10 Feb 2011

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Don't you dare forget.

If there was any comic I put genuine emotion into...remember it was this one.

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Don't you dare forget.|by Rags
KGyiff 3 years ago 0
I know how you feel man, know how you feel.
Zelnyair 3 years ago 0
Time does not heal all wounds, but the majority of them it certainly can heal to a tolerable level.

I've had a similar experience in some ways... to me it feels like you want to do anything you can to get your mind off of a death- watch TV, play with your friends at the park, go out to a middle-class restaurant chain in the evening, but you somehow just can't, you know?

It's apathy in another way. It's the "I simply cannot bring myself to bear to do this" apathy rather than the "I can't be arsed" apathy.

It's like from a psychological level you are inhibited from anything but mourning.

Do you feel a similar way? If not, then I suppose that bereavement affects us all differently.
Rags 3 years ago 0
I don't feel that way. I'm not the person that seeks distraction. I can't forget. I'm terrible at thought suppression.

The problem is simply that I am not used to feeling true emotion. I'm just so Stoic outwardly here the idea of actually...well...

...I cried, man. I was angry, I felt cheated. I really don't know what that feels like. It's not something I do. I don't cry. Rags never cries. Ever. That's why it feels so strange to me. Sorrow...apathy...these just things that I shouldn't be feeling, but do. It's like it isn't natural for me to feel that way. I get caught off guard by it. I get confused. I'm not in my norm.

Normally, I try not to be so selfish, but I just can't help it now.
Zelnyair 3 years ago 0
Death is a bitch- that's all there is to it.

It's understandable the way you feel.
A and J 3 years ago 0
Damn... I can't say I understand your pain, but I can appreciate the feeling of sadness. The best course of action is some brief mourning, and then distracting yourself. There will always be others.

Also, what does the Latin in the tags translate to?
Rags 3 years ago 0
It is sweet and proper to die for your country.

No, AJ, there will not always be others. Don't insult him by saying that he can be replaced like a cog in some engine.
Zelnyair 3 years ago 0
I don't believe the fellow means your late friend can be replaced- I believe he means that you have other relatives and family members to support and be there for you.
A and J 3 years ago 0
That's what it means? Fitting.Thanks for that.

Next, it's A and J. There's two of us using this profile.

Finally, Zelnyair's right. I might not have phrased it correctly, but that's what I meant. I meant no disrespect to your friend.
Tigro Spottystripes 3 years ago 0
I know it's a cliche, but i still believe in this; you shouldn't mourn his death, you should celebrate his life.
Io 3 years ago 0
I dont know if is this is the right thing to say but its is normal Rags that you feel that way Your angrer & being cheated wil pass like all seasons in life.
but I do agree whit Tigro Spottystripes, you should celebrate his life. *Hugs*
Tofwap 3 years ago 0
I go to sleep every night thankful for our military hero's. I'm sorry to hear you've lost someone close and wish them well in the next life.
Tantorog 3 years ago 0
pfff, why did he join the military and went to there by his own will? I have absolutely no pity for that kind of stuff.
Khira 3 years ago 0
ok, ouch dude. hes not looking for you pity. he is expressing his loss of a close valued friend. next time you have a thought thats not supportive, how about you just let it go.
Rags 3 years ago 0
Tantarog, all I can say is that you remind me of the people that killed him.
kisa_darktongue 3 years ago 0
All I have to say to people like you is if you won't stand behind our soldiers why don't you stand in front of them
TreacherousVixenn 3 years ago 0
That's your opinion, but when people are grieving, keep it to yourself. >_>
KGyiff 3 years ago 0
There are sometimes when stuff like that must not be said. It may be true but if someone is hurting it does not help to say that.

And have you ever served in the military?
Alastar Aindreas 3 years ago 0
Well, I don't agree with the tag... One should give the other bastard the best chance to die for his country... But... in the end, I guess it's really the politicians that should be getting killed, not the soldiers that fight for our freedom.
steb 3 years ago 0
My neighbour across the road fought in WW II.
He has told me stories about war.
I hold incredable respect for all those who have fought and died, past, present and future.
kisa_darktongue 3 years ago 0
I sleep next to a brave soldier every night, while I havnt had the pain of loosing a loved one, I have spent 10 months in an empty bed waiting for my husband to come home safe. You and your friend will be in our prayers
Rags 3 years ago 0
Thanks. That means a lot to me.
kisa_darktongue 3 years ago 0
The military is a close group of friends we are here for each other and we help our comrades feel free to message me if you should ever need to talk you are not alone.
Rags 3 years ago 0
Thanks. I'll keep that in mind.
dadrobit 3 years ago 0
By brother-in-law ,(but I consider him much more to be my brother) is shipping back home late this month. He's going to get a job with Boeing as a helicopter repairman, and finally settle down with his wife, (my sister) and child, but a day hasn't gone by where I don't think about him, what he's doing and going through, and hope for his and his comrade's safety.

