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12 Jan 2011

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Posted 12 Jan 2011 18:18
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Pearl Reference

Commission done for me by artist Kiraradaisuki from DeviantArt. She has given the artwork to me and full permissions to redisplay it. Remember this little fluff Its little Pearl, the albino eevee from my Celesteon series. Her snow white fur all over her body with the pink tint to her skin, eyes and a little to the fur itself. Plus she is wearing the 'Tear of Cresselia' necklace given to her by her adoptive father; Charles the lucario.

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techfox 3 years ago 0
so cute : )
Kyler The Umbreon 3 years ago 0
mugman 3 years ago 0
KennetheArcanine 3 years ago 0
Awe... That so sweet! Btw i cant find those 'celesteon series' any where to look?
KennetheArcanine 3 years ago 0
Never mind..... I cant see past my nose... Still cute though! :3