13 Mar 2011

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Posted 13 Mar 2011 14:36
Last edited 13 Mar 2011 14:39
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Kura Swallows Jfoxx (Soft Vore doodle, March 2011)

I did one more vore pic,this time Kura is the predator. She likes to be prey but Jfoxx only likes to be prey so she makes an exception for him. Note: Jfoxx is very small,only a few inches tall. This is just a doodle but oh well, Jfoxx likes vore even more than watersports so that was why I made this. XD I'll upload some yiffy pics of some form next. Art and Kura belongs to Shadoweon. Jfoxx belongs to himself.

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*jealous =(^.-.^)=
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me/ wishes i knew how to draw i draw me furry self