12 Apr 2011

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Posted 12 Apr 2011 10:17
Last edited 12 Apr 2011 10:20
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Red Panda

Its my fursona. I drew this months ago but SoFurry wouldn't let me upload it...or any artwork until now. So Woot! ...I'm not a girl

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Twilight-Kun 3 years ago 0
long white hair...cute ^_^
my male (and myself) have long black hair ^_^
Leon Priest 2 years ago 0
You may not be a girl, but you're still beautiful.
Leogenji 2 years ago 0
Why thank you! ^//w//^ I originally drew this to be a girl buuut it somehow turned into my fursona.

14/15 People told me to keep it as a girl. I said that this was my best drawing so no.

Lol too bad I don't look anything like this. I'm not girly any more! :D

.....I just noticed a random bit of orange that doesn't belong >.
Cbc0408 2 years ago 0
Oh fuck >.< I thinked it was a girl lol
Sorry X3
Leogenji 2 years ago 0
That's perfectly fine. I know its not the manliest picture of me that I've drawn. I really do need to draw myself more masculine though. So no worries :3
Hope you like the drawing anyway.
Cbc0408 2 years ago 0
Oh! Ok X3
I really liked it X3
You drawed it good X3
Leogenji 2 years ago 0
Thanks and thank you for faving it!