22 Jan 2011

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Posted 22 Jan 2011 18:42
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Finally revamped Sircet at least now she looks more like an otter

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Chaos Shadow Dragon 3 years ago 0
Axel-low weapon?Are you Guilty Gear player too?
Andreas Silva 3 years ago 0
Axl-low uses a modified Kusarigama by the way. Sicret uses a traditional one
Chaos Shadow Dragon 3 years ago 0
GG-player detected. ^^
Andreas Silva 3 years ago 0
havent played in like 2 or so years...mainly use testament and ky kisuke
Chaos Shadow Dragon 3 years ago 0
Haven't play for a while too... Love to play online. Playing as I-no (main), Eddie and Dizzy. May play as any other character when it comes to having fun.
Andreas Silva 3 years ago 0
i could only play at school...and i never had any money and or the right system to buy the game...but love to play again
Journey 3 years ago 0
actully no, i've only heard of the game. Sircet was for a tabletop rp i use to play
tuxbadger 3 years ago 0
fave because a kusarigama is fun to use.