02 Feb 2011

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Posted 02 Feb 2011 10:47
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Korso Worship

I am a BIG fan of Titan A.E. and especially of Korso. He's so fuckin hot. Joe Korso belongs to Don Bluth and 20th Century Fox. Nara and crap arts belong to me.

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Capt Jack Harkness 3 years ago 0
It was such an underrated movie. So good though and I love the drawing.
NaraWerewulf 3 years ago 0
Ugh I know! Not many people have ever even heard of it
Christiaan Ferret 3 years ago 0
This reminds me of some moments I have had with my fox.
Ven 3 years ago 0
God, I love that movie! Need to get another copy of it.

Korso was pretty cool, though I still think he was a dick. Not as bad as Preed, though X3
NaraWerewulf 3 years ago 0
Well there's two sides to each story and I always, even as a lil kid, understood his decision. it must have been horrible to slowly lose all faith on humankind during 15 years