15 Jan 2011

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Posted 15 Jan 2011 14:58
Last edited 15 Jan 2011 14:58
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Just Sleep

Meep Sai and Photoshop for the grass. Started this last night. got lazy though. x_x

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Rokalus 3 years ago 0
Nice! Favd 5stars
invisibleBear 3 years ago 0
She's adorable
Chaos Shadow Dragon 3 years ago 0
That's not just sleep. That's extremely cute sleep ^^

P.S. I always wonder how to draw such great grass in photoshop. It there some tricks to make it easier?
ShineTheDrolf 3 years ago 0
I failed and used a brush. ^_^;
Chaos Shadow Dragon 3 years ago 0
I can see nothing that can be called a failure on this picture ;)
ShineTheDrolf 3 years ago 0