun today."

"Ok...if you say so."

Charles pets her head and stands up. "While you finish that up; why don't I go get your birthday present?"

Pearl smiles. "Ok!" She starts eating.

Charles chuckles and exits the room. He enters his work area and scans the room.

"Now where did I-"

Another sharp pain hits him again and he falls forward onto his desk.

"Ah damnit...whatever this is; I won't let it interfere with my daughter's birthday..."

He pushes himself up off the desk and continues to scan around the room. He spots a black velvet box and smiles.

"There it is..." He slowly walks over and picks up the box. He opens it and smiles as he sees the necklace inside of it.

'Thank you Eliza...I know she will love this.'

Charles closes the box and returns to the kitchen with it hidden behind his back. He laughs as he sees Pearl placing his bowl in the sink.

"I guess that didn't take long did it?"

Pearl turns towards him and happily grins. "Yep; all gone. It was yummy!" She hops off the counter and jumps onto the table. "So what is my birthday present daddy?"

He walks over to her and stands there. Pearl starts trying to look around his back but Charles blocks her. She makes a pouting face at him.

"Daddy...stop teasing me; you're being a meanie."

He chuckles. "Alright, I think I've teased you enough." He pulls the black box out from behind his back and sets it on the table.

Pearl walks up to it and examines it. She looks up at him with a puzzled expression.

"What is it?"

"Here let me open it for you." He reaches forward and opens the box towards Pearl.

Her eyes glitter as she stares at the necklace in awe. "Daddy...what is it?"

He smiles. "It's called a necklace Pearl; it is a piece of jewelry. Her let me put it on you." He picks up the necklace and hooks it around her neck. "There now you look even more beautiful. Let me go get you a mirror; I'll be right back." He walks out of the room.

Pearl hold ups the jewel with her paw and looks at it curiously. Her eyes widen as she notices a faint pink glow within the jewel. Charles re enters the room with a handheld mirror and places it in front of Pearl.

"Here you go Pearl, now you can see how it looks."

Pearl looks up at her reflection and smiles. She looks at the necklace and begins to adjust it around. She then looks up at Charles and hugs him.

"Thank you daddy; it's so pretty."

He smiles. "I knew you would like it; it was a gift from my friend Eliza. She works at the Pokémart and she asked me to give it to you."

"I love you daddy."

"I love you too Pe-" The pain in Charles' chest intensifies and he let's go of Pearl.

Pearl looks at him with a concerned expression. "Daddy, what's wrong?"

He winces and looks at her. "I don't know...I have this pain in my chest that won't go away..."

Pearl starts walking towards him. "Are you ok daddy?"

"I'm not sure...this pain started happening only yesterday and now it's unbearable."

"Can't you fix it?"

He sighs. "I can't fix what I don't know of."

Pearl starts to cry. "I don't want you be hurt..."

"Aw Pearl don't cry, I'm sure it will-" He starts coughing violently and falls onto his knees holding his mouth.

"Daddy!" Pearl jumps off the table and runs up to him.

"It's ok, just a little cough..." He starts coughing again and his eyes widen as he feels a warm wet feeling on his paw. He pulls his paw away from his mouth and gasps.


Pearl gives him a scared look. "What is it; what's wrong?"

Charles jumps to his feet and runs out of the room. He runs into his work area and starts scattering everything around.

"Where...where is it...?"

He continues searching the room and stops when he reaches a cabinet. He quickly opens the cabinet and his eyes widen in fear.



Charles spins around and notices Pearl standing in the doorway with a worried look. He slowly approaches her with a saddened expression.

"Daddy...what's going on?"

He starts crying and Pearl runs over to him.

"Pearl...I'm so sorry..."

She begins to cry. "What's wrong; why won't you tell me?"

"Pearl...I caught the virus."

Pearl looks up at him in fear. ""

Charles thinks back and his memory falls into place. "It was when I was helping Topaz. I forgot to wear my protective garments and his blood got all over me. I thought I washed it all off in time but the virus in his blood must have already infected me."

Pearl looks at him with a confused expression. "Where is the cure daddy?"

Charles frowns and shakes his head. "I don't have anymore."

Pearl gasps. "Can't you make more; I can help you."

"I'm afraid I can't do that."

"Why not?"

Charles sighs. "Pearl there is a reason why I never told anybody about the cure because to this very day I hate the fact of what I did."

Pearl tilts her head in confusion. "What do you mean?"

Charles coughs up blood into his paw and frowns. "The cure is not something I made Pearl; I got it from somewhere."

Pearl winces at the sight of blood. "Where did you get it from; can't we go to get more?"

Charles shakes his head. "No, I only got the cure during a certain time; now is not that time."

"But why...?"

"I could only ever get the cure while you were asleep."

Pearl gives him a puzzled look. "When I am...asleep? What do you mean?"

Charles looks at her with a regretful expression and he lowers his head shamefully.

"You are the cure Pearl."

Pearl's eyes widen. "What?"

"On the day your mother gave birth to you, I ran a scan over her body and each one of the children in her womb. Every single one of you had the virus."

"But...I thought you said I didn't have it."

Charles sighs. "I lied in order to keep it a secret. You have the virus in your system Pearl, but your body created an immunity to it rather than succumb to it. When the virus was becoming an epidemic, I started to worry about the Pokémon in the forest. I remembered you were immune to the virus, so I thought maybe your blood had something in it that could help other create an immunity. Unfortunately the only tool I had when I first started out was a syringe to extract the blood. I didn't want to scare you with it so I waited until you were asleep to extract your blood."

Pearl stares at him in shock. "But...if I am the cure...why can't you use my blood now?"

"Because I am ashamed that I just used you in such a way; it sickens me what I did. I thought since I was helping the other Pokémon in the forest; that the end justified the means but I still felt ashamed."

