25 Mar 2011

Moonglade 3D
Restless NightElijah

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Posted 25 Mar 2011 02:28
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Restless Night

#4 of Moonglade 3D

Old render. The night before he leaves his cosy little community for the hustle and bustle of Isla Hubla and the training for his future Ben lies awake, torn between excitement and nervousness about what's to come, and an aching regret over what he'll be leaving behind. Having the sister he dotes on curled tightly against him in contented slumber, having allowed her to sleep with him (not like that) one last time before he departs, really doesn't help...

Krystal model created by CharleyFox and rigged for Poser by Little_Dragon. Textures by Foxyfellowuk.

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crios 3 years ago 0
Awesome feeling in this render.
Foxyfellowuk 3 years ago 0
Ta. :-)