25 Mar 2011

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Posted 25 Mar 2011 15:58
Last edited 30 Dec 2012 00:02
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#2 of Sketch Commissions

Sketch commission for anonymous. Totally having fun on his minikorg X3

Hope ya like it!

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Oblong Pomegranate 3 years ago 0
Rockin' out with his cock out I see, haha. The best way to do it! Nice work man, \m/
MissOro 3 years ago 0
The ONLY way to do it properly ;3

Glad you like it!
Terry-kit 3 years ago 0
I think this is adorable and creative. <3
Jaspermander 3 years ago 0
Musical otters are best otters!
Kumakami 3 years ago 0
>w< his so adorable
i know it a he cuz i can SEE his DieCK
Dasp 3 years ago 0
Uhh...he knows that thing isn't plugged in, right? Silly otter!
Tiger37 1 year ago 0
Nice one!!!!!