21 Mar 2011

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Posted 21 Mar 2011 09:35
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About commissions

Since i was asked for a commission and I enjoyed doing it I decided to open some slots for commissions.
So it is easy, just send me a PM so we can discuss the details of the commissions and stuff.
Since I haven't much experience (I work with digital art since 4/5 months or so) I prefer to not have to much complicated subjects, but feel free to ask me we can discuss and then I'll tell you if I will be able to do the paint you want.

I'll open just 5 slots for now, I want to see how much time it will take, but I may open more slots lately.
You can see the kind of things I do looking through my gallery, but anyway here is a list of things I will not draw:

-vore / gore / scat / macro
-females (that is just for now, I want to improve my ability in doing male bodies first)
-cunt-boys / herm / crossdressing
-insect / avians / cetaceans* / reptiles* / dragons*

(*mostly cause I still have no clue on how to draw them decently)
for any particular request just ask me in PM

and for the prices

1 character, colored and shaded, 2 colors background: 10€

for each additional character: +5€

for a detailed background: +5€

for a bukkake: +5€ (yes I hate to paint fluids)

I accept only PayPal payement and all prices are in Euros

I have been told by many people that my prices are a bit low compared to most artist prices, but the fact is that I don't feel like asking more than that for now because I didn't have a chance to try my hand at drawing many different species, so I fear the results may not be the optimal, but I will obviously do my best to satisfy the costumer. This also means the prices may rise once I'll get more experienced.

After I finish a commission I will post it both on Furaffinity and on SoFurry, on my page there, if you don't want me to post it, just tell me when you ask for the commission ;)

Thats all I guess, for information and anything just send me a PM ;)