13 Feb 2011

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An Unlikely Relationship

#1 of An Unlikely Relationship

Alright you furs me and shadowfist18 wrote this story together and its very special to me for that reason. It's the beggining of a series so there shall be more. please leave comments on what you think of it.

 This is a story about two unlikey furs. Its starts out as a nother normal day for Aaron, five foot nine dark brown wolf with blue eyes also the school's "bad ass" but get him away from his school friends and he becomes a total softy. The day changes when the school gets a new kid named Cody a fox/husky hybrid, light blue husky fur pattern with the foxes tail with a white tip and black strip separating the white tip from the blue tail, with a fox's black gloves but only going half way up his forearms, with ice-blue eyes and at standing at six foot. This is the first day they met and the begining of something beautiful.

  The teacher anounced that a new student would be joining the class today and signaled for him to come in, Cody stepped inside the room and stood in front of the class with his books held to his side and his head low. "Um hi my name is Cody and I just recently moved here when my father got offered a better job." Then from out of no where some yells "NO ONE CARES!" Cody just looks down in shame and mutters to him self. "Great, already started on a good note. Looks like another fun school to be at." The teacher looks up at Cody. "Don't mind them, how about you go take a seat next to Aaron over there and lets get started with class." He walkes over and sits down in the seat the teacher pointed out to him. "Whats up new kid?" Aaron said looking over at Cody. "N..not much just settin here in class, you know heh." Cody said with a half hearted laugh.
"A smart ass, I like him."Aaron thought to him self. "So you seeing anyone?"
"Uh.. No not really, I'm single."
"So you don't have a boyfriend?" Aaron said teasing Cody.
"What? No.. I'm not uh, that way." Cody quickly replied, blushing, being caught completely off gaurd by the question. Aaron just laughed,making Cody hang head down from embarasment."Great and apparently they even think I'm gay now." Cody thought to his self, his ear laying back against his head.
"Aww look the fosky is emarased." Aaron said.
Cody snapped back at the wolf. "I'm not embarased, and don't call me fosky, I hate that." Aaron didn't say anything because honestly he didn't like teasing the kid but with all his friends watching he had to.
"Gah, and here I thought it would be nice to go to a new school and make some friends. Guess that plan has gone out the window." Cody crossed his arms on his desk and buried his muzzle in them.

  Aaron just barely looked at the new kid and he felt like a real ass hole. They didn't say anything to each for the rest of class until Aaron handed Cody a peice of paper. Cody took the peice of paper from him, giving him a skeptical look as he unfolded it.
"Don't worry, its nothing mean or rude, I made you pout enough for one day." Aaron said.
"Yes I'm sure it's a very sweet note, considering the wonderful first impression you made and everthing." Cody said sarcastically."Just open the damn thing already." Aaron said.
"Fine.." Cody opened the note to read it. It said "Its Friday so come over and I'll explian everything." Cody just looked over at Aaron with a quizzical look. Aaron then got close to Cody making him flench "If you do it I swear I'll do what the message say." Aaron whipered.Cody thought to him self for second. "I guess I should give this guy another chance he seems pretty sincere about this, or he could just be lureing me into a trap so he can beat the new guy's ass." He just looked over to Aaron, nervously nodding. "Ok.. I will."
"Just give your parents a call and follow me after school." Aaron said.The rest of the day passed by uneventfull for both of the furs, Cody still haveing an emotional guard up after his and Aaron's little back-and-forth earlier that day. The final bell rang and Cody walked out to the front of the school to meet Aaron.
"I texted my mom, she said that I can come." Cody said walking up to Aaron.
"Bus or drive?" Aaron asked.
"Well I don't have my car yet. So whatever you decide."
"Looks like you're riding with me."
"Looks that way doesn't it." Cody said, still deciding whether to trust Aaron or not. So the two furs walked over to Aaron's car which was just a simple Chevy Impala. "I'm sorry about earlier." Aaron said suddenly, Cody's ears laid flat against his head. "If your sorry, then why did you do it?"
"To impress my friends, I was always the one getting picked on. So," Aaron said lowering his head. Cody looked over at the wolf, listening to the sorrow in his voice. "It's ok. I can see were your coming from with this, I was always being ridiculed in my old school because I was a hybrid and how my fur was so different."
"I don't see why I think it well, um kind-of cute." Aaron said nervously.
"Um..Thanks.." Was all Cody could think to say while blushing at the sudden comment.The two rode awkwardly back to Aaron's house.

