11 Feb 2011

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Posted 11 Feb 2011 20:45
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Playing with Aurora's Tail (Part 2 of 2) (February 2010-WARNING: Soft Vore!)

Part 2 of 2 of a gift series for Moonfall-Wolf/Vorewolf on Furaffinty. Rather quickly the tail's maw worked Kura inside of it, while the swiftness was a bit startling at first she wasn't scared. After a quick lick of her privates by the tail's long teal colored tongue the tail closed itself and so down she went. She would soon reach his blueish-green stomach which like her dearest predator and mate the German Shepherd was not one that would harm her. It didn't have stomach acid, Aurora could control if he had any or not you see. This took a lot of trust on Kura's part I guess you could say but Aurora was a good wolf. <3 She got to spend a few hours inside him before the tail worked her back out unharmed. Now she would go play with the rest of Aurora in some way or another, I wonder what they will do together... Art and Kura belong to Shadoweon. Aurora belongs to Moon-fallwolf/Vorewolf on FA.

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Fairin 3 years ago 0
the vore corruption continues ^^
Shadoweon 3 years ago 0
The person this is for is more into vore than I am though, lol. I like to think of things like this as an extreme act of submission,which is why I am into it. X3