"Well if it will save your life daddy; I don't care!" Pearl shouts out.

"I am sorry Pearl but I cannot..." He starts coughing again.

"Daddy please; don't do this!"

The pain in Charles' chest intensifies again and he falls over onto the floor. Pearl runs over to him and sees him crying.

"I am so sorry Pearl..."

"No please, don't leave me!"

He smiles and pets her head with his clean paw. "I am so proud to have seen you grow up all that time..."

"Stop it; you're going to live!" Pearl falls and starts crying uncontrollably.

Charles turns her face towards his and smiles. "I love you Pearl, remember this always." He turns over onto his back and stares upward. "I guess this is my punishment...for all that time I was selfishly hiding you away from everyone..."

Pearl screams out and starts hitting him in frustration. "Please; let me help you! I don't want to lose you!"

Charles closes his eyes and smiles. "Remember Pearl...I will always love"

"Daddy; stop!" She starts pushing against him.

"'ll" Charles' body falls limp onto the floor.

Pearl stares at him with tears in her eyes. "Daddy..." She pushes his body but receives no response. "Daddy...please...wake up..." She pushes his body again; still no response. She starts crying and screams out.


"Ah!" Amy stirs awake in fear.

Sid looks at her with concern. "What's wrong?"

Amy continues panting. "I just felt a massive surge of emotional pain..."

"From who?"

Amy looks at him with concern. "...Pearl..."

Sid's eyes widen. "What; are you sure!?"

Amy nods. "Yes; I heard a scream and when I awoke, I saw an image of Pearl crying."

Sid jumps to his feet. "We need to wake the others and go get her." He starts to run out of the room but stops when he notices Amy crying. He turns back towards her. "Amy what's wrong?"

She looks up at him with tears flowing from her eyes. "What Pearl screamed out; scares and worries me greatly."

"What did she scream out?"


Sid gasps in fear. "" He runs over to her and pulls her onto her feet. "We need to go; Now!"

The two siblings run out of their room.

"I'll go get Jade and Lapis; you get Aqua, Taz and Ruby. Tell them it's an emergency and to come out front." Sid instructs.

Amy nods and runs off towards Topaz's room. Sid runs towards Jade's room. After a few moments all of the siblings were gathered out front of their cave.

"What's going on?" Jade questions.

"Yes, please tell us; Amy told us it was an emergency." Ruby states.

Sid sighs. "Well, Amy should tell you since it was her that detected the problem."

The others turn their attentions to Amy with concerned looks.

Amy takes a deep breath and looks at Sid. He nods and she turns and faces towards the others.

"Something...happened to dad..."

"What happened to him?" Lapis suddenly questions.

Amy shakes her head. "I am not sure. I woke up feeling a massive emotional pain and distress. Afterward I saw an image of Pearl crying. It was then I heard a mental scream from her and she was screaming 'Daddy'."

Aqua gasps. "Oh no...Pearl..."

"Amy get us over to dad's house; now!" Topaz commands.

She nods. "Everyone get over here, quickly; place your paws on my back."

Everyone quickly gathers around her and places their paws on her back. Amy quickly summons her psychic energy and teleports everyone to their father's house. After a few moments they arrive and immediately notice an eerie silence.

"You sure this is dad's house seems kind of lifeless." Topaz observes.

"No it is his house; I remember it clearly from the day I had found him to come help you." Aqua states.

Sid steps forward. "Alright, let's go inside; just be careful."

The siblings approach the door and Amy opens it with her psychic powers. The door slowly opens and they all step inside.

"It's quiet...too quiet." Jade states.

Lapis steps closer to her. "Something doesn't seem right..."

Sid nods. "Pearl isn't jumping all over the place like she should be; something is definitely wrong."

The group continues to slowly enter the house and stop when they hear a noise.

"What is that?" Topaz questions.

Aqua's eyes widen. "I recognize that sound anywhere; that's Pearl...she's crying."

Everyone looks at her. "Are you sure?" Ruby worriedly asks.

Aqua nods. "I'll never forget the first time I heard her cry; that sound will never escape me."

"Well we better find her and see what's wrong." Sid instructs.

The continue further into the house towards the origin of the sound. They check the kitchen and see a few blood droplets.

"That can't be good..." Topaz states as he looks at the droplets.

Lapis gasps. "Look; there's more." She points at more droplets in the hallway.

The group walks over and sees them. " keeps going." Amy states and points at the small trail in the rest of the hallway.

"Everyone, don't touch the blood; I have a very bad feeling about this." Topaz states.

They follow the blood trail down the hallway and into the work area. When they enter the room; they gasp in horror.

"" Ruby states and starts to walk towards the fallen lucario.

"Ruby no!" Aqua jumps in front of her.

"What are you doing; I am trying to see if dad is alright."

Aqua shakes her head and turns towards Charles' body. "Look at his body closely; all of the blood came out of his mouth. Topaz looked the same when he caught the virus; I guarantee that's what got dad."

"But how can that be; I thought he created a cure." Jade states.

"Something must have prevented him from taking it or he ran out; I don't know."

A faint noise sounds and the siblings turn their attention towards their father's lifeless body. The stare at it curiously until they notice a slight movement.

"Who's there?" Aqua calls out.

The noise gets louder.

Topaz steps forward. "I will go look; if the cure worked like it was supposed to, I can go see what it is without getting infected."

Aqua gives him a concerned look. "What happens if it didn't do what it was supposed to?"

"It's a risk I am willing to take to try and find out what happened; we need to find Pearl anyways."

Aqua nods. "Ok then, but please be careful; I almost lost you once and I don't want to have to go through that again."

He kisses her and smiles. "I'll be fine; don't you worry." He turns around and starts approaching the body. He hesitates as he steps near the blood and slowly walks into it; cringing with every step. He walks around the body and gasps as he sees Pearl curled up tightly in Charles' arms.

