05 Feb 2011

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Posted 05 Feb 2011 11:52
Last edited 05 Feb 2011 11:52
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Just Another Day

for zephyr_jonwolf on FA

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fenraar 3 years ago 0
grawwr very nice ^_^
Anima_The Gray Wolf 3 years ago 0
OOH LA LA~!!! *fans self and faints& <3
Aresues 3 years ago 0
Heloooooo sexeh
BigLutris 3 years ago 0
BetaHound 3 years ago 0
mhmhmhmhm hrhrhrhr :3 <3 <3 <3 <3
ErythWolf 3 years ago 0
Oh, hunky~ xD
Solarian 3 years ago 0
Delicious muscle. :)
Human Kid Jet 3 years ago 0
Can me and him have sex for a while? I'm willing to fuck him hard for a long time until he's satisfied and he can do the same for me.
Willace Diamond 3 years ago 0
Digging the stars, very attractive.
Koga7737 3 years ago 0
*nosebleed* X_X haawwwt
Tipmon 3 years ago 0
I love all the facial looks you do, they add alot to the picture :D
Trip Legacy 3 years ago 0
lol he looks so bored
Hunter Ramirez 3 years ago 0
Fawks the wolf 3 years ago 0
DAMN! He's hawt XD
White Whiskers 3 years ago 0
usually i hate those kinda of star tattoos, but you pulled it of quite well. Nicely Done. ^_^
Tigersage 3 years ago 0
God i wish i could draw like you! I have been trying to draw a Tiger with cap like this and agh! i just fail everytime!
Bluefur 2 years ago 0
Rasha the purple panther 2 years ago 0
That's a man to come home to. What's with the stars? I have seen so man guys with those tattoos. What do they mean?
LoverSkunk 2 years ago 0
love the tattoos i just love the way the look in that spot *murrs* man i wish i could home to him every night =^_^=
Benjamin_Red_P 10 months ago 0
Well helloooooooooooo gorgeous! *Loincloth lifts a bit.*