13 May 2011

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Posted 13 May 2011 16:33
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request story - starsage

DONE! this one is also 7 months late, but given i started 2 days ago. I think I did well :3

anyway yeah this is a request for :userstarsage: its a basic "a sabotage gone wrong story" unnamed cat goes to sabotage the oposite team, it goes wrong... karma much?

it contains unaware, shrinking, hinted paws and musk and hinted digestion at the end. oh and micro!

P.P.S anyone got any more requests maybe?

Guy shrinks, and sneaks into the locker room of an opposing team before a game, to spike their food/drinks. He times it wrong though, and has to avoid the team, nearly getting stepped on by the larger guys, before being kicked, and landing on the table. Desperate to hide, he dives into a burger/sandwich and ends up as a meal for one of the players.

It was early Sunday morning a very normal day for the collage all of the students having their last day off of the weekend but unlike most days today was the day of a almost established collage tradition. The annual feline vs. canine football game a childish sounding idea, but even as collage students cats and dogs have their rivalry.

Just before the game both teams warm up out on the pitch as with every game, the feline team however warming up with one less player, the youngest and one of a few science students ever to make it onto any team running late for some unknown reason. But little did either team know that he was planning to give the cats an unfair advantage.

Looking outside the changing room quickly to look for anyone the black feline locks his self inside quickly looking to the entrance of the dogs area before checking over his needed supplies he needed for the simple sounding task, shrink his self to 3 inches in the cats changing room. Slip into the dogs changing room. Drop a dose of shrinking liquid into all of the team's refreshments. Get back to the changing room. Grow back for the second half of play with no dog team showing up to play, Simple.
"So, shrinking solution for me" taking a quick glance down and tapping a small vial of purple liquid "check" "shrinking solution for mutts" grinning with a little laugh tapping a tiny vial of the same liquid down on the floor "check"
So with that the black cat grabs at the larger vial. Popping off the cap and bringing it up to his small muzzle aiming to only take half of the solution, unfortunately a loud cheer breaks from outside causing the young cat to flinch slightly tipping the entire container into his gullet. The effects taking hold instantly the 6ft tall cat passing out with his form rapidly shrinking down to the ground.

Gasping heavily and sitting up the pure black feline sits his self up, falling back almost instantly due to a light headed sensation he just stairs up at the ceiling seemingly miles above him then to each side, the small changing room now a vast Plato of white with huge pieces of clothing scattering the landscape "okay if my calculations are right" he now sits up and stands up slowly stumbling slightly walking to the tiny container the size of his upper body and past the large shards of glass peppering the area "I should have been out for about 5 minuets giving me a good half hour to get this done" little known to the tiny cat was the slight overdose knocked him out for 25 minuets.
Grappling with the glass tube the small black figure on the tiles stumbles his was to the other locker room. keeping as close to the wall as the clear images in his head of a titanic footpaw smashing into his form leaving nothing but a stain making him shudder and grip the container all the tighter. On his way a true sense of his size now becomes clear as the locked door is unlocked and a single pair of white paws enters the room, instantly causing the tiny cat to freeze in place, his back against the wall looking out from under the wooden bench covering the walls. Small eyes following the huge pair as they glide about the room getting closer till stopping just mere inches from his location, a wall of air hitting him as the foot strikes the ground knocking him back ageist the wall was his nose picks up a second problem with being so close to any feet at this size, the smell making him want to recoil but only meeting wall.

The snow leopard quickly heading into the changing room, picking up a clean shirt for his team mate and silently padding back out the door and locking it behind him oblivious to him the small set of eyes watching him leave. That totally normal and seemingly tiny event a huge wake up call for the small cat once again starting to move towards the dogs changing room "that foot was at least 3 times the size of me!" his tiny shouts not even making it a foot away in the huge room as his sensitive ears pick up on the now huge amount of cheering from outside.

Now almost to his destination he looks ahead the way blocked by a large pair of shoes tucked under the bench getting closer he keeps on going punching his way past in the tiny space between the wall and the back of the worn shoe the smells from inside wafting down towards him once again having to endure the stench of sweat and grime "god damn this reeks! I should have taken my chances with the open" he mumbles again finally getting past the shoes clearly able to see the way into the other changing room with a slight sigh of relief he grapples the container tightly and moves as quickly as he can the rest of the way.

Taking his first steps into the other changing room the minuscule cat gives a slight gasp at the cavern of a room he is now faced with. Unlike the felines team the dog team are a lot more disorganised, single items of clothes littering every space of the floor, dirt padded all through the place. His eyes scanning about the room instantly spotting the huge table of snacks on the other side of the room next to the wall, never understanding why the cats had one for their room "oh hi can ponder that later" he thinks and quickly makes his way to the table not going around for a lack of time scurrying across the floor passing many stinking articles of cloths jocks, socks, shoes t-shirts and so many more unknown items at this size. The glass clanging slightly with each new tile, the slight scraping instantly stopping as the door swings open with a rain of ear shattering cheers. Turning around slowly the small cats heart sinks to his feet, eyes stuck open wide with his tail hanging limp.

Behind the tiny cat the door bursts open the entire team flooding out from the small space the twelve players thundering in quickly filling ever space in the room with joking pushes and shoves from player to player. For the small feline now surrounded by dogs its the worse possible outcome. His hypnotic trance obliterated with the loud cheering ringing in his ears, clearly in the hot weather most of the teams chose to play without football trainers. A hail of bits of dirt raining over the black fur tinting it a slight brown causing him to look up in horror as a single yellow specked covered in dirt hushes downwards right at him! Instincts kicking in as he cat dives to the side the wall of air from the impact popping his hear drums and knocking him further into the middle of the room. Landing on something soft and rolling several times before coming to a stop the smell of male musk there but becoming a secondary concern as he remembers the vial. Looking back with his jaw wide open not seeing the tiny vial at all till the devastating paw lifts from the impact zone. The small glint of purple just visible between two white toes only to be lost out of sight again as he paw kicks, the uncaring stranger feeling a little irritation between the toes.

