16 Mar 2011

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The Hyena Prince: Chapter 2

#3 of The Hyena Prince

Chapter 2

There was still tension inĀ  the air as Ahadi, Uru, Mufasa, and Taka, made their way into the villiage. Although the storm had not broken, there was always the potential, espeically with hyenas. As the four lions, dressed in royal garb of crimson, continued to walk, they saw in front of them a grouping of six hyenas and one jackal, four males and three females. They were dressed in gold, sapphire, ruby, and turquoise. The males exposed their chests and bellies, while the females wore garments that exposed their breasts and arms, but covered everything between the breasts and the mid calf. The group of hyenas smiled, prompting the lions to smile as their eyes moved across each other, checking for any sign of malice, but all they could find was a Lord, his wives, his three children, and what looked like a priest. The lion king and his family finally stopped in front of the hyena family. There was a hint of tension before the male hyena spoke in a strange language that Ahadi did not understand, however, the jackal priest that stood next to him began translating in a very timely manner. "Lord Benatehhor, favored son of Pharaoh Apmatenu, King of Egypt, welcomes you to the villiage of Asra. He hopes that our two peoples will live in peace and harmony for all time." Ahadi smiled, "I, King Ahadi, Ruler of the Pride Lands, accepts his welcome, and hopes for many years of peace and co-existance, though there are many things that must be discussed this day, so that we may live in peace."

Benatehhor listened as Ankhareoutef translated the king's words. "Let us go and discuss these things in my house, it is too warm outside for such talk," the hyena said, "The King and his family are always welcome here and in my house." It took a few seconds for the translation, but the reply was promicing, "Ahadi agrees." Benatehhor smiled happily, "Then come." The hyena turned around as did his family, in a procession back to their make shift mansion.