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Animus' Story part 1

Part 1

Detective Animus Flux Doberman was on his way to the federal jail of Las Angeles, he was just assigned a new case to work on. The Doberman was 35 years old, standing much taller than most Dobermans. He had a spiky black pony tail on the upper part of the back of the head. His eyes were grey, his body very muscular as he worked out and took self-defense classes. He wore a casual black and white suite with a black over coat and a detective hat. He sighed to himself, apparently some young wolf was accused of being involved in some triple murder, the suspect was Ein Rosewolf.

Animus knew right off the bat that the 21 year old kid was innocent, the Rosewolf family was well known in the city of Angels. They were well respected higher ups who moved to LA from New Zealand. They were very wealthy and profession in fashion of clothes and furniture. Ein was also known as a Martial Arts champion who traveled around entering in tournaments and was a devout catholic who went around the world helping out those in need, even gave most of his allowance and such to charity. He was a college student with flying grades even. No motive for turning to crime less specifically murder.

However, it was the 1920's and the country had just recently went into a state of depression. Only the highest families who were born wealthy were seeming to make it through, which gave in to the suspicion of how the manage to make such money during these rough times. Especially with the Prohibition of Alcohol and such. So many families were being accused, most of which turned out to be one or a group of people framing and black mailing the rich. Animus had no doubt this was one of those cases. On top of all that, Animus actually met the Rosewolf family himself. He was invited to a party being held at the Rosewolf mansion, and was an honored guest even as he was a well respective enforcer of the law. He was introduced and had a good conversation to Mr. and Mrs. Rosewolf, and was briefly introduced to Ein. He seemed to kind hearted and a good kid to be getting involved into such things, especially when he had everything he wanted.

Animus pulled the car up in front of the jail, the place looking its usual best; dark, cold, and depressing. The Doberman sighed, imagining what the poor wolf inside was going through, Animus looked into Eins profile and records and no suspicions of his activities and life style prior to the arrest. Animus stepped out of the car and made his was to the front entrance, two intimidating pit bulls stood guard at the gate. After checking his ID and such the Doberman was let through. Passing through several other doors and gruff looking security guards he finally was in the cell blocks. It was filled with the usual yelling and some death threats from inmates he helped lock away. Animus was led by a snow leopard bailiff, to the tenth level that the staff nicknames "Murders Row." on account of it being the section for the serial killers and mass murders. The bailiff counted off the cell blocks "Cell 782, 783, 784.." Then stopped in front of cell 785, unlocking the bars and stood to the side. "Got a visitor kid." He said gruffly, obviously the cat thought the wolf was guilty just like all the other brainless guards. None of them really gave much thought or tried looking into the situation. Though of course they weren't paid for that, but still they could show a little more courteous.

Animus stepped inside the cell, the young wolf was sitting on the bed, his head in lowered and his hands gripping a rosary as if hanging on to it for dear life. The wolf had spike hair coming down from his forehead, similar to his own, and a pony tail that started out from the lower part of his head and reached to his waist, unbraided. He was quite different from what the Doberman remembered from the party. His fur was grey and coarse rather then snow white and silky. His paws seemed rough and shaky rather then soft and steady. His eyes were tearing up, soaking his cheeks and muzzle. His ears flat against his head, the kid was a wreck. He was terrified and maybe in a state of shock even from the events, and Animus didn't blame him, Las Angeles was known for its cruel and miserable jails and prisons, and none of them were a  place for a kid like this, he was praying himself that the kid did not already run into those sick fucks in the place that love to bend new inmates over and fuck the shit out of them.

He looked back at the bailiff, "I would like to speak to him in a more appropriate setting, is there a private room or an office we can go?" He asked, "Sir it is not permitted without the wardens permission." He stated. "I will take it up with him later the kid is to shaken up to focus less talk." The Doberman said sternly, his main focus was to get the kid to calm down and out of this shit hole as soon as possible. Animus turned back to the wolf. "Come on kid let's go somewhere more comfortable." He placed his paw on Eins shoulder, trying to comfort the poor kid. "Sir I must protest-" "Protest my ass I am here to figure out what the hell is going on and it is obvious I won't get straight facts when he is like this." The Doberman snarled in anger as he was getting extremely annoyed by the cat. The cat backed off, all the staff knew Animus and knew a lot better than to push his buttons. Looking down at the wolf he saw that he had his back pushed up against the wall, he was already scared from being in this place and seeing the Doberman get mad didn't help at all.

"It's alright kid, I am not going to hurt you. I just want to get you out of here as soon as possible. Let's go somewhere better than this old cell." He offered his paw again, and hesitantly the young wolf took it and stood up, he was still trembling as he followed the detective clutching his arm as if in fear of being snatched away. As they walked towards a private office they heard a lot of insults and cat calls from the inmates such as; "Hey wolfy nice ass, mind showing us some more of it?" and "Careful not to drop the soap kid." This did nothing to help Ein of course, and Animus was close to knocking some blocks of these guys heads. But he restrained himself and kept moving. Finally the Jaguar opened a door and let the two into the office, it was a cozy office with a nice couch and desk. "Hell of a lot better then the rat holes they had you in huh?" Animus said as he led Ein over and had him sit down on the couch, the big dog took off his over coat and wrapped it around the wolf. December had set in and the uniforms the inmates were force to wear were not made for warmth.

"That style does not suite you kid I will tell you that much right now. I suggest not trying to put that in as a fashion." He chuckled, though the look on Ein's face showed that the joke was not funny given the situation. "Sorry kid, didn't mean any offense." Animus replied as he took a chair and sat it in front of the wolf, but before he sat down he went over to a table where there was coffee and such. He poured himself a cup of coffee and some heated water in another cup, reaching into his pocket the Doberman pulled out a tea bag. Eins father mentioned some of Ein's likes and dislikes and one of them was that he loved tea and never touched coffee. Putting cream and sugar in his coffee he brought the two drinks over and handed Ein the tea. "T-thank you." the wolf's voice was shaky and very nervous. Animus didn't blame him, how he managed to keep his head and not gone screaming his head off for this long was beyond him.

"I got to say kid for someone your age and position you certainly have courage." he said as he took a gulp of his coffee. Ein nodded and took a small sip of his tea. "Well, I know for a fact you didn't do anything wrong Ein," the detective stated. "but you know as well as I do the criminal justice system won't go on that." He said taking another gulp. "I-I know...w-what do you want to know?" Animus blinked, he usually had to either calm the person down or rough them up a little bit before they were willing to start answering questions. "Well, wait a few minutes before we get to that, you still seem pretty shaky." The older canine said as he continued with his cup. The young pup nodded and tried to relax a bit, sipping his tea and taking deep breaths, using his Zen meditation skills to find his center. *That is probably how he was able to last this long without losing his mind.* Animus thought, Ein had been known to have to defend himself from street thugs before and always managed to keep his focus and calm. But to keep it in a place like this was amazing.

"I have already informed your parents in New Zealand, they are still on their business trip, said they were going to cancel immediately and come get you." He said, the wolf's ears perked up a little. "Father can't cancel, this business trip is important and will help a lot of people. It is suppose to help provide clothes for people who can't afford much." The wolf had a strong New Zealand accent even with proper English, the Doberman couldn't help but find that cute. He shook his head though. "I think your life is worth a little bit more then some clothes ordeal for the less fortunate don't you think?" He asked as he finished his coffee. "I care more about those who are freezing to death then having to spend time here." The wolf said a bit irritated. "Ah but if you don't get out then who will inherit the family business? Then where will those people be if no one can do such nice things for them?" The older canine had a point, and Ein saw it. If he couldn't get out of jail and ended up in prison how was he suppose to carry out his ideas on helping the economy.

Animus chuckled, "It is alright I knew you would think that way so I told them to not worry about it, I will have you out of here in no time." The wolf looked up and the Detective and nodded, smiling a bit. "There see, now that is a better attitude." He chuckled. "But once you get out I think it will be best that I watch after you for the next several weeks till your parents return. Don't want something like this happening twice in a row." Ein blushed. *Staying at his place?* It wasn't that the young wolf thought it was a bad idea, he just didn't want to be in the way of things. He always was one to sharpen the mind by looking at different perspectives and trying to solving puzzles. He loved riddles and mind games, and enjoyed reading detective and mystery novels, trying to figure out the villains and their ultimate goals, how they think and what their next action would be. And being around a detective he knew he would eventually be bugging Animus with questions and such, and the last thing he wanted was to become a nuisance.