  "It looks like no one is home yet." Aaron said pulling into the drive way. Cody got really nervous after hearing that from the wolf. Getting out of the car, Cody stood looking at the house. "Oh..Well that's cool I guess." Said Cody stroking his forearm with one paw. "Yeah, I'm not suprised, they're almost never home any way." Aaron said unlocking the door. "Sorry the place is a bit messy." Aaron said as they walked in.
"It's fine, no worse than my place is right now."
"You thirsty?" Aaron asked as he threw his bag on the couch."Well now that you mention it, I could go for a coke or something." Aaron went to the kitchen and came back with two cokes. "So is there a special girl back home?" Aaron asked handing Cody his coke. "thanks." Cody took the coke and opened it, taking a sip. "Nah, never really bothered with dateing back home."
"No problem." Aaron said "Why not? A cute guy like you should be able to get some girls if you tried." Cody blushed again. "Uh well to tell the truth the girls back home weren't the most 'clean' type of furs if you know what I mean. Plus I just wasn't that attracted to any of them."
"Yeah, there are a lot like that here but there a few good girls. So just not your type?" Aaron asked.
"Hm well that's good." Cody said, setting down on the couch. "Yea I don't guess they were."
"Yeah, there aren't just many cute guys here. What is your type, I can maybe find you a girl." Aron said sitting next to the fox. Cody looked over to the wolf and tilted his head. "Uh..did you say... Guys?" Aaron looked away pinning his ears back. "Yeah, I shouldn't have said anything. I'm sorry, you hate me now. I can take you home if you want." Cody couldn't understand it but he felt bad for the wolf. The same wolf who just made him feel horrible earlier today at school. He reached over and placed a paw on Aaron's shoulder. "Hey, It's fine really, I don't hate you or anything, I'm ok with that." Aaron looked at Cody."Okay thanks. I just haven't told any one and I think you're really cute." Aaron said then he quickly covered his mouth with one of his paws. Cody turned bright red and looked at Aaron. " think I'm cute?"
"Yes you're the cutest guy I've ever seen and the fact that you're a hybrid makes you cuter." Aaron said.
"I uh..I don't know what to say Aaron." Cody said not knowing how to react. "As long as you don't hate me, you don't have to say anything." Aaron said. "No. I don't hate you." Cody sat putting his tail in his lap, petting it nervously."Thank you." Aaron said ears still pinned back. "Um.. No problem." Then it got really quiet, Aaron just looked at Cody and smiled. Cody looked back nervously, still playing with his tail. 'what's he thinking?' Cody thought to himself. "HE'S SO CUTE!" Aaron was screaming in his head. Cody just decided he needed to calm down, so he relaxed back onto the couch.

  Aaron then grabbed the remote "Want to watch tv?" He asked."Yea sure why not haha." Said Cody in a cheery tone, trying to lighten the mood. So Aaron turned on the tv on and they sat there watching tv. Everyonce in a while Aarons's tail would brush against Cody's making him shudder and let out a tiny murr. Catching himself he blushed looking over to Aaron to see if he noticed. 'Oh good he wasn't paying attenition. Why did I do that?" Cody thought to himself. What Cody didn't know is that Aaron was doing in on purpose, but he acted like he didn't notice Cody's murring. Cody just sat there enjoying the softness of Aaron's tail. Aaron loved the feel of Cody's tail on his. Then Aaron tried to start a converstion "What is you're favorite color?" he asked.
"I love the color purple.Whats yours."
"Nice, same here." Aaron said.
"Oh that's so cool haha." Cody said happily.
"I know, its cool." Aaron said.
"Heh yea.." Cody said feeling the sence of awkwardness coming back. Aaron nervously looked at Cody then quickly kissed him quickly on the lips "I'm so sorry." Aaron said quickly. Cody just sat stunned, looking at Aaron wide eyed. 'He just kissed me. I don't know what to do and why..why did I like it so much?' Cody thought to himself nervously. "I..It's ok Aaron."
"Okay." Aaron said then he nervously stood up and went into the kitchen. Cody put his tail back in his lap and petted it. Doing this has become a nervous habit of his he's had since he was a child. "What do I do now I'm not gay but that kiss was so good. I'm so confused." Cody whispered under his breath, tearing up a little. Aaron then came back and saw Cody tearing and sat next to him. "What's wrong?" Aaron asked. Cody turned his head away trying to hide his face. "Nothings wrong. I'm fine."
"Are you sure? You can tell me." Aaron said.
"It's just when you kissed me it.. was good. I'm not supposed to like another guy am I? I've always been taught it was wrong and a sin and other stuff like that. But how could it be so wrong when it felt that good. I'm just so confused." Cody sniffled pinning his ears back. "I'm really sorry, you probably want to leave now." Aaron said dropping his head down."Wait, you liked it? Aaron asked suddenly realizing what Cody just said.

