25 Feb 2011

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Posted 25 Feb 2011 12:44
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please hold the line while i kill myself

A pretty old picture, but still i like it :D This is me at work. At a callcenter. My life is great ^^ Seriously, i dont get it... People call me for help, and then just wont do what i tell them to do. Instead they seem to think that loud yelling and insults will solve the Problem. And no, my boss actually got better things to do than stand behind me every single hour, just waiting to talk to some idiot who is to stupid to press a single button. In some wierd way the job still is fun... o.o

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Fur-Fag-Faldor 3 years ago 0
lol, this is so true!
JhJ 3 years ago 0
*chuckles* That is because you like pain a lot 0.0

Hehe well reminds back when we used to sit together in that callcenter. XD.

Oh just think. What would have happened if no one ever had invented the "mute button"? XD


Kemonokun 3 years ago 0
o/~ good times o/~ Yeah, working with you made the job a lot more bearable *g* And yeah, without our precious mute button we would have been pretty screwed. I wouldln´t be able to insult and make fun of the costumers without them hearing it, while they bitch about some minor problem. Would have taken all the fun out of the job O.o
WolfeMasters 3 years ago 0
I know how you feel, here is my proof:
Kemonokun 3 years ago 0
Lol, thats so true. You got to talk to some pretty strange people in that job *g*
Toumal 3 years ago 0
Teeeheee... sooo cute... and true!
Joel The Lemur 3 years ago 0
I had that job. I quit.
Bearcub 3 years ago 0
Same. Fuck that. Still art rocks ;).
Kemonokun 3 years ago 0
I guess i can see why *g*
Shadow99688 3 years ago 0
Is the opposite with support here with my phone/internet company, had to call telephone repair with my cell at $0.25 per minuet (was many years ago) because phone lines where dead no dial tone even at box outside, put me on hold for 10 minuets I complained about it and they said I should just hang up the cell and dial 611 from my phone and disconnected me, I redialed on cell and again explained I could not call 611 from my phone as I had no dial tone, they again said I had to call 611 from my phone to talk to the repair service, took 2 hours to get transferred to phone repair then a visit to the office, they did pay for the cell charges after I brought in the recording of the call, phones where dead because repair truck backed over the relay box after he had worked on it, took 3 days for them to get it fixed.
When internet goes out it is the fault of your router even if you are not using one.
Have had internet out for a month, found out main office never contacted the repair office.
Kemonokun 3 years ago 0
I know, being on the other end of a serviceline can sometimes suck just as bad :(
mugman 3 years ago 0
lol nice
NotActiveAnymore 3 years ago 0
Haha, I could never have a job like this. I wouldn't be able to resist the temptation of being a smart ass to all who deserve it, xD
Kemonokun 3 years ago 0
Its hard resisting that temptation every day *g*
ScaledRex-FurSecret 3 years ago 0
Hehe, I can probably plead guilty to being one of the guys on the other end. I get angry pretty bad with people on the phone, no idea why. I don't like phones.
Kemonokun 3 years ago 0
Yeah, i know, it can be hard calling tech support sometimes *g* But it just doesnt help to yell at someone who is not responsible for some Problem but even trying to solve it.
ScaledRex-FurSecret 3 years ago 0
I agree... Though when I get angry at stuff like this I don't yell. I make sarcastic comments... Which is better than deafening the person on the other end by my standard. Though to be honest it's only when they tell you stuff you've done... But they're not mind readers, so I guess people just get mad for nothing... *My face is now red.*
tuxbadger 3 years ago 0
heh, at least you don't have to break out a foreign dictionary to talk to the tech support. "what was that sir, what was your mother tongue again, kay, leme get the dictionary for that language..."
Zelnyair 3 years ago 0

Have a look at this:

Enjoy.... ^^
Kemonokun 3 years ago 0
Lawls ^_^ Omg, i used to love Angry Kid sooo much :D
NicodemusMountainWulf 2 years ago 0
lmao My room mate is like this at work. To a 'T'! hehe
Tigro Spottystripes 2 years ago 0
Perhaps being behind the lines you can explain somthing to me; how the hell a company specialized in communications can't make use of caller ID, asks me to type information with the dialpad in order to grant me service but won't communicate that essential info to the human that eventually gives me the honor of reading off a stupid script without knowing what they're talking about etc?
Kemonokun 2 years ago 0
Well, i dont really know what specific company you had such problems with, but usually its the same problem as always: Money... If a Callcenter could affort to pay thousands of Euros to a embloyee every month, there would be sitting well trained and professional service agents behind the Phone all over the World. Sadly we live in a world where the typical costumer is not willing to pay more than 15 bucks a month for Internet access and Telephone, so this is the logical consequence.
enigmawings 2 years ago 0
communication problems are always annoying when trying to convey your communication problems O.o

Let's face it, when people call they expect to be handled a miracle that automatically solves everything directly, and when they realize they'll have to put their mind and back into it themselves after all, they go ballistic xD
Kemonokun 2 years ago 0
Yeah, well, more than half of all calls we awnser could be avoided if our costumers would just tourn on their brain for a second. And then they always exept me sitting there with the "everything tourns well Button" i just have to press. Its fun ^^
SebWusky 2 years ago 0
I had a friend who did this...... I couldn't do this without bieng a smart-ass XP
Kemonokun 2 years ago 0
Hehe, its hard sometimes ;)
foxie_xxx 2 years ago 0
Oh, my... lol

And I'm thinking I already was in that situation when I used to work in a call center... The only thing that lacked was I throw the computer through the window... O_O
Kemonokun 2 years ago 0
Actually a co worker of mine did something quite similar. Smashed the monitor in with the Keyboard, let a loud scream through the whole callcenter and left. We never saw him again... Someone else destroyed a whole Cabinet. A Callcenter can tourn good people in pretty strange monsters...
foxie_xxx 2 years ago 0
Don't mention it... I worked on a call center for two years and can't remember how I was before that...
Thanks God I'm out there, although I'm working by myself now. That job was driving me fucking crazy... lol
Simon Tracer 2 years ago 0
That's so close to me its not funny, but I laugh anyway
Kemonokun 2 years ago 0
Hehe, yeah, sometimes you got to laugh at things that are actually quite really sad, otherwise live would be pretty depressing ^_^
James Daugherty 4 months ago 0
*Sigh* Ah, nostalgia... $12 an hour was nice, and I was good at my job. But then the call center closed. At that point, I made a judgement call.

Still don't think I'd go back to a job like that, can't stand people calling me on the phone just to shout. But the ones who didn't shout and could follow simple directions (as far between as it often seemed) were nice.
Kemonokun 4 months ago 0
Hehe, I did it for five years or so. Much too long. Still not completely away from costumer service though, just a new department. No inbound calls, just working cases all day. Can't imagine going back to direct tech support ever hehe