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27 Apr 2011

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Posted 27 Apr 2011 07:22
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Im Sorry.....

#32 of Scribbles & Sketches

Im sorry for everything....
im sorry that u have to put up with my depression and anger. im sorry that i make u feel this way. im sorry that things have had to come to this. im sorry that i cant be there for u more. im sorry that i make u feel trapped. im sorry that i put u down.

i know u dont deserve this. and i feel completely helpless. i dont know where to go from here. but you're always on my mind, and i just know one thing. i love u, and that will never change.

-vent art-

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valereth 2 years ago 0
Awe :( Want a hug? :(
Arkona Kothe 2 years ago 0
I'm sorry, Lone. :( If there's anything we can do, say the word. We have your back!
masterhunter91 2 years ago 0
indeed, we all have your back.
Twindrags 2 years ago 0
Awww, if you need anything you can ask us, we are here for you.... :(
Daraix 2 years ago 0
why so sad and for what there is nouthing to forgive just to foget and move on we all have your back
maxdeersex 2 years ago 0
Yeah, everyone need some rest time to time. Take all the time you need your fans will always be there to hold you.
Kisumi 2 years ago 0
dont be sad, it will be okay, life likes to suck big time sometimes but we are all here for you
Silverhuskey 2 years ago 0
Hands you a box of cookies and huggles when I feel really down sometimes this song helps me out.
Teshy 2 years ago 0
*offers hugs* Awe we are all here for you Lone I hope things get better.