"B-but how big is your place? I-I don't want to take up space and get in the way of things." The wolf tried to be as polite as he can. "It is better at my place, who ever framed you will no doubt try something again. Your mansion will be having security and what not looking after the place just in case anyone suspicious might come over and try something. And on top of that it is dangerous for wealthy youngsters like you to be in places like that without parents, security or not. Crime is sky rocketing because of the crisis and depression, and the wealth families are the highest targets." Animus continued as he stood up and went over to put his used cup in the sink.

Ein looked down, three days ago he was just a wealthy heir to a families legacy who wanted nothing more than to help the economy and enjoy life. Now here he was sitting in jail being accused of a murder he wasn't involved in. And his parents were on a very important business trip back home. If word got out to the press about this event his family name might be ruined. The wolf sobbed and covered his face in his paws once more. He loved his family and would never forgive himself if his family name was stained because of him. Animus made sure that when Ein was taken in that all media and presses were prohibited from questioning until things were cleared up.

"Hey now, cheer up I already have investigated most of the evidence myself so you should be out of here by the end of the day." Which was true, though some of the evidence pointed towards Ein, the facts and the rest of the evidence said otherwise. Questioning Ein was still a necessary though and a standard routine. Not to mention Ein had several College Friends as alibis, stating that he had left the College campus later than usually because of a mid-term. Which pointed that by the time Ein had arrived at the scene where the three bodies were found they were already dead. Now all that was left was for them to send Eins statement wait till the report was confirmed by HQ and a sign a release form stating Eins innocence.

"So," Animus said as he sat down again pulling out a pen and note pad. Then taking out a cigarette. "let's get a quick statement and get you the hell out of the rape hole, huh? Don't mind if I smoke do you?" Ein shook his head, the Detective lit it and got ready for the questioning. "Now tell me what happened starting with when you woke the day the event took place." It had only been two days ago, but for Ein it was like two cold days in hell....LITERALLY. He began explaining how it all started.

He had woken up and got ready for school as he usually did; shower, getting dressed, and breakfast. He rode his bike to the school like normal. He loved being as active as possible. On his way past the gate he checked the mail for anything that was for him. There was a letter marked with his name, opening the letter he read instructions for him to meet someone by the name of "Colon Reed" at S. Orange Ave. and Nervana. Animus shook his head. "And where is the letter now?" the older dog asked. "I don't know, after I got to the place and found the bodies I quickly looked for the letter so I could show them that I was called there. However it was gone when I checked for it." Animus nodded, it was a framed murder no doubt. For the past few months people of even moderate families were getting strange letters telling them to meet at certain places and ending up the prime suspects of murder scenes. What added that this was staged is that "Colon Reed" was in fact one of the bodies identified. A stupid thing for a criminal of any sorts to do, usually when someone writes another persons name to set a murder scene it is accustom to kill the person who actually bore the name in order to keep them from stating in court. Providing they even lived in the city, however to actually kill the person and leave use the body for the crime was the sign of a criminal who was not so bright.

On the case of the note gone missing when Ein arrived at the scene it was quite obvious, whoever had framed him had either managed to grab the note from the wolf's back pack, or hired someone to get it for them. The latter being the most likely cause even a criminal who would leave the body of a guy bearing the name of the one found in the letter wouldn't be that stupid. After the wolf read the letter he went to school and did his usual classes. "Where did you put the letter and did you ever leave your bag un-attended?" "I put it in the side pocket of my back pack and I did put it my locker when I went to PE." Animus nodded, "Is there anyone who knows your locker combination?" Ein thought hard, but he never gave his combination out to anyone. "I will have the school check their records and check the students who had that locker prior to you. Also we shall question the Janitors. So what happened then." Ein went on about his going to lunch and then finishing up his last classes.

"Do you know if anyone who might be holding a grudge against your family or any school mates who might be in any gangs?" Again the wolf thought hard, Grey Wolf was a high class College and no one he knew would have any motives or reasons outside of the occasional outsider students who stuck to themselves and not socializing. "And what happened when you left?" Ein headed straight to the meeting place after spending some extra time on a mid-term project, he had a great memory so he left the note in his back pack, so he thought anyways. Walking several blocks with his friends he separated from them as the took their way home on foot, he then got on his bike and rode to the alley way specified in the letter. From that point that is when things started happening. As he tried to find the letter so he could go to the police, though never found it, a loud banging sound came from near by like a stone hitting metal or something. There was road construction and a lot of stones were found near the crime scene but whether it was thrown or not was never figured out. The fact being is that the noise brought a bear who was in one of the apartments above the alley look outside. He quickly called the police and soon Ein was in cuffs and in the back seat of a police truck.

Animus nodded and he jotted down the last bit of the statement. Seemed like enough facts and it certainly fitted with the evidence and statements of the families and friends of the disease and along with Eins alibis. Folding up the letters and putting them in an envelope he pulled from his pocket and went to the door. Opening it he handed the letter to the guard. "Send one of the staff and have this sent to HQ immediately." The older male ordered. "We aren't mailmen here detective we-" I still have to question and find out as much as possible, this statement is important. This is an order." He snarled, Animus usually was not so quick to get angry but when it came to good people he knew were innocent he didn't waste time and had no patience to pretend otherwise. "Hey you don't have authority to make such a-" "PERHAPS I SHOULD INFORM THE WARDEN THAT YOU REFUSE TO FOLLOW PROTOCALL OF HELPING IN THE CASE OF PROOFING SOMEONE'S INNOCENCE!!!" Now Animus was really pissed and a fire was burning in his eyes. Unlike most Detectives he was not an asshole out of spite but when people showed carelessness or were just dragging their feet the gloves came off. Though the guard, a large bear, cussed and grumbled under his breath he took the letter and walked out to head to HQ.

Grumbling frustratingly Animus turned back to Ein and sat on the couch next to him. Putting an arm around the wolfs shoulders he leaned back, crossing one leg over the other. "Sorry kid but I know you didn't do it, canine instinct. Something most of the idiots here lack." Both canine's chuckled at that true fact. "So once we get you out of here we will head to your place to get you some clothes and head back to my place, all school work will be brought to you and you can do it there. However, first thing is we will have to testify to the press and clear this mess up." Ein sighed, he liked helping people but was never one for drawing attention to himself. "Don't worry, let me do the talking, I know how to deal with these blood craving numb skulls better then lawyers." He smiled, it had been a rough two days trying to clear up the mess and shit, still having to be professional though the Doberman looked at the wolf as the pup finished the last swallow of his tea.

Ein was fairly built but not a muscle stud, Animus smiled and couldn't help but imagine what the fur looked like when it was silky and clean like he remembered from the first time meeting him. He murred quietly as the two sat and relaxed, waiting for the warden to return as well as the letter stating Eins release.

Part 2
Ein sat in the passenger side of the car, his head resting against his knuckles as he dozed off. The wolf had a rough past few days and he hadn't slept since he was put in that cold hell. Animus drove up the hill that skated the coastline, the Rosewolf family were coastal people and loved to watch the ocean, so an ocean cliff was a natural setting for them. Animus sighed, getting a wealthy heir out of jail and avoiding the media was not an easy thing. None of those privacy invading jack asses had any sympathy or sense of discretion, all they wanted was blood on the streets and pictures in the papers. This kid had enough drama going on as it is and it would take probably months before those damn news reporters quit tailing him so they could hound him with questions and statements. Animus didn't really understand why news reporters even bother to try and get a statement when in the end all they do is put in lies and a bullshit. Animus was not like all the rest of those dumb ass stuck up detectives who always looked like they had not taken a shit in weeks.

