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Lone Wolf - Part 3

#3 of Lone wolf

Lone Wolf - Part 3


           Lira walked over to her seat by the fire. She sat down with her piece of meat and tore into it, soothing her painful hunger. She thought as she ate; about Felan mostly. She wondered where he had gone, and what he was doing now, as the sun fell behind the cliffs. He was probably starving somewhere in the forest. She felt bad for the poor wolf, even if no one, not even Laren, did. Lira listened to others conversation about Felan. "Ha, stupid wolf," one said. "Yeah, leaving the pack was a bad idea. He'll be dead in a week," said the other. They laughed and turned back to their food. The other wolves were having similar conversations. Lira sighed, and took another bite from her meat. She wanted to get to know Felan more; he was great with the pups, and seemed to be a good person. She was actually a little disappointed; Felan was kinda cute.

           Lira's, as well as the rest of the pack's attention, was grabbed as Laren stood up. Lira was curious as to what Laren had to say about the situation, and was paying close attention. "Earlier today, my scouts told me what I feared." She seemed to be standing different, taller maybe. She seemed stronger, and much more serious. "Felan has betrayed us," she said with a nervous face.  It was obvious to Lira that Laren was  very uneasy. Laren stopped and mumbled something, holding her gut as she said it. She turned to Accalia and said something. Lira couldn't tell what she said, but it must've been important, as Accalia stood and faced the pack. Laren nodded to her, and turned to leave. The pack, now very interested in what was happening, watched intently.

           When Laren was out of sight, Accalia spoke, "Yes, it is true. Felan is with the Cliff-fanged pack. Now, most of you may have noticed that Laren is very nervous, and now you know why." She paused and scanned over the pack. "So, with that said, Felan is a danger. He knows things about us that the Cliff-fanged pack should not know. We are left with two options; take him back, or kill him. And Laren wants him dead," she continued solemnly. The pack gasped at this; not because they ever cared about Felan, but the fact that Laren wanted him dead was shocking. Lira, too, was speechless at the news. Accalia let the news sink in before she continued with, "The hunters will move out tomorrow. Be stealthy; Laren does not want any trouble with the pack." The hunters immediately objected to this. "We won't do it. Look, we never really cared for that bastard wolf, but we won't...kill him," their leader said. Zen also spoke up. "Laren couldn't really want him dead. I mean, she was yelling at me because he could die just yesterday. She couldn't just change like that. She obviously had feelings for him," he said. Accalia turned to Zen, gave him a stern look, and said, "Guilt is a powerful weapon that she knows how to employ very well. And besides, you entered her hut after we had started conversing. You were lacking information." She turned back to the hunters and, before leaving for her hut, said, "You are probably wondering why she wants him dead. Well, if we take him back, who's to say he won't leave again? So remember, it's his head, or yours."

           Lira was still shocked. Laren really wanted Felan gone. She took a bite of her food as she stared blankly at the fire. Poor Felan, he probably didn't mean for any of this to happen. She set down her food, her appetite gone as swiftly as it came. She stood up and headed back for her hut. Walking by the snowy ground where the pack was sitting, she could hear that some of their conversations had had a mood swing. "Oh, poor guy. I didn't think that it would go this far," one said. "Yeah, I think I actually feel bad for him," said another. Of course, some had no change of heart. "Ha, 'bout time!"one said. Another just laughed. They disgusted Lira. Heartless beasts, she thought. Lira walked over to her hut, and slammed the door behind her as she entered.


           Elsewhere, Felan was having a great time with Nilu. She was just so amazing. "Okay, okay. I've got another one," Felan said to the laughing Nilu. "Okay, adoctor says to his patient, 'I have bad news and worse news".

'Oh dear, what's the bad news?'asks the patient.

The doctor replies, 'You only have 24 hours to live.'

'That's terrible", said the patient. 'How can the news possibly be worse?'

The doctor replies, 'I've been trying to contact you since yesterday.'"

            Nilu was sent into another fit of laughter. "Felan, that's horrible!" she exclaimed. Felan laughed with her. They were having a great time together. "You have some interesting jokes," Nilu said, calming down. "Thanks," Felan replied. He turned and glanced up at the sky. The sun was just beginning to set, and they would need to get back to the village soon.

            "You know, I come out on these cliffs sometimes, just to be alone," Nila said. She looked down the icy cliffs that overlooked the land owned by the Red pack. "I know the feeling. I would go over to those cliffs over there just to be alone," Felan said, pointing at the edge of the shelf that the Red pack was on. "We have a lot in common," Nilu said. Felan nodded to her and smiled. He turned, and looked at Nilu, right in her eyes, and stared for a small while, and she stared back. They had each other locked in the other's eyes. Nilu's green eyes reflected the dimming sunlight and her fur, though slightly wet, looked amazing. Felan was really liking the moment.