"Pearl; thank god I found you."

Pearl looks up at him with tears in her eyes. "...Taz?"

He nods. "Come on; let's get you out of here." He reaches forwards and grabs her.

Pearl fights against his grip. "Let me go; I can't leave daddy."

Topaz gives her a hurt expression. "Pearl please; I know you don't want to leave him but we have to go. We will give him a proper burial later, but everyone is worried about you; plus you will need to explain to us what happened."

Pearl's ears lower. "But...I loved him so much..."

Topaz hugs her. "We all did Pearl but we cannot move on like he would want us to, if we just sit here and cry all day. I am not asking you to forget about him; just keep him in your heart and remember that he will always be with you, watching you."

Pearl looks at him and smiles. "Thank you Taz; ok I am ready now, but please promise me we will come back for him later."

"I promise; now come on."

Pearl jumps onto his back. He walks out around the body and everyone gasps as they see Pearl.

"Pearl!" Aqua shouts.

Topaz walks out of the blood and sets Pearl down onto the floor. He looks at her and gasps.

"Oh no...Pearl you're covered in the blood..."

Aqua's eyes widen in fear. "No!"

Pearl raises a paw up calmly. "I'm fine Aqua; I cannot catch the virus."

"Did dad give you the cure before?"

Pearl shakes her head. "No..."

Topaz gives her a concerned look. "Then how are-"

Pearl sighs sadly. "Because I am the cure."


"It's what daddy told me; he said I have a natural immunity to the virus in my body. He decided to use my blood to help others by giving it to them."

Topaz stares at her. "So that means that the stuff he made me..." His eyes widen. "Aw yuck!"

Pearl looks at him curiously. "What's the matter?"

Topaz gives her a disgusted look. "The stuff dad gave me to drink to help me become to immune to the virus was red colored and it tasted horrible."

Aqua gasps. "Which means he probably made you drink..." She looks at Pearl. "Your blood..."

Topaz shudders and starts spitting on the ground. "Aw man that's just wrong."

Ruby smacks him over the head. "Disgusting or not; it worked and you are still alive. Now stop your childish ranting; you aren't helping the situation."

Topaz rubs his head. "Alright geez, I'm sorry; god..."

"Well first we need to clean you two off of the infected blood." Aqua states.

"We do have a washroom here with shampoo to clean our fur; we can use that." Pearl suggests.

Aqua smiles . "That will have to do."

Pearl turns and looks at Charles. "Daddy...why...why did you leave me...?"

Topaz walks up to her and places a paw on her back. "I am so sorry Pearl; this is all my fault."

She gives him a confused look. "How?"

He lowers his head shamefully. "If I hadn't caught the virus in the first place, dad would have never got it."

She gives him a serious look. "Taz don't say that; you couldn't have stopped it."

He starts crying. "But I am still responsible..."

She tackles him and stands over his body. "No you aren't. Daddy forgot his protective clothes; so in the end it was his fault."

Topaz looks away from her. "This damn virus has taken so much from us already and now this..."

Pearl pulls his face towards his and smiles. "It's ok Taz."

"And was this virus that brought us all together in the first place." Aqua states.

Topaz smiles. "Yea you're right; so now we have to stick together no matter what."

Pearl nods and her tail starts to wag back and forth. "Yep."

"Let's go get cleaned up Pearl; Aqua can help us." He hugs her.

Pearl sighs and a tears slowly falls from her eye. ' over us; don't leave us.'

Amy steps forward. "I can teleport dad back to the cave if needed."

Topaz smiles. "Ok, but be very wary of the blood because if it gets on you then there are going to be problems."

Amy nods. "I understand; I'll try to find a clean spot. When I have moved him, I'll come back to get you three."

Aqua nods. "Thank you Amy; take care." She hugs her.

"I will, I promise."

"Alright, let's get cleaned up." Topaz instructs as he rolls to his feet.

Pearl hopes off of him and starts walking out of the room. "This way."

"See you all later, when we are clean." Topaz follows after Pearl.

"Taz you better get clean because I want to play with you again." Ruby states.

He laughs. "I promise I'll get extra clean just for that."

Aqua giggles. "Nice Ruby; a little motivation always helps." She hugs her sister. "Take care Ruby, we will join you in a little bit."

Ruby squeezes her. "I look forward to it." She releases Aqua.

Aqua nods and walks after Topaz and Pearl.

Amy sighs. "Well I guess I ought to transport dad now..." She looks back at his body and softly cries.

Sid approaches her and hugs her. "I know its hard Amy, but we will need to move on at some point. I am not telling you how to grieve for him but please, don't let it consume you."

Amy leans into the hugs and cries into his chest. "It just seems so unfair...first we lose dad, then mom leaves, Topaz nearly dies from it, then we learn mom is gone, and now this; what did we do to deserve this?"

"Shssh, it's ok Amy; I'm here with you right now so just let it all out."

"I still can't believe he's gone though..." Lapis states as a tear falls from her eye.

Jade walks over to her and rubs her back. "I seems like we didn't even get to know him." She hugs Lapis tightly and begins to cry into her shoulder.

"It's ok Jade...I am still here; we will get through this I promise." Lapis kisses her cheek and rubs her paw along her back.

Ruby slowly lowers herself onto the ground and covers her face in her paws.

"Why dad...why did you have to leave us so soon...?" She begins to cry and curls into a ball.

The others walk over towards her and nuzzle her.

"We will hold strong; it is what he would want us to do." Sid states.

Amy nods. "We need to stick together as a family for Pearl's sake; if she sees us all falling apart like this, she will never be able to be happy again."

"Then let's do it." Ruby states as she rises to her feet.