As the pulled up to the gate the security guards came up to the windows checking the two canines. "Young master Rosewolf we were terrified when we heard the news please hurry inside. Thank you Detective no one at the mansion has gotten a bit of sleep since we got the call." Animus nodded and drove up to the house, stepping out of the car Animus and Ein walked up to the door. Ein took out his house key and unlocked the door and stepped inside. Animus took off his hat and looked around, the entrance was as he remembered. Two stair ways on each side of the room that lead up to the second floor, connecting in the middle to make a small in door balcony. Two large statues of fierce looking wolves with Japanese swords and outfits near the foot of each stairway. Below the balcony were two hallways going off left and right and on the wall in the center of the walkway was a very old portrait of a white wolf in a suite with a pony tail like Eins. This man was in fact Dominic Stephen Rosewolf the Seventh, Ein's great great great great grandfather who in fact was the founder of the Rosewolf resorts in New Zealand. That was how Eins fathers' family came into wealth and luxury, that and they also recently opened a Martial Art Dojo where Ein and several of his close friends and relatives ran. His mothers family were in the fashion, furniture, and perfume business in Australia. Ein himself wore a special red rose oil cologne that he commissioned his mothers business to make and was his private brand that was not sold to anyone else. Both parents made billions every year and so it was inevitable that they eventual would get caught up into trouble.

A butler, who was a masculine middle aged snow leopard, walked up quickly to the two. "Young Master Rosewolf thank heavens you are alright the whole mansion has been in a state of panic. Can I get you anything, are you injured or feeling ill." Ein waved his hand. "No thank you Fredric I am quite well, just a little shaken. Some hot herbal tea and Kiwi's will calm me down." Fredric bowed. "Very good sir I will have the cooks fix up a bowl at once. And for your guest sir?" He turned to Animus. "Some coffee, sugar and cream if you could and if you have any some angel food cake with whip cream?" Animus asked politely. "Of course sir, may I take your coat for you by the way?" The cat reached out a paw offering to hang his things up. "Certainly thank you." He gave his coat and hat to the butler and then followed Ein upstairs as Fredric went off to put Animus' things up and fetch the food and drinks. Upstairs there were various paintings and small statues on stands, most of them some Lycan warrior or setting of some erotic scenery. Ein led Animus down the south hallway past several corridors. The went up to more levels and stopped at a large door at the north part of the mansion. Opening the doors Ein entered his own dorm. It was a fair sized room with a dining table in the center, another door on the right that obviously led to the bedroom. On the opposite wall was a large window with a comfortable couch built at the base so one could stretch out and view the ocean, which it had a very beautiful view of.

A fireplace was on the left part of the wall with a couch and coffee table in front of it, and on the mantle was several nic -nacs and a Bonsai tree. Several pots with red roses were spread out all over the room. The design of the furniture was Japanese, with Kenji writing. There hung large portraits with calligraphy and drawings of samurai's and ninja's, most fitting for the young wolf. Ein went over to a record player and took out a large disk, placing it on the player and then flipped the switch. Soft music started to play then got louder. Animus smiled, Bethoven Symphony number nine first movement, the boy certainly had class and a good taste in music. The wolf went over to a couch in front of the fire place and collapsed on it, taking a deep breath and sighing. Animus sighed and walked over to the couch and sat down next to him, putting his arms over the young wolfs shoulders. "I got to say kid it surprises me you managed to keep such a cool as you did, most kids would have lost their minds and started to rant and rave hysterically." Ein sighed. "Any longer and I would have. No training can ever prepare a person for something like that, you either have the will to keep calm or have to develop the will. I guess I have the first so that is a plus."  Ein said sleepily. Animus smiled, the poor wolf was in need of some well deserved sleep. A knock came on the door and Fredric walked a tray in his right hand and he walked over and gently placed it on the coffee table in front of the couch.

"Here is your tea, coffee, kiwi's and angel food cakes sir's." He bowed respectfully. "Can I be of any other service?" Ein waved his hand lazily. "No thank you Fredric you and the rest of the staff are excused for the time being. Close up the mansion and have all the staff take vacation time off." Both Animus and Fredric looked at Ein in shock. "But young master Rosewolf your father-" Ein interrupted. "My parents nor I will risk the life of those we care about especially over a house." Ein cared about a lot of people and especially the people that worked in the mansion. Animus could see his point and admired him for being kind hearted and considerate, unlike most pampered rich boys who grow up to be stuck up assholes. "That is an order Fredric, I will pay for your time off out of my own money." Animus and Fredric were really shocked by this. "Sir I must protest." Fredric began but Ein interrupted. "Fredric please I am not in the mood, this is an order so please just respect my wishes will you?" Ein groaned getting irritated by the argument. Fredric still didn't approve but gave in. "Very well sir I will inform the staff immediately." Fredric bowed and left the room closing the doors behind him. "I swear I enjoy the company of all the staff here but sometimes they are so stubborn." Ein said as he sat up and took the tea, lifting it up to his muzzle and taking light sips.

Animus nodded and did the same with his coffee. "They are only trying to look after you, but I can see your point." Animus stated as he sipped at his coffee. The kiwi's and angel food cake were cut up into small pieces with a bowl of whip cream in the middle. Animus set his plate down as took a piece of angel food cake and dipped it in the cream with a fork. The cake was quite delicious, moist and delicate. Ein picked up one of the kiwi slices with his claws and slipped it in his mouth, kiwis were one of his most favorite fruits. As the two canines ate and drank their drinks they got more comfortable and relaxed, after a long hard day it was good to be in a quiet room with some soothing music playing and a warm fire. After the food and drinks were finished off Ein said in a daze. "Well, I know you want us to hurry along and get over to your place but just really need a rest." Animus nodded. "I will wait down in the guest area and-" Ein jumped in. "Well...I was think that maybe....I mean it's just..." Ein blushed as he tried to put together what he wanted to say. "I know this is weird asking you this but I...I am kind of scared to be... alone right now." The wolf blushed a deep red, his ears lowering with embarrassment. Animus smiled and walked over to the young wolf, he lifted his paw and ran his fingers through the Lycans cheek. "I understand kid, I don't blame you, how about you take a hot shower and then we can go and take a nap." Ein smiled as his tail wagged back and forth, nodding he gestured the Detective to his room as he went out of the room to the bath area.

Animus chuckled and walked over, opening the doors he entered Ein's room. It was much like the other room, but in here their were various weapons on the walls and mantles. Above the headboard was a small rack that held up two samurai swords, both had a gem on the butt of the handle, one green jade and the other black jade. Drapes hung around the bed and it looked a lot more cozy than his own bed at his common apartment. *Well don't know how this is going work, bed's pretty hard compared to this and the kid might not be comfortable.* He thought to himself as he started taking off his sport coat and tie. *Might be able to put some cushions or something under the mattress cover so it could be a little more comfy.* He pondered trying to figure out a way so that the wolf would be more comfy at his place. Shirt followed next, he left his pants on though. He left the pants on cause he didn't want to make the kid uncomfortable around him. He sat on the side of the bed , it was very comfy without being too soft or hard. He laid on his back with his hands behind his head. It felt so wonderful finally being able to get off his foot paws after a long irritating day.

About half an hour later the young wolf walked in, wearing nothing but a towel around his waist. Two black stripes ran down from his rip cage to the in front of his waist to disappear underneath the towel. From the way they were angled it was most likely that the connected at the crotch to form a "V" shape. He was drying his head off with a second towel, his body was not muscular but still well built. He had a nice six pack with arms and legs to match, very attractive and Animus murred softly in appreciation which made the Lycan blush lightly. Ein threw the towel he used to dry his head with in the hamper, then went over to a desk that had a mirror and utensils for combing and trimming fur. Then Animus noticed a large scar going across the wolfs back. It was about three inches thick and stretched from the top of the right shoulder down to the side of his left hip, the fur covering it was a more silvery color then white. Animus recalled hearing about a Martial art incident at a tournament in Okinawa where the wolf was scared. That must have been it, but however he got it seemed to add a strange attractive feature to the wolf.

