21 Mar 2011

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#5 of My Characters

One of my very few avian characters, Oro the barn owl. I really need to draw more of them X3

Hope you like!

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valereth 3 years ago 0
She's really cute
MissOro 3 years ago 0
^^ Glad you like her!
valereth 3 years ago 0
I do love well done birds :D
arune 3 years ago 0
yes, yes you do ^_^
MissOro 3 years ago 0
lol I shall try then!
mugman 3 years ago 0
oh wow where that fruit thing the red fruit with the cock he's love this this is great
MissOro 3 years ago 0
heehee I see him from time to time.
I'm glad you like it ^^
mugman 3 years ago 0
indeed it s beautiful and great
Hraefn 2 years ago 0 one of the single most enchanting portraits I have EVER seen...she looks so incredibly sweet and beautiful...and she's a barn of this raven's biggest weaknesses...I do so love the owls... *sighs dreamily*
MissOro 2 years ago 0
XD Aw thank you so much! I didn't really like this picture before because it feels so unfinished :x

But i'm very glad you like her :>