  "Yea Aaron, I did." Cody said looking up at Aaron.
"What part?" Aaron asked.
"Just every thing. When you told me I was cute then it felt wonderful when your tail was brushing against mine, then when you kissed me I was in heaven for those few seconds. Also to tell the truth I really think your cute too."
"Kiss me again?" Aaron asked nervously. Cody's ears perked up at this question. "I..I would like that Aaron."
Aaron put an arm around Cody pulling him closer, as their muzzles got closer Cody could feel the wolf's hot breath on his face, their muzzles met and it was like a spark to Cody's sensens his tail went limp and his heart started beating faster. Aaron parted his lips and let his toung work it's way into Cody's muzzle, exploring every inch of it. Cody followed his lead and did the same. Aaron strarted murring into the kiss and wrapped his arms around Cody. Cody was completely lost in the kiss A few seconds ago, a million nervous thoughts of what would happen if he was gay were running through his head, now that he was in the embrace of and kissing this wolf he just met today all of those thoughts melted away. Aaron slowly pulled away and looked at Cody.
"Will you be mine?" Aaron asked.
"You mean to be like boy friends?"
"Yes." Aaron said taking cody's paw in his own.
Cody looked a little conflicted and sat thinking for a second. "Yes Aaron I will be." He finally replied.
"Thank you." Aaron said as hugged his, now boyfriend.
"No thank you for opening my eyes to who I really am, Aaron." Cody said returning the hug.
"No problem, and I'll make sure no fur messes with you at school." Aaron said.
"Thank you, so um does this mean we're comeing out together."
"Yes it does." Aaron said. Cody's tail wagged at the thought of his new boy friend confessing what they have to the school but then stopped as he realized he would have to tell his parents eventually.
"What's wrong babe?" Aaron asked, with a concerned look on his face.
"It's just my parents, I can't tell them ,they're super catholics and they would murder me if they found out I was gay."
Aaron then hugged Cody "I won't let them touch you and if they kick you out you can live with me, my parents are never home so they wouldn't notice." Aaron said trying to comfort him. Cody hugged Aaron tight and began to tear up again. "Thank you Aaron, thats realy sweet of you."
"No problem babe, no one is going to touch my foxy."
"Heh thanks. So It's really late, my mom is prolly gonna be calling for me to get home before curfew." Cody said with hope in his voice that the wolf would ask him stay the night. "Well, call and tell your mom that my parents insist that you stay the night."Cody's ear perked up and his tail wagged. "You want me to stay?" He asked excitedly hopping on the balls of his feet."Yes, also your extra cute when you're excited." Aaron stated, looking at how happy Cody was.

  "Hehe thank you." Cody said blushing and running out of the room to call his mother. Cody comes back in and looks at Aaron. "She said that I could stay tonight." He said happily.
"Great." Aaron said then he patted on the seat next to him.
"Yup!" Cody plopped down beside Aaron laying his head on Aaron's shoulder, snuggling against him and began to yawn."Aww, is foxy tired?" Aaron asked playfully. Cody shut his eyes slightly and nodded. "Mhm just a little."
Aaron put an arm around Cody and kissed his head "Well you can go to sleep, I'll wake you when mom or dad comes home with food." Cody's ears layed back and twitched when he felt the kiss on his head. "Ok wuff that sounds good to me." Cody said sniggling closer to Aaron gently murring as he soon fell asleep."Wuff?" Aaron thought to himself, holding Cody tightly as he watched his foxy sleep, thinking of what the future holds for them.