Lapis looks at her curiously. "Do what Ruby?"

Ruby wipes a tear from her eye and smiles. "We will just have to show Pearl the greatest time of her life and always be there for her; every step of the way."

Jade smiles and nods. "Yes, that's what dad would want." She places a paw on Ruby's shoulder.

Lapis approaches them and places her paw on top of Jade's. "We all we give her the greatest gift she can ever have."

Amy and Sid approach Ruby and place their paws on her other shoulder.

"We will give her the gift of unconditional caring and love." Amy states.

Sid nods. "And show her that no matter where she goes, what she does, what choices she makes...we will always be there to help, guide, and comfort her."

A tear falls from Ruby's eyes and she looks at Charles. "We will honor your memory dad...we will give Pearl the family she has always deserved, the attention she has always wanted and the love she needs; all like you wished."

Amy sighs. "Well I guess it's time...we need to transport him back to the cave so we can clean him up and have a proper burial."

Sid nods. "Alright then; let's get started."

"In here." Pearl states as she enters the washroom with Topaz and Aqua following.

Topaz looks around curiously. "So, where is the water?"

Pearl giggles. "Hold on Taz; I'll get it." She walks over to the makeshift tub and looks up. She notices a rope hanging from the ceiling and jumps up. She grabs the rope in her mouth and pulls her body weight downward. The rope begins to lower and a hole opens up in the wall with fresh water pouring out of it into the tub. When the water fills to a decent level, she releases the rope then walks over to the tub.

"Pearl, I could've just filled the tub with a water gun or something." Aqua states.

Pearl smiles. "I know but I would rather you save that for when you have to rinse us off."

"I guess that makes sense; now time to get in the tub you two."

Pearl shakes her head. "Not yet."

Topaz and Aqua gives her a curious look. "Why not?"

Pearl walks over to another rope hanging from the ceiling and pulls on it. A panel opens up in the wall revealing a variety of Pokémon shampoos and towels. Pearl fades up onto a shelf and grabs a bottle of shampoo labeled "Pokémon Quality Shampoo: Normal Types". She fades back on to the ground and sets the bottle down. Topaz approaches her and examines the bottle.

"Pokémon quality shampoo?"

Pearl smiles and nods. "It's the special shampoo daddy always used to get me really clean."

Topaz sniffs at it and smiles. "Mmm, smells nice."

Pearl giggles. "Well you don't get to use this shampoo Taz."

He gives her a curious look. "Why not?"

"Because it is meant for normal types like me."

"What am I supposed to-" He cuts off as Pearl fades back onto the shelf again and grabs two more bottles then returns onto the ground with them.

"You get to use this." Pearl states as she points at the bottle similar to the first one.

Topaz looks at and reads the label. "Pokémon quality shampoo...electric types; hey that's me!"

Pearl nods. "Yep; daddy went out and bought a special shampoo for everyone's types in case any of you wanted to stay here for a night."

"That's cool." Topaz shifts his attention at the third bottle and then looks at Pearl with a puzzled expression.

"What's the third bottle?"

"Oh this?" Pearl looks at the bottle and smiles. "This is my favorite. Come on let's take the stuff over to the bath."

Topaz nods and grabs one of the bottles then carries it over to the tub. Pearl fades herself over to the tub with the two bottles. She grabs the third bottle then jumps into the tub with it. She opens it and squeezes a bunch of the liquid substance into the water. After a few seconds, she closes the bottle and hops out of the water with it.

"Aqua can you use a water gun to mix the stuff?"

Aqua nods. "Sure." She hops onto a table next to the tub and fires a light water gun into the water. Instantly, bubbles begin to form and fill the tub. Topaz jumps onto the table with her and stares at the bubbles beginning to form.


Pearl yips and grabs the bottle of normal type shampoo. She then jumps into the tub, right into Aqua's water gun. Aqua stops firing the water gun and starts laughing when she sees Pearl drenched.

"You look funny Pearl."

Pearl smiles and sticks her tongue out playfully. She then turns her attention back to the bubbles and begins to pounce on them. The bubbles scatter into the air with each attack.

"Hey that looks like fun." Topaz admits. He lowers himself and then jumps into the air towards the tub. "Woohoo!" He lands in the water and causes a massive wave to splash out and hit Aqua in the face.

Pearl giggles at her. "Haha; you're all wet!"

Aqua smirks and fires a small water gun at her. Pearl ducks and it hits Topaz in the head.

"Hey; what was that for?" He groans.

Aqua giggles. "Sorry dear, she's just too fast for me to hit."

Topaz grins and swipes his paw into the water. The resulting wave flies through the air and hits Aqua in the face.

Topaz laughs. "Hahaha, I got you!"

"Ok, no more nice big sister; take this!" Aqua in hales deeply and fires a water pulse into the water. The pulse explodes and creates a wave that throws Topaz to the other side of the tub with Pearl.

He surfaces slowly and begins to laugh. Pearl joins him then Aqua. The three of them continue to play around, using various attacks to get the better of each other.

The trio exits the washroom with smiles on their faces and clean bodies.

"Wow, I haven't had that much fun in a bath in a long time." Topaz happily states and shakes himself off.

Aqua giggles. "Well, we haven't really had time to relax and play that much recently."

Topaz looks at her and smiles. "Still fun though; I never would have thought Pearl would've pushed you in." He looks over at Pearl and ruffles her fur.

Pearl giggles. "It was fun!"

"Yea fun for you; you were laughing the whole time." Aqua states.

Pearl runs up to her and hugs her leg. "You still love me right?"

Aqua smiles. "Of course I do Pearl, you are my little sister and it is my responsibility and the other's, to look after you and love you. Now come here you." She reaches down and snatches Pearl up.

Pearl squeaks and giggles. "Hehehe, that tickles."