Ein took a comb and started brushing his pony tail, making sure to get the knots and tangles out. Animus smiled as he watched the young wolf, the towel was wrapped around just under the base of the tail so that the tail hung down over the edge of the stool. The towel stretched out a bit from the perfectly rounded rump within. It wasn't a bubble butt nor too muscular but just right for the Doberman. The wolf only took a brush and then started smoothing out the rest of his fur, the comb softly going over his sides, chest and arms. Then the wolf opened up the towel so that he could brush his legs. Animus got a glimpse of the cheeks and deep line that separated them as the young fur brought his legs up to comb them properly. All this was making the Detective more and more aroused, making the bulge in his pants swell up begging for attention from that young hot ass in front of him. Animus tried hard to restrain himself, it had been a while since he got any action and the fact that this pup was teasing him wasn't helping. After a few minutes Ein folded the towel up again and walked to the bed. The two canines looked in each others eyes, Animus smiled while Ein blushed.

"I....I like to sleep without any clothes, but if that bothers you I could just-" Animus moved across the bed to sit on the edge. Even sitting down the Doberman was still tall enough to be leveled with the wolfs neck, Ein loved how the Doberman easily towered over him standing up. Animus reached out with both paws, placing his palms on the wolfs hips and gently sliding the towel down just far enough so that it fell off and landed softly in a heap around the foot paws of the younger canine. Once again Animus solved a case, the case of Eins stripes that is. The two stripes connected in a "V" about two and a half inches below the navel. Which then of course covered the sheath and crotch of the lycan a pitch black. Animus looked into the blushing wolfs eyes and smiled. "A very nice pattern design," He said as he began to trace the outline of the letter, starting from the corner at the right ribcage. "I think I am going nick name you Volf." Animus chuckled as he slowly went down the where the two stripes connected just barely over the tip of the sheath. Ein gasped at the feeling, he whimpered softly and flattened his ears as he blushed red. Animus giggled, from how the wolf was reacting it was easy to tell he was still a virgin. But the Doberman didn't need his Detective skills to tell that, Ein was a celebrity in several countries and not once did anyone ever see or hear about him having a lover.

Animus continues to go up to the other corner of the stripe then going back down on the outside of the line, he used the claws on the other hand to do the same on the ride side of the wolfs beautiful body. Ein moaned as the two claws went down and met at the area just between his ass and his balls, gasping and jumping a little at the wonderful touch of the older male caressing and exploring his body. "Such a beautiful body, your fur feels like silk to the touch." Animus murred as he took in the wolfs scent. He was wearing his rose oil cologne so his scent was somewhat hidden, he would definitely have to get the kid to stop wearing it long enough so he can get his scent in all its glory. Animus leaned in and gave the navel a light kiss, he grinned as he felt paws gently land on his shoulders with a light grip and a gasps of pleasure from above. *Not yet big boy.* He thought to himself, wanted his chance with the wolf but not just yet. He wanted to take it easily and work the pup into it. He easily backed off of the wolf and went back over to the other side of the bed. Standing up and un-doing his belt and pants, he heard the ruffling of the bed as Ein got comfortable. Animus chuckled under his breath with his back turned to the wolf, the pup was no doubt gay and even better wanting more from the Doberman. *Leave him wanting more* He thought, it was cruel but he like the idea of the young Lycan submitting and begging him to please his newly found craving for pleasure.

The pants fell to the floor, followed shortly by the boxers underneath, the older dog smiled widely as he heard a pleading whimper from the young wolf in the bed behind him. Animus turned and pulled the sheets back, settling down next to the wolf. The wolf whimpered, his ears flat and cheeks pink from blushing. Animus smiled and put an arm around the wolfs shoulders, pulling the wolf against his side. Ein laid his arm across the Dobermans chest and locked their legs together, Eins groin pressed against Animus' hip. Animus smiled as he felt the soft lush warm fur brush and snuggle up to his body. He breathed in deeply with satisfaction, he was becoming more and more attracted to this young wolf and the best part was the feeling was mutual. The two males drifted off into a quiet slumber safe in each others arms, both exhausted from the earlier events of non-stop chaos from the murder.

Part 3
The sun beams shined through the windows and fell upon the two sleeping canines. Animus slowly opened his eyes, murring  and stretching the Doberman had briefly forgot where he was. Feeling something snuggle up to his side Animus looked down and smiled as he saw the white figure of the young wolf cuddling to his body. The Detective murred as he reached down and gently stroked his claws through the Lycans hair, it was smooth as silk and very fine. It fascinated Animus how the same rugged roughed up dust covered wolf he got out of the big house was the same handsome snow white tropical beach boy sharing a bed with him. Animus began to think of all the fun he could have had last night with the rich heir. Forcing the young shy wolf get on his knees and worship his muscular body, kissing every muscle and licking his massive hanging balls and throbbing shaft. Animus murred to himself while his member started to wake up, blooded pulsing through the veins as the knot started to swell. Animus began to wonder what such a young finely toned body would feel like up in his lap while his tight warm ass bounced up and down his thick beefy cock. To hear the young pup beg and plead for him to fill and claim him as his pet, wanting nothing but to serve his every whim, what a dream that would be. And to be able to have the young wolf assisting him in his office, doing regular filing and other office duties with the benefit of being able to order the young wolf to drop his pants and bend his gorgeous rump over his desk, grabbing his tail and fucking the hot boy into a rut.

Animus' attention snapped back to earth when a knock came at the outer door. "Young master Ein 'tis morning. Rise and shine." Animus couldn't let the two of them be seen like this, especially with him looking like he was ready to cuff the next hot bottom he saw and pound their ass into submission. Quickly he shook the sleeping Lycan awake, making the young wolf snort and groan in irritation. "Bugger what is it?" He said sleepily, then a look of shock came across his face as he saw Animus and remembered all of last night. "I said it is time to get up sir, breakfast is ready." Fredric announced. Now both canines were in a state of panic. Quickly the got up and started getting dressed. "Thank you Fredric I shall be down in a minute." He shouted back. "Sir I am afraid I can not find sir Animus." Fredric said a tone of concern in his voice. Ein and Animus looked at each other wondering what should be said. *We didn't do anything last night did we?* Ein wondered, having forgotten what had happened. Last thing he remembered was snuggling up to the big canine and then next he knew he was being shook awake.

"Ummm...I think he might umm...." Ein tried to come up with a believable story. "He went around checking to see if there was anything suspicious around the area that might help in the finding of the real murderer." He said in a rush. "Should be hopping back soon." He waited for a reply. "Very good sir, I have also informed the staff of your orders, covers have been placed on all furniture and everything locked is locked up." Fredric replied. "Very good Fredric I shall be down shortly." He said calmly, sighing in relief. "Very good sir breakfast is ready whenever you are." Fredric answered back. "Very good I shall be down shortly." Ein said. "Yes sir." And with that the butler went off down stairs. The two dogs sighed and looked at each other, giggling. After a few moments the then just stared at each other. Finally Ein asked; "We...I mean I..." Animus chuckled. "Relax kid, nothing happened except getting naked and snuggling. Trust me if anything had happened you would KNOW. " He gave a wink and reached down gripping and wagging his cock at the wolf, his other paw on his hip. Ein blushed hard as he stared at the massive member. It was HUGE, at least a foot long and 4 inches thick, Ein wanted to touch it so bad.

The wolf whimpered, his ears flat against his head as he looked from the monster between the Dobermans legs to his face. Animus grinned and walked to his pile of clothes he left last night on the floor. Turning around and bending over, making the wolf almost faint at the view he gave of his perfect as. Muscular and yet perfectly rounded, the fur soft and short, and his cheeks spread out enough that Ein could see the beautiful pucker between. The Doberman was driving the poor wolf insane and he knew it. *Not yet.* He thought to himself, he wanted the wolf on his knees begging him to be his master, to mount him and mark him as his bitch. Animus stood up and grinned to himself as the wolf whimpered again in disappointment. Ein was in a state of lust and insanity, longing to just FEEL that body in a more sensual way than he did last night. To pet, caress, and grope every limb every muscle. He did all he could not to tackle and try to get in as much fondling as he could. Reluctantly the wolf managed to pull himself together and get dressed, going over to his closet and picking out an outfit. Due to the circumstances he decided to go to his casual clothes, grabbing a tank top, a plain button up T-shirt, and a pair of black jean. Keeping the T-shirt un-buttoned Ein then went over and grabbed a silk cloth, tying his hair in a pony tail and making a bow. Animus smiled, it was cute and gave the wolf just the right amount of feminism without going into drag.