ShadowFist18 3 years ago 1
1st yea! Damn we did a good job.
kody180 3 years ago 1
yea we really did wuff
ShadowFist18 3 years ago 1
(Kisses you)
kody180 3 years ago 1
(hugs and kisses you back)
ShadowFist18 3 years ago 1
(puts my head against yours and looks into your eyes)
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(stares back into your eyes and kisses you again)
ShadowFist18 3 years ago 1
(keeps kissing you)
kody180 3 years ago 1
(breaks the kiss) you wuff.
ShadowFist18 3 years ago 1
I love you too babe
kody180 3 years ago 1
(smiles and kisses you holding you tight) Thats good
ShadowFist18 3 years ago 1
And know its true
kody180 3 years ago 1
Thank you wuff that means alot.
ShadowFist18 3 years ago 1
no problem babe.
FluffyLight 2 years ago 1
Get a room you two :3 Also, while I was reading this I saw Kody change his profile picture @_@
Alex_Foxy 3 years ago 1
AWW! You two are too cute. Great story also.
kody180 3 years ago 1
(blushes) Thanks! Glad ya liked it!
lostpersonality 3 years ago 0
ew, gay people, ew two guys aren't supposed to kiss! this story is uky ew ew ew ew ew. I am so offended by this story
kody180 3 years ago 0
sorry can't have a huge chat on this one.
lostpersonality 3 years ago 0
yes we can
ShadowFist18 3 years ago 0
No you won't or no more Aden.
lostpersonality 3 years ago 0
no more 5/5 ratings then
ShadowFist18 3 years ago 0
Oh no. Not that
lostpersonality 3 years ago 0
And *looks at book* um, *looks at it again* this is not the rite book...anyway we should have a rap battle! of the comments

your words are so weak
while mine will peak
out of this page to seek
a cold mountains peak
I can do this all week

I can type this with ease
while you ask to stop please
It's nothing but a breeze
I can be a bigger tease
cause I have that expertise

cause I am that expert with a mike
that makes all the sissy's cry
and I have that made skill to dislike
I can not lie that I love lots of pie
*drops microphone and crosses arms and does the pose*
ShadowFist18 3 years ago 0
How about no
lostpersonality 3 years ago 0
*looks down sads* fine, you meany
Auss!e 3 years ago 0
Really great guys. ^^ Damn, I wish my mate was here. 5/5 *Adds to watchlist*. And I'l let you two know when my first story comes out; it has a similar begining.
kody180 3 years ago 0
Hey thanks for that. And I'll keep a look out for it. Also dont mind the crazy comments above you should see what they did to my last story.
Auss!e 3 years ago 0
I was about to say, "Why is everyone being so mean" :3
kody180 3 years ago 0
Yea haha go look at the comments on New and Great Experiences:chapter 2 and you will see why.
A_Backwards_Wolf 3 years ago 0
So cute, I think I'm going to die!!
kody180 3 years ago 0
Aw thanks. Haha don't die theirs still more chapters to come
LostInYourEyes 3 years ago 0
I like this story, I remember back when yiffstar used to have the cutest stories and then when this came ugh they lost some :( yea well anywayz im follow this one :) k bye
kody180 3 years ago 0
Thanks. Well i didn't have an account on yiffstar but I'm so tired of these sad stories on here, so me and my mate decided to have fun together and make a cute story that no matter what is gonna have a happy ending. K bye haha
LostInYourEyes 3 years ago 0
I think I've read some of his too, I like them alot haha yea ok bye
kody180 3 years ago 0
K well we're gonna start on the next chapter today so look for in about 2 days haha
LostInYourEyes 3 years ago 0
Will do ;) lol sorry I keep saying bye then leaving another message XD
kody180 3 years ago 0
Alrighty then. And it's cool haha.
KimberlyPanda 3 years ago 0
Made an account just to comment. Great story, can't wait for the next :3
kody180 3 years ago 0
Well thank you i'm gkad ya liked it.
KimberlyPanda 3 years ago 0
There is only one problem: spelling errors. I don't think much less of the story for having these, but I could assist in proofreading; if you so prefer.
kody180 3 years ago 0
Yea i'll take the stereotype route here and say that I'm from Alabama haha. But if you want I'll talk it over with shadow and get back to you on that.
Naruto Uzimaki 3 years ago 0
You two are good together please write more stories together. Yall two are hot.
kody180 3 years ago 0
Oh we plan to. this series will prolly go really far haha. Thanks haha
Naruto Uzimaki 3 years ago 0
I wish the both of you love and tranqillity in yall happy life.
kody180 3 years ago 0
Thanks thats really nice of you.
Naruto Uzimaki 3 years ago 0
If he makes you happy then go for it your more braver than me in certain situations.
wolfyfox 3 years ago 0
So... cute... A truly adorable opening chapter, I must say.
kody180 3 years ago 0
Thank you we tried to make this pretty cute
DavidFolfy 3 years ago 0
nice :) a bit cheesey and kind of predictable, but i enjoyed it. Good job!
kody180 3 years ago 0
THANKS but keep reading it get less predictable i think lol
Aquos 3 years ago 0
Awesome story! I read the comments up above, did you and ShadowFist18 make this together?
kody180 3 years ago 0
Thank you. And we sure did.
Dcmsmax 3 years ago 1
Amazing work you two have here ^^ I agree with KimberlyPanda about the spelling errors. There are quite a few of them, but all of them were almost unnoticeable. They don't take from the story, and the way they are spelled clearly lets the reader know what you meant to say.