            "We should, uh, probably get back. It's getting dark," Nilu eventually said. Felan shyly agreed, and the two began walking through the snowy forest, back to the village. They were getting along great, and Felan was looking forward to future events for once. He smiled to himself, then turned to Nilu, and said, "So, where exactly am I sleeping? Do you have another bed?" The silver wolf thought for a second, then turned to him, a puzzled look on her face. "I haven't really thought about it. I don't know. I'm sure we'll figure out something." Felan smiled and nodded. The rest of the walk they held a conversation about the land they were on. Nilu told Felan of the hot springs that were close to the village, and Felan seemed very interested.

            As they entered the village, Felan continued the conversation, "So we'll go in the early morning then?" Nilu nodded and said, "Yeah, that's when they're best. You know, right when the air is still cold and no one is awake. It's just perfect." "Awesome," Felan said as they approached Nilu's hut. Nilu opened the door and held it for Felan, who promptly thanked her. She shut it behind them, and started to show Felan around. She began pointing at things, and naming them. "That's my bed, and my candle, and my chest. That's about it. I know that it's not a lot, but it's home. Now, for tonight, if you're okay with it, I think you should be able to sleep with me. My bed's big enough," she said, blushing slightly. Felan also blushed as he said, "I, uh, sure. That'll work." Nilu smiled and sat down on her bed, patting a spot next to her for Felan. He walked over to her and sat down, still a little red in the cheeks. "It's nice to have some company," she said, leaning her head on his shoulder. Felan smiled and said, "I agree one-hundred percent." Nilu blushed harder and said, "Well, it's getting late. We should get to sleep." She and Felan laid down next to each other, and Felan, happier than he ever was before, slept soundly, next to someone who made him as happy as he was.


           Lira laid on her bed, quietly, just staring at the ceiling of her hut, her candle light flickering. It was sad that the pack had come to this. She thought, maybe if she could've talked some sense into Felan before he left, then he would be fine. If only she had time. But wait, she might still have time. An idea hit her that was crazy, but plausible. If she could find Felan, then she could warn him. But if she were caught... She genuinely cared about Felan though, so she would give it a shot. She wasn't assigned a task for the next day, so she would find him. The trek to the other village was long, though. If she were to make it, she would have to leave immediately. She sat up and pondered  the idea a bit longer. She was putting her head up on the chopping block for someone that she had only just began to talk to. But he was part of the pack, he was family. She would do it for that reason, and a few side reasons of course. She nodded to herself, and stood up. She walked out of her hut, and crept out of the village. The sky was dark, the stars were bright, and the air was freezing. She walked out of the village, and once she was sure that no one would be able to hear the snow and sticks crunch between her feet, she began running. She ran as fast as she could through the dark forest. She had a mission.


           Morning came much too soon for Felan as he was awoken by Nilu. "Hey, Felan," she said, gently nudging him, "C'mon. Lets go lazy!" Felan rolled over to face her. "Morning," he said nonchalantly. "Come on! I want to get to the hot springs!" Felan sat up and groggily said, "Alright, alright, lets go." A smile grew on Nilu's face as she ran to her door. Felan stood up and slowly walked over to her. He stretched his legs, and yawned, the nodded, telling Nilu that he was ready to go. She opened her door and the light from the rising sun was just appearing. Freezing air hit them like a wall, waking Felan up instantly. "This way," Nilu said, waving her hand for Felan to follow her. She started walking down what seemed to be a path through the snowy forest. They walked for a minute or two before coming to the springs. Felan was amazed at what he saw.

           There were about ten pools of steaming water scattered around a small field, all crystal clear, and some even looked like they had small jets of water in them. The snow around them had melted, and there was living grass around them. Nilu ran over to one and said, "This one's my favorite. It has three water jets and is always the right temperature. C'mon!" She ran over to it and jumped in. Felan, eager to try it out, followed her. He jumped in, causing a splash that got water in Nilu's face. Felan popped his head up and looked at Nilu. Seeing he got her wet, he sunk down until his eyes and up was the only thing sticking out. "Ah, thanks. That felt great,"  she said. Felan jumped up and said, "Nilu, this is great!" She walked over to a jet of water and sunk down, a satisfied look on her face. "It is, isn't it," she replied. Felan looked around and found a water jet to his left, and walked over to it. He got to it, and let it hit his back. It felt great. "So, Nilu, do you come here every morning?" Felan asked. "Most mornings I do. Sometimes I have duties, but whenever I don't, I come here. It's heavenly," she said, slurring the last of her words.