After both canines were dressed Ein went to his desk and was about to put on his rose oil perfume when Animus stopped him. "Best not to use that for the time being, that is one of the biggest give a ways of who you are. No other males where such cologne." Ein sighed but agreed, it was best of course. Ein was wanting to put on his black jade Hei Matau but thought it would also be best not to wear that either. It also identified him as he always wore it everywhere he went. He felt like he was missing a part of himself without it though, but he took it and placed it in a secret compartment within the desk and locking it with a key. Animus chuckled, rich families always commissioned a builder for a secret compartment of some sorts. After the wolf packed a supply of clothes the two canine went down stairs to the dining hall, leaving the baggage near the front door, where a large breakfast was prepared. Two seats were set out next to each other. "Your breakfast sir." Fredric said pulling the chair out for Ein. "Thank you Fredric, though you didn't have to make such a large meal today." Ein said as he sat down. "I know sir but having to eat that rancid prison food for the past few days I figured you were in need of a meal proper to your standings." Fredric stated as he scooted Eins chair forward and then pulled Animus' chair out so the Detective could sit down. The breakfast consisted of eggs, sausage, bacon, toast with honey and butter, pancakes with whip cream and strawberries, waffles, French toast, oatmeal, corn beef hash, and hash browns. Animus could help but wonder, *If this is what the serve for just two I would be shocked at what the have at family reunions.* He said as he picked up a near by coffee pot and poured himself a cup, adding the cream and sugar.

"Make sure all this food does not go to waist do you under stand Fredric?" The snow leapord nodded. "Yes sir I will have the staff send it down to the orphanage as soon as you are through." It was Eins habit to always make sure that any leftovers the staff ate or was sent to a shelter or some other place of less fortune. As the two canine got into their meal, Ein decided to get back at the Detective for teasing him earlier. He dismissed Fredric giving them privacy as he picked up a plump juicy sausage, holding it with his fingers the wolf slowly slid it in his mouth between his lips. Animus watched as the wolf looked at him through the corner of his eye with an evil look as he started sliding the meat in and out of his mouth, his tongue coming out to swirl and wrap around the meat stick. Animus shifted in his chair as he was getting turned on at the food play, grinning back he picked up a strawberry and stuck out his tongue, running the piece of fruit along it slowly before taking a slow bite out of it. Ein murred as he did the same with the sausage, closing his eyes and licking his lips very slowly. The food play had it's affects on both as the two dogs kept shifting in their chairs as their cocks started throbbing and swelling. As they continued licking and nibbling through about one third of the banquet they finally slowed down and were full.

They both wiped their mouths and stood up, going out into the front room where Fredric was waiting. "Thank you and the cooks for the meal Fredric it was delicious." The wolf commented. "Thank you sir and you are most welcome. I will have it taken to the orphanage immediately." He said with a bow. Ein nodded and turned to Animus, whom nodded and started to the front door. "Best we be leaving, sooner we get this pup to a safe place the sooner we can wrap up this case and everything will be back to normal." Animus said. "Oh sir your hat and coat." Fredric said quickly as he went to the nearby closet and got the Detectives coat and hat, handing it to him. "Thank you Fredric." Animus said, allowing the snow leopard to slip his coat onto him while placing his hat on his head. "My pleasure sir you are doing so much for us all taking care of the young master." Animus smiled at Ein. "Don't worry I will take REALLY good care of this pup." Ein blushed with embarrassment, lowering his ears a little as he couldn't help but smile, know quite well what the Doberman was implying.

The two canines made their way out to the front where Animus' car was still parked. Fredric and another butler, a elderly wolverine, opened the passenger and driver doors. Animus tipped his hat top Fredric as he seated himself behind the wheel, starting up the engine. Ein hugged both butlers before getting into the car, his baggage stored in the back seat. The wolf took one last look back before they drove away, knowing it was going to be a while before he saw it again. Ein sighed as the started their way to Animus' home down town. Animus smiled as he decided to be a little more evil, reaching over with one paw to rub squeeze Eins leg, making the wolf smile and blush.

After about an hour drive of leg rubbing and slight groping the two canines finally arrived at Animus' residency. It was a common apartment complex with some beat out spots, a few broken windows, cracks in the hallway, and some pealed wall paper spots. As they made their way to Animus' apartment room 216 on the third floor Ein stayed close at the Dobermans side, seeing some intimidating looking furs. Animus opened the door and led the wolf into his home, it was rather messy but it didn't surprise the wolf. Detective's usually were at least a little messy, papers and such covered the desk in the middle of the room, clothes were on the floor and over the backs of chairs, and dishes filled the sink. Animus blushed and lowered his ears in embarrassment and in shame. *STUPID! I should've hired someone to clean this place or something* He thought to himself, but also like most Detectives, he was broke. "I am terribly sorry this place is like the city dump. No where near your standards." Animus said, hanging his hat and coat up. "Its great!" Ein said, his tail wagging back and forth. Animus blinked and stared at the wolf. "...What?" Animus asked a little bewildered. "A little messy yes but all in all it looks very cozy." Animus was amazed now. He could tell by Eins voice that he wasn't lying but most rich people who come to his apartment to hire him usually scoff and make some smart ass remark of how he could try to keep up with normal standards.

Animus smiled, the wolf was quite unique; friendly, smart, brave, and didn't have ridiculous standards for housing and such. Animus waved his paw, gesturing Ein to follow him, which the wolf obliged. The Doberman proceeded to show the wolf his apartment, it was small so the only two doors were the one on the left was that led to the bathroom and the closet on the right. A few steps led up to the kitchen with a small square table in the middle. A large filing cabinet stood off to the right of the room nest to the closet, Animus pointed at this. "That is one of those beds that opens out. Just open the doors and pull the handle on the top, may have to get a chair to reach it though." The Doberman chuckled, the wolf would need a chair seeing as the bed was the size for a large bear. Ein blushed, but nodded none the less. It was a quick tour but Ein enjoyed it a lot, in fact he took close looks at everything, especially the desk. Ein was always fascinated with detectives, he had over hundreds of mystery and murder novels. The wolf used most of his free time reading these books and playing all types of puzzle and brain teaser games. When he was just a cub he would always play cops and robbers with his friends. Sometimes he would even get his parents and the household staff to play along, and he enjoyed every minute of it. So this of course was like a dream come true, being in an actual Detectives office.

Animus smiled at how happy the wolf was, it amused the Detective at how easily intrigued the wolf was to his job that he himself gets bored and sometimes annoyed by. Animus smiled and walked over to the other side of his desk and sat down in the chair, facing the wolf. The Doberman smiled, "Glad to see you like the place, I take it you have a thing for Detective work and what not?" Ein blushed and lowered his ears shyly. "Y-yeah. I always loved how Detectives think and act when solving a case." Animus grinned. "So how does it feel being in a real detectives office? Was it what you expected?" Eins ears perked straight up as he smiled, his tail wagging happily. "Everything I imagined it would be." Animus laughed. "Being a Detective is not always how it is in the books kid you should always remember that." Ein shook his head. "I understand, I actually studied forensic science and such classes in school, I am taking forensic science right now actually." Ein began to explain all the experiments, practices, and projects that were being assigned. Animus nodded, most of the stuff he also took and some of the stuff was a little bit new. "Might have to take a look at some of the stuff you are working on, help brush up on some of this stuff." Ein smiled and wagged his tail even faster. "That would be great, perhaps you might give me some tips too." Animus nodded.

