Robert Baird
06 Feb 2011

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Posted 06 Feb 2011 09:43
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And also, a sonnet about ABBA

So as I said, I "disappointed" someone who is important to me (you know who you are) and was offered the chance at redemption if I wrote three sonnets. The first was supposed to be about automotive fuel systems. The third is supposed to be about a topic I should pick myself (haven't decided yet, however). The second? Well, here it is:

"Ode to Agnetha, Björn, Benny, and Anni-Frid"

Sat a man down once to write a song and when he
Rose again his eyes were sharp, his gaze was keen,
Searching out a partner; thusly did convene
The inimitable team of Björn and Benny
To confer upon the world the thought that any
Of the viewers on the far side of the screen
Could become the partner of a dancing queen.
Bands as fun as ABBA? No, there's not been many.

And of Nordic groups so varied and assorted
They're among the best that Sweden has exported
(This is not a simple case of imprecision
Three more Swedish groups have won the Eurovision)
If you must persist and argue they're the best.
I'm impartial; don't push me - I'm unimpressed