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20 Jan 2011

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Loves Embrace (Chapter Two)

#11 of Saj

                                                   Loves Embrace

                                                    Chapter Two


Here's the next chapter. I've also have a announcement. I have been accepted into collage so I will be busy. If things work out well then I might have the next chapter up on my birthday. Hope you enjoy and please tell me if you liked it. Advice is also welcomed.


He silently watches as Diane walks over and kneels next to him. Quickly he glances back behind her. The other figure with her was Ry who was standing back his hands clasped in front of him. Instinctively he gets off of Petal and sits down lowering his head and ears. He places his paws in front of him covering his cum covered crotch. He could feel her staring at him.

Damn. How could she find me so fast? And how did she know where to find me?

He quickly glances out of the corner of his eye to the right. Petal rolls over and quietly walks over and sits next to him. He feels her tail curl around his. She slightly leans towards him whispering into his ear.

"What's wrong, who is the human?"

"She i-"

"I'm his trainer Diane."

He looks up. Petal is staring at Diane her left ear tilted to the side puzzled. Diane stands up crossing her arms staring at him and Petal. Turning to Petal he tightens the grip on her tail causing her to look at him.

"She's my trainer. I was going to tell you, but I didn't count on her finding me so soon. She can also understand us, as in when we talk she doesn't hear Umbreon or Leafeon like other humans. She hears the actual words we're saying."

Her eyes widen and she looks up at Diane. She slowly noddes and kneels down looking directly at him.

"I've would have expected this of Ry or any other member of the team but never you."

He looks back down at the ground his face flushing with shame.

"I really though you would keep you word and set things right. Instead you go back on your word and do the same thing again. You attacked Mich, yelled at Evy, and ran off leaving us to find out what happened. Here I find you having sex with a unknown female. I thought we raised you better than this. What do you have to say for yourself."

Those words hurt, especially since they came from his oldest friend and remaining family member. He sighs as he feels a tear slide down his cheek. He shuffles his footpaws.

"I'm sorry. I wanted to set things right and was going to. Me, Tiri, and Rick arrived and were looking for a door when I bumped into Mich. Evy showed up and I wanted to set things right when a little eevee appeared and called her mommy. I...I...." He stoppes and takes a quick breath. Remembering them was bad enough but explaining what happened felt even worse.


He glances over to Petal. She was staring at him with a confused look.

"Evy and Mich tried to calm me down but I yelled at her and fired a shadow ball at him to stay away. I ran off into the forest and didn't stop running. It felt like all I waited for was for nothing. Like my heart was torn from my chest and ripped in half over and over again. It felt horrible. I found this place and cried...."

He looks up at Diane.

"But that was before I met Petal. She found me and helped me through it. She showed me compassion when I needed it the most. She then told me on how unique I was, even complementing my eyes and...."

He stoppes and looks at Petal. He smiles and turns back to Diane. Her expression hadn't changed from when he had started explaining.

"She kissed me, I was hesitant at first but I liked it. I then kissed her, and she confessed she wanted to be with me. She wanted to be my mate and I agreed. Maybe my heart was looking for comfort or something but I want to be her mate. I haven't been this happy in a long time Diane, I've never felt like this since before mom and dad. Diane I'm sorry I betrayed you're trust, and I regret what I did at Richie's last night. But I want to be with her, please don't make me leave her."

He stares up at her. He never talked to her like that before ever. Its as if speaking about Petal gave him the courage to say what he wanted to say. Surely she had to accept what he said and let Petal come with them, she had too.

She reaches behind her belt and pulls out a pokeball enlarging it. He glances at the ball then back at her.

"Sorry buddy."

What? Sorry....then....then....

He lowers his head, closing his eyes he feels a tear fall down his face. just when everything seem to be going guess this is it.

He looks over at in Petals direction.

"I'm sorry. I'm so sorry."

He opens his eyes expecting to see her beautiful face for the very last time. She wasn't there.

"Wha- what?"

He stares at the spot she was before. Why wasn't she there?

"I'm sorry for doubting you."

Glancing up he notices the pokeball shaking in her hand the button in the middle red. After a few moments it makes a faint Bleep sound and stops shaking. He blinks staring at the ball.

I've seen when it's done that...but...she....did she?

"If you're wondering where that Leafeon went then stop."

