31 Mar 2011

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Karl the One Horn: Prologue

He grew up with the Barbarians of the Summarilians after his mother was exiled from Tokienia. She had traveled from nation to nation, a bounty upon her set by her father. There had been a reward for her head, but she had managed to keep just a few days ahead of the bounty hunters, that was until she finally found solice in Summarily. She had found a husband there, a land that had never heard of the reward offered for her and her unborn child's death. But like all things, she came to an end during the birth of her son. Her mate, although in mourning, had agreed to raise him as his own, teaching him the ways of a warrior, taking him into skirmishes with the wizards of Hyberbolae. And once he was old enough, he left his father's home to seek his fame and fortune, but he was already famed for his appearance. He was half-unicorn-half-horse, but just being half-unicorn, made him something of legend. The other Summarilians did not fully trust him, for the tales of old told of unicorns possessing magic, although he had little to none, but others feared him, for he was a warrior unlike any the lands bordering Summarily had ever faced. His name was Karl the One Horn.

GrammarshineHyena 1 year ago 0
This sounds awesome. O3O
Will there ever be any more to it?
hyenafur 1 year ago 0
Probably not