01 Feb 2011

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Posted 01 Feb 2011 11:15
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Kes by Deja Blu

A picture commission of Kes, one of my characters, from Deja-Blu.
Kes stretched out her wings, it felt so good to have them out sometimes. She'd gotten herself an enchantment a while back that would put her wings away when she didn't need or want them out. Made it a lot easier to pursue her craft, not to mention do dozens of other things. There were times though, that she enjoyed nothing more than to just give herself a bit hug with her wings out. It was like having a living blankie! Her tall ears perked up as she noticed that someone was watching her. The bat turned with a giggle, the sound akin to bells chiming. "How long have you been standing there, naughty thing." Her violet eyes sparkled as she folded out her wings, showing off the span. "You like them? Great for really good snuggles and things. Can fly a little too." Hopping up, she fluttered her arms for a second before dropping back to the ground with another giggle. Her eyes sparkled playfully, "Good for teasing too." The fruit bat mimicked a bit of stripping music she'd heard before. Swinging her wing arms around in front of her, she hid her body from view, hips swaying as she advanced. Her multitude of earrings jangled as she bounced the last few steps, wings spreading wide before the vixen leap forward.

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AmberWolf 3 years ago 0
This is so pretty ^^
Mech 3 years ago 0
Yeah, I love how Kes's hair turned out.
Otlan 3 years ago 0
Nice Job on the Background n_n. She's looks kind of funny as a bat, but I think she's still cute. Good job n_n.
Mech 3 years ago 0
Yeah, Blu did a great job on her. But what do you mean she looks funny as a bat, Kes is a fruit bat.
Otlan 3 years ago 0
I mean no insult. I think it's mostly because she still has her muzzle as opposed to a Bat's mouth and nose. She's still very cute and sexy, it's just that that's throwing me off. If my comments offend you, pleas, pay them no heed.
Mech 3 years ago 0
Nah, your comments don't offend me. Might have hurt Kes's feelings though. -the fruitbat sniffles and looks at you with big eyes. He glances over and tosses her an apple. Kes squeals and nibbles on it happily- But that's fixed easily. Also, not all bats have those squished faces like Vampire bats.
Otlan 3 years ago 0
Ah...A Valid point if ever there was one. *Bows to Mech and Kes* My sincerest apologies for my Ignorance. I hang out with a person who is a bat fanatic, so I should have known that -_- .
Mech 3 years ago 0
I'm not a fanatic about it, but I do some research before I make a character.
Nadaz The Fox 2 years ago 0
I LOVE bats.This was a real treat, and I'm glad I got to see it before it got swallowed up by all the other commissions.
Mech 2 years ago 0
Kes seems to be a favorite among artists. She is one of my cutest gals. Got several pictures of her, just most don't have her wing-arms out.