15 Jan 2011

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Posted 15 Jan 2011 17:32
Last edited 15 Jan 2011 17:33
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Pregnant with Kooskia's pups. (January 2011)

(Gift for Kooskia) I decided to do a follow up of my series of Kura and Kooskia that I did as an art trade. Luckily for Kooskia,who does seem to like impregnating those he mounts the mating was successful. So here is Kura full with his pups. <3 So,how many pups would everyone like for her to have? And who should the pups take after more...the mother or the father? (Please comment and tell me!) Art and Kura belong to Shadoweon. Kooskia belongs to himself. (Marked this general because it isn't that bad,hope that is alright.)

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Kooskia 3 years ago 0
Really thank you for this unexpected gift, she is very cute here..
Surely my chara will be a proud and happy daddy :3
For your questions let see if we read someone else opinion, but surely when i will do some trades and gift that i've to do, i will draw a gift for you ;)
Seraphim Kia Moonrose 3 years ago 0
I bet the half the pups should take after the momma, and the other half should take after the daddy. And I think 4 or 5. =^.^;=