16 Apr 2011

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Posted 16 Apr 2011 07:49
Last edited 16 Apr 2011 07:50
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Because Osiris is sexy. Mature because the sexiness will make your eyes bleed ;P. Just kidding. Mature because some people have dirty minds.

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Dasp 3 years ago 0
Dirty minds? What could possibly make you think that?
Tantorog 3 years ago 0
uhhh *greets ya* mind if I join? :P
JVanAnKat 3 years ago 0
We need to see MORE!!!!!!!!! ;-)
Io 3 years ago 0
Agree, mooorrreeee!
Bad Wolf 3 years ago 0
Looks like a prison cell with a nice comforter.
Just my observation.
Amenophis 3 years ago 0
I was gonna say that... :)

The basement is where the dark side comes out.
hyenafur 3 years ago 0
My apartment was built in the 1970's for a college, of course it's going to be made of Cinderblock.
invisibleBear 3 years ago 0
Hubba Hubba Hot Stuff
Aqua_man 2 years ago 0
wow, sweet picture, add to fav ^^