Sebin Nyshkim
23 Nov 2010

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Posted 23 Nov 2010 21:57
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New story is now available in English

My new story "Liquorish Graduation" is now translated, proofread and uploaded.

Thanks a lot to the beta readers pointing out mistakes and typos. Without your help this could have turned out ugly ;)

To everyone else: enjoy the story and tell me what you think about it :D

Lwolfeh 3 years ago 0
what's your native language then? just interested =p
Sebin Nyshkim 3 years ago 0
My native language is German :)
Lwolfeh 3 years ago 0
cool ^^
Iscin 3 years ago 0
How kind for your new anglophonic readers.
mugman 3 years ago 0
very nice and hope it gose well