She presses the button and its pops open, a bright red light shoots out next to him taking the form of a Leafeon. Petal materializes beside him meowing lightly then shakes herself. The light retreats back inside the ball before Dianes closes it. She kneels down smiling and starts scratching his head.

He murrs and leans into the treatment.

"I'm sorry that I doubted you. I only found out about Evy and Mich after you ran off. Rick, Tiri and everyone told us what happened I figure that once you found out your emotions took over and you did stuff without thinking. You must have realized what you did after you took off."

She stoppes and he looks up at her.

"What about Petal and making me think I'll never see her again?"

She smiles and turns to Petal rubbing her head. Petal purrs and lowers her ears.

"I was a little surprised from what you told me. Her finding and kissing you. I take it you two did a little more than kissing last night."

He blushes and looks down lowering his ears.


He raises one ear glancing at her.

"But it's okay. If she can make you stand up for her in front of me, she's all right in my book. Besides it's good to see you happy with someone."

He smiles wagging his tail. Diane was accepting he found a mate and she likes her. She stops rubbing Petals head then offers a hand to her.

"My name is Diane and I'm Kyler's trainer. Glad to meet you Miss Petal."

Petal takes her hand with her paw smiling and shakes it.

"I'm Petal his mate. A pleasure to meet you Diane and call me Petal."

"Okay. You have a nice name."

Petal smiles. He could tell she was wagging her tail from the occasional rush of air against his tail.

"So now that is done. Welcome to the family. Is there anything you wish to know?" Diane sits down setting her bag out in front of her.

"Ya. How long were you watching us?"

Diane looks at him.

"Long enough buddy."

He blushes and lowers his ears. There was no way he would ever live this down if word of it ever got out.

"Who is the Lucario behind you?"

He looks up. Diane raises her hand motioning to come here. He looks behind her as Ry casually walks over and sits down between him and Diane. He offers a paw to Petal smiling.

"My name is Ry nice to meet you Miss Petal."

She smiles and takes his paw shaking it.

"A pleasure to meet you Ry."

"Anything else?"

He looks at Diane then to Petal.

"How many are in the group?"

"You'd be number six our final member. Rules state that only six pokemon can accompany a trainer at one time. Kyler is my ace and strongest member, basicly he's the leader. There is a Luxray called Spark, he's slightly weaker but still a valuable member. Then there is Vula a Ninetales, her and Spark are mates. Then there is Ry."

Diane stops and glances at him. He know why she stopped at Ry. He turns to Petal. Her head is tilted to the side.

"Kyler, Spark, Vula, Ry. That's four who is number five?"

"Ry we should give these two some space, I need some help with my bag."

Out of the corner of his eye he watches as Diane and Ry stand up and walk off a bit to the lake.

"Why are they leaving?"

Sighing he looks at her.

"Petal there is something I have to tell you. The fifth member is very dear to me and I was going to tell you a little bit later. His name is Alex and he's my son."

She looks at him for a few moments.

"What do you mean that he's you're son? You've already had a mate before?"

He shakes his head.

"No you're my first mate ever. I adopted him before he hatched. I love him and act as both a mother and father to him."

She tilts a ear to the side.

"What happened to his parents?"

He looks down lowering both ears.

"I...I don't like to talk about it, it's a bad memory."

"Oh I'm sorry I didn't know."

He looks up at her.

"It's okay you didn't know. Anyway I'm wondering....I don't want to force this on you. You don't have to if you don't want to. But can...can you be...."

She leans forward licking the tip of his nose. He stares at her suprised.

"You don't have to be so shy about it. Sure I'll be his mother."

He smiles wagging his tail furiously. It felt as if his heart would burst from joy. He leans forward kissing her on the lips, after a few moments he pulls back.

"Thank you."

She smiles.

"What kind of pokemon is he?"

"He's a little eevee, you'll like him."

"Okay, I can't wait to meet him."

He smiles and noddes. He leans to the side looking at Ry and Diane.

"We're finished you can come back."

They walk over and sit down next to them. Diane smiles and rubbes his head.

"Okay now one more thing."

She stoppes and reaches into her bag. Pulling out her Pokedex she flips it open and points it at Petal.

"I'm just going to scan you for a moment, it won't hurt."

A red light appears from a small black spot on the Pokedex and it moves up and down Petal. He watches as she calmly waits as it moves up and down her then disappears. He looks back at Diane.