Animus grinned and gestured the wolf to come over to him, Ein did so without a second thought. Animus chuckled at the wolfs enthusiasm as he scanned the wolf over, admiring the features of his well toned body. The dog put his hands behind his head and leaned back in the chair with his legs spread out. Ein blushed at he couldn't help but notice the massive bulge between the older canines legs. It was hard to miss even soft, and it wasn't even halfway hard yet. The smell of musk and arousal started filling the room, causing attention from Eins own sheath. Ein couldn't help himself, he had to touch it, had to know what a true canines cock felt like. Slowly the wolf walked up closer and kneeled down, his shoulders leveled between the big dogs knees. Leaning in closer so that his nose was but inches away from that titan cock within the pants Ein took in the scent. It was intoxicating, a heavy aroma that put Ein into a hypnotic state, making him crave the Doberman more and more. Animus grinned evilly, he could see how the wolfs desire for his cock increased by the minute, and oh how the Doberman was going to give it to him. Reaching down Animus grabbed the front of Eins shirt at the chest area, pulling the wolf up and forcing the young pup to crawl up in his lap. Ein straddled the Detective, whose waist was so broad the young lycan was just barely able to get one leg on both sides.

Animus reached around the wolfs waist to grip his wolfy ass, his giant paws easily groping the finely toned mounds. Ein gasped and moaned at how the dog was playfully molesting him. The wolf gave out a yip when he felt something big and firm poke at his covered tail hole, and blushed deep red when he realized it was Animus' concealed cock. The two canines locked eyes, Animus having a very mischievous smile and a VERY naughty look in his eyes. Ein whimpered, he wasn't sure if he could take the Doberman but whether he could or could not was completely irrelevant since he wasn't going to get the luxury to choice. Animus started to playfully thrust and poke at the wolfs butt, his own pants becoming very uncomfortable with his cock swelling rapidly his shaft coming out of his sheath and already leaking a lot of pre. Ein knew he wouldn't stand a chance of getting away or fighting back. Animus' sheer size was enough to restrain him if he tried fighting, and on top of that Ein knew for a fact the Doberman was a black belt, he had read several times in the papers how Animus managed to defend and apprehend murders and other criminals on his own, sometimes using tonfas and nunchakus but mostly with hand to hand combat. This needless to say only made the Doberman even more attractive to the wolf.

Ein was caught between a rock and a hard place, he wanted the Doberman so bad, but at the same time he was very scared as he never actually bedded with anyone before. To do it with someone so enormous was not such a good idea, but the Doberman obviously wasn't in the mood to hear or even consider that. It was clear the dogs mind was focused on one thing, his cock in a certain wolfs tight ass. Ein whimpered but then got a cunning idea, foxes were not the only canines known for their brains, wolfs were crafty too. He smiled and leaned in with a look of lust and longing in his eyes. Animus smiled wondering what made the wolf change from scared to wanting so quickly. Ein leaned in and gave Animus' nose a playful lick, making the Detective chuckle, and then pressed his lips to Animus'. Animus blinked and murred, leaning forward and deepening the kiss, his tongue sliding into the wolfs mouth. The tongue was so big it filled the wolfs maw, his own tongue not even able to wrap around it.
However Ein murred and continued with the kiss while his paws started roaming along the dogs shirt, feeling the muscles underneath. The wolf moved his paws up to the collar, slowly he slid the knot of the tie down until it parted and came undone. Then Ein started slowly unbuttoning the shirt, exposing the muscular body within. Ein murred, continuing to run his paws along the chest and abs, feeling every muscle, all of which were rock hard. Then the young Lycan removed the straps holding up the pants, though they were mostly for show out of the fact Animus' hips were so broad. Then the older male forced Ein to stand up, getting on his feet himself, and took off his sport coat, leaving his opened shirt and tie on. The giant placed his paws on his hips and looked down at the wolf, smiling evilly making the young canine whimper. "On your knees pup." Animus ordered with a firm tone. The wolf lowered his ears and obeyed, getting on his knees his muzzle just barely leveled with the dogs balls. "Take 'em off pup." He growled with a lustful tone. Being called pup along with being ordered by such a brute was a huge turn on for the young wolf. Ein was hoping his gentle tender loving kiss might encourage the Doberman to be a little gentle, but seems charm wasn't going to help in this situation.

Though charm wasn't something the wolf was an expert at, sure he had looks and new what to say and how to act according to the circumstances. But seduction and charm in the sexual field he was not even a beginner at. Slowly he reached up and unbuttoned the big dogs pants, slowly pulling them down and revealing heart patterned boxers that fit just a little tight around the Dobermans waist and thighs. Ein murred, it was sexy and adorable at the same time and he thought they matched the Doberman perfectly. The young wolf continued pulling the pants down as he leaned in and started planting gently kisses at the dogs navel, waist, thighs, and bulge. Animus murred and proceeded to step out of his pants when they were low enough, then sat back down in the chair leaving the wolf with a confused look on his face. Animus grinned and reached into the flaps of his boxers and fished out his swollen cock. The wolf gulped, it was a foot long and four inches thick, the knot being the size of tennis balls. The color was a dark red and the veins were a darker shade of purple, some veins were bulging outwards.

The poor wolf whimpered but started slowly stripping out of his clothes, sliding his open button up T-shirt off, followed by his tank top. Then he slowly undid his pants, which easily fell to the floor as his hips were small enough. He also had a pair of boxers that fit snuggly around his waist and thighs. They were black with a red waist band with a red rose design embroidered on the left side of the thigh part. Animus whistled and motioned the wolf to spin around. Ein obeyed, holding his arms out to the side as he slowly spun around, showing off his body. The Detective nodded approvingly as he reached down to slowly stroke his cock. His paw slowly slid from the top of the knot to the tip and back down, pre slicking his meat up giving it a nice shine that made the wolf drool. The scent became somewhat over powering but Ein still wanted it.

"Underwear to pup." Animus commanded, pointing at the wolfs groin. Ein blushed harder, but all the while he loved stripping and pleasing the older males desires. The turned around grabbed the boxers by the waist, pulling them down while he slowly bend over. He lifted his tail and wiggled his rump at the muscular stud sitting in the chair behind him. Animus growls and leaned forward giving the wolf a healthy smack on the left ass cheek. "GOOD boy." He said as he planted his palm firmly on the fur mound. Ein yelp and stood straight up, his boxers falling down to around his ankles. He turned around slowly and smiled at the dog in the chair, taking a step closer and kneeling back down between Animus' legs. He leaned forward, closing his eyes and was about ready to give the throbbing meat a lick when a paw landed softly on his face, stopping him. "You get to touch and taste it when I say you can." Animus said, then leaned forward to the drawer where he pulled out a bottle of lube and a canine fashioned wooden dildo. It was about seven inches long with a plum sized knot. He opened the tube of liquid and slicked the toy up, handing it to Ein. "Warm up boy, stay where you are but place this on the floor under your rump and start riding." Animus said playfully yet with a firm voice.

Ein whimpered but did as instructed, standing up a little bit while taking the wooden toy and placing it on the ground under him, a suction cup on the bottom holding it strongly in place. He slowly lowered himself down, the rounded tip poking his tail hole, making him shiver and hesitate. Animus wasn't really in the mood to wait, leaning forward he placed both his paws on the wolfs shoulders, an evil smile across his face. Eins eyes opened wide, he was about to say something but Animus gave him a good shove, pushing him down onto the toy. The wolf cried out in pain, tears forming in his eye, sobbing a little from the pain. Ein tried to get off of the toy but Animus held him in steady, not really enjoying causing the wolf pain but his cock was painfully throbbing and he was looking for far more than jerking off. He waited a few minutes until the painful expression on the wolfs face faded before slowly forcing him down more. Ein winced and whimpered, trying to endure the pain, Animus forced him down to the top of the knot. The dog held the young wolf there for a few minutes before easing off a little, allowing the wolf to slide up the toy, stopping him just before he slid completely off. Ein kept his eyes shut, he didn't need to look the Doberman in the eyes to know he was now under the older dogs control.

