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02 Feb 2011

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Posted 02 Feb 2011 18:31
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Sid Reference

Commission done for me by artist Kiraradaisuki from DeviantArt. She has given the artwork to me and full permissions to redisplay it. This unique umbreon is none other than Sid from the Gemstone siblings. Sid possessed a quiet personality and was a loner as a young eevee thus causing him to run away from home. When he made his return, instead of being scolded as he was expecting, he was welcomed with open arms as well as receiving some interesting news. Sid is known for having symbols of the moon on his face as well as possessing a necklace to replicate it.

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Kyler The Umbreon 3 years ago 0
I've seen all of them and thier great. Awesome detail. 5/5 for all and fav.
I looked at all the pics and its only making me want to read the next section of the series more, but at least I get to look at some awsome pics till then, 5/5 as allways and fav.