The small container fly's seemingly miles across the room followed by the wide eyes of the cat as it hits the floor near the table shattering into tiny shards along with the cats plan, the purple liquid draining into a nearby drain. Dropping to his knees the small cat whines "GOD DAMN STUPID DOGS NO!" his cries are mostly unheard even by him with the loud chants ringing all around. Now his only aim was to get out but even that was going to be hard with the constant rain of feet the size of cars and supporting the mass of a creature so much bigger than his self.

Even the small escape plane formed in his head was devastated as a cocky grown canine kicked the jock the cat was positioned on imitating a strike that got a goal in. The force of sudden movement pushing the cat back and into the pouch of the jock as it was propelled across the room. Hitting the floor once again and falling out of the crotch of the jock, without even enough time to get his bearings once again a shadow is cast over the black cat making him almost totally invisible even if anyone was looking for him. The shadow formed by a single paw once again the cat looking up with a loud scream only to get cut off as the foot hits the floor everything going black for the cat, total silence as the gust of wind again pops his ears only a dull ringing unsure if in fact he is now dead.

His answer comes a moment or two later with the shock wearing off the pressure around him a little confusing as he squirms about, furry walls pressing in on all sides pressing in a little tighter now and then. To the black husky now carrying the cat it is a tiny problem as he clenches his toes about while talking to a fellow team mate moving about the changing room and sitting on the head wooden bench, his feet lifting up and fording over his leg. The simple movement to get comfortable proving a very bad move for the little companion the toes picked up propelling him clean free of the tight space giving him a wonderful normal furs view of the world before gliding back down once again right towards his original destination, the food table.

Landing with a dull thud along with the loudest shout ever to come from that black furred muzzle, the defeated cat comes to a stop in the midst of massive palters of food, his clean fur now ruffed up, tinted brown with dirt and the smell of sweat musk and fear handing around him and now his ankle severally twisted from that last trip. He spots one of the first dogs to ruin his plan heading to the table, which that damned brown furred canine with a white strip down his muzzle. But not wanting to be mistaken for an insect given how many he crushes day-to-day he pulls his self out of the way and between two slices of bread "its fine, I will jump out when he is gone again" he thinks to his self as his feet just about disappear between the two layers of bread.

While chatting to the goal keeper standing just near him not looking at the table as he flicks the top slice of a already made sandwich flicking the lid of a bottle of mayonnaise and quickly giving the ham and salad a good covering before putting it back and replacing the top layer of bread and grabbing it up in a single brown furred paw with the mayo oozing out the sides and onto the floor.
Almost at the same moment the cat stops for a little rest light floods in from behind just turning in time to watch the dog squeeze the bottle of white. A wave of thick smelling mayonnaise coating the floor of ham the bottle passing over head for a moment, the weight of the cool thick liquid pinning him down on his back, his fur soaking up the stuff as he squirms about hopelessly with the added weight on him watching and shouting watching the bread fall back into place, the thick cream all around welling up around him and over him, his head forced back looking out as he is lifted back up to eye level.

The smell of the sandwich replacing everything for a moment before the unfortunate planner gets a first look of his destination, the already open maw of a dag, his hot humid breath hitting just as hard as the many paws had today, desperately squirming and shouting for help both falling on unawares as the maw rushes forward taking its first bite.

The view of the cavern of a maw is blocked as a few crunching sounds come from around a sudden meeting of two walls of white happening right before the wide eyes of the cat, before they pull back swiftly covered in a pair of black lips and the sickening sound of wet muffled crunching coming from inside the mouth before a single gulp and a large bulge appearing on that dogs throat. Then looking up once again the maw once again opens, totally empty apart from a few left over bits of chewed up unrecognisable mess. A sew strands of thick saliva connecting both of the jaws breaking and dripping down. The maw again working its way forward this time the cat entering that maw, slapped in the face with a drip of slobber making him scream all the louder for help the crunch again sounding this time a lot faster, his feet just brushing against the inside of thoughts deadly teeth.

Only chewing one or two making everything around him turn into a thick horrid smelling mix of sandwich ham, salad mayonnaise and dog saliva with the small cat trapped and caked in the centre of the ball of mush. The dog now and then saying a word in his convocation giving his snack a last view of the outside world before the lips seal again and a wet gulp sounds all around the wet mix being pulled back and into the tight confides of the throat rippling all around it and compacting it slightly "dude that bit tasted like your foot" the dog laughs pointing to the relaxing black husky "you saying my paws be tasting of mayo there matt?" he states to a outburst of laughter between the team.

For the small cat on the other hand this was no joking matter, pulled down into total darkness with the smells around him getting worse by the moment his mind and body in complete shock when he is finally deposited into the hellish stomach, not so happy about being swallowed whole now thinking it would have been better to be chewed up than face this! The thick ball of food quickly falling apart leaving the cat to be pushed and rolled about as the game starts again, the lack of air and the strong acid levels quickly knocking the black furred musk smelling mayo stained defeated cat out of conciseness his form not even lasting till the end of the game... even if the cats did face a total loss at the hands of the canies.

Wolfboy235 2 years ago 0
that was great ^_^ fantastic work ^_^