14 Dec 2010

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Posted 14 Dec 2010 02:24
Last edited 14 Dec 2010 02:26
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Perhaps your only glimpse into what I would look like as a cartoon. But in all honesty, Audrey Hepburn...the reason I pity gay people.

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Giorgio Chum 3 years ago 0
I am not embarrass to say that I googled Audrey Hepburn after reading this.
Rags 3 years ago 0
You should be.
Giorgio Chum 3 years ago 0
I take pride in not knowing a thing in celebrity gossip.
Rags 3 years ago 0
But...she's one of the most talented and famous actors in cinema history.

There's no "gossip" involved.
Giorgio Chum 3 years ago 0
if it makes you feel any better, I have heard of the name and have also seen her. what I have yet to do is link the name to the face, and do I really have to? It is not like I need the personal information of the eye-candy I'm ogling. If that is the case, why don't I go the full nine miles, and ask them to submit a resume before I start stalking.
Rags 3 years ago 0
I do not know what Joe DiMagio looks like. That does not mean I am not aware of him.

Knowing what a person looks like is not dependent on your acknowledgment of their existence.
Giorgio Chum 3 years ago 0
Whoa, did I miss a turn or something, how did we end up discussing philosophy?
alright I'll follow.
firstly you are right in that. "Knowing what a person looks like is not dependent on your acknowledgment of their existence." Acknowledging their existence must be established first before we can even begin to discuss names and looks. for example sake if someone approached you and asked you point blank "Who is John Galt?" you probably wouldn't stop to contemplate the physical ramifications of whether or not he actually exists, and if you actually did you would come to the conclusions that he probably doesn't, you would most likely make the mental jump to assuming his existence and then respond with something along the lines of "sorry, I don't know him."

are you attempting to associate trivia to forming an awareness of the individual? it is not necessary to know what someone dose to establish that they exist. knowing whether someone is a famous movie star or baseball player is as irrelevant to establishing if they actual exist, as knowing what they look like. After all trivia dose means pointless information.

so to sum up: If I was of the mentality that she didn't exist, I wouldn't have looked up her name.
Rags 3 years ago 0
The Destroyer, to answer your question.

But no, you missed the point, which was that you do not have to know what a person looks like in order to know they exist. Especially because I find it hard to fathom that knowing Audrey Hepburn for anything else was possible.

Giorgio Chum 3 years ago 0
Knowing something about someone and accepting their existence are two very different things. you know stuff about John Galt, and are of the mind frame that he doesn't exist. Yet you know nothing of me, and I'm willing to bet it hasn't crossed your mind to doubt my existence.

Likewise I don't need to know anything about Audrey Hepburn to accept that she exists.
Riktor51 3 years ago 0
Hehe, this made me giggle c:
JVanAnKat 3 years ago 0
I think the wierd people would be looking at Katherine Hepburn!
Rags 3 years ago 0
Whatchu talking 'bout?

I don't think anybody would find it hard to paw off to a young nude Katherine Hepburn.
JVanAnKat 3 years ago 0
I am referring to the old (On Golden Pond) arthritic Katherine Hepburn!
Rags 3 years ago 0
I am referring to a young nude Katherine Hepburn.
JVanAnKat 3 years ago 0
Well, that is fine, but I never saw here then, that is all I remember her from.....
Lando the Charizard 3 years ago 0
You look like a fool with your pants on the ground!
A1C havenofimage 3 years ago 0
It took me three weeks to get that song out of my head last time! Curse you!
mugman 3 years ago 0
RedFox6 3 years ago 0
Actually, for eye candy, Bettie Page FTW.
A and J 3 years ago 0
You have Audrey Hepburn, we have Orlando Bloom in Pirates of the Caribbean, or however you spell it. The point is, we're even :)
Oferris 3 years ago 0
No its Audrey Hepburn till the end.
geneseepaws 3 years ago 0
Audrey Hepburn on one end, Orlando Bloom on the other, ME in the middle! Life is indeed, good. Betty Paige with a paddle. David Bowie in a ball gag, Gina Lollobrigida in chains, ...
Oh, dear. I'll shut up, now,...
Rogue Planet 2 years ago 0
I think he has an erection!!!
sozmioi 1 year ago 0
I know gay guys who think women look good. They just don't want to boink them.