Ein began sliding back down on the toy with the dog holding only one paw on his shoulder. The wolf started a slow rhythm up and down the toy, wincing once in a while from slight pain. Soon the young male was able to slide up and down at a good pace, pain turning pleasure. The smooth wood opened up his tail hole easily as he kept riding, gaining speed until he was practically jumping up and down on the wooden dildo. Suddenly Ein felt something tapping on his nose, he opened his eyes to see the enormous meat between Animus' legs, whom apparently had scooted forward while Ein was occupied with bouncing up and down on the toy. Without stopping the wolf leaned forward and gave a long lick from in between the large hanging balls to the tip of the throbbing meat. It had a very musky flavor to it, the wolf loved it and started licking along the beefy length. Taking the tip into his maw and slowly taking the girth into his maw, it easily filled his mouth, making it so he could only take four out of the seven inches.

Animus placed his paw on the back of the pups head, gently guiding him up and down his length, making him slick it up good with his saliva. Ein felt the veins throb again the inside of his muzzle, pulsing with blood filling the piece of meat with life, making it rock hard. Ein kept sucking and bobbing his head up and down, drool running down the cock, making it slick and shiny. Animus moaned lightly, the warm wet muzzle pleasuring him, making him pant lightly as he started making short thrust into the muzzle. Ein reached up with one paw and started fondling the hanging balls, one being able to fill one paw, while the other paw kept on the ground steadying him. The balls were still covered by the heart pattern boxers, along with the cock itself sticking stiffly out of the hold in the front, it was the biggest turn on for the wolf. He murred as he continued sucking the older male off.

The Detective placed both paws on the back of the wolf head, holding him steady while he make short but hard thrusts in the muzzle, panting harder as his balls were painful with stored cum begging for release. All the while Ein never stopped bouncing on the dildo, the knot of it going half way in. The Doberman was just about to blow his load when he pulled the wolfs maw off, letting himself cool down. He had a HUGE load stored and he was not going to waste it on a blow job, no matter how good it was. The wolf looked up confused at the panting dog. "You got a great mouth kiddo but I plan on burying this juicy bone in a tight ass for the night." The dog smiled evilly as he placed his paws back on the wolfs shoulders, then pushed the pup all the way down to the base of the toy. The knot going in pretty easily with little pain, getting only a small yip out of the lycan.

Animus chuckled, "Good boy. Nice and loose it seems, now time for the real fun to start." He growled, pulling the wolf up and off the toy completely, the knot popping out of his ass easily. Animus pulled his boxers off his cock and down, letting them fall into a heap around his foot paws while still leaving his undone tie and unbutton T-shirt on. Ein whimpered, still not sure about this, but the older dog just spun him around and bent him over the desk. The big stud gripped the wolfs well combed fluffy tail by the base and lifted it, exposing the gorgeous rump and the now loosened pucker. Animus murred and gave the ass a healthy smack, making the young lycan yelp and jump a little. Taking his cock in his free paw, Animus guided his cock to the wolf tight entrance and playfully poking it with his cock tip. Ein whimpered, waiting for the moment to come where the huge giant above him would rob him of his innocence. It was both exciting and scary at the same time, hundreds of thoughts rushed through the wolfs head.

But before Ein could make a decision he felt something cold and wet against his tail hole, jumping a little. Then he realized it was the lube as Animus pushed his finger in gently. The big male began loosening the fuck hole he was expecting to be pounding and filling with his hot cum. His clawed digit gently pressing and rubbing his prostate, making the pup moan and push back into the finger. The Doberman chuckled, he knew the kid was just as desperate for him to fuck his tight ass as he was, and he had no intension of disappointing. Soon a second finger was added, this made the wolf cry out a little, his ass tightening around the two fingers. The wolf was like a vice, warm, and wet too which was how Animus liked it. After twisting and thrusting his fingers in the wolfs ass for a few minutes the Detective decided he had waited long enough. Taking another dollop of lube and quickly stroking and slicking his cock up, the dog gripped his cock and guided his cock tip back to that tight warm hole. Ein whimpered and was shaking as that thick beefy cock teased his hole. Then it happened, the tip pressed against the hole firmly and slid in slowly.

It was amazing, the warmth of the meat was like a hot spring inside of him. Animus continued to push in, his right paw still holding the wolfs tail at the base while his left groped and molested Eins left ass cheek. The older male slowly pushed in, stopping every few inches so the wolf could adjust until he was finally at the top of his swollen knot. It was like nothing either of the canines had ever experienced, an ass so tight and warm and a cock that was barely able to fit in the wolfs ass with the veins pulsing hard against the walls of his bowels in a massaging manner. For a few minutes the two just stayed like that; Ein experiencing the feeling of loosing his virginity and finding his new passion, while Animus got to break in the tightest virgin ass he had ever felt. It was incredible and both of them wished it would never end.

Part 4

Animus began sliding out, stopping just before pulling the tip out, then slowly sliding back in a little faster. The big dog continued this pattern several times, mimicking Eins strategy with the dildo, picking up speed until his hips were smacking against the wolfs butt. The large hanging balls slapping and banging against the wolfs, a loud slapping of hips against butt could be heard along with the wolfs cries and grunts of being fucked hard. Animus grunted and panted as he continued to fuck and ravage the tight wolfy ass under him, using his free hand to give the gorgeous rump an occasional smack making the wolf yelp. The dog snarled and growled in lust, the wolf was the best fuck he had in a LONG time and Animus was determined to take advantage of every second he could with the sexy young wolf. Pulling on the pups tail, the dog forced the wolf back against his cock making him grunt and moan louder.

Ein would feel every vein bulge and pulse and the cock lid in and out, it was heaven and drove him mad. He started pushing back in time with the dogs thrusts, grunting and crying out from pleasure and slight pain. Animus placed both paws on Eins hips and started really thrusting in and out hard and fast, his climax building up. But he was not ready to come yet, he wanted to make it last a little longer. Suddenly he pulled completely out, getting a sad whimper from the wolf. Standing the wolf up straight and turning him around the Doberman pick the wolf up, his paws holding the mounds of butt muscle in his paws. Ein gasped as he was lifted off the floor, wrapping his legs around the Dobermans waist. The dog wasted no time in burying his big cock back into the wolf tight warm hole. Ein yelped and moaned as his hole was spread wide open again, enjoying every second of it. Animus lowered him down to the top of the knot and started thrust in and out of that tight ass, bending his legs slightly. Ein on the other paw tightened his legs around the muscular studs waist and his arms around his neck. His cock was all the way out and throbbing hard. Pre cum leaking out of it showing he wasn't too far from blowing his load.

Animus turned around and walked to the wall behind them, pushing the wolfs back against it. He started to thrust harder and deeper into the wolf, grunting and snarling in lust. The slapping of ass against hips grew louder along with the moans and grunts as the Doberman began fucking the wolf with vigor. "Fuck Animus you are so good!" Ein manage to barely get out, the thrusting knocking most of the breath out of him. "OH yeah!" The Doberman replied. "You liking this huh you pampered pup? Like lifting your tail and getting fucked hard?" Animus was really getting into the mood, becoming more and more rough, making the wolf cry and yell louder as he plowed his butt. "Love having a big dog bury a juicy bone up that little boy cunt don't you? Huh you horny little cock sucker?" The dirty talk was only adding to Eins arousal. Being talked to and treated like a boy toy by such a muscular brute was driving the wolf crazy, wanting only to please the big dogs every whim.

"Y-yes." He manage to whisper in the dogs ear. "I love being your bitch, to please and satisfy your throbbing cock." Animus growled at how the wolf was submitting to him. "Louder pet." He commanded. "Tell master how you want to serve him." Ein whimpered. "I want to be your master, to obey your every command, to suck on your cock and ride it. To have your hot cum coat my face, fill my stomach, and flood my ass." The poor wolf panted as the Doberman refused to let up. Animus was very close to loosing it, any thought that the Doberman couldn't be more rough was soon blown out of the water as he began to practically rape the lycan. Sending the rich heir into a fit of screams and yells. The Dobermans knot began to force its way inside the tight hole. The wolfs ass started banging against the wall as he was pulled and pushed back into it. Animus panted heavily, with one hard thrust he forced his knot inside with a loud pop, locking the two canines together. Ein screamed as the knot nearly split his ass in two, the feeling of his ass being stretched so wide along with the rest of the cock pressing hard against his prostate caused him to release his hot wolf jizz. The two canines pointed their heads up to the ceiling with closed eyes as they both shot their loads. Ein coated both their stomachs, chests, and even the bottom of their muzzles with cum. Animus flooded the wolfs insides, most of it leaking out down to his balls and forming a large puddle on the floor. "Good puppy." He panted.