Aqua nuzzles her then hugs her tightly. "I am so sorry all this has happened Pearl but I promise...I will always be here for you, to take of you, to love you, to guide you; I will do anything you ask me to because we are family and I love you so much."

"Me too." Topaz states as he walks over. He wraps his paws around Aqua and Pearl and leans in close to Pearl. He kisses her forehead then nuzzles her. "We will always be here for you Pearl, I promise you."

Pearl softly cries into their arms. "Thank you..."

"Looks like you three are done."

Aqua looks up and notices the others sitting in the hallway.

"Yes we just got done; did you already transport dad?"

Amy nods. "Yes, I used my psychic powers to teleport him there without having to touch him. I then came back and got everyone else. When we got home, we cleaned dad off so he isn't covered in blood anymore."

"And none of you touched him at all right?" Topaz asks with concern.

They all nod. "We made sure to not have any physical contact with him ourselves." Jade states.

"Amy used her psychic abilities to transport some water from the lake to wash off dad." Ruby states.

"That's good, we don't need anyone else possibly catching the virus." Topaz states.

"How do you know he died from the virus?" Lapis questions.

"Because he told me that's what it was."

Everyone shifts their attention to Pearl.

"Pearl what happened this morning?" Aqua questions.

She takes a deep breath. " was like any other morning..."

"Well it couldn't be like any other morning because this hasn't happened before." Sid states.

Pearl's ears lower. "We were so happy. He came into my room and said 'happy birthday' to me. I had complete forgotten it was my birthday, so I was really excited that it finally came. Afterward we went into the kitchen and he got me some breakfast; another fruit bowl with honey and jelly."

"So nothing seemed out of the ordinary?" Aqua asks.

"Well he barely ate any of his breakfast. He usually saves some of his for me to finish off but when he gave me his bowl; he had barely eaten anything." Pearl explains.

"Ok so he wasn't feeling hungry." Sid states.

"That's how I felt when the virus first started affecting me; remember that morning when we went to eat breakfast, I said I didn't want any." Topaz explains.

"Yea I remember that; Ruby offered you some and you said you just wanted to go lie down for a little while longer." Jade states.

"So what else happened, Pearl?" Amy asks.

"He told me to finish his breakfast while he went to go get my birthday present. When he came back, he gave me a black box that had this necklace inside of it." Pearl holds up the jewel on her necklace.

"It's very beautiful; I wonder where he got it."

Pearl smiles. "He said his friend gave it to him because she wanted me to have it."

"How thoughtful; she and dad must have been really close friends if she gave him something as beautiful as that." Lapis states.

"So he gave you the necklace, then what happened?"

Pearl sighs and closes her eyes as the scene replays itself in her mind. "He started holding his chest saying that there was a sharp pain there; I tried to comfort him but when I did he fell down and started coughing a whole bunch. I ran over to him but he got up and ran into the work area."

"Then what happened?"

A tear falls from Pearl's eye. "I followed him into the work area and saw he was searching for something; the cure. I tried to ask him what was happening, but when he tried to answer he started crying. He told me he was sorry for everything and that he had the virus. I asked him where the cure was and he said there wasn't anymore."

Aqua gasps. "Poor dad..."

"I could have helped him but he refused." Pearl states in an angered tone.

Topaz gives her a confused look. "What do you mean?"

Pearl looks at him with a steady flow of tears in her eyes. "He told me my blood was the cure, but he refused to take anymore because he said he felt ashamed for using me like that; just to use my blood to cure others. I told him I didn't care and that I wanted to help him, but he refused."

"Damnit dad...why were you so stubborn...all she wanted to do was help you..." Topaz mutters.

Pearl falls to the floor sobbing. "He said it was his punishment for hiding me from you all; he said that he loved me and would always be watching me..." Pearl covers her face in her paws and lets out a muffled scream full of tears.

Aqua walks over to her and places her paw on her shoulder. "Pearl, sweetie; I know his actions seemed selfish but they weren't."

Pearl looks up at her. "What do you mean?"

Aqua picks her up and hugs her tightly; her own tears falling. "He was trying to protect you; he didn't want you to be burdened with the virus any longer. Pearl, he died because he loved you and he wanted to fulfill our mother's dying wish. He wanted you to be a part of the family and live on with a prosperous and peaceful life."

"But it hurts so much..."

Aqua hugs her tighter. "I know it does...I know, but remember; you will always have all of us here with you."

"That's right Pearl; you saved my life and I promise you that I will protect you with everything I can." Topaz states as he walks over to them. He hugs Aqua and Pearl.

"You have given us hope Pearl; hope of a happier life filled with joy." Ruby states as she hugs them.

Amy and Sid approach them and both wrap their paws around them.

"Just remember Pearl; you are our little sister and we are family."

"And no one can say otherwise." Sid states.

Jade and Lapis join them; both crying. "We promise that no matter what happens, you will always be loved, cared for, and nurtured."

"We cannot go back on our word; we swear that we will make your life one of joy and happiness. We will guide you with the best of our abilities." Jade states.

Pearl closes her eyes and smiles. "Thank you everyone...I love you all so much...please don't ever leave me."

Aqua nuzzles her. "We will always be here for you."

Pearl leans into her chest and cries softly.

'Daddy...thank you...for the greatest gift of family.'

Later that day, after all the preparations were completed; a funeral for Charles was held. All of the Pokémon of the forest attended to mourn the loss of their beloved caretaker, friend, doctor and savior.

The eight siblings sit atop a rock and address the crowd of Pokémon whom have gathered at the grave site.

"Thank you all for coming." Aqua speaks out.

Everyone quiets down and shifts their attention to her.

"As you are all well aware; our beloved father and your beloved doctor has recently passed. His battle against the virus was a strong one and steady. He fought bravely against it, saving countless lives with his knowledge and medical skills." She sighs and looks down at his lifeless body.

