09 Nov 2010

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Posted 09 Nov 2010 15:48
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The unfinished sweat tutorial

#3 of Misc Stuff

Holy crap, I was about to finish a very detailed tutorial about making sweat easily when all my work got deleted (it was my fault, no power shutdown). I decided at least to make a compendium of some of the stuff I could save from the disaster and here it is this crazy messy tutorial. Programs needed: Photoshop (but any other program that support layers would work).

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Kino Jaggernov 3 years ago 0
ooh! Good tips here! Thanks much for posting this!
Tonite 3 years ago 0
I'm glad this can be useful.
Dalla111 3 years ago 0
beaultiful muscles
Tonite 3 years ago 0
They are for sale *giggles*. Thanks for your comment.
Daxx019 3 years ago 0
heh heh, very nice,
very good ^^
Tonite 3 years ago 0
Sure, Apples and Adobes doesn't mix well these days but nothing to worry about atm :3.
Daxx019 3 years ago 0
Yeah, I have trouble trying to get this auto prog to run the laptop,
not to meshion all the tools in the photoshop progs aswell,
AAAAGH brain meltdown, ^^
Tonite 3 years ago 0
To tell you a secret, I have installed Photoshop 4.0 (13 years old) on my netbook. It works really well, and for painting, has all the tools that I need, but of course, I don't use it very much, just in case : ).
Daxx019 3 years ago 0
whoo thats a good technique ma friend uses 3d models for his art
come out really well ^^
Tonite 3 years ago 0
Oh. I've been trying to find a program, very much like Poser, but more lightweight and free. But I could not find anything.
Daxx019 3 years ago 0
try DAZ 3D it's really good for muscle models