The orgasm lasted several minutes as the Detective continued to pound and fuck the wolf senseless, both of them panting heavily. After several minutes the dog soon slowed down to a stop. However, his knot was not showing any signs of cooling down anytime soon. Ein was exhausted. So weak he was barely able to keep his arms around the other canines neck. Animus chuckled and went to the large cabinet and opened the doors, pulling out the fold out bed he gently made the two of them comfortable. His knot tied safely and tightly in the wolfs warm incredible ass. With the young wolf laying on top of him Animus began rubbing Eins back, making the wolf murr. The two of them settled down for a snooze, allowing both of them to cool down and get un-tied. It took about thirty minutes for the dogs knot to shrink just enough to pop out of the wolfs used ass, making a slurping sound. Cum was still leaking out Eins ass back down onto Animus cock and balls. The Doberman quickly but carefully got up off the bed still holding Ein up with one arm across back the other underneath his rump.

Animus carried the wolf to the bathroom, cum leaking and dripping onto the floor here and there. Setting the wolf down Animus turned on the hot water and plugged the tub up, letting it fill up. While it started filling up the Detective nuzzled with the wolf, licking the pup ears and kissed his nose. Ein murred and looked into the dogs eyes, leaning up and kissing the dogs lips while wrapping his arms around the muscular canine. Animus smiled and retuning the embrace, draping his arms across Eins back. They began running their paws up and down each others back, feeling the muscles and raking their claws through the fur. Ein broke the kiss and gently lached onto one of the dogs nipples, gently sucking and nibbling on it making the dog murr. Animus in turn reached up and started scratching behind the wolfs ears. They continued the cuddling until the bath was filled with hot water then Animus got in. The water was quite warm, a little too warm for two furs which was the dogs plan. But Ein got an idea, he went to the nearby window and opened it, letting the cold December air in. A chilly breeze rushed over his and the part of Animus' body that wasn't in warm water.

Then the wolf walked over and slowly got into the tub with the big male, getting between the large muscular legs and laying down on the Dobermans chest. Animus murred and entrapped the pup in his strong arms, pulling him into a snuggle. As the two canines let the water wash over them Animus took a bar of soap on a tray next to the tub and started washing the lycans fur. Ein murred, the soap was not fancy or special soap as he was use to but he didn't care. All his focus was on the hot stud he was laying on who had just robbed him of his innocence. Fame, wealth, power, all those things never really meant anything to the wolf to begin with and even if they had they were now gone. To be taken by such a sexy pure breed was an experience that the wolf will always remember. Little did the wolf know that this was just the beginning, his parents would be on their business trip for almost a month, and it would take at least a couple before this mess he was in cleared up. Animus intended to take advantage of the wolfs ass every chance he got and make him his own pet of pleasure and delight.

After washing and drying off the two canines went to the bed, the wolf settled down on his stomach. But Animus remained standing, Ein looked at him in confusion but then saw that the Dobermans cock was once again coming out of his sheath. Ein whimpered as the giant flipped him onto his back and got on top of him, laying a towel he had brought from the bathroom on the bed. Eins legs resting were placed on top of the Detectives shoulders with the dogs arms on the outside, his paws placed on the bed trapping the wolf underneath him. Using one paw Animus reached over to the night stand and grabbed the bottle of lube he had brought over on his was to the bed from the bathroom. After getting a fair amount of lube on his cock and slicking it up, the Doberman guided his cock back to that tight hole he had fucked only an hour and a half ago. Gently pressing the tip against the tight pucker the Doberman slowly but firmly pushed in. Eins ass was still very loose from the early fucking they had so it went in with little pain. This time Animus went balls deep, his knot small enough to go in with only a small pop, making the wolf only yip.
This time Animus wanted every inch of his cock up in the wolfs ass while he fucked him. He waited a few minutes before starting a slow rhythm of short firm thrusts, making the wolf gasp and grunt. The Dobermans cock started pounding against Eins prostate, driving him wild from the pleasure. Slapping could be heard as the low hanging balls of the dog started smacking against the wolfs ass. Animus grunted and moaned as he continued to thrust and pound the tight ass beneath, his juicy cock throbbing against the walls of the wolfs bowels. The bed rocked and squeaked as the Doberman once again made the wolf his bitch. Eins own cock sprang to life from the pleasure, swelling up and leaking pre. The Detective hunched over the wolf as he made harder faster thrusts. He panted heavily, signaling he would be lasting long as his knot was now at full size and being squeezed by the tight ass. Ein was panting and moaning like a bitch in heat as he submitted to the dogs pleasure.

"Come on baby!" Animus said. "Tell daddy how much you love it. Tell daddy how much you love him fucking you like a bitch." He snarled. "Oh I love it daddy, I love it so much. I love how you shove and pound your hot beefy cock in my ass." Ein moaned, reaching up and wrapping his arms around the Dobermans neck, pulling him down closer. "Fuck yeah, who's masters bitch, huh? Tell me who masters tight little cunt slut." The dog grunted as he thrust harder and faster, his climax rushing up. The wolf whimpered and groaned under the Doberman. "I...I am master pet. I am his little slutty wolf bitch." He moaned out. "Fuck right you are you dirty little whore." Animus growled. He thrust harder and deeper until with one hard long forward he pointed his head up and howled, shooting his second huge load into the wolf ass. Ein was shocked at the amount of cum the dog still had in him after their earlier fun and games. The pup moaned from the feeling of the hot liquid filling his insides. Animus panted as he gently laid down on the wolf with his knot still locked in place. Soon Eins ass was filled once again to the brim as the cum started leaking out down his ass cheeks and onto the towel the dog had laid under him.

Eins cock was still rock hard and leaking pre, throbbing and begging for attention. Animus smiled and gripped the cock between them and started jerking the wolf off, making the pup gasp and moan. Sliding an arm under the wolf the big stud pulled the young male up into his lap as he spread his muscular legs across the bed. The Doberman started to jerk the pup off, sliding his paw up and down the shaft making the wolf groan in pleasure. Ein wasn't going to last long and the older male knew it. Animus stroked harder and faster, determined to get the lycan off. "Come one bitch, cum for master. Shoot that hot jizz." His whispered into Eins ears. The wolf tightened his legs and arms around the dog keeping just enough space between them for the Detective to keep stroking him. "Come on you little cock hungry slut. Blow your load." Animus snarled. It was too much, the wolf pointed his head up and howled as he shot his second load. The Doberman  lowered his head with an open maw, catching some of the pups cum in his mouth. It was sweet, tasty, and warm and Animus enjoyed savoring the flavor before swallowing.

Then the dog scooped up the cum that landed on his stomach and chest with his fingers and thrust them into the wolfs muzzle. Ein whimper but reluctantly started sucking, getting every drop off before the dog scooped up more and thrust his fingers in his mouth again. All the while the dog made comments like; "That's a good pet. Like how you taste don't you you little cunt." and "That's right get every last drop you cock hungry bitch." Ein continued sucking his jizz off the dogs fingers till there wasn't a drop left. Finally Animus took the towel off the bed and threw it to the side. Then, with the his cock still tied deep inside the wolfs ass, he settle down. Laying on his back with the wolf on his stomach, still panting lightly as he drifted into a peaceful sleep. Animus smiled, it was the best ass he had in a while and he planned to take every advantage of it. He leaned down and kissed the sleeping wolf before falling asleep himself, the wolf safely knotted to the dog with big muscular arms wrapped around his back. Animus' last thoughts for the night was how surprised the wolf would be waking up tomorrow morning with a beefy cock pounding his ass.

kaleemmcintyre 3 years ago 0
Really good story. Looking forward to seeing if you continue with it.
Daigo Rosewolf 3 years ago 0
I do intend on continuing it ^^ I just need details from Animus Dobbie on what he wants to see in the next chapter.
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loved every minute of it
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Thank you, glad you enjoyed it ^^