"Unfortunately, even with his valiant efforts and bravery, the virus claimed him as well. He died only this morning in the arms of his daughter Pearl."

Everyone shifts their attention towards the white eevee. The begin whispering amongst each other.

"That poor child..."

"To have endured something at so young of age."

"She must be devastated..."

"How will she go on...?"

Aqua raises her paw to silence the gatherers. "Please everyone, calm down. I know this is a very tragic loss and it has devastated our family but most of all; it has hurt our dear sister." She turns towards Pearl and nods.

Pearl stands and walks down to her father's grave. She places a single white rose upon the grave and stands in silence.

"Please; I ask all of you to take a moment of silence for our beloved caretaker."

Pearl continues to stare at her father's lifeless body. She closes her eyes and leans forward then kisses his forehead. She sits on her haunches and places her forepaws together and quietly prays.

'Daddy...please watch over us all...we aren't ready to be on our own...I already miss you so much...why did you have to go...?'

Pearl finishes her prayer and walks back up to join her siblings. Aqua then stands and raises her paw into the air.

"Please everyone; we would like to express our undying gratitude to our father. We shall sing a melody in his memory, for all of us to cherish and remember."

She turns towards her siblings and they all nod. She faces back towards the gathering of Pokémon and begins to sing.

"Don't lose your way
With each passing day
You've come so far
Don't throw it away
Live believing
Dreams are for weaving
Wonders are waiting to start
Live your story
Faith, hope & glory
Hold to the truth in your heart..."

Topaz steps forward and joins her. He begins to sing along with her.

"If we hold on together
I know our dreams will never die
Dreams see us through to forever
Where clouds roll by
For you and I..."

Ruby joins them and she begins to sing as well.

"Souls in the wind
Must learn how to bend
Seek out a star
Hold on to the end
Valley, mountain
There is a fountain
Washes our tears all away
Words are swaying
Someone is praying
Please let us come home to stay..."

Jade and Lapis rise and step forward. They smile at each other and join their siblings.

"If we hold on together
I know our dreams will never die
Dreams see us through to forever
Where clouds roll by
For you and I..."

Sid and Amy join their siblings.

"When we are out there in the dark
We'll dream about the sun
In the dark we'll feel the light
Warm our hearts, everyone..."

All of them look back at Pearl. She looks up at them and smiles. She walks forward and stands in front of her siblings. They all begin to sing.

"If we hold on together
I know our dreams will never die
Dreams see us through to forever
As high as souls can fly
The clouds roll by
For you and I......"

All of them fade their voices out as their song ends. Aqua steps forward next to Pearl.

"Please everyone, take one last moment of silence for Charles. You all may approach and pay your respects and gives thanks. I thank you all for joining us here this evening to see our father off on his journey to the afterlife, to watch over us all."

One by one, all of the gatherers approach Charles' grave and pray. Some offer flowers and others leave precious items with him. As the crowd clears away two distinct sets of Pokémon remain behind. They each approach the siblings with tears in their eyes.

"We are sorry all of you; Charles' death is a devastating loss for all of us."

Pearl approaches the two groups and hugs them. "Thank you for coming Mr. Lu."

He hugs her tightly. "I am so sorry Pearl; when I heard of the tragic news, I came as fast as I could. I can't believe he is gone...after all the fight he put up against that stubborn virus; it finally consumed him..."

Pearl sniffles. "Please...don't leave without saying goodbye to him."

"We will stay for as long as you like Pearl, but of course; we will go say a few words to him." Lu turns towards his family. "Come on everyone; let's go pay my old friend a visit one last time." He and his family approach Charles' grave and pray in silence.

Pearl turns her attention to the other group of Pokémon and smiles. "Thank you for coming you two."

An absol and a growlithe approach her. The absol hugs her tightly. "I am so sorry about what happened Pearl. I still remember when your father and I were talking at your house that day; he opened my eyes to a better future and outlook."

"Thank you Saria; I am sure he misses you." Pearl turns her attention to the growlithe. "And what is your name?"

The growlithe looks at her with a grieved expression. "My name is Max..." He hugs her and cries. "I am so sorry Pearl; Mr. Charles was so nice. I miss him already even though I only met him once."

She pats his back. "I will miss him too..." She looks up at Saria. "Would you like to say a few words?"

Saria smiles and hugs her. "Of course I will; your father was a kind Pokémon. It is such a shame to see him gone; he was the closest friend I have ever had." She turns her head towards the grave. "Come on Max; let's say our goodbyes to a great Pokémon, a hero and a loving father."

Max nods and follows his mother over to the grave. Both of them offer their prayers.

Pearl turns her attention towards her siblings. She walks over to them.

" is time you learned the family special ability." Aqua states.

"What ability?"

Topaz looks at her. "Everyone in the family has the ability to use shadow ball; it is an attack that most eeveelutions can learn, but what makes ours so special is that we all have the ability to turn our shadow ball attacks into elemental ones."

Pearl tilts her head.

"What he means Pearl is that the move shadow ball is normally a ghost type attack, but we all have the ability to turn it into another type as well; our own type. For example; mine becomes a ghost and fire type attack since I am a fire type. Here I will show you." Ruby forms a shadow ball in her mouth.

Pearl stares in awe at the pulsating orb of energy. Her eyes widen as the orb changes color into a reddish orange color. The shadow ball disappears.

"That is what I meant."

"Can I try?" Pearl asks.

Aqua nods. "Of course, you need to learn this attack."

Sid steps forth. "Ok Pearl, first you need to concentrate on your spiritual energy and bring it out in front of you; this will create the shadow ball."

