Kyler The Umbreon
31 Oct 2010

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Posted 31 Oct 2010 16:22
Last edited 16 Mar 2012 05:53
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Kyler and Petal

Artwork by Effier-sxy, commisioned and all rights owned by Ein/Enigma :Ein/Enigmaicon: (Formerly Enigma Eevee, Shadow Kyuubi). This is my MC Kyler (Umbreon) and his new found mate Petal (Leafeon) sitting on a ledge overlooking a small lake as the suns sets.

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Felix Tile the cat 3 years ago 0
Very nice work, I love the colours!
AmberWolf 3 years ago 0
aww this is beaaautiful, faaaaave
but wtf everyone has beautiful story based commisions except for me! So how much did you pay for this?
Ein Scorpio 3 years ago 0
The work was made by the user Effier-sxy on DeviantArt and it was paid for by me. It was a gift for Kyler. If you wish, I can have one done for you; it's up to you though.
AmberWolf 3 years ago 0
that would be so amazing :) I'll contact you when I get a good idea for my picture in my series, once again thank you :3
Ein Scorpio 3 years ago 0
I'll be looking forward to it and I am sure Effier would love to have some more ideas to draw.
AmberWolf 3 years ago 0
Hey ^^ haha back again 2 months later I know. But I have my commision idea now. If your offer still stands message me back?
Lupine Fiasko 3 years ago 0
Aw true love can't wait till the next part of the series and this isn't making the wait any easier, but still +fav and I love there tails thats love.
bob 3 years ago 0
i love this
Alabaster Diamond 3 years ago 0
Aww, isn't that romantic?
Flite 3 years ago 0
they look so cute together (:
Arcane Reno 3 years ago 0
Aww, you got it done! That's very sweet. ^^
Umbro/Quil 3 years ago 0
So cute and adorable. It's a great romantic scene as well as beautiful.
Daraix 3 years ago 0
love the art is ther gana be a next part to this lol
sdrake 3 years ago 0
That is such a lovely romantic view, love how you got the moment just right 5/5 from me ^_~
arune 3 years ago 0
that is totally bad ass!! in a romantic way of course =3