"Leafeon the Verdant Pokemon. Leafeons cellure structure is similar to plants. As a result it can produce Photosynsthis inside its body." The Pokedex says in a high pitch femine voice.

"How does it know that?"

Diane smiles.

"It scans you and tells new trainers what you are and some information about you. It can tell me what attacks you use."

She looks back at the Pokedex.

"Let's see. Razor Leaf, Quick Attack, Synthesis, and Grass Knot. A great combo of moves."

"Thank you."

"You're welcome, now shall we get going it's going to be a bit of a long walk back to the house."

Diane, Ry, and Petal stand up.

"One more thing." They look at him. "How did you find us anyway?"

Ry raises his paw. "That was me. When I heard what happened I knew Diane would have me come along to find you. I traced your aura here. It took us all night to find you."

He tilts his head.

"All night?"

Diane noddes.

"Ya. That and I know when you're upset you go to some source of water. Anyway we are about fifteen miles away from Richies house, so we better get moving."

He noddes.


Standing up he walks in front of Diane and Ry.

"It's that way, just a straight path. Now its day we can see properly."

He starts walking in the direction Ry pointed to, noticing Petal walking by his side he leans over and licks her cheek. She smiles and turns to him.

"What was that for?"

He smiles and wags his tail.

"No reason. I just love you that's all."

She licks his cheek.

"Well I love you too."

"Why do I have the feeling that things are never going to normal again?"

He looks back smiling at Diane.

"Since when were things normal for us?"

She smiles.


*A hour of walking later*

*Yawn* "I feel a little tired."

He glances back at Petal.

"Really? Here, we should rest a bit."

He stoppes looking back at her. He didn't feel tired at all. His paws did ache a little from the walk but other then that he feels fine.

"No I'm....*Yawn* I'm fine just a little tired." He eyelids start to droop and she stops.

He steps in front of her and lowers himself.

"Here let me carry you, I insist."

She yawns again and after a few moments noddes.


He could feel the warmth of her body as she climbs onto his back wrapping her paws around his neck and burying her head into his neck fur.

"Thank you."

He smiles and curls his tail affectionately around hers.

"You welcome, after all I have to take care of my beautiful mate."

He hears a snicker behind him.

"Ry if I wasn't carrying my mate I'd come back there and smack that grin off of your face."

He hears another snicker and smiles. He rubbes his head against hers sighing.

So far today is best day of my life.


Kyler The Umbreon 3 years ago 0
Does anyone know how to fix the order thing, its broken. The list won't appear and it won't scroll down.
strikeforce4 3 years ago 0
umm send a messsge to heartlessdragan maby he can help favs me dont know but good story hope u do good in collage xd lolz
Good luck in collage and great chapter 5/5.
Ein Scorpio 3 years ago 0
A nice mending chapter; I like it. It is good to see that Diane was so calm about Kyler's disappearance and to top it off, he has a new figure of great importance in his life.

5/5 and a definite fav. Oh and in regards to your artwork; Kirara has gotten the info so she will do it for you but it will be awhile before its done.

Until we meet again; take care.
ShadyDANIEL 3 years ago 0
Good job Kyler. It's funny with Ry being gay, he's ( Kyler) not as embarrassed about being found by Ry alone. Daine, on other hand, freaks him out. 5/5
darkdragon33 3 years ago 0
Nice. ^.^ Can't wait to see how the others will react to Kyler and Petal.
Umbro/Quil 3 years ago 0
Nice smooth and slightly calm chapter.
punnisher199 3 years ago 0
i have to ask what's your major???
Kyler The Umbreon 3 years ago 0
Major? Like what?
punnisher199 3 years ago 0
art, electronics, mechanics, etc.
punnisher199 3 years ago 0
art, electronics, mechanics, etc.
punnisher199 3 years ago 0
i majored in wepon mechanics in otherwords i make guns for the military
Kyler The Umbreon 3 years ago 0
Oh I see, a reference to me taking collage correct? I major in some things everyone usefull or will be at some point. Electronics, history, weaponalogy, geology, gaming which might fall under electronics.
KennetheArcanine 3 years ago 0
Aww.... Nice chapter :3 i like the fact that hes all happy again.
snallel 2 years ago 0
happy umbreons ftw
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