Pearl nods and starts to focus her mind. She begins to feel the energy move around within her body and channels it out of her mouth. A shadow ball begins to form in front of her face and starts pulsing.

"Good job Pearl; I guess it was easy for you since both of our parent knew how to use the move. Now the next step is a little trickier especially for you since you are a normal type. You have to keep the shadow ball stable all while infusing your elemental power into the ball. I am not sure what normal types have for element but I am confident you will figure it out."

Pearl focuses her mind again and forms a shadow ball in front of her. She begins to think or what normal types are like but to no avail. A thought pops into her head and she mentally smiles. She begins to concentrate on the shadow ball and it starts to glow white. The white light brightens and pulses radiantly; illuminating the clearing."

"Wow so that's what a normal type looks like..." Topaz states.

Pearl slowly fades the shadow ball then looks at Topaz. "I didn't use my normal type."

He gives her a puzzled look. "What? What else could you have used?"

"I just thought about using my ability to turn into light and the shadow ball changed colors."

Aqua thinks for a second. "Could it be possible that Pearl created a light type shadow ball?"

"I don't think it matters; she has learned the family attack. I think the time has come that we unite our attacks to guide dad." Sid instructs.

Everyone nods.

Aqua turns to Pearl. "Pearl it is a tradition in our family that if a family member or a close friend dies; we use our elemental shadow ball attacks to help guide their spirit into the afterlife. What this means is that we all charge our attacks and then launch them into the air at the same time. Amy will keep us synchronized with her telepathy. Do you understand?"

Pearl nods. "I understand."

"Let us commence our tradition then; everyone form the ring." Aqua instructs.

All of the siblings shift their positions so that they form a perfect ring around Charles' grave. Aqua ushers Pearl over next to her.

"You shall be seated here next to me." She situates Pearl then turns to the others. "It is time."

All of the siblings nod. Everyone looks up towards the sky and open their mouths. One by one a shadow ball forms in front of each of them. They all begin to change color, matching the type of their user. Aqua's became dark blue, Topaz's changed yellow, Ruby's turned red, Amy's shifted to purple, Sid darkened to a pure black color, Jade's glowed green, Lapis' phased into an icy light blue and Pearl's pulsed white.

'Alright everyone; we all shall fire off on the count of five, understood?'



All at once the siblings fire their elemental shadow ball attacks into the air. The shadow balls continue to fly into the air slowly moving towards each other. At the peak of their height, the attacks collide with each other simultaneously and cause a massive rainbow colored explosion.

"Peace be with you dad; forever." Aqua states.

"Goodbye dad, we will always miss you; we could not have asked for a better guardian." Amy states. She then uses her psychic powers to lift a giant boulder and place it over the hole. "Rest in peace father; we all love you so very much."

They all nod. "Amen." The siblings begin to walk back towards the cave. Aqua looks back at the grave and stops. The others notice her stop and the turn their attention towards the grave.

"Poor lose him at such a young age...and on her birthday of all days..." Aqua states. She starts to walk toward her but stops when she feels a paw on her shoulder. She turns and sees Topaz shaking his head.

"Let her be alone for a little while; she needs some time to adjust."

Aqua sighs. "I know, but I don't want to feel like we just abandoned her here to mourn; I want her to know we are with her every step of the way."

Topaz smiles. "Then maybe...we should go get her; besides...she still hasn't seen the surprise yet."

Aqua nods. "Let's go show her how much we love her."


Everyone turns back and approaches Pearl. Pearl's ears twitch as she hears a noise and she turns around. "She smiles as she sees her siblings approach her.

"Hi everyone..."

"Pearl, I know dad's passing is very difficult to cope with, but you cannot stay out here all night; come with us so we can show you to your room."

Pearl's ears perk up. "My room?"

Amy nods. "Yes, during the preparations; I transported everything in your room at dad's house, to the cave."

Pearl stares at her. "Y-You made me a the cave?"

Aqua approaches her and hugs her. "Of course, you are family and family sticks together; which means we live together. Come on let's show you your new room." Aqua waves her paw in motion for Pearl to follow.

Pearl jumps to her feet and follows after Aqua. The others follow closely behind. As they enter the cave, Pearl gazes around in awe.

"What is all of this?"

"Dad had got all of these decorations for your birthday; he was planning on bringing you over here today for a surprise party."

Pearl's ears lower. "Oh..."

Aqua turns around. "Do not worry Pearl; we will still have your party, just like he wanted. It will have to wait until tomorrow because today has been a long day as is."

Pearl perks up. "Ok; I bet daddy will be happy."

Aqua smiles. "I know he will; now let's get you to your room. You will have to close your eyes Pearl because it is a bit of a surprise."

Pearl's face beams. "Ok!" She closes her eyes and folds her ears over them.

"Just follow me this way Pearl." Aqua instructs.

She leads Pearl deeper into the hall area of the cave and turns into one of the rooms.

"Ok Pearl; you can open your eyes now."

Pearl lifts her ears and slowly opens her eyes. She gasps at the sight of her entire bedroom and house furniture neatly placed into the room.

"Wow! Everything is here!" Pearl gleefully yells and runs over to her bed. She jumps up on it and snuggles with her favorite pillow.

Everyone jumps onto her bed and nuzzles her. "Now we are truly one big happy family; all living together as one."

Pearl smiles and sighs contently. "I couldn't think...of a you..." She slowly drifts to sleep.

Aqua smiles. "Goodnight our little princess of light...sleep tight; we will be here to protect you always."

Everyone huddles up around Pearl and snuggle into position. Aqua sighs happily and slowly drifts to sleep to join her siblings.

'Things may have been rough for us...but I know everything will be alright...just you wait and'



End Chapter 12 - End Reunion Arc


R.I.P. Charles; we will miss you.

Well that is the end to Arc 1 of the series. I am sorry for pushing such an emotional moment on you all.

