28 Feb 2011

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The young wolf anthro looked around, it was Friday, 7:30 in the morning. Steve groaned and slipped out of bed. He lumbered over to his closet and dragged out some clothes, dressing with all the speed of one who has just awakened. Fully clothed in grey hoody, worn jeans, socks and underwear, he trudged downstairs and to the kitchen where his breakfast was. French toast; one of his favorites. He ate it quickly and flipped through the newspaper idly for a few minutes. After finding nothing interesting, he got out of his seat, grabbed his lunch money, slipped on his backpack and with a quick 'goodbye' to his parents, he was off. He was early for class; he didn't live too far from the school. He had brown hair, yellow eyes and his fur was a dark grey fading to a lighter grey on his chest, jaw and inner thighs, as well as other parts I can't discuss. He liked being early because it was quiet. He decided to see if he could find anyone  else so he wandered around the school for a bit. He bumped into his 'friends' of a sort, Andrew and Andrea.
"Uh, hey guys."
"Heeeyyy, Steve. What's up?" Andrew started making out with Andrea. The catch was they were brother and sister. Twin fox anthros. They were dressed similarly in white dress shirts with black ties and black slacks.
"Guys, stop that. It's disgusting."
"Masturbation." Andrea finished.
Steve looked at them both.
"I gotta uh, go."
"See ya, Stevey. Catch ya later."
Steve shook his head as he quickly walked away. He came across James and Clarissa in the caf. Two normal people. Human beings. He sat beside them.
"Oh man, I just ran into the super yiffy twins."
"Scary dude," Clarissa smiled. His heart did a backflip. Clarissa was wearing a dog collar, a lolitta dress and converse. Her hair was cut in a jagged layered style that was medium length. Her eyes were blue. James was wearing his usual blue hoody and baggy jeans. His head was covered with messy brown hair.
"Yeah dude, being around them gives me the freakin' creeps." James shuddered.
"Dude, are we practicing later?"
"Will our creepy bro/sis guitar duo be there?"
"I suppose when they're done screwing. Do you think they use condoms?" Clarissa looked at James.
"AWW! Gross, I'm a visual learner!" James buried his head in his arms on the table.
"Well picture them getting down in your parent's room and you walking in on them."
Clarissa laughed. Steve sighed. James continued crying on the table.
"I was thinking..."
Steve cleared his throat.
The other two ignored him.
Steve slammed his hand against the table.
"GOD! What man!?" James stared at him with a scared look on his face.
Clarissa glared at him, "Calm down retard!"
"OK, we have a band but no name. We need a name."
"The scary twins will have to be in on the veto."
"Of course. And us furballs outnumber you three-to-two, Clarissa." Steve grinned.
"Yeah, but its two-to one because the two foxes are too busy fucking each other all the time."
"And James is too scared of them to do much, so I guess that leaves you and me, how about lunch together?"
"Nothing." Steve looked away.
"What did you say?" Clarissa stood up and stared at him.
"Hrr?" Steve started panting and cocked his head sideways.
"I swear you just said 'you and me, how about lunch?'"
"If you insist." Steve laughed, almost falling out of his seat. Clarissa jumped up onto the table and socked him, putting his tail in the air for a second before he smacked against the ground. He shook his head,
"So?" he grinned.
The bell rang; class would be starting in 10 minutes.
"Aw, damn." Steve stood up and dusted himself off.
"Catch you both after school, and you owe me lunch Clarissa!" Both of them walked out of the caf talking amongst themselves. He trekked off to class himself. Nothing interesting happened all morning. Just science and math. He met Clarissa at lunch.
"Hey." Clarissa glanced at him before going back to her lyric book. He sat down beside her,
"What've you got for me?"
"Nothing solid."
"Damn," Steve smiled, "can I take a look?"
"Let's go get lunch."
They both got up and headed towards the only good restaurant near the school. They entered, ordered their food and sat down. Steve started scarfing down his poutine as soon as he got it and Clarissa smacked him upside the head.
"Hey retard, that's not very romantic!"
"Nof un said thf was suffosed to be romanfic!"
"You're the one who asked me out."
"I difn't know thif waf a date?" He swallowed his food.
"Is it?"
"I don't-"
She placed her finger on his snout.
"Shut up retard."
Steve stayed quiet.
"Good boy."
She scratched behind his ear. Steve looked at her, her beautiful hair framing that even more beautiful face. He wanted to kiss her. She grabbed his face and pulled it close to hers.
"Now, stay a good boy. Wanna hang after practice?"
He nodded yes. She smiled.
"Today's Friday, wanna hang tomorrow?"
He nodded yes. She let go of him. He leaned forward.
"I just farted." Steve smiled, and Clarissa punched him in the face. He shook it off and grinned, jumping back to his feet. Clarissa crossed her arms and glared at him.
"So are we hanging tomorrow?"
"I suppose."
"'You suppose?'"
"Exactly. I said I would, but if something else pops up, I might not be able to."
They started walking back towards the school, and Steve looked around.
"Hey, I have a bad -"
"Stevey and Clair-iss-ah. How's it...Hanging?"
Andrew walked up from behind them and wrapped one arm around both their shoulders.
"Hey, Andrew." Steve looked at Clarissa with a 'help me' expression.
"What's up, Andy?"
" Take a squeeze and find out."
Andrew grinned. Clarissa glared at him, and the smile faded.
"We need to name our band, or at least that's what Steve thinks."
"Good idea. We need something conductive to our sound. What about-"
"Nothing sexual." Steve looked over his shoulder.
Andrew's face dropped, "I got nothin'."
Clarissa looked at Steve, "I think we should stick to one syllable so that the fox's inbred kids can read it.
Andrew scowled at her. Steve laughed, and got squeezed by Andrew, which effectively choked him.
"Well, I guess the student body should know about your little...Romance here," Andrew grinned, "can I watch?"
"Watch what?"
"You two-"
Andrea walked up to the trio.
"Heyy...Andrew, where were you? I was waiting in the caf."
"He was busy stalking us." Clarissa nudged Steve.
"Get him AWAY from me!" Steve started squirming. Andrew kissed him on the cheek.
"Calm down brother."
"I have no idea what you'd do to me if I were your brother. Probably a threesome with Andrea over there."
"Sounds like fun." Andrea grinned and raised her eyebrow.
"No." Steve tried squirming out of Andrew's grip again, but failed.
Clarissa shrugged Andrew off of her.
"C'mon guys we'll be late."
The four of them headed towards the school, hurrying quickly. They reached the building as the five-minute bell rung.

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