16 Jan 2011

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Posted 16 Jan 2011 04:08
Last edited 16 Jan 2011 04:09
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Majestic Myr

A commission for Myr.

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Sence 3 years ago 0
OMG! freakin awesome
Et Cetera 3 years ago 0
Love your lighting!
mugman 3 years ago 0
*sits by the dragon on the rock smoking a pipe* hmm sure is nice up here myr, but why did you want to come here?
djs20 3 years ago 0
i love this !
ice dragon 3 years ago 0
awesome pic nice shading
DragonriderX 3 years ago 0
Awesome work myr ^.=.^ i love the lighting and shading on the dragon and the simplicity of the background. Those two are great mixes
Hypter 3 years ago 0
Words can't describe this...I think, I'll try anyway.
AwesomeEpicWonderfulAmazingStunningImpressiveFormidableMind-blowingJaw-droppingExcellent *GHASP* Puh...that was hard to say XD
101 3 years ago 0
:D sorry, didn't mean to cause you difficulties XP
Thanks very much
Hypter 3 years ago 0
No problem. This pic is so worth almost dying to comment to XD