           Felan leaned back as the jet hit him. He began to think about everything that happened so far. He was treated like crap, lost his mother's harmonica, left, was taken in, and finally found the perfect girl. Yes, his life was improving. He felt as though it could only get better. Just then, he heard a rustling in a nearby bush. "Nilu, did you hear that?" he asked. She nodded, and a worried look spread on her face. "I think it came from over there," she said, pointing at a bush. Felan nodded, and quietly got out of the pool. He crept over to the bush, his fur still dripping wet. He prepared himself, then leapt in and grabbed hold of a black wolf that was sleeping. Startled, the wolf struggled and clawed her attacker. Both Felan and the wolf rolled out of the bush, and as soon as light hit them, Felan could see who it was. It was Lira!

           He jumped off her and said, "Lira! What are you doing here?" She jumped up and was shocked to see Felan. "Oh thank the goddess, I made it here in time. Felan, they're going to kill you!" she exclaimed.  "What are you talking about?" he asked as he slid back into the pool. Lira walked up to him and asked, "Who's this?" She pointed at Nilu. "Oh, Lira, this is Nilu, the omega from the Cliff-fanged pack. Nilu, this is Lira," Felan introduced them. "So it is true that you betrayed the pack," Lira said. Felan turned to her and said, "I've betrayed no one. They took me in, fed me, and gave me shelter. They helped me, so I'm staying with them. Now, who's trying to kill me?"

           Lira kneeled down beside the edge of the pool and said, "The pack. They think you've betrayed them, and they want you dead!" Felan was stunned; he knew he wasn't liked there, but they were taking it to an extreme. "We should go tell Agra," Nilu said. Felan nodded in agreement and climbed out of the pool. Nilu followed him, and she, along with Lira, followed Felan down the snowy path. Eventually, they reached the village. They stopped, and Felan turned to the girls who were following him. "Do you think it's a good idea to bring her in the village?" Felan asked Nilu. She shrugged and replied, "I don't think Agra will mind if she's with you, but I'm not sure." Felan turned to Lira. "Well, I'll take a risk," she said, "Both packs will probably try to kill me on sight, so why not." "All right," Felan said. They walked into the now awakened village.

           The pack had gathered around the fire for breakfast, and Agra was in his usual place. Felan, Nilu, and Lira all walked up to him, all eyes upon them. "Who's this? I've never seen her before," Agra said. "She's from my old pack," Felan said nervously. Agra stood up, anger clear on his face. "Then why is she here!" he yelled. "She j-just told m-me that I was being hunted," Felan said, his ears flat on his head, as well as the two girls behind him. "Hunted?" Agra asked, calming down. Lira spoke up with, "Yes sir. My pack is going to try to kill him." Agra stood silently, staring at the black wolf, confused. "Why?" he eventually asked.

           Lira explained the situation to him, starting from the previous night. Agra listened to her story intensely; he needed to know what the other pack was planning. When Lira finished, Agra said, "Hmmm, you probably shouldn't go back in that case. Go, grab some meat, and eat. You are welcome here. As for you Felan, if I were you, I wouldn't leave the village any time soon." Felan nodded, and walked over to get some meat. He did, as well as Lira and Nilu, and they all went to sit down. They sat in Nilu's normal spot, and began conversing and eating, all three worried about the others. "When are they coming," Felan asked Lira, who responded, "They could be here any second." Felan could feel his stomach twist into a knot. He was scared now. He took another bite, hoping that it wasn't his last.


           "We're almost there," said the lead hunter. "I really don't feel right doing this. I mean, I can't kill one of the pack," one said. "Well too bad, cuz I really don't want to know what would happen if we didn't," said the leader. "The village is right up ahead sir," the scout said. "Good, let's get this over with quickly." The hunters silently moved up and closer to the village. Once they had a clear view, they could see that Lira was with them. "She's with them now? Great," the leader said. "Alright, you," he pointed at one, "You shoot Lira with an arrow. Aim for the head. I will go for Felan." The leader pulled out his bow and an arrow, and prepared to fire.

Lynxthrax 3 years ago 0
Hmmm, not sure if I did a good job on this one. I don't know, maybe I'm just over critical.
Mutt Boi 3 years ago 0
oh my goodness please start a new paragraph every time someone new is talking, you're writing is very difficult to read.

I'm excited to see what happens next though
Lynxthrax 3 years ago 0
I do see your point. I'll try to do that with the next chapter. And thanks btw!
Mutt Boi 3 years ago 0
No problem
Wuffieguy 3 years ago 0
great chapter 5/5 cant wait for more!
Wuffieguy 3 years ago 0
great chapter 5/5 cant wait for more!
Wuffieguy 3 years ago 0
great chapter 5/5 cant wait for more!
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Same as wuffieguy
xFall_Shadownightx 3 years ago 0
Same as wuffieguy
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more, more, more!!!lol, 5/5, cant wait.
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I despise cliff hangers. 5/5 stars
LilNerf 3 years ago 0
dont we all?
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