Too many people put down the military with their "holier-than-thou" mentality, but they don't know the half of it. They don't understand what people like my brother and your friend do and have done, just so they can bash those very same people....

My heart truly goes out to you and your friend, and to him, I say thank you.
Vilq 3 years ago 0
No words needed. Hang in there... You`re not alone.
RedFox6 3 years ago 0
First off, I feel your loss. Don't worry, I can never forget our troops' sacrifice. Two people in my company died in Iraq. I wish I could give you some real comfort. The pain will get less, but it never really goes away completely.

Second off, about Tantorog. One of the reasons I signed up was so that people can be jerks.

Third. Dulce Et Decorum Est is an antiwar poem written by Wilfred Owen in WWI. It describes the conditions on the front, and ends by saying that only those who had not been there would use that phrase.

Good luck, and good memories. You can honor him best by remembering the good times.
Kontaro 3 years ago 0
I can semi-understand yer pain, my own brother has been to Iraq not once, not even twice, but THREE times.... I was lucky in that he didn't get any major injuries(he's not very talkative, so I don't even know if he got injured at all) And if he never made it home, I would prolly have had the same reaction as you. So I hope you can remember the best times you had with your friend, and live, as that is what he died for, as all of our military die for.. For us to live as we choose.
the_cooler 3 years ago 0
I'm sorry for your lost.
silver paw 3 years ago 0
i cant say i feel your pain but i have my own when i was little we always moved just when i became happy i would be wisked away im not talking about a city or a state i mean countrys i tried to stay in contact but for some reason after awhile they stopped contacting me i dont know why i guess at some point i just stopped caring if i get a f then fuck it if i lose a friend i dont think i just act and move on like a zombie i guess enough of a poisen is an atidote right? i dont know any more. i dont know what your feeling i cant compare but i will do as you ask and remember him even though i didnt know him he sounds like a hero. i will just add it to my list. i hope my sanity doesnt run out eventully. or maybe i do hope so then i could forget just forget and lose myself in morbid dreams. i dont know i dont knowe idont kbow io dont know./ i will honor him. and i hpe you pay good attention to whgat i had just said i have never shared this with any one i cant compare i dont know im lost im found im dead im alive i fell i soar i laugh i cry and alass goodbye. i will honor you both please remebger whjat i have said to you this is a secret i have trusted you with i and u only know it. thank you and sorry.
silver paw 3 years ago 0
you know what i just threw my heart to this guy and he fucking stomped on it. guess what he said?
"Keep spamming comments and I'll block your ass faster than a bat out of hell."
Grey Tail 3 years ago 0
Loss is a bitch, especially when it's a close friend, but take comfort in that he died protecting that which was important to him and trying to attain peace in this fucked up world.
LuCkY25 3 years ago 0
I have never expierienced a loss of someone's life during my life.

Being lucky carries it's burdens.

I have had so many great things, but the constant sadness and depression and loss of all around me...

I don't deserve what I have...

Nobody does...

As my life gets better, and I constantly hear of losses all around me, the gap widens.

Why am I so lucky? Why me? Why not spread my luck around to all the people in need?

It's just not fair...
Lucky Lumian 3 years ago 0
Well I have too agree a little bit with LuCKY25 about not having the experience of some one close die.
i just know that I'd be very frustrated if some one did since all my friends are so close and it'd be of great pain too lose even one of them.
People who go too war by own free will have different resolve too why they wish too go there, some for the thrill of fighting, some for patriotism and some who go there too hopefully save people, making the people not suffer by doing what needs too be done, to be able too stepp forward when no one else have the guts to stand up for others.
It is those people who go to war with the resolve to make peace with as little blodshed as possible and still have the courage too stand up against an enemy of tyrany in a far away place that are real heroes and if they die, they will be honorbly remembered as the heores who stood up for what's right and those who knew him or her should be proud too have been able too call themselves a friend of that person.
Too morne some one who's died is just natural, were humans, if we were without emotion we would be nothing more but rocks and sand, too cry is just too show that one cares, not too cry is too hold it in and not allowing one self the right of expression which everyone should, lest one might might loose one self in the process and never heal.
Sorry for the long post rags, but cheer up, be proud that you are able too say that he was your'e friend and you'll always remember him... always.
Emmorin 2 years ago 0
One of my close fur friends was search and rescue in Iraq, I'm just sorry he couldn't have saved your friend.

Unfortunately it's not only the Americans in the War, those of us in South Africa who support it had to become labeled as mercenaries to fight it. To protect America.

@ Tantorog: And anyone who thinks that it's their own fault for protecting what they believe in should keep their unwanted opinions to themselves.

My heart is with you and your friend Rags