However, I did also find that things happened a bit too fast. Cody and Aaron just met. It's a bit obvious that you are going for a romantic story, so why not drag things out a bit. For example, at one point you have Cody step out to call his mother, and in the next sentence, he comes back. In between, you could have drug out the waiting period by showing what Aaron is feeling.

"Hehe thank you." Cody said blushing and running out of the room to call his mother. (Aaron watched as Cody disappeared around the corner, his heart pounding in his chest in anticipation as he waits to hear the answer. He can barely hear Cody's voice, catching fragments of words, but not enough to put together anything that would make sense. He hears Cody hang up the phone with his mom just before Cody's footsteps making their way back to the room Aaron is waiting in.) Cody comes back in and looks at Aaron. "She said that I could stay tonight." He said happily.

It drags out the anticipation a bit for the character, and the reader. Keeps them more interested too hehe. ^^

Anyway, that's my advice. Take it as you will :)
kody180 3 years ago 0
Wow this is the longest comment I ever had. COOL! But thank you gor the appreciation and the suggestion i'll keep it in mind as I write.
TripleX 3 years ago 0
*smiles* This is really cute I gotta say. Probably the nicest read I've ever read in a while, so thank you and ShadowFist18 for making an awesome story.
kody180 3 years ago 0
Awe thanks for the sweet comment and glad you like it. *hugs*
TripleX 3 years ago 0
*hugs back* hey you deserve it Kody. Both you and Shadow deserve it. *pats your back*
kody180 3 years ago 0
You're a very nice fur lol. It makes me happy to know ppl like our story.
Aiyu 3 years ago 0
Naww you guys are sweet. I love this chapter. :) 5/5
kody180 3 years ago 0
Hehe we do try. And thank you that's nice of you. :D
strikeforce4 2 years ago 0
kody180 2 years ago 0
Thanks you we twy :3
strikeforce4 2 years ago 0
Neero 2 years ago 0
whoh awsome man
Skye1998 2 years ago 0
Awww... so sweet... also that chat at the top? CUTEST THING I'VE SEEN IN SOOOO LONG!!!
HolidayPup 2 years ago 0
very awesome story man!!!! I know I'm a little late on commenting but I luff it!!!
Furriesrule 2 years ago 0
I ish loving it
Lord Rose Thorn 2 years ago 0
Awe! So cute. I love this story and well I can totally relate with Cody and it's an incredible coincidence on the name too! I like it how Cody and Aaron got together and the parts with the murring and the cutest part of all has to be when they're on the couch together with Cody sleeping on Aaron. Ahhh what I wouldn't give to find the right fur for me. icon_redface.gif
Artwolf5 1 year ago 0
lot's of spelling errors and you need to fix the formatting everything is scrunched up together... interesting story but the errors and formatting takes away from it... you probably should go back and fix a few things... but seems like a good story just needs to be cleaned up
Hankwolf7165 1 year ago 0
Aaawww that's soo sweet! <3