16 Mar 2011

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The Hyena Prince: Prologue

#1 of The Hyena Prince


Contains adult materials, if you are not 18, don't read it. If you read it and don't like it, well, that's your problem.



The sun rose quicky in the early morning, a day that was greatly anticipated and yet greatly feared. When the brown hyenas had moved into the Pride Lands, there was a great commotion amongst the lions and the herd animals. The species was unlike any that they had ever encountered before. They were not large, like the spotted hyenas that lived in the Elephant Graveyard, and they were smaller still than the few striped hyenas that occasionally would pass through, peddling wares and trying to acquire slaves all while speaking Swahili with thick Arabic accents. They were neither of the plains, nor were they of the vast deserts on the far side of the mountains, across the sea. No, they came to the lands from the north, down the Great River to The Eye of the Rhino, riding on strange animals. They came with jackals of all colors, they came strangely colored spotted hyenas, they came lions with thin manes with blonde streaks in them, they came with canines with long thick fur on their ankles and wrists, and they came with fennecs of tan, gray, and black. They had names with strange sounds, like Amenemotep, Har-Shaf, and Nub-sas. And they built dwellings of mud and grass, not living in tents or in caves of dark stone. These strangers were frightening, and facinating, all living together as one, but being led by the brown hyenas. The name hyena was something to be feared, whether they were the clan in the Graveyard, or the shifty eyed merchants who appeared and disappeared like spirits. And when the voices of fear and concern of the clans and tribes, who had lived in the Pride Lands since the Time before Time, fell onto the ruler of the land, King Ahadi, a great and noble lion, it had come time for the king to see who had landed upon his shores.

Lilsprout 3 years ago 0
Very good start! But an epilogue is the ending. This is a prologue. 4/5 for a good start
hyenafur 3 years ago 0
I know, I wrote this at 4am.