The song the siblings sing at the funeral is "If We Hold on Together" by Diana Ross. This song was played at my mother's funeral. She passed away a few months back.

Any form of input is appreciated of course; I look forward to seeing everyone's reactions to this chapter.


Here is some mood uplifting news for you all. As you may have noticed; I have included suggestive moments, mass amounts of flirting and downright teasing for everyone. I have done all of this and taken it to the edge but never provided you with yiff.

Well I am here to say that I am correcting my mistake. The whole next set of releases is going to be the siblings getting down and dirty with each other and guess what...there's no holding back this time; that's right, you heard will be full blown yiff.

So sit tight because the excitement has only begun and I promise you this: it is something you won't want to miss.

Until we meet again everyone.

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question!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that necklace was supposed to grant a wish to the wearer if they are pure of heart.... WHY DIDN'T PEAR USE IT TO SAVE OR BRING BACK CHARLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! also when are you going to begin part two and when is pearl going to evolve into celesteon?
Ein Scorpio 3 years ago 0
If you remember correctly, Eliza only described what she knew about the legend of the Tear of Cresselia; in truth that isn't the whole legend. It will be revealed later on in the series along with the complete legend of celesteon.

Also, Charles never told Pearl of the legend of the necklace, so she wouldn't have known to make a wish at the time anyways.

The next set of releases are a side set of excursions with the siblings involving yiff; it is not fully related to the plot of the series. It is my break from the actual series.

The next Arc of the series after the yiff chapters will be the "Jewel of Life" Arc; Pearl will evolve in this Arc.
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Lilsprout 3 years ago 0
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Ein Scorpio 3 years ago 0
Yes she will find love and they will have a small family but that won't occur until the end of the whole entire series. The pokemon she falls in love with is someone whom she becomes acquainted with at a young age and the have many encounters with each other. In the end they fall in love. I cannot answer too many questions for you otherwise I spoil the surprise of everything.

I am glad you are very attached to this story because this is only the beginning. There will most likely be about 70+ chapters overall, so you will have plenty to read.
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Just think though, what if she made a birthday wish? Most likely Charles would be alive now. I love the series and I can't wait for the next chapter. As always I see a few spelling errors but nothing big enough to kill it for me. Keep it up.
Ein Scorpio 3 years ago 0
To tell you the truth, even if she did make a wish while wearing the necklace, it still wouldn't come true. The reasoning behind this will be revealed later on with the legend of celesteon. Yea I noticed a few spelling errors after I posted it but I figuered they were minor so I didn't bother going back through. Stupid microsoft word doesn't catch errors like that when it is an actual word.
Phoenix 2473 3 years ago 0
Yeah, I know how M$Word doesn't really catch anything but spelling error. Sometimes it just takes a quick looking over to catch those, but hey, you have to choose some point to break off and say, "This is good enough, I got the point across with some finesse" or it would never get posted. And I guess she has to actually call upon the power of the necklace or something.
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This is an amazing series, i greatly enjoyed reading it and am really glad that you plan on continuing it. Keep up the good work!
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Oh this is only the beginning Arc of the entire series. There are still many more to add on; about 60-70 chapters in estimate.

The next set of releases are going to be my attempt at yiff involving the siblings. It will be my first time writing yiff so I'm gonna fail horribly. The short set of chapters won't be directly related to the main plot of the overall series; just a short side excursion.

Hope you don't mind a little dirty action between the siblings because that's all I'm going to be releasing for a little while. I will start the second official Arc after the short series.
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whooooo lots of chapters!

Also don't be too hard on yourself, you have already improved a ton just during this series, i'm sure you will do fine.

i also definitely don't mind them having some fun, in fact i believe that i will "enjoy" these chapters quite a bit if you don't mind me saying it.
Ein Scorpio 3 years ago 0
Yea there will be lots of chapters. I was originally planning to only end it here on a more happier note but one night I had this weird moment of inspiration and my imagination exploded and came up with the entire story series I have mapped out now.

And I hope you enjoy the short series with the siblings; it lets me know I did a good enough job illustrating the scenes to the readers so they can have some "fun" of their own.
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Well I read it and....*Long sigh* I really am going to miss Charles. Plus the next set of the serie's doesn't seem appealing now. Don't know if it's because of his sudden death or what. *Another long sigh* Well if you do fail at your yiff take pride that you will be doing a far better job then me. And for a few last words.

DAMN YOU VIRUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ein Scorpio 3 years ago 0
Yea the virus is a cruel thing but it will no longer be playing a major role in the series overall; at least not for a couple Arcs. The origins behind it will be explained then, so I am not just dumping it off here with Charles' death.

The yiff chapters are my way of taking a short break and of course trying something new. Plus, I've gotten a few PM's from people begging me to do it and others just asking me to do it, so I figured; How could I refuse?

Sorry if the chapter kind set a depressing mood but it will be redeemed later on because all that which leaves us shall return someday or in other words; the boomerang effect. Take that into account with the story, meaning; we haven't seen the last of him.
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Yeah, yeah, yeah... Why don't you just out right say it? Something's going to happen, I suppose it's going to be something of Pearl's doing, and Charles is going to be alive again. But still, I can't wait to read how it's going to happen and if my (other) suspicions are right.
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Also, there have been have been 14 parts in the Celesteon series, and yet, other than a disembodied voice that speaks about 4 lines, Celesteon hasn't made an appearance. What the hell?
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Okay, so you said there's gonna be more... Well is it almost done? I'm worried about it...
Ein Scorpio 5 months ago 0
I actually had a bunch of RL issues come up but I am in the process of continuing it. But I plan on rewriting the Reunion Arc over since I blew off on a tangent too much during it.

I cannot give an ETA on the re-release dates but I would keep an eye out.